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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 31, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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i'm ka clashed with security forces. a national guard member was killed and more than 120 people were injured. angry protesters surrounded the parament. it was the worst outbreak of violence in a capital since the over throw of ukraine's pro-russian government in february 2014. law makemakers were taking meas to give greater powers to
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separatis separatists, the constitutional retomorro reforms are part of a peace plan many line with the seize fire deal made with the government and pro-russians. ukrainian president said in a speech there is no alternative to a constitutional amendment. government troops and pro-russian forces continue to fight in eastern ukraine. on serve ze observers say opposition could fuel more turmoil. an official from the congo expressed hope japan will support her country's economy to help stem sexual violence. it's a problem that's been over conflicts of natural resources including diamonds. she spoke to nhk in tokyo on monday. she's the special presidential advisor for the ticefight again child recrudement. 10,000 instances of the crime
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were reported there last year. >> we're addressing it. we're not denying it and that's the first step to make the issue no more taboo. >> she says the government is stepping up crack downs on sex crimes and spoke about efforts to support victims including a hot line for advice that enabled women proper care. she said an improved economy would help prevent sexual violence. >> business which is not based on diamond or gold or oil, at first you had very few resources and you made a success story so how can rerplicate that story? >> she hopes japan would share economic development model with her country. a panel of experts is calling on the japanese government to reflect on fukushima's cleanup. decontamination work and the
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2011 nuclear disaster is facing major delays, the environment ministry set up the panel to look into the work. members met in tokyo to discuss how contaminated waste from the disaster was handled and released a draft outline to decontaminate evacuation zones. the expected completion of the work has been pushed back to march 2017, two to three years later than initial estimates. the panel said the government should reflect on the delay caused by difficulties in securing initial storage sites for contaminated soil and debris. the draft also refers to the issue of building disposal facilities for radio active waste. the government plans to set up such facilities in five prefectures in eastern and northeastern japan. but communities oppose the plan. the panel says the government needs to continue providing explanations to communities, the draft says the government has an effective basic frame work on decontamination and nuclear
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waste disposal and should continue to use it, the panel plans to compile report at the next meeting. a group of japanese fisherman detained in russia has been released. they were held for catching more than their quota in exclusive economic waters. they seized a fishing boat called the number ten in july. 11 fisherman were on board. a source close to russia's border guards told nhk officials have released the whole crew. on tuesday morning, the boat arrived. officials at the japanese consulate general in russia's far east say the crew members are in good health. >> translator: i cause trouble to the crews and their families for a long period of time. i feel very sorry. >> the crew was on trial. they fined the captain for
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illegal operation. it's one of four islands controlled by russia but claimed by japan. china's ambassador to tokyo says an upcoming military parade doesn't target japan and marks the 70th anniversary of the victory over japan. ambassador made remarks on monday during a ceremony in tokyo. former japanese prime minister attended the event and the head of japan's junior coalition party. ambassadors from india and russia were present. it's meant to cherish peace and open the way to the future and stressed it does not target any nation. they will hold the event. the foreign ministry announced leaders from 30 countries will attend and u.n. secretary.
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japanese prime minister and u.s. president barack obama will not be joining. officials in the southern japanese prefecture are checking whether to move a u.s. military base is damaging the environment. they oppose the relocation plan and are considering revoking permission to drill. the survey got underway off the city of hemoko on monday. they agreed to relocate the air station to the site from a densely populated district but local officials want the base moved outside. they sent divers to see if concrete anchors have caused damage to the reefs outside areas permitted to drill. >> translator: the prefecture will carry out an intensive study and closely monitor developments. >> officials from the central government have been holding a series of talks on the base
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relocation. they are scheduled to end next week. they halted work on the base during the talks. the under water survey is scheduled to continue until at least mid september when officials will decide whether to revoke the permits to drill. electronics giant toshiba delayed the release of the accounting figures. let's go to the business desk for details. what is behind the move? >> a lot of focus on the figures, a lot of analysts looking at them. toshiba executives plan to release reports on monday but decided to put it off for another week until september 7th. as the second time they have postponed the report. toshiba officials sited ten incidents of possible accounting irregularities inside and outside japan. they said these require special internal auditing and also found errors in the calculations of
