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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 2, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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hello, there, and welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday, november 3rd. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the leaders of china and france say they have agreed to cooperate to reach an international accord at an upcoming climate conference. france will host the u.n. convention on climate change. france president francois hollande and his counterpart xi jinping will work on a framework beyond 2020 to which all leaders must commit. the conference will begin november 30th in paris. delegates will seek to agree on a new international emissions reduction framework beyond 2020 to which all countries must commit. the two leaders released a joint statement that says they agree the new framework to require
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countries to review emissions targets every five years. they also declared their intention to release their own national strategies within the next five years to develop low-carbon economies by 2050. >> translator: the joint statement delivers the positive message that the two sides are working to improve the process on climate change so as to make cop21 a great success. >> president hollande was pleased with the commitment from the world's largest emitter. he said the role of china is essential at the conference. the leaders of japan and south korea say their one-on-one talks were very significant. prime minister abe and president park geun-hye sat down together on monday. they agreed to try to resolve as soon as possible the issue that divides them most, those referred to as comfort women. nhk world's kengo atamoto reports.
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>> reporter: prime minister abe and president park met in the presidential palace in seoul. they spent nearly two hours discussing a variety of issues of interest for both countries. at the top of the agenda was the issue of comfort women. >> translator: i expect today's summit to be an opportunity to cure the painful history and to be an important step in developing the two countries' relationship. >> translator: i want to work together with president park to build a future-oriented relationship between our two countries. >> reporter: japanese officials say both leaders spent much of their time together discussing the issue. they say the leaders exchanged their views deeply and honestly. and they added, the discussions were calm. abe spoke to reporters after the meeting.
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>> translator: we discussed the issue of comfort women. i think we must not leave obstacles for the next generation as we are heading toward building future oriented cooperation. >> reporter: he said he agreed with park to resolve the issue at another date by accelerating working-level talks. an aide to president park confirmed this. he said park suggested how a solution could be achieved. >> translator: president park said the comfort women issue must be resolved so as to gain understanding from people in south korea. >> reporter: abe and park also discussed security matters, including north korea's nuclear program and tension in south china sea. japanese officials say both agreed to work together with the
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u.s. to urge north korea to abandon its developing nuclear program. as for the south china sea, abe said japan needs to cooperate with south korea and the u.s. to safeguard it as a free and peaceful area. park responded that she shares awareness of the issue. both leaders see these talks as a starting point for improving their souring relations. people in the region and the world will be watching how far the leaders can move forward on this, the 50th anniversary of normalized relations between them. kengo kamatoko, seoul. senior officials from the united states and south korea have been meeting over an issue of mutual concern. their defense chiefs have agreed to draw up a new plan to deal with military threats from north korea. u.s. defense secretary ash carter and his counterpart ha mingu reaffirmed that military
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provocations by pyongyang must not be tolerated. >> north korea is an up-close, dangerous and continuing threat to the security of the peninsula and the region, but together, we will meet that threat. >> translator: we have decided to strongly and jointly respond to any of north korea's provocative threats in the future based on the robust south korea/u.s. alliance. >> the new plan will include operations to detect and destroy north korean nuclear weapons and missiles in the event of an emergency. a dispute over the planned relocation of a u.s. military base in okinawa prefecture, is moving closer to legal action. okinawa government officials have asked an independent panel to adjudicate in the conflict with the central government. okinawa governor onaga had revoked permission for reclamation work along the coastal area of nago city. the government suspended his decision last week to allow the
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relocation of the u.s. marine corps futenma air station to proceed. two days after that move, the defense ministry restarted the work necessary to build a facility. okinawa government officials appealed to a third-party panel at the internal affairs ministry that mediates disputes between the central and local governments. the panel of five administrative experts provides recommendations or dismisses complaints within 90 days after they're filed. parties concerned can appeal to a high court if they cannot accept the panel's decision. >> translator: it is impossible for the land minister as a member of the cabinet to decide against a relocation policy endorsed by the cabinet. >> the central government is also preparing to file a lawsuit requesting court authority to conduct the reclamation by proxy. the chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga said the government will proceed accordingly based on relevant
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laws. a japanese mayor is visiting israel to collect documents about a late japanese diplomat who helped thousands of jews escape the nazi holocaust during world war ii. he issued transit visas to jews on his own initiative while working at a japanese consulate in lithuania. he is said to have saved about 6,000 people by facilitating their escape. sugihara was born in central japan. the town is planning to submit materials about him next year to unesco's memory of the world register. the mayor visited one of the survivors in tel aviv. nina admoni is 82 years old. she and her family managed to flee to japan thanks to visas issued by sugihara. >> i would not be sitting here and speaking if not for sugihara. i would not be here. i would not be alive.
