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tv   DW News  PBS  September 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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♪ >> this is dw news live from berlin. the first casualty of those wag bothvw's lies. martin winterkorn resigns as ceo. the president and his holy guest. president obama welcomes pope francis. it is the pontiff's first time in the united states. and meeting of eu leaders, but no meeting of minds, tension at a summit in brussels that was
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supposed to be the beginning of the end of europe's migration crisis. >> it is good to have you with us. at the very top, that is where the first head has rolled ouat vw. martin winterkorn has resigned and publicly apologized, admitting that they manipulated software to evade emission standards. he leaves a company with no clear driver at the wheel. in the united states, lawsuits and an irreparable dent in the vw name could be around the corner. >> the steering committee met for eight hours before announcing. martin winterkorn officially
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stepped down himself. [speaking german] >> the steering committee accepted his resignation with great respect. in particular, we stress that martin winterkorn had no knowledge of the manipulation. we hold martin winterkorn in the highest regard for his willingness to take responsibility and give a clear signal in the current difficult situation. in a written statement, martin winterkorn said he was not aware of having done anything wrong. the premier announced a criminal investigation. they are the second largest shareholder and have a veto right. all members of the steering committee are aware of the magnitude. it is not only economic damage.
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primarily it is about trust. vw is aware of the scale of the damage to its image. in a video, martin winterkorn apologize for the scandal and promised change. [speaking german] >> please believe me, we will do everything to clear this up and win back your trust that by step. in his eight years at vw, martin winterkorn built it up to be the world's top-selling carmaker, a synonym for quality. his successor will be chosen on friday. >> 3diselgate is trending on twitter. -- 3diselgate is trending on
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twitter. >> many people are shaking their heads in disbelief. >> at the service station, vw diesel owners are angry about the cheating scandal. >> i am shocked that something like this could happen. now i am ashamed to be driving a vw diesel. >> it is a huge mess. it sets a bad example. the cheating was organized at such high levels on such a large scale. this is an example for everyone who uses diesel. >> vw owners aren't the only one s upset in germany. many art dismayed that a company would create such a scandal and
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ruin the reputation overnight. -- our dismayed that a company would create such a scandal and ruin their reputation overnight. >> besides the damage to its image, volkswagen could face billions of dollars in fines in the united states. >> it is only about power and money, but it should not be that way. you cannot deceive your customers like that. they don't care. they are just interested in profits. i don't think that is right. how many other carmakers are doing the same thing and have not been caught? >> many consumers are asking the same question. the sector is likely to come under close scrutiny in the near term. there will be extensive investigations, which could also protect the reputations of carmakers with nothing to hide, but many consumers have already lost confidence in the sector. >> daniel winner from our
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business desk has been following the story all day. -- winter from our business desk has been following the story all day. >> it is difficult to see how he could have stayed on. his statement said that he was stunned and the company needs a fresh start. it is difficult to see how he could stay. investors were bloodthirsty for heads to roll. >> he is leaving a huge mess behind. is there any way to minimize this disaster? >> volkswagen needs to cooperate , and it will be expensive. it is not just regulatory costs, class-action lawsuits, and make the mistake, this is 11 million cars globally. >> what can volkswagen do to restore trust? transparency? what else? >> it is difficult to say.
