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tv   DW News  PBS  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> i this is dw news. afghanistan shaken by a car or earthquake. emergency services overwhelmed. at least 260 killed, and many injured in also on the show, european leaders have come up with an action plan to address the migration crisis. angela merkel says there will be new reception centers in greece and improve cooperation with turkey. german soccer leagu legend has admitted to making a mistake in the bidding process, but denies buying votes.
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im lara, nice to have you with us. the cure likely to rise in the days ahead. while the quake struck while the working day was getting underway. phone and power lines are down in the worst affected regions, making it difficult to get accurate information about the extent of the damage. here is more. >> this amateur video shows just some of the damage caused by the earthquake. while this heavily damaged building remained standing, and other residents were not so lucky. many lost their homes in the tremors in authorities say the damage and the death toll are difficult to assess.
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with communications down, many in rural areas have been really cut off. >> when the earthquake happened i left with the children. one of my grandsons started running. i asked him not to, but he continued in the wall collapsed and injured him. >> in one incident at least 12 girls were killed in a school. during the tremors the girls tried to flee the building. the panic caused a deadly crash. 42 other girls were rushed to hospital. across the border in pakistan with dozens of people were hospitalized, after at least one large building collapsed. the prime minister has ordered the military to initiate rescue operations. hundreds of people also poured into the street of pakistan's capital. many praying in fear.
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>> the earthquake was powerful. vigilance was strong. the whole building was shaking. the window glass shook about the earthquake with powerful. >> the quake was also felt as far as the indian capital of new delhi, though no damage was immediately were ordered. -- immediately reported. lara: we are joined by jonathan who is in islamabad. large parts of pakistan have been affected. what is the latest lara? >> we know quite a bit about those areas of the country that are most accessible. there has been a lot of damage in the big city in pakistan, and we know all about that. but news is coming in all the time and as you sit in your report we will continue to have it come in over the hours and days ahead from those less
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accessible areas, in the far-flung and hard to get to valleys. many of which are hard to get to the best of times, but are particularly difficult at the moment because there is some very bad weather over the last couple of days. also these mountainous areas of the earthquake triggered landslides that have cut off many roads. lara: is the government doing enough? >> the government is really relying as ever on the pakistani army to do as much of the rescue work as possible. the army is the institution that has the most resources in pakistan. they have the capability to move people into these far-flung areas. this is what we have seen on previous national disasters,
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earthquakes, the pakistani army taking the lead and that is we're seeing now as well. lara: jonathan in islamabad, thank you for your reporting. leaders from southeastern europe have cautiously welcomes new plans to address the refugee crisis. european about the letters -- and balkan leaders held a meeting to discuss the response to the refugees fleeing north, the worst crisis since world war ii. here with leaders in brussels agreed to ease the kissing chaos at your order that increasing chaos at the border. reception centers, 400 border police from eu member nations to arrive in slovenia within days to ensure the orderly processing
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of refugees. as improved your communications between countries to better coordinate border control and care for significant buildups of migrants. but many observers say the agreement does little to address the urgency of the problem can our reporter looks at conditions facing refugees who arrived on a small greek island in the aegean sea. >> in their quest for safety, this is not the reception they had been dreaming of. wire fencing, police, and the frustration of endless curiosity seekers. these migrants are waiting to be registered on the greek island. the processing center here is hopelessly understaffed. each time they open the gate, only 20 people are allowed in.
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the authors, thousands of them, are forced to wait. many covered in rainsoaked blankets. >> four nights, and four days under rain behind this door. four nights and four days. >> in makeshift camps they do their best to fend off the cold. but after queuing for days and muddy fields, some are not getting a condition called trench foot, caused by prolonged exposure of the fee to damp conditions. after risking their lives to reach europe, their patience is broken. >> greece has been bearing the brunt of europe's migration crisis for months. many thousands have landed here, desperate to escape the conflict of their home countries.
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some disagreement as aimed at relieving this misery as the european winter approaches, and is more than ever. lara: two business now. we have some interesting developments in the eu commission's scandal. >> it could be very attractive. dw can entice customers to stay t at ahe brand by giving the discount. a massive recall is still to come. >> in many cases, a six will come cheap. the cars cannot be repaired by simple software update. they will need entirely new components. exchanging the entire car could be faster and more cost effective than parts replacement . in germany alone some 2.4 million vehicles will have to go back to the workshop. across europe it is a .5
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million. -- it is a .5 million. while the scandal has hurt the reputation, car sales are not expected to fall. >> the sector has even picked up event with upward corrections for the current as well as the projected business climate. production is also expected to rise. we believe that people change their mind, they will buy a mercedes instead. it is like germans will buy fewer cars just will not buy fewer cars. >> toyota is now outselling it after dw took over the lead. so far this year, toyota has sold around 7.4 million vehicles. >> on the political front of the german transport minister is on a trip to the united states, and we are standing by in washington to get the latest on the minister's trip.
