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tv   DW News  PBS  October 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw world news from berlin. new diplomatic efforts to end the war in syria. as the fighting continues on the ground, what will be discussed? plus, refugees continue to push north. we have a look at the trek through germany into the balkans. beijing calls a provocation but washington says it will operate wherever national law permits. one of its warships interest disputed waters in the south china sea. and the search for survivors. the u.s. warns of the search of serious disease as rescue team
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struggled to reach remote areas of afghanistan and pakistan following yesterday's earthquake. i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. we are taking an in-depth look at the war in syria and the refugee crisis it has created. fresh rounds of diplomacy planned for later this week. representatives from around a dozen countries including the u.s., russia, syria, and turkey will gather in brussels. that's what's going on behind the scenes. we will get some analysis on what's behind the scene in just a moment. in syria, the fight continues both on the ground and from the air. russian airstrikes in syria targeted not only be islamic state but also u.s. backed rebels. this has contributed to the flood of people fleeing syria.
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russia's intervention in the conflict began four weeks ago, but with limited results. a foreign minister for all allies to renew their soup work. >> it's very important to unite all antiterrorist efforts. when he to be clear and join our efforts instead of trying to say there are good terrorists and that they should not be touched. the antiterrorist fight must be inclusive. all parties should unite around these tasks which they interpret in the same way. even the u.s. would like to increase its attacks on the i.s. in syria. secretary of state ashton carter is not opposed to deploying ground forces but the u.s. is against joining forces with russia. >> we will not let russia impact the pace. we do not align ourselves more broadly with their military actions because instead of singularly attacking isil, they
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are primarily attacking the syrian opposition, as the chairman has noted. >> attempts at a diplomatic solution rumble on even as the fighting in syria continues. last week, russians foreign minister and his american counterpart met in vienna. they will meet again there this week. they may be joined by envoys from siri -- neighboring countries and iran. >> we are joined by marcus here in berlin. we just heard about the talks in vienna. there are talks that will happen in paris on wednesday. a lot of diplomatic flurry just week. are you expecting progress? >> i would not call it progress, it is simply movement. now the effort is to bring together all actors which are involved somehow in the syrian conflict. on the regional level, i cannot
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see that the principal gap can be overcome. we have those powers saying as sad's time is up and he has to go. >> give us a progress report. where do we stand on these diplomatic efforts right now? we have also heard that iran is invited to these talks on friday. if they were to attend? >> as far as i can see, not only the future of president assad is open for discussion but also efforts to fight isil as well. one of the key challenges is to prioritize what has to come first. first to fight isil and to postpone the question -- the
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question of president assad in the political future of syria. >> moscow has also raised another question. it is calling for an election within syria. is that realistic? >> not really. we had presidential elections last year and i can't -- i cannot imagine with several million displaced persons in syria, i think it is an effort to create an opportunity for president assad and the parliament. i believe it would be a diplomatic opening for the russian site for some kind of inclusive government or as inclusive as possible, which could lead to some kind of transition of power. >> what do you think -- how
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important is the relationship between the russian foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state? >> obviously they like each other on professional terms. in the ukraine crisis, regardless, the same applies to syria as well. i don't expect a major breakthrough simply due to the personal sympathy of the two foreign ministers. >> a lot to be discussed this week. marcus, thank you for your time. here in europe refugees from syria continue to pour in. since hungary closed its border six weeks ago, over a quarter million refugees have entered croatia. the country's prime minister now says he hopes the numbers will trail off after turkey agreed to step up surveillance of its borders with the eu. but as winter approaches, croatia is still struggling to
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provide shelter for the refugees who made it that far. it's a seemingly endless trek. most refugees have been on the road for weeks. it's becoming increasingly hard to keep going, especially for the weaker among them. no breaks, cold nights in the open air. for many, it is too much. >> i don't know where i am right now. i cannot see anything in my legs hurt a lot. >> basic medical care and a place to get warm. the first camp wants to offer at least that, but there are simply too many migrants. not all caps can treat everyone as well as they would like to. that's why the helpers are now focusing on the weakest and most needy. they tried to treat women and children first and to give them the best places to sleep.