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they only had 2% of the market share in the united states, so it is difficult to know if they can reclaim back what they lose their. ford got caught doing the same thing in 1997. last year, hyundai and kia were also caught. >> so much has happened. what else is coming up? >> we find out today that the meeting of the supervisory board, friday, that's when we find out who could be the next ceo. the person tent is the current porsche ceo -- tipped is the current porsche ceo. >> it is playing out on both sides of the atlantic. our man is standing by for us in new york. what about the scale of the
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disaster in the united states? >> it is the big. if you look at stocks of the broader car industry, you see some pressure. there are expectations that we might see a tighter -- tighter regulations and control for the industry, and that would cost money for other companies as well. if we want to look for one positive aspect for traders here in the united states, they are convinced that the vacuum in the board of volkswagen won't be there for long, so we will see new management soon, and that is seen as a positive on the side of the atlantic. >> what is behind that decision? >> if you get in trouble with
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u.s. authorities, you definitely want to have a good lawyer on your side, so that is why volkswagen decided to go with some of the best, kirkland and ellis, a 100 --year-old law firm in chicago. they also represented bp with the deepwater horizon catastrophe, so it looks like volkswagen got a pretty good law firm on the side. >> the volkswagen may have to do with class-action suits, so how much and total will vw have to pay for the whole problem? >> well, we still have to wait and see. it is still early on. so far, volkswagen has set aside $7 billion, but that will not be enough in the long run. some class-action lawsuits have
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already been filed. some people claim that volkswagen committed fraud. others are saying that the resale value of their vehicles actually have been deflated quite a bit. some of those lawsuits are legitimate, others not, but lawyers all over the country are jumping on this case. >> thank you very much. that is all your business news for the moment. the pope? >> he is a 78-year-old man. it was a tiring day for the pope. pope francis was showing the signs of flagging as he began his tour. the motorcade passed through the streets of washington dc. he also received a red-carpet welcome from president obama. >> is not often that a president
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receives a guest with some of pomp, but president obama made an exception, a clear sign of the warmth. the leader of the world's catholics arrived in a typically modest vehicle, but at this reception, he was greeted by a red-coded military band. -- red-coated military band. ♪ >> the pope looked tired after his trip to the americas, but was consistent with a picture painted by obama, praising francis as a model of utility, always putting duty first appeared >. >> our measure as individuals and the society is not determined by wealth or power or station or celebrity, but by how
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well we follow scriptures with a call to the poor and those marginalized. >> the words echo the pope's criticism of what he calls rampant capitalism in the west. in st. matthew's cathedral, the pope addressed the 450 members of the american bishop's conference. he praised them for taking up the cause of immigrants, saying they will enrich the united states. he touched on the child sex abuse scandal, calling on american bishops to ensure that it never happens again. earlier, the pope road through washington in his motorcade. i--- rode through washington in his motorcade.
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>> the pope is not steering clear of issues. we expected that. he has received a big welcome, and some are surprised at how big it has been. our religious affairs correspondent is traveling with the pope and is in washington. >> this is only the second day of pope francis'visit to the united states, but apparently americans have taken him into their hearts, especially the obama family. they went out to meet the pontiff on his arrival, as though he were an old friend of the family they wanted to meet at the airport. today, president obama said there were three things that were unique about this visit. firstly, pope francis is the first pope from the americas. secondly, this is the first visit by the 78-year-old to the united states. thirdly, obama pointed out that this is the first pope who has published an encyclical on
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twitter. underneath the humor, president obama has a serious purpose. he knows that he has a staunch supporter in pope francis for his policy on climate change, and his determination to reduce emissions. he is confident that pope francis will win over many people with his charismatic personality when he addresses congress tomorrow and the united nations the day after. >> reporting from washington dc. egypt's president has pardoned to journalist from the al jazeera network. their prison terms have become a major human rights case. a canadian journalist and his egyptian colleague were among 100 prisoners pardoned. they were sentenced last month along with another al jazeera journalist for operating
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without a broadcast license and material that is harmful to egypt. coming up, we will take a break and be right back. ♪
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>> is good to have you back. our top stories. -- it is good to have you back. the resignation of martin winterkorn after a scandal that pledged vw into turmoil. president obama has welcomed pope francis at a special ceremony at the white house. it is the first stop on the president six-day tour of the united states. tonight is one of those nights that eu leaders would like to forget before it starts. they are trying to find
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long-term solutions for managing refugees arriving in europe. interior ministers have agreed to relocate 120,000 refugees to relieve the pressures of countries on the front line. hungry, czech republic, romania, slovakia, voted against the measure. >> the focus has shifted, no more talks about moving refugees from one country to another. eu leaders want to tackle the roots of the migration crisis. >> today, we need to rethink a lot of issues. for example, what we europeans can do to address the causes of migration and stop people from becoming refugees in the first place. we all have not yet recognized that the in the international programs are underfunded. that means more shelters, more food, more money and support for
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host countries in the region. currently, the main recipients of syrian refugees are turkey, jordan, lebanon, and iraq. turkey is hosting almost 2 million migrants with little outside support. support is urgently needed and would also be beneficial for the european union itself. >> especially syria and iraq, it will not end anytime soon. this means that today we are talking about millions of potential refugees trying to reach europe. >> recognizing these figures, eu leaders finally seem to be facing up to the challenge. >> a challenge for our correspondence tonight. max hoffman is standing by in brussels. it is another one of those long
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nights, an eu summit. let me ask you about these comments from the leaders of slovakia and the czech republic. they have been open and direct about how they feel about the deal. the minister of c the czech republic says it goes against common sense. >> the thing is, this is eu law now. what they decided on tuesday night, the interior ministers, it has been approved by the eu parliament, eu ministers, and part of eu law. it's not even on the agenda. they could not revoke it if it were on the agenda. they are barking up a tree there. >> maybe it is an opportunity for them to vent tonight. what is going to come out of this summit? is this basically trying to smooth the edges and calm the nerves? >> they are focusing on things
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they can agree on. that leaves the whole quota discussion and where we should put the refugees out of the picture. it is about the foreign policy aspects. that is where everyone agrees. they need to slow the flow of migrants. the current flow is unsustainable. they are focusing on how to do something about the problem in syria. the french president wanted another syrian conference with the countries involved in the region. they are focusing on turkey, so they can make sure the refugees are treated better there, that they you in agencies have money to provide them with food and water, and that way they can slow the flow of refugees as well. finally, border control is always a topic here. how can we keep the refugees out. that is what they are talking about. >> as always, thank you very much. next, we had to west africa, where regional leaders have brokered a peace deal.