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he has already admitted to wrongdoing. what is therefore the minister to explain or to fix? >> the trouble with volkswagen is not the 185 m on his agenda in denver it is certainly the one that is getting the most attention. this will be the first meeting between the german trance work minister and his u.s. counterpart since news of the scandal broke last month. he will also be meeting regulators from the epa, the u.s. environmental protection agency during his trip to washington. when u.s. officials and regulators are looking to hear is mainly answers. that is to what germany is doing in response to volkswagen's deception. authorities there have already ordered a recall of all of the affected vehicles. but that is going to take time. most of the cards with the
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cheating software were sold in europe but there is dell a little under 500,000 in the u.s. that are equipped with the same issues cheating software. all of those will have to be recalled and repaired to comply with u.s. relations and her's. that did take over a year. the ministers department has refused to comment on the question of whether he is there to limit intentional fines from all of these lawsuits that could come out of the scandal. i guess the cost of the scandal is going to really change on authority. >> there is a lot at stake here, namely the $18 billion in possible pines the u.s. regulators could be asking to play -- to pay. the company violated the u.s. clean air act. they sold is as clean diesel models, when in reality there anything -- they were anything but.
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they admit up to four times more pollution it is allowed under u.s. law. that is why they are pursuing penalties in which we do not know exactly how high the penalties will be. the u.s. government is one factor. volkswagen also has to contend with hundreds of possible lawsuits from u.s. consumers that are angry with the company. that is going to add to the cost of the bill on the side of the atlantic. >> over here is a letter of anger as well among consumers. thank you for bringing us up to date. chinese leaders are meeting to craft their policy goals of the rest of the decade. the art are boost a waning economy, a five year plan set to renew the country's economy commitment. they will reduce chinese gdp growth target.
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now from wall street, we have heard about 7% for such a long time. a 6.5% something investors will be able to live with? >> it is an interesting question because of course 7% would do better tha6.5%. this isroy bf a problem for certainusin will focus on growing exportsn china. the automobile sector, but at the same time, this was not a big story at all, and it might have to do with the fact that all of the data we have recently how to china was seen as unreliable in the first place. people really take this with the green of soul because the number really known in the first was the 7% was 7%.
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something that has sound interesting today or energy stocks. >> they are being sold off again? >> yes. that has to do with the loyal -- lower oil price. this started at any too low. we have seen prices go down for the last couple of weeks. that has to do with china and now even more that they are lowering their gdp growth outlook. at the same time it has to do with the last couple of days of strengthening dollar, and where the oil price goes down, energy shares go down as well. on the other side we do have some analysts in the market to tell people to get into energy stocks right now because they think the share prices as well as the oil price is as low as it can get. >> from the new york stock exchange, thank you very much. you're watching dw news. still to come, estate yes, vote spot, no.
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germany did not ride anyone to secure the 2006 world cup.
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lara: welcome back. you're watching dw news. our top story, a major earthquake has hit northern afghanistan. at least 260 people have been killed. the seven point find magnitude earthquake struck buildings, power lines, and vacations in many areas. leaders in southeastern eope has cautiously welcomed new plans to address the refugee crisis at a summit. they will set up reception centers of an indication -- and
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work on communication and for controls. angela merkel did not spend time trying to win over skeptics. she is, unde under harsh criticism from members of her own party. she promises to spend firm on issues. a friendly audience for the german chancellor. a town hall meeting. >> the present were preselected, and the huge praise on angela merkel. even before she spoke, one man coverage of refugee policies. >> i was never a fan of your politics, but i find your stance on refugee issue to be simply good. >> chancellor merkel admitted not everything is working smoothly with the migration policies. but she said that was no reason to be afraid that germany would be overrun by too many new arrivals. >> it is easy to think that soon
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there will be more refugees that intolerant hire compilation. but we are far from that. we are a nation of 80 million people. >> the area is bearing the brunt of the rivals for the whole country. 1000 people arrive on monday. the most biting criticism have come from the state premier. for weeks now he has demanded that strict curbs be put on immigration. despite the close ties between cdu and its bavarian sister party, he has not been measured in his attacks. >> i am shocked by the cluelessness on display here. not here in bavaria, but elsewhere. >> berlin is making old rules on immigration, and how long they can stay on myself. >> she has refused to be baited by this criticism. instead, she has raised a and
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the government for the handling of the crisis. lara: belgian prosecutors say an attacker who tried to crashes car through the gates of an army barracks has been arrested. the incident occurred near the french speaking town of no more just south of brussels. there were no immediate reports of injuries. it is home to a friend of battalion of 650 soldiers. the conservative law and justice party has won the general election in poland after eight years in opposition. party leader congratulated his candidate and poland's prime minister in waiting. the country's law and justice party won an outright majority in the election. the when a lost the party to form a government without coalition partners.
