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tv   DW News  PBS  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> visitors dw news from berlin. an appeal for compromise -- a german chancellor angela merkel urges israel to rethink its settlement policy in a bid for peace. benjamin netanyahu blames the palestinians for the surge in violence and accuses their leadership of lighting to its people -- lying to its people. a german soccer legend is in the hot seat. it is trial by fifa for franz beckenbauer. the judgment awaits. and he is out -- vice president joe biden will not be running for the top job in white house next year. our correspondent in washington has the story.
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thank you for joining us. in berlin, it was another day of the moment see over the violence in the middle east. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu thanked germany for its support amid a wave of stabbing attacks of people in his country. he was meeting with chancellor angela merkel and tomorrow, he will sit down with u.s. secretary of state, john kerry. weighing all of this down is a highly controversial comment netanyahu made about the holocaust yesterday. first, this report on the day's developments. reporter: peace in the middle east -- at least angela merkel and benjamin netanyahu could agree on that goal. the german chancellor called for a de-escalation in the violence. prime minister netanyahu defended the country's hard line against the palestinians.
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mr. netanyahu: the simple truth is they want to kill jews and destroy the state of israel altogether. i wish it weren't so. israel wants peace. i want peace. reporter: netanyahu made it clear who he thought was to blame. he said the palestinians were unwilling to negotiate with israel and in cute -- and accuse them of encouraging acts of violence. mr. netanyahu: incitement leads to terror. we have to stop terror and to stop terror we have to stop incitement. reporter: in the middle east, deadly attacks continue almost daily. his relational -- israel he soldiers shot and killed a soldier. a 15-year-old girl was also shot and injured for planning a knife attack. most attacks have been carried out by young palestinians. chancellor angela merkel spoke
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of the special obligation to ensure israel's security but stressed the need for both sides to negotiate and emphasize the need for young palestinians to be given more opportunities. netanyahu is due to meet with the german foreign minister on thursday along with u.s. secretary of state john kerry. sarah: at that press conference, netanyahu came under fire for comments he made at the world zionist congress on tuesday. he was forced to deny absolving hitler for blame for the murder of 6 million jews, but he reiterated palestine was complicit in the show up. let's take a look at the speech that sparked this controversy. mr. netanyahu: this attack and other attacks on the jewish immunity in 1921 and 1929 were instigated by a call of the mufti of jerusalem, who was later sought for war crimes in
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the nurnberg trial because he had a central role in fomenting the final solution. he flew to berlin. hitler did not want to exterminate the jews at the time, he wanted to expel the jews and he went to hitler and said a few expel them, they will all come here. so what should i do with them? he said earn them. sarah: let's bring in a historian based in munich. he has done extensive research into the german and israeli relations. what were your thoughts when you heard these comments from netanyahu? guest: we don't deal with thoughts. we deal with facts. what he said correctly is the fact that other islamists instigated anti-jewish terror in the 1920's and 1930's, but it is
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wrong to say hitler got his idea from him. in november of 1941, hitler met him and he had been living already in berlin after a failed to in iraq in which she had participated. this happened in late november and in early november, auschwitz and other gas chambers and concentration camps had been installed already and they began working in january. in other words, the production of death had begun already when they met, so historically speaking, this is wrong. sarah: so you are saying this idea to exterminate the jews did not come from the palestinians as netanyahu claims, that does he have support for his claims?
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why would he be saying this now? guest: it is propaganda. we should never combine propaganda with history and this does not only refer to israel and netanyahu. it's recommendable for non-historians to not refer to this to begin with. there are great points in what benjamin netanyahu said in the fact remains that that man was a close ally of germany and hitler and provided support and manpower during the second world war in favor of germany and was willing to participate in the holocaust and in fact did in part. the only wrong thing benjamin netanyahu said referred to the fact that he gave hitler this idea. sarah: the comments, when we
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talk about the strategic nature of them, they came just before his trip to berlin. was it perhaps a message to germany? guest: not that i can think of. that's a message to the palestinians and not to germany. benjamin netanyahu knows as well as the israeli public that germany is israel's closest ally , if only to be surpassed by the united states of america and we know between -- the relationship between the obama administration and netanyahu administration are pretty bad. that is why for the time being, germany is israel's closest ally. sarah: setting the record straight for us. a historian in munich, germany. we appreciate your insight. the european commission has called an emergency sumit to deal with refugees trying to escape the syrian civil war. european union and balkan
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leaders will try to find a solution for the thousands of people stuck in desperate conditions trying to reach western europe. temperatures are freezing and adding to the israeli is a fire at a makeshift camp in slovenia. reporter: another day, another long journey. but even for the lucky few who make it through the bottleneck, the destinations in western europe are still a long way off. authorities in croatia are trying to limit the number of people crossing through their country, but this means crowds on the other side continue to grow. >> the number is, as you can see, is increasing, so it is challenging to process everyone and a fast way because there are many. even if the border is open, the process is slow because people are continuously arriving. reporter: once they make it to
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croatia, they are in the european union, an important step. many people here are losing hope. >> i see that in my road every day, i see death in the water. when i came here, there is too many traffic here. somebody close the gate and i cannot go to europe or to another place. reporter: on the other side of the country, desperate scenes overnight as more than a thousand people waded through a river to get into slovenia. once across, they were met by slovenian police who escorted them to a nearby refugee camp. at the shelter they found there was short-lived. in the morning come a fire broke out, destroying some of the makeshift housing and forcing evacuations and more uncertainty.