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the rebel general seized power last week, but the army remained loyal to the government. the interim president is back in power and the general who led the overthrow said the coup is over. >> back in office and back in charge. the tense standoff has been result peacefully. at an event in the capital, he officially resumed his post as interim president. he said he had the support of the people. >> the reaction of the people, especially the young, the disapproval of the international community, and the unanimous condemnation of this coup d'etat supports our certainty that we are on the right track. that our course is just. >> earlier, the coup leader
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welcomed west african leaders at the airport. he later confirmed that the coup was over, describing the overthrow as a big mistake. he stressed that his unit had ended the coup because they did not have the people on their side. the west african heads of government came to burkina faso. the accord does not include the disbanding of units, but will be confined to barracks for now. for its part, the army has also pledged to withdraw from the capital, but many issues remain to be resolved, including whether those involved will be granted amnesty. another issue will be whether elliptical allies are allowed to stand in elections. both are controversial points, but for now the immediate crisis over. >> in a surprise move, the
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colombian president has joint peace talks in cuba which could put an end to five decades of hostilities with rebels. he announced on twitter that piece is near -- peace is near. it is possible he will announce a bilateral cease-fire today. both sides have already agreed on plans for reform and political participation for farc members, but key sticking points remain. for more on the surprise announcement, where joined by eduardo mendez in bogota. good afternoon, eduardo. we have this, pieceeace is near .
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how close you think we are? >> good afternoon. i think we are pretty close. the announcement they are making later on today in cuba is an announcement on one of the most-discussed points coming to this agreement, point of punishment of the victims. once this point is clear, the way will be free, and so i think we are pretty close, especially for the -- they are now ok with dealing with this process and is on board. >> we know that one of the key sticking points has been how to punish rebel commanders who are accused of human rights abuses. has there been any progress on that point? >> the punishment is the most crucial point.
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they will be punished. they were thinking about accepting it or not, the punishment. it was a key point for the whole society. will they accept it or not? they will. once the punishment takes place -- the question is how this punishment will take place. will they go to prison? the government said they will not go to prison. they will be in a different regime. in this regime, they will accept the peace process. they may also announce when it will be. >> ok. eduardo mendez reporting from bogota. thank you very much. japan shocked the rugby world at the weekend when they took down two-time champion's south africa. they faced another team,
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scotland. would japan do it again? they were well rested after sitting out on the first match day. >> japan started brightly, collecting the ball from a lineup deep in scottish territory, then driving in. an early lead for the brave blossoms. good japan pull off another upset? not this time. japan's fatigue begin the show. he shrugged off a tackle to slam the ball down and score. scotland's first of the match. the brave hearts were far from finished. tommy seymore intercepted a risky pass in the 64th minute and then scored. it was a big win for scotland in the opening game, 45-10 the
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final. >> before he let you go, here is a reminder of the top story. volkswagen has announced the resignation of ceo martin winterkorn after the revelation of a worldwide emissions and scandal that has plunged the company into turmoil. >thank you for watching. i will see you again at the top of the hour. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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