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tv   DW News  PBS  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> bottleneck at the gates of europe. slovenia is overwhelmed by refugees. croatia open to the borders as well. demonstrations against those refugees in germany as the controversial movement celebrates its one-year anniversary in dresden. they want muslims out. and more bad news for world soccer. executors save able beginning best to getting allegations of
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bribery behind germany's winning bid for the 2006 world cup. welcome to the program. thousands of migrants trying to reach western and northern europe are stranded in the balkans with countries at the closing their borders or restricting the number of people allowed to enter. many are stuck at the border. the slovenian government says more than 5000 people have crossed the border today and it cannot cope with the numbers. croatia has opened its border. dozens of people trapped there are crossing now.
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>> there was optimism after croatia reopened its border with serbia. refugees continue their journeys to northern and western european countries. conditions at the u.n. refugee camp became desperate. >> doctors receive many medical cases. this is a humanitarian situation. you will see women with children , disabled people. >> the rain. >> the backlog built up after hungary closed its border. some started to make their way across fiedls. the next border is the slovenian
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one. after this is a call for europe to do more. >> it creates a huge political, socioeconomic problem. these defenseless refugees are fleeing their countires because of the war, persecution. wer have to provide life-saving assistance. >> slovenia has left hundreds more migrants stranded and another border area.
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-- in another border area. >> let's bring in malita who was on the border between croatia and serbia. walk us through what this situation is where you are. >> well, i left two hours ago. at 5:00, the border guards opened the border and let all the people in at that point in time. the people that waited for over 24 hours were admitted but now we have a buildup again because many more people are arriving than are allowed in. we have the domino effect of
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borders being closed. >> we have seen the images, hear d the situation is dire. where do you see the most need for help now? >> expediting the flow. we are trying to give them aide on the spot but these border crossings are not places you can help people. it's muddy, these are paths between the fields. it eases the situation that does
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not resolve it. we need to give them shelter and dignified conditions. >>: for the people to let more easily -- calling for these people to be let in more easily. thank you. one of the with the european union is trying to deal with the flow of migrants is by trying to set up reception and registration centers in greece and italy. these should help prevent the chaotic track across the balkans by providing refugees eu states. these hotspots opened up friday unleson lezbos. >> sunday night, the greek coast guard discovered a boat full of migrants. they were about 50 people on board. greek officials have stopped some 2.5 thousand migrants
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in the last two days alone. >> we run a professional operation here. wonder this vote was discovered by the greek coast guard, it was still an turkish waters. authorities failed to respond to radio communications. the number of migrants attempting the crossing has reached a new high -- 10 thousand a day. lawmakers in brussels were hoping for more cooperation between greek and turkish authorities. chaotic scenes on the island of les. monday, some 6000 migrants were waiting to register. only 2.5 thousand migrants can be register per day.
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the region's government says they need help. >> we still haven't received any funds. all we have seen as politicians. brussels says it's re: transferred 14 million year rose but there's been disagreement -- brussels government says it has transferred 14 million euros. >> the anti-immigrant movement in germany has celebrated its first anniversary with a big celebration attracted 15,000 people. the movement opposes what it calls the islamization of europe. >> thousands gathered in dresden to mark the first anniversary. a year ago, the movement counted only a few hundred people but with the latest wave of refugees, it has found more sympathizers. most of them would say they are in the mainstream of society. >> we are normal people and
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would like our culture to stay intact. they were intent on countering the anti-immigrant sentiment. >> we have seen his lead in society deep in and radicalize. it's important to set a big example today and to go on making it clear there is opposition to such hostility. before the demonstration, the interior minister appealed to both sides. >> freedom of expression and the freedom to demonstrate are based on peace. i appeal to all sides to use
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these without hate or violence, clashes broke out in the evening. 1000 officers were on duty armed with pepper spray. >> let's cross over to dresden where thomas has been on the ground. the demonstration is over. what were the takeaways? >> it has become a movement that no politician can ignore. they do seem to represent the sentiment of the german population. those who oppose immigration policies. some of their methods are controversial and being investigated by authorities. you cannot understand is anniversary without understanding those who oppose the movement.
