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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 29, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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hello there. welcome to "newsline." it's thursday, october 29th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the chiefs of the u.s. and china will speak in an apparent effort to diffuse tensions over disputed waters over the south china sea. they plan to hold video teleconference after an american vessel sailed near an artificial reef claimed by leaders in beijing as their territory. u.s. defense department officials say the chief of naval operations admiral john richardson will speak soon with the commander of the chinese navy admiral wu
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it sent an aegus destroyer. the dispatch is seen as an attempt by the u.s. to make clear it will not recognize china's claims. nations can declare up to 12 nautical miles from their coast as sovereign territory, but the law doesn't apply to areas around artificial islands. chinese leaders say the u.s. vessel violated their sovereignty calling it a serious political provocation, but they've indicated a willinesing to resolve the, through dialogue. they signed a memorandum last november to avoid clashes in the sea and in the air. turkish prosecutors say they know who is behind the deadly attack in ankara. a group acting on direct orders from islamic state militants carried out the bombings that killed 100 people and the blasts were intended to disrupt a general election scheduled for
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sunday. prosecutors say they found the two suicide bombers were from a cell based in the southeast and other parts of the country. they say the south was also responsible for a suicide bombing that killed more than 30 people in july. prosecutors say the group was receiving financial support from the islamic state militants and were planning to carry out more attacks and they add that members of the cell were trying to lure young syrian refugees into joining them. a top official with the u.n. world food program is sounding the alarm on the humanitarian situation in syria. he says the agency doesn't have enough resources to deliver food to those displaced inside the country and he's appealing to the international community for help. the executive director of the wfp ram iro lopez de silva spoke to nhk on wednesday and said the number of refugees have
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overwhelmed the agency. >> we are not meeting our humanitarian imperative with access and the other one related with the resources to do everything we should be doing. >> de silva says there are 6.5 million people in syria who have been displaced and need help. he said those people are in a critical situation because some of the militant groups won't grant aid groups access, and he said food supplies hasn't been delivered to some areas as a result. >> in recent years, some of the radical ideologies that the groups pursue eliminated that perception of impartiality and neutrality that comes with united nations. >> he added that he hopes japan and other nations will help find a peaceful solution to the civil war.
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>> policymakers at the u.s. central bank have made a decision on the key interest rate after much anticipation from market players. remy melguard joins us. what did they say? >> always a lot of focus what the fed does come out and say in the statements after the meeting. they decided to leave interest rates unchanged near zero on wednesday. they'll decide whether it's appropriate to raise the rate at their next meeting in december after assessing developments in the job market as well as prices. the statement released by the federal reserve board says economic activity has been expanding at a moderate pace, but the fed has again postponed raising its key interest rate taking into account slow downs into foreign economies and slightly slower job gains. the statement says the fed is considering raising the improvement and it's reasonably confident that inflation will move back to its 2% objective over the medium term.
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that charged janet yell en and board members had suggested they would go ahead with the rate hike if the u.s. economy continued to improve, but some analysts say it may be difficult to raise the benchmark interest rate by year end, given the slowdown in foreign economies. >> the chief researcher at nomura research institute. thank you very much for joining us and taking your time for this, so what do you make of this decision? >> i think it's a reasonable decision because i think the -- if you look at the minutes of the meeting as well as the series of comments by the fed, implied that i think the lack of visibility was a major cause to refrain liftoff of the september meeting. so in this respect, i think that the -- this interval is too
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short to confirm that the u.s. economy could keep on the right track. >> okay. so based on that, the fed will have another meeting in december. do you think it's possible they'll make a decision then on key interest rates? >> think it's possible. it's very important to note that the fed would like to make sure that the u.s. economy can withstand the downward pressures from emerging economies. i think that the fed officials would like to watch carefully in coming data. >> right. of course, with regard to japan's economy, what impact do you think that will have? >> i think the main interest is policy by the fed itself will not have a major impact on japanese economy, but rather, i'm more interested in its implication for the decision by the boj tomorrow. i think that they, first of all,
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and i think the confidence shown by the u.s. economy itself could be encouraging messages for the members of the policy board by the boj who might use as an excuse for this time. >> some analysts believe that the u.s. rate hike would have an impact on emerging economies and acceleration of capital outflows and obviously, investors betting on higher u.s. interest rates. now, what do you think the continued effect will be for these economies and also the effect for china's economy? >> i don't think that the prospective rate hike by the fed could cause a substantial blow to the e merging economies, rather, i think what we're observing in the emerging economy is the manifestation of the long lasting structural programs heavily embedded in these kind of economies. >> i think it's also the case with china.
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so i think that the most important reason for recent instability and emerging economies would be regarded as their own problems rather than the impacts of the policy. >> i see, very interesting. >> thank you very much for your insights on the whole subject. >> thank you. >> the fomc announced it's had a big impact on financial markets and to see how share prices are doing, let's go to mai yoshida who is standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. what have you seen after the fomc statement? >> good morning to you, too, ram ramin. the dollar and stocks rose right after the fomc statement and i'm seeing a pretty good morning in tokyo as stocks are kicking off the day higher and it's thursday october 29th. the nikkei is opening up above the 19,000 level, up 6 cents of a percent and the broader topics is up half a percent.