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>> what we're noticing is that there has been an influx over the last few days of this last week. migrants who arrived in greece, serbia, and croatia. we need to address this now. it's true the situation is very volatile. it involves all the time that we need to take this into consideration. that's why it is really difficult to find solutions. croatia is now using designated trains to bring refugees to camps that are better equipped to cope. sarah: another twist in germany. the southern state of of area is giving the chancellor and ultimatum. it has been taking in the majority of refugees entering the country and wants merkel to have a plan to reduce those numbers by the weekend. here is more. click's conditions for refugees
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continue to worsen as colder weather sets in. beset by freezing temperatures, people in camps in slovenia huddle around open fires to keep more, as european leaders demand stricter border controls. jean-claude juncker has pledged to send more border guards to slovenia. he's demanded european governments cooperate more to manage the flow of migrants. >> we saw fingers being pointed at each other and we so countries talking about each other. that is the politics of panic. it creates the illusion of solution, but all it does is harm your neighbors and damage european solidarity. >> in germany, 8000 refugees arrived in one border city on tuesday along. here they are temporarily housed before being sent on to other cities. germany's governing -- governing
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coalition is experiencing a widening rift. the leader of the bavarian csu party has threatened to consider other options if early and does not take steps to control immigration by the weekend area that has not deterred merkel, however. she referred to the deadline as an opportunity. november versus it interesting day because it is the day turkey holds elections. it is an important day to implement the action plan europe and turkey agreed on an intensified bilateral relations. meanwhile, the numbers of unregistered migrants coming across the austrian border continued to swell, with no solution in sight. sarah: the relief agency doctors without borders says one of its hospitals in yemen has been hit by an airstrike. there were no casualties in that attack, but the clinic was completely destroyed. the yuan
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secretary-general condemns the airstrikes which are described as a war crime. but the coalition fighting rebels in human claims its planes were responsible. more than 20 were killed when a hospital was bombed in afghanistan earlier. china has accused the united states of illegally entering its territory in the south china sea. beijing responded angrily after the u.s. navy guided missile destroyer sailed through the disputed sea lane. america's ambassador was summoned in beijing expressed its displeasure, saying it would respond resolutely to any countries deliberately provocative actions. >> united states at the mission only lasted a few hours, but it's just the first in a series of missions designed to test china's territorial claims. china is building a coral reef in the south china sea, turning
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them into islands and raising concerns they could be used as military bases. they are located in the islands in china is asserting a 12 nautical mile exclusion zone around them. the united states has now crossed that line, deliberately probing how our china will go to defend its the heated claims. the response from beijing was prompt. a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry suggested the united states was being foolish if it thought it could enter chinese territory without provoking countermeasures. he said china might now speed of its construction projects in the item and called on the u.s. to back down. the philippine president said he welcomed the u.s. presence in the waters, suggesting it represented a balance of power in the region. the philippines is one of the many nations with territorial claims in the south china sea
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and pitino says he has no problem with the u.s. exercising its right to navigate their under international maritime law. the vast south china sea contains shipppppputes which are critical to global trade. that's one reason why the united states sees china's bid to control large portions of it as a threat that can no longer be ignored. sarah: get a brief look at some other stories making news around the world. palestinians have clashed with israeli security forces in a west bank city. demonstrators had gathered after the funeral of a palestinian boy shot on monday. tensions have been high for weeks over the future of a disputed site in jerusalem, holy to both jews and muslims. the rebel led government in libya says a helicopter cash -- crash has killed 12 people including some key military commanders. the aircraft was shot down your
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the capital of tripoli. libya is in turmoil with two rival governments and warring militias. therefore the general assembly only two nations oppose the call, the u.s. and israel. president obama says he wants to do away with the blockade, but the decision rests with the u.s. congress. we will take a short break, but when we come back, a day after devastating earthquake in south asia claimed over 360 lives, the u.n. is now warning that survivors face the risk of serious disease as afghanistan and pakistan struggled to deal with the fallout. will they u.s. federal reserve chief janet yellen announced the long-awaited hike? more coming up in about a minute. stay with us.
