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tv   DW News  PBS  October 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> is dw news from berlin. another case of soccer bosses behaving badly. a report alleges germany used bribes to get the world cup. the thought is planning an investigation. shot out of the sky. turkey's drones a drill -- turkey downs a throw near its border. another day of rage in gaza and west bank. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and secretary of state john kerry will try to
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meet and call this wave of violence. i am sarah kelly, welcome to the program. a media report says that german officials appear to have paid bribes to win the right to host the 2006 world cup. country soccer association promises an investigation. >> back in 2006, the world was waiting in two anticipation. many have thought perhaps south africa would be awarded. this is what they heard. >> and the winner is dutch lions.
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-- deutschland. >> the germans were delighted with already the rumors were swirling that something untoward had gone on under the scene. within this interview one year later, he was asked about possible improprieties. >> that is wrong. that is wrong. it was only us. it was bidding committee. there were quattro people and no one else had any influence. neither politics or industry had influence anywhere. >> this statement was issued friday saying that the deal he found no evidence of irregularities. it also said that there were no indications that votes from delegates were bought in connection with the application
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procedure. now with the scandal surrounding sepp blatter and others suspended, this is the last game the beautiful game needs. >> here with more, walk us through all of this great holidays allegations come to light? >> they have been around for a while. there has been no proof rate of during the voting south africa was expecting to win the rights to win the world cup in 2006. there are 24 possible notes, and that missing out belonged to charlie dent see who walked out before the vote. this could be the reason it happened. there are so many other different scandals going on in the journalists are looking very events, and they found there was
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a slush fund created to pay for votes for the world cup in 2006. sarah: we have disabled the football association has denied any wrongdoing. if this is proved correct, what are we looking at here? nick: it is going to have absolutely massive implications. football has always had streets is going on, but this will be very first time it happened to a huge footballing nation. in germany as a voltage would have huge consequences for the sports credibility. the money was paid into by a man who used to be the head of adidas. at the time paid and 6.7 million euros from his bank account. he also had the money come back in 2005, but it was never on the book so they had to try to get back to him in a quiet way. when it inhabited was the dfb paid 6.7 million euros to the
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file for a events that never happened. that money was then moved on from geneva to zürich where he had his account, and never popped up until recently. it is not unusual that federations send money to feed because they want to help smaller developing nations will their sporting infrastructure. that is what they have said that they did. they wanted to help smaller nations. but it is all very murky at the moment. one thing they said on friday that they will investigate. sarah: i sure this is not the last we will be hearing of this. q i very much. thank you very much. in other news, turkey says they have shot down an unidentified aerodrome -- the drone in airspace just north of the syrian border. it supposedly shows the wreckage of the aircraft.
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they have also released this image of the drug. the turkish deputy prime minister says the plane was shot down all of nato rules of engagement. but russia disputes that. it says it did not have any roads in the area. dan w correspondent dorian is joining us from incidental -- istanbul. bring us up to date with the latest. >> there are no confirmed developments. they described it as a flying vehicle at 12:30 p.m. local time after crossed into turkish airport under turkish laws of engagement aimed at syria. it allows them to shoot down any plane coming from syria that enters turkish airspace. it believes it crashed around five kilometers into turkish territory. this area is very sensitive as
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islamic straight controlled one of the region. sarah: what does this do for the russian, turkish relations? >> and will add to tensions, undoubtedly. added to that it will add to turkish warnings to moscow that any of its planes approach to this air sprays then they will face these rules of engagement and can be shot down. turkey was very angry over the fact that they have violated turkish airspace. they have put one, the smells, notice that it will not be tolerated anymore. sarah: they say the drone is not there, so what is turkey basing these accusations on? >> at the moment they are providing very little evidence
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to support this claim. analysts do say that this could mean it is an iranian drone. if that is the case it will then likely be operated by the syrian military, not the russians. sarah: tijuana. hank you. hungary's military says they will stop the free flow of migrants admitted -- as midnight local time. until now hungary has been one of the main transit countries on the vulcan migration route toward western europe. human rights watch says it is another step that leaves a silent sleep -- asylum-seekers very vulnerable. >> another case, another syrian family back to serbia. prosecutors accuse her of entering the country illegally. her two sons and sit beside her.