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let's see how other regional benchmarks are looking at this morning and the south korean kospi is up. and the csx is up rather slightly. we're seeing a positive morning after rallies in new york. the dow closed up over 1% and that's almost 200 points and closed at its highest level since july and the nasdaq finished 1.3% higher, but if you take a closer look at the chart, ramin, it shows the dow wiped out the daily gains right after the statement. u.s. government bond price s extended early losses. in the commodity sector gold paired gains and turned lower because the dollar jumped and that's because the fed left the door open for a rate hike in december. market players say they were pretty surprised to see a moderate upgrade by the fed after the fed dropped its previous warning on global risks
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and global financial and economic risks exposed from the u.s. economy for the latest statement. so the unexpectedly hawkish stance rattled the markets and we may see volatility and so far, we are seeing some gains here in tokyo, ramin. >> mai, there's a potential for a rate hike likely for this year according to a lot of analysts we're speaking to. how is the dollar playing out today with some of the key players? >> with the potential hike back in play, the dollar really soared while the euro dropped and the euro slipped below a dollar and one level and it is still below a two and a half-month low and the monetary policies between the european central bank appears to be growing even wider. the dollar rose against the yen, but not as much as compared to the euro as we're facing the bank of japan tomorrow. the market will likely move on the fed's decision, but we're
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also expecting earnings from big japanese companies like sony and panasonic. it will be a busy day because we have to focus on the fed and the earnings, as well. that's it for me. back over to you, ramin. >> a lot of focus on earnings and mai yoshida reporting for us live from the tokyo stock exchange. outputs increased in three months. officials at the economy ministry say production rose 1% from august. looking ahead, officials predict an increase of 4.1% in october, but a slight decrease of 0.3% in november. and that's it for business news for this hour, but let's get another check on the markets.
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bird strikes on aircraft are a major source of risk at airports around the world. one airport in japan is striking back against this other menace with all of the means it can. more from nhk world's >> it used a conventional method for bird strikes by firing shots to prevent the birds. >> translator: if that bird flies directly upward it will be in the flight path of the planes taking off.
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we have the shots quickly and chase them away. >> reporter: they're growing with over 2,000 incidents reported last year. that's because new airports and runways are being built and there are more flights taking off from london. in 2007, a major incident happened at the airport. one day a flock of about 10,000 gulls appeared. airport workers tried to get them to leave, but the usual methods didn't work. 50 of the birds hit an airplane causing damage to the wings. >> since then, the airport has come up with some innovative measures to prevent further strikes. the cry of a black tail is broadcast through the speakers. when other gulls arrive to find
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out what the problem is the staff fires a blank shot at them. >> the airport is a dangerous place. another tactic is to spray the runways with vinegar. the strong smell deters the gulls from approaching. next, the airport targeted the flocks by painting the edges of the runways black. the thinking here is because the eggs are white they will not nest and they are visible to other prey. airport officials also patrol the area with ducks. these measures have led to 95% drop in the number at the
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airport. recently, another problem has benched -- they like to hide. the bushes alongside the runways will cut back so the larks will have no lace to nest however this might draw them in and it will be easier for them to spot insects. >> translator: we'll try this method for a while and keep doing it if it works. we are always looking for ways to cut the number of bird strikes as much as we can. >> the idea is simple, to prevent bird strikes you need to keep them away. it may take off at other airports around the world. nhk world. ♪ ♪
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people in japan can now see their ancient lore through the eyes of a french artist. marcus sell has spent decades painting the peaceful messages contained in the myths and his works now have a permanent home here. miki yamamoto sat down with him to find out more. >> reporter: colorful, vibrant and mystical. these are just some of the works by a french artist whose been painting in japan for 40 years. that's marcus cell, a permanent gallery featuring his art has opened in tokyo in september. >> translator: his colors are extraordinary. >> hooz amae's amazing. >> translator: he's so dedicated to painting japanese myths. >> reporter: yes, the scenes of
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japanese mythology has become his life's work. the book was compiled 1300 years ago and recounts the creation of japan's islands, mountains and seas. since ancient times japanese have believed that deities exist everywhere in nature. marcus uses brushes and vibrant colors portraying a mythological world where people live in harmony with nature, respect and care for each other. >> what is the biggest fascination about japanese myths for you? >> it's full of love and and the things to learn and mature. i think the world is getting crazy. at the moment it's war everywhere, it's bad news everywhere. i think we all have a big love inside ourselves, but we don't express it enough. >> on this day, marcestel
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visited the shrine in tokyo prefecture. the shrine dates back to the eighth century. people come here specifically to worship the god and goddess of love. he portrays their strong bond and deep trust, a story well known throughout japan. he donates the painting to the shrine. ♪ ♪ >> i feel very happy to be with god in this beautiful place. >> over the past 20 years marcestel has donated his work to over 50 shrines around the country. the paintings have portrayed stories of the gods and goddesses related to each shrine.
