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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 12, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello, there, and welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday, october 13th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. >> the japan neat's government-plan to relocate a u.s. military base in okinawa suffered a major setback. the governor revoked approval for land reclaimation needed. he says that approval had legal flaws. he has notified the central government's regional outpost. the japanese and u.s. governments want to move the air station from a densely populated area to this coastal location.
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he was elected last november on a pledge to move the base outside the prefecture. okinawa currently hosts more than 70% of u.s. military facilities in japan. the governor says he cannot approve a further burden. the central government plans to go ahead with the work. turkey's prime minister said the islamic state group is the primary focus into the investigation of deadly bombings in ankara. two blasts went off on saturday killing 97 people. the attack targeted a rally where people were protesting the conflict between kurdish militants and turkish security forces. prime minister ahmet davutoglu said on monday that the explosions were triggered by two suicide bombers. davutoglu said investigators have determined how the attackers reached the site and are close to naming one of the suspects. authorities have taken over 40
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people into custody in connection with the case including some that they suspect have links with the islamic state group. turkish media have speculated that the attack could be in response to turkey's participation in u.s.-led air strikes against the islamic state group or to fighting between the terrorist group and kurdish militants. media outlets say islamic state militants may be trying to set off confrontations between two of their enemies. people have taken to the streets of turkey to demand that the government do more to maintain security. criticism of the government is growing, presenting a challenge for the ruling justice and development party at next month's general election. the top diplomats of japan and iran have agreed on a deal that would make it easier for japanese companies to invest in iran. this comes as the international community prepares to ease
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economic sanctions against the country. foreign minister fumio kishida met his iranian counterpart mohammad javad zarif in tehran on monday. kishida urged iran to implement the agreement reached with six world powers over its nuclear program. he also conveyed japan's willingness to provide the necessary know-how to limit iran's nuclear development for example through the peaceful use of nuclear energy. kishida and zarif went on to agree on an investment deal that would grant japanese firms proper legal protection and treatment on par with iranian businesses. at a joint news conference, kishida praised what he called frank and meaningful discussions based on the new circumstances of the nuclear deal. the top leaders of the chinese communist party are set to meet for a key policy meeting. they want to point the country's economy in a new direction. the state-run xinhua news agency reports that the fifth plenary session of the party's central
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committee is scheduled for october 26th through 29th. president xi jinping and more than 300 top officials will gather in beijing for the meeting. high on the agenda is the new five-year plan, the country's basic economic policy. the government aims to shift the focus of the country's economic growth from speed to quality. it also hopes to transform export-oriented economies into ones based on domestic demand. the government has pledged to double the gross domestic product and per capita income from 2010 levels and to reach that goal by 2020. the national economy has shown signs of slowing down. top officials will likely use the meeting to work on measures for structural reforms without decelerating the economy. let's turn to business news. growing concern over a town turn in volkswagen's business prompted a rating agency to take
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action. good morning. tell us what's happening here. >> a lot of focus on this and of course whatever may come out of this, including other rating agencies. major rating agency standard and poor's cut volkswagen's rating one notch. it followed admission necessity carried software to manipulate results of the's mission test. it said monday it downgraded from single-a to single-a minus. it highlighted deficiency in the framework. the agency could further cut the agency if the fallout affects funding and performance. volkswagen canceled plans to exhibit diesel cars at this month's tokyo show. they decided winning the consumer would be difficult in the circumstances, even though the recall does not apply to
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vehicles they plan to unveil at the show. they had plans to unveil diesel models scheduled to be put on the japanese market next year. officials are considering a possible review of the timing of a diesel car launch in japan. let's check on the markets for this tuesday. >> while japan is back from a three-day weekend, markets opening lower. this is tuesday october 13th. the nikkei is opening down 0.70%, 18,30. topix down 0 .6%. we are seeing profit taking after the nikkei rose 4% last week. focus is on earnings in the u.s. because this week we are going to get numbers from goldman sacks and jpmorgan as well as other numbers from other big
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names like ge and netflix. investors are cautious before that. stocks are rallying on wall street. the dow gained for seven straight sessions and closed at a near two-month high and the tech-heavy nasdaq closed. trading volume was relatively low though due to the columbus holiday in the u.s. >> switching to currencies, the dollar lost ground while we were away. tell us why and where do we stand right now? >> the dollar dipped to a three-week low yesterday against the euro. it's still near that level. over the weekend, fed's vice chair stanley fisher said a rate hike this year is only an expectation and not a commitment. many analysts thought the fed would raise rates in december and led traders to sell the
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dollar now it's slipping below 120 yen. on the opening levels, other benchmarks open at this hour, seoul is down 0.1%. australia is down 0.3%. we are seeing a negative open this tuesday. we are also expecting some numbers from china in a few hours. focus will be on that as well. back to you. >> a lot of focus on those china numbers. mayu live from the tokyo stock exchange. japan's central bank launchlaunch ed an enhanced version to settle transactions involving capital and boj accounts. it is a system that connects the bank of japan and financial intuitions with bases in the country. the system handles settlements worth about $254 trillion a
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year. the boj plans to expand hours by 2 1/2 hours. bank officials say it will make it easier to transfer yen from overseas and carry out japanese government bond transactions. >> i want market participants in europe and the u.s. to use the system effectively. i hope the use of the yen will spread further. >> in august the chinese yuan overtook the japanese yen the first time. >> executives are finding lucrative opportunities. competing for the rights to build-speed networks. a leading japanese firm locked up a deal to use unique technologies in britain.