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sarah: welcome back. amid a diplomatic push to in the war in syria, thousands of refugees make the tough journey to germany through the balkans. the u.n. has warned of the risk of serious disease and health problems following monday's major earthquake in south asia. the death toll from the pakistan -afghanistan trimmer is now more than 360. rescue teams are still struggling to reach areas cut off by the quake. phone and power lines are down and landslides have blocked roads. authorities say to still too early to assess the true scale of the damage.
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the destructive force of the quake was felt across pakistan with reports of entire villages being destroyed in mountainous regions. pakistan mobilized its military overnight, sending medical teams and rations to affected areas. rescue efforts were affected -- hampered by landslides. damage to roads hampering access to afflicted areas, it is feared that thousands of people could still be very under debris. for many, there was no time to take cover. >> i was working at a rice shop. as i walked out of there, the building collapsed in both my legs were trapped under rubble. there were two or three other men with me. i don't know what happened to them. >> the epicenter was over the border in afghanistan's mountains.
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the seismic shocks were felt for hundreds of kilometers. especially hard-hit was a northern province. in the televised speech, the afghan president sent his condolences to the victims families and appealed for everyone to pitch in. >> i ask all afghans, my fellow countrymen, to help each other if they are in the affected areas. also i ask every afghan to provide accurate information on the casualties and damages so we can start managing help for those who need it. >> as peach and in the region care for the wounded, the number of dead continues to rise. -- as people in the region care for the wounded. relatives can only wait for news of their loved ones. sarah: some business news for you now and some development that everyone has been waiting for here in europe.
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startups, regular businesses, all kinds of organizations. >> we've all been waiting for this, the end of roaming charges. telephone as you go used to be ridiculously expensive. providers have been reducing the prices over years. now they are abolishing the surcharge altogether. >> opening up telecommunications for consumers was the theme of thursday's eu parliamentary debate. for mobile phone users, it will soon be cheaper to keep up over -- while abroad. the roaming fee has added $.19 a minute to the cost of a call. the eu is lowering it from april of next year. the charges will fall to only five cents for outgoing calls, two cents for text messages, and
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five cents for 20 megabytes of data. the charges will be abolished completely in 2017, at least almost. if a customer makes excessive amounts of calls, providers can make excise charges. also on the agenda, who gets access to high-speed web services and who gets left behind? net neutrality putting paid to to speed internet. the eu parliament has ruled that no one should be up to buy special treatment on the internet. it must be open to all equally. with this agreement, europe will be the only region in the world which guarantees legally and open internet and neck neutrality. -- net neutrality. the principal annette neutrality will be -- the principle of annette neutrality will ensure that all traffic will be treated equally without restriction,
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discrimination, or injured. critics think the does not go far enough. they say the wording is open to interpretation and that opens up the possibility of a two speed internet. that would disadvantage for companies and customers alike. >> the united states, another falling business investment points to a slowdown in economic growth and cast doubt over and interest rate high. the federal reserve has begun a two day meeting. investors around the globe waiting for a sign. >> there is one major issue on investors minds. fed chief janet yellen is widely expected to nudge up interest rates sooner or later as part of a bid to reach an inflation target of 2%. since the financial crisis, the federal reserve said -- has kept rates close to 0%.