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fixed asset losses. the officials say they need to revise downward their pretax profits for the past seven business years by around $1.7 billion. but president and chairman said on monday that actual figures will not be too far off the numbers previously released. >> translator: if the company fails to meet the new deadline, the responsibility would weigh heavily on me. i might have to consider resigning my post. >> he said company officials plan to hold a shareholders meeting in late september as planned. he added they will announce new board members by september 7th. toshiba executives aim to compile a plan to restructure divisions as part of the reform efforts by year end. now let's get a check on the markets for this tuesday, the
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first striding day in september and for that we go to the tokyo stock exchange. what are we seeing so far? >> good morning. we're seeing a rather negative kick off so first to the opening levels here in tokyo for tuesday, september 1st. shares extended losses at the open, the nikkei opened down and the topix down to 1,524. for the month of august, the nikkei dropped 8.25%, so last month worries over the chinese economy and speculation about a rate hike weighed on global stock markets and we saw a bigger slump over in new york compared to tokyo so let's take a quick check. yesterday on monday, the dow slipped and the nasdaq down 1% and ra methe biggest monthly dr
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three years and for the dow, august was the worst month in more than five years. looking ahead, a widely known investment strategy remember to come back in september so we could see a recovery in share prices in volume and u.s. stock markets but as for tokyo stocks, september tends to be a month with little direction so let's see how that plays out. >> a pretty volatile month for commodities and currencies overnight we saw oil prices jumping, give us a clearer picture on that. >> the highlight of trading for today's trading will definitely be on oil prices and many analysts say that it's rather odd to see oil prices react so violently. u.s. crude jumped 9% from 43 to 4 9 a barrel and it came after a downward revision and opax's
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readiness to talk about carving output. switching to currencies, the dollar is slipping prom recent highs, which were at around 121.6 yen and the dollar is now around 121 yen flat after dealers confirm multi year lows on wall street and hedging risks and buying currencies like the yen in the slight risk, did push up the eros. so the eros around >> the chinese pmi will be out and investors will take that as a gauge of what is happening in the world's second biggest economy. back to you. >> big focus on china. reporting for us live from the tokyo stock exchange. japanese government minute
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nice t ministries are making requests asking to finance projects like reviving local communities and empowering women. they filed request with the finance ministry on monday. the cabinet office wants a tax reduction frame work for companies that make donations to local governments actively trying to revive their communities. the tourism agency and economy ministry want to lower the minimum amount of purchases of products for which foreign tourists are claim tax refunds from $80 to $40. this is designed to help boost consumption by overseas visitors. the health ministry requested the cost of hiring babysitters can be deducted from people's taxable income. the economy ministry is calling for cutting corporate tax rates to below 30% lower than the 31.3% already decided. but the finance ministry says alternative revenue sources must be found if rates are to be cut further.
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now vietnam's rapidly gl ll growing connecticut me is changing eating habits. the japanese toothbrush man fracturer is seeing an opportunity to help and grow business. >> reporter: this place is an hour's drive from vote vietnam. it's the sight of a toothbrush maker. they are a subcontractor for toothbrush manufacturers but changed the approach to produce and sell its own brand in vietnam. behind this move was a change in vietnamese lifestyle. as the economy grew, people's taste in food became more westernized.
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national consumption of sugar increased 1.5 times over a ten-year period but awareness of dental care didn't keep pace leading to a surge in the number of people with bad teeth. this patient in his 50s lost his teeth one after another as a result of tooth decay. a lot of people in vietnam have the same problem. >> translator: so many new types of food are available, and people don't know how to properly care for their teeth. so tooth decay is becoming much more common. >> he is the firm's executive director. he sees the increase in dental problems as a good chance to enter the vietnamese market. >> translator: i strongly believe the market will expand in vietnam and asia as a whole.
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>> reporter: the firm started making toothbrushes more suitable for vietnamese people. u.s. and european toothbrushes account for a large share of the national market. but these brushes are relatively big and make it hard for vietnamese people to clean back teeth hard properly. some say this is a reason for the deterioration of high gene so they have a more suitable toothbrush for vietnamese people. the head of the brush is a few millimeters smaller than u.s. or european brands. they say the small difference allows people to brush their teeth more effectively. >> translator: the design is simple, i think it will be better for me, it will make brushing easier.
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>> reporter: the firm started to target young vietnamese. 35% of vietnam's population is 19 years old or under. the firm's staff organized free sessions to teach children how to brush their teeth properly. these are held four times a month in different parts of the country. children of this orphanage receive the toothbrushes as presents. the staff members teach them the correct way to brush their teeth and explain the importance of making it a daily habit. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: the pifirm provide more than 30,000 free toothbrushes. executives are hoping the company's positive approach to children will win future users.