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>> she said her parents realized the significance of the visas after they learned of the tragedy that took lives of their relatives. he then visited the holocaust memorial museum in jerusalem and asked for cooperation to gather materials on sugihara. >> translator: i think the most important thing is to disseminate to the world the value of human lives. >> the mayor said he would like to interview more survivors. chinese media report that the country has produced its first large domestic passenger jet. it's part of beijing's effort to compete in the commercial aviation industry. xinhua and others covered the unveiling of the jetliner, showing it rolling out of a shanghai assembly plant on monday. a state-owned company developed the 39-meter-long plane that can seat 158 passengers and has a
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maximum flight range of about 5,500 kilometers. news agency said the aircraft's maiden flight is scheduled for next year. it will be followed by three years of test flights before going into commercial service. aircraft company officials say they've received orders for more than 500 c-919s from home and abroad. the company is also developing a smaller regional jet that seats 90 passengers. final test flights for the plane began in march. chinese officials are also backing the development of high-speed rail systems and nuclear power plants that they plan to sell internationally. iran's atomic energy chief says the country has begun implementing an accord on its nuclear program reached with six major powers in july. ali akbarsalahi said this in an interview with nhk in tokyo. >> translator: we have already undertaken our mission, because
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the removal of the centrifuges will take at least two months, so we have obliged to that. >> the deal obligations the country to limit its nuclear program in return for the lifting of economic sanctions. salehi suggested that six powers should follow through on their obligations. >> translator: by the day of implementation, the sanctions are totally removed and that life will go back to normal as it was before, and that there is no obstacle whatsoever on the way of our trade and economic relationship. >> salehi says many countries are seeking new business opportunities in iran. he called for investment and cooperation from japan in auto manufacturing, medical equipment, and nuclear power generation. turkish media reports say the country's ruling justice and
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development party known as the akp, is certain to form a single party government after winning a majority in a critical parliamentary election. media reports say the akp won at least 316 seats, well over the majority. prime minister davutoglu gave a victory speech in his home constituency in the central province. >> translator: there are only winners today! and that is our country, our republic! we will make our way into everyone's hearts, whether or not they voted for us. together we will build a new turkey. >> a snap election was called after the akp lost its overall majority in a june poll. the kurdish opposition party
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gained seats, and negotiations for setting up a coalition government broke down. in july, a deadly explosion near the border with syria prompted the government to order military operations against the islamic state group and kurdish militants. the security situation in turkey has become increasingly unstable. bomb attacks last month in the capital ankara left at least 100 people dead. the opposition camp criticized the akp during the election campaign for its failure to carry out effective security measures. there have already been reports of a clash between security forces and kurdish supporters of the opposition in southeastern turkey. nepalese police have tried to clear a month-long blockade between their country and india. it's created landlocks in nepal. the blockade stopped imports
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from india, disrupting lives and slowing reconstruction from april's deadly earthquake. nepalese police clashed with protesters on the border point early on monday morning. over 200 stranded trucks subsequently poured into the town of raxaul in the indian state of bihar. >> translator: we were stranded in nepal for ages. now that i am back in india, i am very happy. i will meet my family. i was delighted when i heard the border was reopened today. >> but the police action has failed to clear trucks entering nepal from india. they fiercely opposed a new constitution proclaimed in september. they say it divides traditional madeshi land in some provinces. the blockade has sent prices of gasoline, tomatoes and onions soaring in the nepalese capital kathmandu. most of those items come from india. many nepalese suspect india is behind the blockade. madeshis are ethnically and culturally close to india. india denies those claims. the dispute has soured ties. on thursday, china said it would
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supply nepal with emergency fuel aid. china and india are rival nations divided by the himalayans. the madeshi blockade is affecting ties between the two countries. nepal abolished its longstanding monarchy and became a republic in 2008 after civil war. a new constitution was proclaimed in september. that triggered hope that reconstruction from the quake would pick up, but the protests and blockade have frustrated those hopes. a japanese business group has asked the chinese government to intervene to cut back steel production. they say chinese overproduction is causing a collapse in global steel prices. representatives of the japan/china economic association met with officials in beijing in charge of industrial policy. the head of the deletion, shoji minute yoka, offered to
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restructuring the business to help japanese companies scale back their facilities. the chinese officials said they're increasing their effort to lower production. premier lee cue chang says the economy needs growth of 6.5% over the next five years. the xinhua news agency says li made the remark in a speech in seoul on sunday. he said that level of growth would help achieve what he described as moderate social prosperity in china by the year 2020. analysts say the new target is likely to be reflected in the country's next five-year economic plan. chinese communist party leaders gathered last week to discuss the plan. they issued a communique, saying they'll try to maintain medium to high economic growth, but no target was mentioned. nissan motors is posting record profits in the first six months for fiscal 2015 due to brisk sales overseas and the
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weaker yen. company officials said global sales from the april through september period brought in about $49 billion. that's up more than 15% in yen terms from last year. net income for the half year rose 37% to $2.7 billion. nissan expects net income for the fiscal year through march to rise about 10% higher than its previous projection to $4.4 billion. now, officials with nissan say they suspect a takata airbag caused the injury of a passenger in one of their vehicles last week. they say the air bag ruptured when the nissan suv ran into t back of a truck in shizuoka prefecture. they suspect the passenger sitting next to the driver was hit by air bag fragments. they said the woman was injured in the head and arm and that pieces of metal were scattered inside the vehicle. the automakehad recalled the
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suv model in may. takata says it is investigating the incident. japanese researchers say they've come up with a way to reproduce fish from frozen specimen. they say the method could one day help protect endangered species. scientists at tokyo university of marine science and technology say they found living stem cells from rainbow trout that had been kept frozen for three years. ey transplanted the cells into another kind of trout d grew them to develop eggs and sperm and they succeeded in producing offspring of the original rainbow trout. the results of earlier studies had suggested that fron fi gs lose their reproducve ability. goro yoshitaki led the research team. he says the method could allow scientists to create a time capsule of genetic resources.