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so what will the fed be looking out for? unemployment is always a key factor in rate setting. if people have jobs, they will spend money which will stimulate the economy. right now, only 5% of the workforce is looking for a job. that is just about right for a rate hike. after the jobless figures, the open market committee will look at wages. but for americans to spend an increase in inflation, workers need to make money. fortunately, wage growth has been low. this could worry rate setters. finally they will consider factors unique to today's global economy. the price of oil and weakening emerging economies. is the u.s. tough enough to whether economic storms? i natural centers the world over will be watching the fed this week. the global economy is tied to that of the u.s.. for now, the waiting for investors continues. >> lets go over to our man on
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wall street. i know were not going to get anything out of this meeting wednesday, but will we at least get some kind of sign about when the rate hike will come? lars: this is all again hope for , there's definitely -- or if there's even going to be a rate hike at all. hopefully there's a little explanation of what is going on because in september everyone was expecting a rate hike. it seems impossible for the feds to even move right now. obviously one of the factors the fed closely watches here before making a hike decision is the labor market. it has been shaky recently with slow growth in wages. recent data from this morning, we had some data coming that consumer confidence is low and the industrial sector is weak with orders weaker than expected
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as well. what one thing is sure, we will not fear rate hike this week. >> can you tell us possibly when it will come? it has been put back and put back not only by the month but now next year. >> it's really anyone's guess right now. definitely we will not see anything right now for this year. interestingly, the federal reserve last month in september introduced a whole new host of factors they are currently watching. that includes china and emerging markets, and the strength of the dollar. suddenly you are looking at long-term problems the fed apparently hasn't i on. it seems a little bit like they have painted themselves into a corner because if you take these factors into consideration, there's not really any chance
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for them to do an interest rate hike anytime soon in the next couple of months even. it's going to be quite tricky for them to move and it will be interesting to see what janet yellen will tell the markets in her press conference, if there's at least a few details so it will be a clearer picture emerging. >> keep waiting and watching for us in new york. rate hike watching is getting very boring. we need something more exciting, sarah. sarah: one of the biggest spectacles on the american sports calendars about to get underway. baseballs world series. the new york mets are going up against the kansas city royals. both teams are ordered some new equipment for this event. >> at this factory in louisville, kentucky, employees are making baseball bats to be used in the sport's near event,
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pthe world series. the best-of-seven contest kicks off in new york on tuesday night. the big apple's on mets will take on the kansas city royals. the last time either of these teams won the series was 30 years ago. the royals came up short inmanat experience -- does not think that experience will be repeated. >> i don't really see it as an advantage. we didn't really have any playoff experience last year and we took it all the way to game seven in the world series. it is about execution. >> the royals have some big hitters. >> you don't have too many chances to make a lot of mistakes in this game. you have to stay under control. >> as always, the series is the subject of numerous bets.
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u.s. congressman adam schiff, a fan of the dodgers, lost a wager and had to sing new york's theme song. ♪ meet the mets, meet the mets, step right up and greet the mets. bring your kiddies, bring your wife, guaranteed to have the time of your life ♪ sarah: he should not quit his day job, but my money is on the maets. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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steves: the dramatic rock of cashel is one of ireland's most evocative sites. this was the seat of ancient irish kings for seven centuries. st. patrick baptized king aengus here in about 450 a.d.
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in around 1100, an irish king gave cashel to the church, and it grew to become the ecclesiastical capital of all ireland. 800 years ago, this monastic community was just a chapel and a round tower standing high on this bluff. it looked out then, as it does today, over the plain of tipperary, called the golden vale because its rich soil makes it ireland's best farmland. on this historic rock, you stroll among these ruins in the footsteps of st. patrick, and wandering through my favorite celtic cross graveyard, i feel the soul of ireland.
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announcer: "euromaxx highlights ." and here is your host. host: greetings from brandenburg gate here in berlin, a symbolic location on a special anniversary weekend. and we'll waste no more time and tell you exactly why that is. on the big screen. a short film celebrates 25 years of germany's reunification. on the catwalk. traditional fashion labels are having a comeback. and on the display. smartphone pics of architecture are popular on instagram. 25 years of german reunification -- it's an occasion important


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