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sarah: in germany, anti-immigration protesters have taken to the streets in a german city. right-wing demonstrators have squared off with pro-refugee procrastinators -- protesters in eastern germany. 4000 protesters gathered in the main square to oppose the german government's policy on refugees. the right-wingers outnumbered the demonstrators. the main protest was organized five a right-wing populist party called alternative for deutsche land. they have been organizing regular demonstrations that have attracted thousands of supporters. our correspondent is there for us and joins us. we saw ugly scene from dresden. what have you seen today? reporter: we have seen a tense atmosphere tonight where a huge
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amount of police were trying to separate two groups of protesters rallying against the german government, asking the german chancellor to resign and rallying against the asylum policy of the german government, allowing a great influx of refugees into the country. the police have tried to keep these groups separated, estimated at about 4500 people. the situation stayed under control until the end. sarah: thank you. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. officials in egypt they only 26% of voters cast ballots in the first part of parliamentary elections. the low turnout could strengthen the hand of the president. a second round is scheduled for next month. british media say libyan
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authorities will allow two suspects to be questioned about the 1988 bombing of a pan am jet over scotland. scottish and u.s. investigators have not identified the suspect, but the reports name two men believed to be in prison in libya on unrelated charges. two sports news now and the fifa corruption scandal has swept up german soccer icon franz beckenbauer. fifa said that they had finished his role -- you will remember the very controversial warnings -- the commission has passed its findings to an ethics judge for a final verdict. reporter: they met behind closed doors without a press conference or giving interviews. but fief of -- but fifa took a decisive step toward transparency, doing away with
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the confidentiality clause. they immediately made prominent a list of prominent names, among them, franz beckenbauer. he has not answered questions from investigators looking into the awarding of the world cup to russia and got her -- russia and qatar. the reason is because of the dubious payment of 1.8 million euros in 2011 allegedly for work done nine years earlier. the final verdict will be announced no later than january. fifa is also focusing on another member who supposedly misused runs. >> i personally think this is just the beginning and that is because we know how this machine works. we've got the old boys network in front of us and many more
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problems are going to come out of that. reporter: who is not on the list is -- but that could quickly change. sarah: still to come, u.s. vice president joe biden rules out a white house run. we will ask our washington correspondent what that means for the democratic nomination hopefuls stop the is you gets tough with corporate tax evasion schemes, hitting starbucks and fiat with massive bills. and this is just the beginning. all of that and more in just about a minute's time. don't go away. you are watching dw.
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sarah: welcome back. our top stories at this hour -- benjamin netanyahu has met angela merkel in berlin. he called on the international community to condemn mahmoud abbas for inciting terror and thanked germany for it unrelenting support for israel. u.s. vice president joe biden has announced this evening that he will not be running for president in 2016. he made the statement standing next to president obama and the white house rose garden. this ends months of speculation about whether he would throw his hat into the ring.
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his decision not to seek the democratic nomination is likely going to help current frontrunner hillary clinton. let's bring in our washington correspondent who was watching all of this in the rose garden. we finally know the answer. this is a highly anticipated announcement. do we know why he has decided not to run? guest: it has certainly been the guessing game in washington over the past few weeks. what it appears that the whole decision for joe biden has been bound up in the death of his son a few months ago, earlier this year. the grieving process is what he says is the reason it has taken him so long to come to a decision. but this agonizing has gone on quite publicly with joe reportedly telling one journalist that his son import him almost on his deathbed to go ahead and run.