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>> hitachi is making inroads into the market where it all started. they completed the company's first rolling production facility outside of japan. here in britain, the birth place of the railway. british prime minister david cameron attended the ceremony. >> train manufacturing has come back to the northeast. it is great to be adding to the history of rail in the northeast that goes back to george stevenson, the follow of railways. >> an over $8 billion contract has given the company maintenance rights for 27 years.
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hitachi will build most of the carriages at the factory. their technology helped win the bid from europe and canada. nothing is left to chance. this is to make sure the screws are tightened properly. more than 1,000 screws are used in one carriage. a sensor gauges how tightly the screw has been tightened. software confirms the fitting is correct. they are aiming to win more contracts.
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the railway line in britain will begin in 2017. china has also shown interest. a new conglomerate is reportedly preparing a bid. however, they say they hope the experience will give them the edge. >> we want to win the contracts no matter what. china is working hard to launch a large carriage maker as a national project. we have no time to waste. we are determined to do what we can to show officials in the
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>> that's it for business news. i'll leave you with another check on the markets. the south korean government announced a case of mers. the outbreak in south korea started in may after a man infected with the mers virus
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returned from the middle east. 186 people were infected in the country. the government announced october 1st, the patient in the last remaining case had recovered. officials from the health and welfare ministry reported on monday that the patient had been taken to a hospital with fever and other symptoms. they detected a small amount of genes from the virus remaining in the patient's body. they said the disease is highly unlikely to spread, but decided to isolate a total of 100 or rather a total of 61 people who came in contact with the patient, including medical staff and family members. the government had been planning to declare the end of the outbreak on october 29th based on world health organization cry tiria.
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>> chinese briars are smuggling more beef from hong kong. >> reporter: for many people in china, pork and chicken have been the most common meats on their plates. increasingly, they are able to offered more expensive foods like beef. >> chinese authorities increased beef import three years ago. the total amount skyrocketed. it's now 15 times higher. a food export in hong kong, officials announced the beef import to the territory had been surging as well to the surprise of many. >> hong kong enjoys the highest per capita meat consumption in the world now. surprise. >> the numbers showed beef imports to hong kong tripled in
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the past three years. the locals don't seem to be eating much more of the meat. >> i usually eat chicken. sometimes pork. i don't eat much beef. >> i mostly eat pork. i eat beef once or twice a week, but not at home. >> some importers disclosed they've been smuggling much of their product into the mainland. more than 60% of his shipment there. smugglers have been bribing officers to let in containers of beef. some of the beef illegal operations have recently been uncovered, leading to arrests. while authorities try to crack down, smugglers are finding a
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new way to move their product. on the street in hong kong near the border, people cram meat into suitcases and strollers. it's american beef which is banned in china. they are paid to sneak it into the mainland while pretending to be tourists. after they finish stuffing their luggage, they hop in a taxi and head for the border. the checkpoint is jam-packed with people waiting to cross over. making it impossible for officials to inspect everyone. so the meat smugglers make it through. they are said to be paid about $130 u.s. dollars pursuit case. they worry about the safety of the meat they carry. >> what we are selling here around 30 quid, i don't know
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what it will come or it becomes higher and higher luxury western restaurant or even chinese restaurants. >> as chinese demand for beef grows, the problems of food smuggling and food safety are likely to grow, as well. music making isn't always for the pros or for those who studied it. a well-known japanese musician is leading people to create their own sounds with whatever is around. nhk world's marie yanaka reports on the man who's orchestrating the movement. ♪
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>> reporter: music can emerge from anything that's close at hand. 100 people of all ages came together for this performance, improvising with objects they brought with them. like its founder, the orchestra challenges conventional wisdom. yoshihida otomo wanted to create a space to make something different. >> translator: people think it's not music if it isn't do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do and a melody. but if there's sound, there's music. if i do this, it sounds a bit like music, right? ♪ >> reporter: otomo wants the concerts to explore where freedom can lead. there's no musical score.