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>> we have heard there were 15,000 people gathered there for the demonstration today and people who were against the demonstration. what can you tell less about that? >> we could not confirm the number of 15,000 demonstrators. there were other protests around the deal of dresden of those opposing pickagita who want to welcome refugees. dresden has become a symbol of those two sides of german society, those who clearly oppose welcoming refugees and those who want to integrate those refugees. >> thank you.
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public prosecutors in hamburg cap launch an investigation into three facebook managers after they allegedly failed to move racist remarks from the website. the comments were aimed at refugees. several people who posted these messages have already been sentenced for inciting hatred. that's a criminal offense in germany. after complaints by many users in the country, social media company promised to combat hate speech on its german website. german foregin minister visited saudi arabia to drum up support for talks at ending the syrian crisis. he was getting both regional rivals to the negotiating table, proving a difficult task. >> the saudi king welcomed his guest.
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saudi arabia and germany have maintained warm ties for decades but on the syrian conflict, their positions are far apart. germany wants to bring the saudis to the negotiating table with iran. the saudi foreign minister spelled out his terms. >> it's simple. iran must pull out of syria and stop supporting assad with missles. >> he raised the issue of human rights violations in private as he did on the first leg of his journey ion tehran. >> speaking from my own experience as foreign minister, it's important to maintain dialogue. if you refuse to speak to iran
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and saudi arabia, you cannot expect solutions in syria. >> dan meyer is known for his patients. he will certainly -- patience. he will certainly needed here. even though the results come close to nonexistent, this trip was not the end. it was another attempt of solving the syrian crisis. >> when we come back, a man shot and beaten by a mob in israel has died. if the latest in a spike of violence in the country. state prosecutors in frankfurt say they're looking into reports in germany that the country soccer association bride its way to hosting the 2006 world cup. all that and more in about a minute.
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>> a reminder of the headlines. slovenia said it cannot cope with the large number of migrants crossing into the country on their way to western europe. when a 5000 arrived monday and many more on the way. croatia has opened its border to allow thousands of desperate people to cross. there is a full searching in israel tonight. amen has died after being beaten by a mob in the city. he was -- a man has died after being beaten by a mob in the city. a tensions are running high
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after a wave of knife attacks committed by palestinians in recent weeks. concerns of racism and people taking police into their own hands. >> he laid on the ground. a security guard shot the immigrant after mistaking him for a gunman during an attack at the bus station. a furious crowd beat and kicked 10. he later died from dust kicked him. -- the fear he is crowd beat and kicked him. he later died from his injuries. several others were wounded. the man's employer called the event heartbreaking. >> he was a modest man, a quiet man. he tried to to do his job a
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sbest he could. he was a dedicated and pleasant employee/ . john kerry called for an end to the senseless violence. >> we continue to urge everyone to to exercise restraint and restrain from any kind of self-help in terms of the violence and israel has every right in the world to protect its citizens as it has been from random acts of violence. >> israel has tightened security in a bid to stop the attacks, deploying thousands of police and troops. >> who had to some business news now. -- we had to some business news now. german banks are celebrating. >> this will be the toughest restructuring and deutsche bank
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's history. many of the problems are land on the investment banking division. it is being split into two separate units and there is a lot of streamlining going on at a major management shakeup. several former top executives are clearing their desk today, including those involved. an expanded board of directors group will cease to exist and 10 of 16 committees linked to the board are being dissolved. the new man at the helm is peeling back several layers of corporate structure. >> mixed global reaction to china. the economy growing at its lowest in six years. third-quarter gdp came in at 6.9 percent. some markets have been rallying on stimulus hopes. the national bureau says one reason for the weakness is the chinese stock market crash this