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her husband has been imprisoned, but she does not know for sure. the judge has one piece of evidence against her. a confession that she gave to police. the judge does not ask whether she had access to a lawyer before giving the confession, nor does she needs a silent. is the first time the defense lawyers and prosecutors have ever met. she shares her fears during a short pause in the trial. >> i am scared. i do not know what will happen to me and my children after the trial. >> the court finds charlie and her children illegally cross the border. they are ordered out of the country and refused entry for an entire year and she also has to pay 50 euros in fees.
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she wants to speak with her defense lawyer alone, but cannot. she wants to know what she and her family will be deported. >> unfortunately, i do not know the answer to that review will be sent back to serbia, and as far as i know serbia is expecting that refusing to accept people back. we do not know how they will enforce the decision. >> she does not know where she will go from here. one thing is for sure, germany still seems very far away. sarah: meantime, an investigation has begun into the death of that of afghan asylum-seekers who was shot down on thursday on bulgaria's border with turkey, close to the southern town of sredets. they believe the man was killed accidentally as they were trying to control a group of men crossing the tour toward -- territory.
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it is the first title -- fatal shooting of a record on the border of the european union. a new storage level help to combat crime and terrorism. location data has to be deleted after one month. some say it will scare off whistleblowers. two separate attacks and suicide bombers have killed dozens of people. at least three female bombers blew themselves up before morning prayers in separate attacks. two more suicide bombers attacked a loss during prayers. no one has claimed responsibility but many suspect boko haram. we have this report from the nearby town which was liberated from the militants last november. >> he used to be a hunter.
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the 23rd-year-old joined a local militia after boko haram attacked his hometown. it has a small university. today he and other 80 civilian militiamen controlled schools ground. >> we are not afraid of boko haram. they always say they are fighting for their religion. so that they can receive their reward in heaven. but we are also prepared to die, and we are the ones who will be rewarded in heaven. >> the army drove boko haram out a year ago, but many are afraid they could return. >> life yourself back to normal, but damages are visible all over
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town. it will still take a long time until the buildings are fixed, but also until they will be reconciliation between the christian and muslim community. >> back in the p government is developing a new strategy to counter extremism. nigeria's leaders have out to destroy boko haram by the end of the year. >> we do not have any territory they can call their own. as they are going in different directions they are trained to create as much damage as they can. unless we move this extremist sentiment from the hearts of the people, incidents such as this will be very difficult to pull out. >> he does not think you will be
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able to go back to his old job as a hunter anytime soon. nigeria's government says it is open to negotiations with boko haram. the only problem is they don't know who to talk to. sarah: now to one of the most studied volcanic eruptions of all time. now almost 2000 years after about the city is all but destroyed the ages city of pompeii, researchers have recovered some 10, new information. with the help of modern technology, they have been able to peek inside the ash casings that hardened around the residence. it revealed that most victims are not suffocate as was previously thought. instead they died in their homes as those homes collapsed on top of them. they have also discovered that they had near-perfect teeth without any cavities, indicating a low sugar diet. you're watching dw news.
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as violence rages in israel and the west bank, hopes are pinned to a meeting next week here in berlin to call of those tensions -- calm those tensions. more in a minute.
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sarah: welcome back. a check of the headlines. germany's under scrutiny under its 2006 world cup. they deny allegations they make payments to secure votes. in a bid to calm middle east tensions, benjamin netanyahu is set to -- meet john kerry next week. >> friday, a man lies on the ground.
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the israeli army said he posed as a journalist and stabbed a soldier. that move cost the man his life. unrest continues to engulf the country. radical palestinians are calling for war. >> the militias no longer feel obligated to's dick tracy's fire. all agreements have been nullified. we announced there will be more attacks as revenge for the israeli occupiers. >> deadly clashes between palestinians and israeli security forces erupted elsewhere friday in gaza. at least two palestinians were killed after israeli troops fired tear gas and live rounds at palestinians who approached the border. in jerusalem, israel has a negative security precautions in the old city. entry to the temple mount a holy
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site for both jews and muslims is restricted. the recent wave of knife attacks has put people on edge. >> we are praying that the situation will improve and become more secure. i'm walking around or spray just in case we are hoping for better times. >> since the start of the month, seven and surely have been murdered, and more than 30 palestinians have been killed in strikes and during protests. as the violence escalates, so do concerns about the start of a third intifada. sarah: let's bring in our political correspondent. as we heard earlier, there is set to meet in berlin next week. what exactly can they hope to achieve to call me stanchions? >> -- calm these tensions?