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so this decision not to do so may feel like going against his son last dying wish which would be an emotionally difficult thing to do. but on the other hand, as we heard in his date meant earlier, he pointed out the practicalities of the issue, very much stacked against him. he would have immense difficulty raising the money you would need and building the team he would need to beathillary clinton. ultimately, it looks like his head one over his heart. sarah: speaking of hillary clinton, that is a name we have to keep in mind at all of this. what does this mean for her candidacy? guest: you can see it pre-well as removing one of the last major obstacles between her and winning the nomination. she has had a run of reasonably
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good news after a pretty awful summer and, barring a major blow up of the e-mail scandal or a sudden surge by bernie sanders, it does look like she has the nomination pretty well stitched up. again, arming anything unexpected coming up in the next few weeks. sarah: thank you. to some business news now and it is time to pay the european taxman. let's go to then add our business desk. then: you would not want to get one of these tax bills in the post. a group of journalist discovered luxembourg was helping multinationals avoid billions in taxes by allowing them to shift profits from country to country. the commission says fiat and starbucks used artificial and complex methods to understate profits and avoid taxes.
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the commission says both companies have to claim back those taxes that could total 30 million euros. >> coffee, extra espresso, flavored syrup, starbucks is known for its creativity not only with coffee but when it comes to saving on taxes, the eu commission says starbucks has been especially crafty. in the netherlands, it apparently no negotiated large-scale tax benefits. and luxembourg, often seen as a tax haven, is said to be attracting companies with generous tax conditions. authorities granted italian automaker fiat a range of tax breaks and the european commission says these kinds of deals are illegal. >> national tax authorities cannot give any company, large or small, big or powerful, and unfair competitive advantage
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compared to others. reporter: four fiat and starbucks, the decision comes with a heavy price tags. both companies face payments of 20 million euros to 30 million euros. other companies might also have to pay back taxes. in luxembourg, hundreds of multinationals are trying to evade taxes with the help of subsidiaries. the commission is also investigating other tax deals. then: let's cross the atlantic to get a different view on wall street. is this story making a wave or just a ripple there? >> so far, i would say it is more a ripple than a wave, but some people are saying the whole issue is tit-for-tat, a response from europeans.
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european authorities are going after some big u.s. corporations. it's also likely because companies might go into appeal, meaning it could take years before those corporations have to pay money and in the westerners what is a heavy price? on wall street, people are saying if the companies are paying $20 million to $30 million, it's not too heavy, so the reaction on stocks here was limited. then: what about for ari -- what about for ari -- what about f erarri? overall, you could say the ipo was pretty successful. the stock climbed about 6%.
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the big question is what for ari is going to do with the extra cash at hand? so far, for ari limits itself to only sell not more than 7000 vehicles a year. that could increase to about 9000 in about four years. we will see if that's a good decision because that's part of the charm of harare, to limit the number of vehicles. but it was exciting to see this ipo and it was rather successful. ben: nice to hear you reminiscing about the old days there. google has started testing its drone delivery program, project wing, dropping off first packages at an event in arizona. the robots can zoom around at 60 miles an hour. amazon is testing its own services but google hopes to use its machines for disaster
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relief. retail giant target is aiming at a very specific segment this halloween -- kids with special needs. the american firm has put a disabled girl in an advertisement for costumes. there has been a heap of positive feedback. they said foster recognition and acceptance. the message? you can be whatever you want to be. >> what are you going to be for halloween? reporter: she wants to be elsa, like so many other girls her age. she will be costumes like the popular, including crutches. lucy has spina bifida, just like the girl in this ad for u.s. supermarket chain of a target. target is one of the few people including disabled people in their advertising. one mother is excited.
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>> if we don't have images of people with special needs, they don't get a chance to be seen and accepted. it opens the door for acceptance everywhere. reporter: more and more retailers are using clients such as hers and her advertising. >> children are in target ads? nike had a kid's commercial, but in general, i'm submitting to the ones who not -- you are not asking. reporter: many parents of children's disabilities say they hope the trend will continue and a hope that companies use children with special needs in their ads. sarah: we need to see more of this. before we go, a team of scientists in cairo announced plans to restore the weird of the famous golden mask of the
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egyptian pharaoh tutankhamen. the beard was accidentally knocked off when you're ago by an employee at the museum and was hastily stuck back on using epoxy glue. the team say they plan to carefully scrape off the glue and reattach the beard but have not yet decided how to do it. the mask is over 3000 years old and attracts thousands of visitors each year. a reminder of the top stories we are following up this hour -- israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu at angela merkel in the lead -- in berlin. he thanked germany for its unrelenting support for israel. german soccer legend franz beckenbauer faces judgment by fifa. investigations into awarding the next two world cups conclude. now, a list of fifa figures
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await a verdict against them. you have been watching us on dw. see you ask time. -- see you next time.
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