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since launching its own brand of toothbrushes, the company has seen it sales double. it's also trying to use the same approach to expand sales in other southeast asian countries. >> that's it for business news. i'll leave you with another check on the markets. people in tokyo said
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good-bye to one of the city's best known hotels. the hotel's main building will be demolished after over half a century to make way for two new structures. the hotel opened in 1962 two years before the tokyo summer olympic games. the owners want to have the buildings ready for the influx of visitors in 2020. the hotel hosted many well-known figures in 1986 prince charles and princess dianna checked in. and u.s. president barack obama stayed when he visited japan as a state guest. many families visited on monday to have one last look. many took photos of the lobby and the well-known lighting fixtures. >> translator: i'll miss this hotel. today is the last day so i want to enjoy this space.
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>> demolition and rebuilding are expected to take four years. the glass towers are scheduled to open in 2019. >> feeding the planet, energy for life is the theme of this year's milan expo. italy has the own renowned traditions but japanese chefs are proving they know a thing or two about good taste. nhk world reports. >> reporter: food is the central at the expo of the japanese pavilion. it's a place to experience the food culture recognized on the list. chefs are among those cooking for the event.
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located right next to kyoto. it has a global reputation. the chefs wanted to show us their cooking is just as good so they needed to come up with dishes that would suit the palate of the pair goers. they are enjoying a surge in popularity in europe. the chefs chose to exhibit pinto made with vegetables. here is one of the arrangements they prepared. for sushi, they substituted bell pepper for a more common ingredient, tuna. and for rolls, they do a traditional vegetable. to accent the similar dish, a
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jelly-like substance made of vegetable root. the leader of the project runs a restaurant of his own. >> translator: we want to show the world how japanese cooking is expressed. >> reporter: a taste associated with japanese food. the chef start by boiling vegetables in a soup filled with flavor. authenticity was essential. they decided to prepare the dishes back home and send them to italy by air. that required a high level of technology. new equipment prevented the loss
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of water content. the food was frozen in a way that it would preserve. the shipments arrived in tact and were made ready for the presentation. the people who showed up came from all over the world. >> how was it? >> good. >> reporter: the project was more than a demonstration. it was an experiment of what could become a routine way of doing business. frozen could be shipped from japan for distribution through regular channels and they have already come in to on going
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sales in milan. other potential markets are anymore people appreciate good food, which means everywhere. time now for a check of the weather. people in western japan are dealing with rough weather, they are experiencing heavy rain and strong gusts. robert spetta joins us with more. >> what we'rea joins us with mo. >> what we're seeing is very deep low pressure but this has been bringing in rough weather, actually two boats have capsized off the coast in between the south korean peninsula and off the coastline. we saw winds out there about 70 kilometers per hour. two people missing. this storm system brought the very serious rainfall and high winds. now as it does move towards the northeast, we have thunderstorm
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threat across with 150 to 200 millimeters of precipitation and we do have a frontal air and all this moisture coming in from the south that's feeding into this. that alone would just cause rainfall but the thing is, what we have going on in the upper levels, this trough that's dipping down bringing in upper level cold air. when you get this combination, that's what we're talking about, severe weather situation. very common when we go into the transition season. talking about fall out here. as that continues, we'll be seeing that thunderstorm threat across japan, additional rainfall and had some landslide advisories put in place and people were being evacuated because of the continued rain and also over towards here, radar continued threat of tornados out here and that's going to be the case through much of the tuesday, actually as the storm system continues to linger overhead. now as we take a look at the next 7 2-hour rainfall accumulation.
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this rain pushes over but it continues to linger. that's because back towards the west and southeastern portions of china, the front continues to extend over here. this is also bringing rainfall out here, portions of central china seen 100 millimeters. you can see additional 150 to 180 that will continue to develop and push east. so as far as the forecast is for much of the southern china over towards japan including the tokyo area is not improving much. expect to bring your umbrella towards friday. temperatures on the cool side, as well. one of the things for this not so much northerly winds but the fact that you have the cloud cover and the sun, it just can't get through. let's take a look here into india over towards eastern india specifically where the rain has also been causing problems. very serious problems out here. in the past seven days, take a look at this. outpours of five to 700 millimeters of precipitation.
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one of the big things we have been seeing is people having to be evacuated, thousands of people have had to move. homes indicated and people here just trying to traverse through the flood waters. unfortunately, this is the rainy season and happens across this area in the forecast. next 7 hours, you can see additional two to 300 millimeters in general. could be higher due to the flow. here in the americas, one of the big things we have what's left of erika bringing rainfall and flooding reported there into the carolinas and back towards the west we got a cold front coming through. if you're on the eastern seaboards, you may like that cold front coming through. the reason is, look at these temperatures leading up through the rest of the week, long weekend coming up here in the u.s. and at least for now you can enjoy the temperatures which definitely feels summer-like. i'll leave you now with the extended outlook.
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and that concludes this edition of ""newsline."" thanks for staying with us.
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