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year. economists had been expecting worst. strong services sectors have cushioned the fall. over to wall street. what are traders assaying about this story? >> overall, traders were pleasantly surprised that the economy only slowed to six point 9%, even if there were also some skeptical -- 6.9%, even if there was some skepticism. we had quite some negative news recently from imports, exports, production out of china. there is a bit of skepticism. we have the biggest impact on commodity prices with the weaker growth in oil prices. >> another story not quite so big. oprah winfrey and weight watchers. [laughter]
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>> the company and the stock had a pretty tough stretch. four years ago, the stock was at $80 per share. friday, seven. oprah winfrey is teaming up with wadh weight watchers. her stock more than doubled today so it already paid off for oprah winfrey. her stake in the company actually got a good $50 million richer on monday. this was a stock increase of more than 100%. >> what are we doing wrong in this business? >> just one woman can obviously work wonders. >> she can. thank you for joining us. >> could they kill instead of
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saving you? regulators say they could expand their investigation into talk to airbags -- talcutta airbags. this requires recalling over 19 million vehicles in the u.s. the japanese air backs explode and spray metal shrapnel. they have been linked to eight deaths and more than 100 injuries worldwide. if you have ever wanted to be the proud owner of a ferrari but couldn't afford one, there is one way of becoming a part owner. get yourself some shares. the carmaker is listing on wall street this week. >> fogferrari valuation is $10 billion as it hits the stock market with an ipo wednesday at the new york stock exchange.
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while ferrari has a 10% of the company, the majority owner fiat chrysler holds on to 80%, offering just 10% to the public. just over 17 million shares will hit the market at an estimated price of 48 dollars-50 two dollars a share -- $52 a share. investors seem to be on fire for ferrari,. . the brand values exclusivity and produces limited numbers of its models that could hurt profits. in the ipo prospectus, that
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perspectives, they claimed the brand is tied to the formula one racing team. investors could be in for a bumpy ride. >> i'm just going to go get my ferrari. [laughter] >> i'm going to get the shares instead. good on you. prosecutors are looking into allegations that germany bought votes in the contest to host soccer's 2006 world cup. the claims were made by a magazine last week and are just the latest in a string of corruption cases for the sport's most prestigious event. >> the opening of the german soccer museum should be a time to rejoice. the german fa is embroiled in a scandal in which it allegedly bought votes to post the world
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cup in 2000 six. its president addressed the issue. -- 2006. >> no votes were bought. our bid was above board. >> the german magazine cites a reliable source and documents, saying a slush fund amounting to the equivalent of 6 million eu ros was used to buy the votes. the money was supposed to be repaid with a transfer to the fee for bank account. -- fifa bank account. in an interview in february 2005, he set the total amount for the event was to be 22 million.
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>> meantime, these 22 million did not have to be paid by germany. instead, fifa like the concept so much, it wants to use it as a known event and will take it from the germans, taking germany off the look. >> that was during a meeting he had in italy. his claim flies in the face of what the dfb says. he said those at the meeting were fifa president, the german chancellor, and the head of the bidding committee. the state prosecutor says it will look into the bribery allegations. the the question is -- who is right?
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>> a reminder of the top story we are monitoring for you. slovenia has said it cannot with the large number of migrants crossing into the country trying to make their way to western europe. more than 5000 people cross on monday and thousands more on the way. croatia has opened its border with serbia to allow thousands of desperate people to cross. you have been watching us. i will see you at the top of the hour. take care. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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host: a very warm welcome to "focus on europe" -- bringing you the individual stories behind the headlines. my name's christopher springate. here's what's coming up on this edition of the program. the fresh new recruits restoring trust in ukraine's police force. the controversial debate over britain's house of lords. and why you have to climb the alps to live the european dream. for people in ukraine, stumbling across a police officer used to spell bad news: shaking off the attentions of the ill-tempered "militsya" usually involved slipping them a bundle of banknotes. but times are changing on the streets of the capital, kiev. instead of the soviet-era


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