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lara: five british tourists have been killed and one is still missing after a whale watching boat signoff of canada's pacific coast. the authorities are still struggling to figure out why the book sake in call and sunny conditions -- boat sank in calm and sunny conditions. >> a terrifying sight. this eyewitness described it in a radio interview. >> all the votes on the water were heading to start looking for survivors. what we heard was that the first vote on scene saw people all over the place in the water. >> multiple ambulances took people to the hospital as rescue efforts continued into the
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night. the mayor praise the community's response. >> the outpouring from the community has been just phenomenal. seeing the way people come forward and they're offering everything from food and blankets and clothing to just people to be with people. >> it is not the first time that jamie's whaling station, the company that operated the two are about has had a brush with tragedy. two people drowned in a similar incident 17 years ago. it is still a mystery why this craft sank on a day when the weather was reported to be callem. lara: german legend friends wrecking our -- breakin eckenbauer breaks his silence.
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he said, looking back, he should have turned the offer down. for more on this we have our sports desk with those today. he has finally broken his silence.+ what have we learned from the statement? >> in his written statement i think we have learned exactly what we were going to expect. he vehemently denies that he had anything to do with buying votes back in 2000 to get germany 2006 world cup. back then it was a very tight vote. it was 12 to 11 for germany against south africa. they are alleging that four votes were bought using this legend $6.7 million -- this alleges 6.7 euro slush fund. he will be done i miss that this moment of time. lara: how can we get to the
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truth of what happened? >> it is going to be a very long process. this is an ongoing investigation. p5 is also investigating it. it is going to take some time. many are hopeful that something more will come about. but at the moment he is saying it did not take place. the money that they gave was for a down payment so we can get money back to finance the world cup. this is what he is saying as well. but the president of the fat is saying we do not make an offer, and it is against future regulations anyway. it is their word against their word. it will be a long time before we find out who was telling the truth and who is not? lara: do you think his reputation is ruined? >> i do not think so.
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a good example would be the head of soccer, who got taken for embezzlement. ask any fan, he is a legend. unless the allegations are true, and neutral to be very bad, i cannot see that kaiser's reputation will beat all but much. but the way things are panning out, it could be a serious matter. let's hope for the good of the game there's nothing to it. lara: two are for joining us. -- thank you for joining us. people across the world have been offered to donate lego bricks to the chinese artist. the danish lego company said they would not sell for artwork.
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the artist index invest is currently living right here in berlin and is about to take up a position as guest lecturer at university of the arts. today he spoke to journalists about his new job. >> is currently china's best-known artist and human rights activists. this apartment by chinese authorities 2011 was pain achingly recorded by him in an installation two years later. now he is about to start a tender ship as a guest of us are at the university of the arts. at a press conference he endeavored to explain how far political activism would cover his teaching. >> i will not have to say -- i will not, talked about human rights into my teaching because i'm teaching at an art school. those are in me, but i will not let my students there have
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any problems on this issue. >> he will focus his attention on their work and their own projects. he would also like to travel back to china. but the press conference he avoided any provocative statements regarding the chinese authorities. >> yes, i will still go back, under the conditions that they still let me in and out. that is another thing out of my control. >> the internet and social media play a huge role in his art and life rate during his work online in china, and other artists, is unofficially banned. lara: the red carpet has been truly rolled out for the world
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premiere of the new james bond film. the movies being shown in the royal albert hall in london. daniel craig is playing the secret agent for the fourth time. he cracks and senator organization known aspect. a few familiar faces from the royal family, including the duke and duchess of cambridge. thank you for watching. goodbye for now. [laughter]
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host: hello and welcome to this week's "focus on europe," showing you the human stories behind the headlines. great you could join us. and on today's programme we're zipping all over the continent. in greece, the refugee who's racing towards a better life. in france, the floods and what caused them. and in norway, moving country, but staying in jail. one of the flash points of europe's refugee crisis is the small greek island of lesbos. it's near the turkish coast, which means it's become a stepping stone to safety in europe for refugees fleeing war in the middle east. so every day thousands of people


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