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>> i think he based this on his phone call with benjamin netanyahu. it looks like he will be trying to do two things. first of all, persuade mr. netanyahu that it is time with a meeting sooner rather than later with palestinian leadership. and secondly to try to get a clear declaration that he is not looking to change the status quo on the temple mount. that is one reason for the most recent violence. sarah: thank you. it is time to head over to our business desk. monika jones has more on the financials behind the skin. >> that is correct. financials are very tricky here. many of the migrants arriving are fleeing war in their home country. in africa a number of crisis regions are the site of united
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nations -- peacekeeping missions. their aim is to houston allies region improve= -- their aim is to help maintain peace in the region. they are way over budget. after an overturned fuel tanker exploded in the south sudanese town last month, they were there to evacuate the casualties. since 2011 thousands of blue helmets have been nations in south sudan as part of the land operation. they are mandating cease-fires and securing human bases that house tens of thousands of displaced people. especially in africa, which currently has nine active missions. for example in the central african republic, liberia, and democratic republic of the congo
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and worldwide there are 125,000 u.n. peacekeepers. the largest groups come from bangladesh, ethiopia, and india. by contrast the rich industrialized nations mainly contribute money to finance missions. the un's approved peacekeeping budget for 2015, 26 teen amounts to around 7.3 billion euros. the top providers of contributions are currently the united states, giving 28.4%, or 2.1 billion euros, japan which provides 10.8%, or 0.8 billion euros, and france to the tune of 7.2% of the budget, or 500 30 million euros. but many member states still own contributions, and money is not the only answer. in late september more than 50 countries agreed to send 30,000 additional peacekeeping troops.
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>> four weeks investors were wondering why the u.s. federal reserve has not yet raised interest rates, and whether all raise interest rates by the end of the year. there seems to be some light shed on this question right now. in new york, a reporter joins us. i believe one of the possible presidential candidates knows the answer to this. >> we finally have got in answer why the federal reserve kept rates so low for so long. it is because janet yellen wants to support hillary clinton, so the low rates make fellow democratic president barack obama look better, and that could spillover once the americans elect the next president. that is what donald trump claimed in an interview him.
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i do not know where to start. she is not going to make that decision by herself. and if those low interest rates are really so grant for the real economy, either way, that was one explanation. what we do know is that we do not know of the federal reserve is going to increase rates by mid-december. that's phil depends how the economy will be doing in the next couple of weeks and months. >> we have a mixed earnings season so far. any better luck next? week? >> we just finished the third week trading up to the upside to me even a earnings season did not start that we desecrate. even if there is uncertainty about the monetary policy, and also it is not at all bright if we look at china. still next week will get tons of data, tons of companies out with their earnings. ivf, mcdonald's, microsoft,
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boeing, procter and gamble to name a few. and we will have a new ipo on wednesday. ferrari will try to list their shares here on the new york stock exchange. >> busy week there. thank you. that is it for the business desk. over to sarah. sarah: uni, we love a good prank. i think you're going to love this next story. a group of street artists pulled a fast one on the u.s. tv show homeland with their own political message. they added graffiti with pointed messages to the set while in with being filmed in berlin. was an artistic license or sabotage? we caught up with one of them to find out exactly what they were trying to achieve. >> graffiti artist has made his point. he used graffiti to criticize the pop dealer and controversial american tv series, homeland. it all started with the show
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contacted him to create authentic backdrops. >> in the beginning we did not want to do it. but then we thought, we can approach this in a different way. we can send a message to all the viewers watching the show. >> the clearest of which was the sentence homeland is racist. the show centers around a bipolar cia agent, and her role in america's war on terror. he was appalled by homeland portrayal of muslims. >> homeland is racist. it portrays people from the middle east and from south asia in a really biased way. if you watch the show over a long time, you start to believe it.
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that all people are that way. but it is not true. >> the three artists are lucky that the show's producers never discovered there are feeding critique -- the graffiti critique. >> when they asked us if the statement on the wall is harmless, we told them yes, that is what we are doing. they never ask again. reactions were across the muslim world have been overwhelmingly positive. one of his producers has even admitted is grudging respect for the artist and says it opened stores for dialogue on the issues. sarah: a reminder for the top stories we are following up this hour. or bad news for the beautiful game of soccer. germany is scrutiny over its 2006 world cup in. german authorities deny allegations that they make payments to secure votes.
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at least 45 people have been killed in a series of suicide bombings in nigeria. two of the bombers targeted worshipers at a mosque. no one has claimed responsibility. you're watching dw news from berlin. more coming of the top of the hour. -- at the top of the hour.
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