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the only rule is that participants must make sounds when the conductor gives the cue. and the conducting duties are passed around. >> translator: consider the word ensemble. music is something you want to create with others, something that's more enjoyable to do with others. the more people, the more fun. and if people are watching and dancing, too, that's even better. music has universal appeal. >> reporter: last month, he went to vietnam to embark on yet another project. otomo got together with people in hanoi to make handmade instruments using bamboo and other hoehold item when they're finished, they'll
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put on a concert using the instruments. the concert itself was filled with discoveries. >> reporter: discoveries can include difficulties. >> translator: the first time we played in vietnam, no one could keep time. i tried to figure out why. at first, i thought maybe they just had a poor sense of rhythm, but then i realized they had never learned music at school. they have a great sense of rhythm. it was no surprise they weren't able to keep time, because
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they'd never done it before. >> reporter: as the members kept making sounds, though, they caught on. ♪ one, two, one, two, three ♪ >> reporter: otomo thinks one reason music is important is that it allows for communication without a dependence on words. >> translator: i think we need to learn what it's like to go somewhere where we can't communicate using words, somewhere with a different culture,nd we need to do that casual with a cross-section of people. i think music is a terrific tool. >> reporter: marie yanaka, nhk world. shils smiles prove it's a lot of fun.
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time to check the weather. mai shoji joins us with details. >> yes. very hazardous road conditions at the moment in parts of europe, and looks like a lot of these areas already skipped the fall season and went straight into the winter, such as poland and romania. a deadly wave of cold air blanketed poland on monday, and it actually killed at least a couple of pele. up to 20 centimeters fell in some areas, making for slick and dangerous roadways. and one death occurred after a car slid off the road in the slushy conditions. it was a 7-year-old girl. and the other actually was outdoors overnight. this snow comes unseasonably early in the winter season, nearly a month before the first major snowfall last year, so a little bit of a taste of winter, and that's actually going to be continuing a little bit across these locations. but that low pressure system that moved -- that actually created that picture has moved on to the black sea region, and
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that's actually creating intense showers, thunderstorms and even tornadoes cannot be ruled out. so, this is an area where you should be watching out for those severe weather conditions. back behind it clear. and then we also have that low pressure systems that are affecting the west. but take a look at these temperatures. winter -- actually, mid-winter temperatures. these are your lows to remind you, near zero temperatures will continue in moscow. and as for poland, you're still looking at sleek conditions on your tuesday. warsaw looking a little bit nicer into your thursday, but still, do bundle up with these low temperatures. so, the iberian peninsula looking at some severe thunderstorms and the alpines looking at little bit of snow, especially in the higher elevations. generally speaking, not too bad in paris for your highs, but i do want to remind you that your lows in the overnight hours will be very chilly, so do watch out for those. out here across the americas, we have a potent system that is moving over towards southeastern canada, and it's actually pulling a cold front swinging across these areas, such as the
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eastern coast and the gulf seas, stretching to eastern texas, likely to pull into southeastern parts of canada, too. so, anywhere along that path, we're likely to see some great level of instability. back behind it we have some dry conditions, as you can see here. no precipitation in sight, and the humidity level in the midsection of the u.s. about 10 to 15%, and the gusty conditions will continue with about 70 kilometers per hou which means at's great recipe for fire weather, so do watch out for those flammable ems. i do want to keep your attention towards california. there's not a lot of rain in sight at all for your monday and into tuesday, unfortunately, and your mid-summer temperatures have been continuing there.ooli the show. so, first los angeles, you're likely to be down into the 20s, but still, that's above your average. out here across the eastern continental asia, well, we are going to be looking at some
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sea-effect showers and thunderstorms across the northwest. you see these isobars parked near each other to the northwestern areas, especially sea of japan? your waves will be choppy, about four meters high. and down towards the south, we actually have two tropical depressions, and that's likely to become named systems, both of them, actually, by wednesday. and this one's actually going to bring about 150 millimeters of rainfall to the mariana islands. another area with heavy rain will be in and around hainan, but the temperatures not looking too bad in tokyo. sapporo, you may see some snow on your overnight tuesday. i'll leave you now for our extended forecast.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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