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before his arrival in japan in 1970, the artist had worked as a french diplomat, but he realized that art would be his ideal medium to express the message of peace beyond languages and countries. >> so the art is no frontier. >> no boundary? >> no boundary, yeah. so you canec press something that you need, and you have no limitation and you can really and you can touch people from all over the world. >> marcestel's interest in the mythological world is now expanding beyond japan. he has started to portray the myths of the koreas and china, as well. the artist says that although their stories differ somewhat,
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there is a similar message in all of them, kindness, forgiveness, respect. >> my work, you know, it's kind of the days full of beautiful colors and text about the mythology so they find many important things, friendship, collaboration, respect, love and they can be a model for all the people in the world. >> marcestel's work has already caught the attention of people at unesco. an exhibition of his work is being organized for next year in paris. he says he hopes his paintings will bring a little peace to people living in today's turbulent world. miki yamamoto, nhk world.
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>> beautiful work there. the governing body of world soccer has announced the names of seven candidates to replace its current president cent blatter. fifa said they'll stand for an election in february. one of the candidates is jordanian prince bin al hussein ran in may. the head of the liberian football association musa bility also announced his candidacy. former fifa general secretary jerome champagne used to be a french diplomat and ji an i infantino used to be with uefa and he's from swiss land. sheikh salman bin ebrahim al khalifa comes from bahrain. tokyo sexwale is a south african businessman and has been a member of fifa's global task force against racism and
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discrimination and fifa vice president and uefa president michel platini. he's temporarily banned from football-related activities over allegations that he received money from blatter. he won't qualify as a candidate if the ban is not lifted before the election. fifa has been hit by a series of corruption scandals that have swirled around blatter and other top officials. u.s. prosecutors indicted 14 people including fifa officials on suspicion of bribery in may. it is time now for a check of the weather. people in central areas of israel are dealing with severe flooding. mai shoji joins us now with the latest. >> catherine, if you can recall we were talking about very bad weather across parts of israel and the surrounding countries just a few days ago, but another storm has passed through the area. we still have the jet stream sinking all of the way toward says the south and the clash of the two air masses and the heat
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from the south and also from the cold air is from the north is making it for instability right here and quite a great level and we do have images to show you the conditions right here. take a look at that. this is one of many scenes of flooding in parts of israel and the flooding that fell in such a short time sent the trash cans down the street. it looked like a car almost. there were high winds and heavy rainfall, but the precipitation is going to be an excessive amount is likely to continue again throughout the day today. we have a low pressure system that is sitting here and will not be moving too much and almost stationary and it will be creating and generating a lot of the thunderstorms as well as excessive precipitation a little bit more for you out here and israel on top of what we haven't seen, the peak is gone and that's the good news i can give you, but still arriving in places in the surrounding countries will be seeing the
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severe weather again into your thursday and continuing into your friday. to the north of that, we have a quite potent system, and it will be sitting over the waters for quite some time so not too much to worry about in the uk. on and off showers will be continuing to linger and high winds will be affecting portugal and northern areas but this lvp system, even though it's concentrated and it's quite small and it's a strong storm system that produced 50 millimeters in parts of italy and that will be another additional 50 millimeters as it descends into the balkans. looking across berlin and warsaw, vienna, and moscow is the chilly point, just one degree for your high on your thursday and the overnights will be dipping down into the negative range. here across the eastern continent of asia, i do want to mention that northern japan is likely to see mixed precipitation with high winds and rough weather will continue. some showers in the region
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today, but more showers here across areas of southern china, at least about 50 millimeters into the next 24 hours and shanghai with 20 with a shower in the forecast. high pressure system is predominant in china as well as the korean peninsula. here, a quick look in the americas we are looking at this out here. this is still what we were talking about the hurricane patricia that slammed into mexico. it's still here merged with another low pressure system and it's creating very wet and windy conditions. gusts could be about 80 kilometers per hour anywhere where the system passes and drenching rainfall will be targeting parts of the new england states as well as the mid atlantic, and as it crawls very slowly. much of these areas will be affected on your trick-or-treat event unfortunately. out here, we're looking at mixed precipitation with 10 to 15 centimeters of snowfall and here
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in vancouver with the high of 13 and the santa ana winds will be quite strong and dry weather on the return for california. i'll leave you now for your extended forecast.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.
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♪ dr. lekutat: hello and welcome to "in good shape" on dw here in berlin. great to have you with us. today we'll be talking about something we all do all the time, so much so that we rarely think about it. over 20,000 times a day, in fact. i'm talking about breathing. it's something that comes to us naturally -- that is, if we are healthy. but for people with lung diseases, like copd, breathing is difficult, if not impossible. we'll learn more about that from our studio guest. and here's what else we have on today's program -- the power to heal -- what happens in the body after an injury.


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