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>> translator: i want to open up the time capsule and release the fish if the environment becomes more inhabitable for them in the future. >> the researchers hope to use the method first to preserve a rare type of salmon found in a lake near tokyo. the first pro wrestling group in singapore is winning new fans, thanks to its young fiters and cheeky style. the athletes have the muscles and the uniforms to look the part, but nhk world went to investigate if they're ready to compete in the big leagues. >> reporter: half sport, half show. singapore's first pro wrestling organization holds matches every two months. since it was established three years ago, pro wrestling here
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has attracted many fans, including youngsters who love its upstart wrestlers and funny shows. >> i feel kind of, like, really good when i watch it, you know. >> some high-flying moves that make the match more interesting. >> reporter: the wrestlers train at this building. the group has 20 members, including one female. some work, others are students, but everyone makes time for training. each session lasts three hours with ten kinds of muscle training and simulated matches. the wrestlers learn important skills and also how to put on a good show. coach and wrestler andrew tung
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is the founder of singapore pro wrestling. he watched american editions on tv when he was a kid and took up wrestling himself when he was 20. >> translator: it's really costly to fly to america, to japan, you know, to train. to stay there. but right now, this is a training facility here. i think it's a good way for them to actually just live their dream. >> reporter: at first, andruew struggled to find not only wrestlers, but also people to watch them. to introduce unfamiliar singaporeans to the world of pro wrestling, the group handed out fliers at train stations and street corners. >> what's this? >> singapore pro wrestling. singapore pro wrestling. bring your friends, guys.
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bring your friends. >> reporter: the media began to take note, and attendance grew. the matches now turn a small profit. tickets for a friendly meet against a group from thailand were sold out. the venue was packed with more than 500 people. singapore's first wrestler to enter the ring is called mighty mighty, and he's well liked for his cheerful character. in the fierce attack, he responds with an impressive slam dunk. in the finale, andruew plays the role of the bad guy. [ booing ] >> reporter: he showed us a succession of techniques and cornered his opponent. but in the end, the bad guy, andruew, gets what he deserves.
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>> we've got english, we've got indian, a lot of language mixed up, and that's singapore. >> we want to be one of the leading brands in pro wrestling around the world. >> reporter: with the popularity of pro wrestling in the ups in singapore, these fighters are starting to look at an even bigger stage. pro wrestling pan asia. nhk world, singapore. >> we'll see how the drama unfolds. it's time now to get a check of the weather with meteorologist robert speta. robert, good morning. a powerful cyclonic storm is impacting yemen. you talked about this yesterday. the situation seems quite serious. what's the latest? >> yes, this is a very serious storm system, and already a deadly storm system. actually, on the island of sokatra, part of yemen to the southeast. at least three casualties have been reported out of here after that storm blew by here on your monday.
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and it just pushed that outer eye wall right over the head of the island. now this is coming on shore just towards the southwest of al mukalla, and this is going to be devastating mainly because of the rainfall. very rare to have a cyclone make landfall this far west there, the gulf of aden. definitely, this is a rare satellite picture. wind speeds right now 157 kilometers per hour sustained, but really, the biggest issue with this is going to be the rain. i actually want to show you this graphic. this is the annual rain totals across this area here. and you will typically see for the entire year about 50 to 100 millimeters of total precipitation along these coastal areas. and also, i do want to mention, this is very mountainous. it's flat near the immediate coast, but then you have mountains a little farther inland, and that is going to be squeezing out this moisture. so, in some areas, you could see two to three years' of rainfall over the next 24 hours.
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already, there's been reports of upwards of 200 millimeters of precipitation already occurring. so, this is definitely going to be an ongoing story. and i do hope that everyone out ahead of this has made proper preparations. but i do want to also mention, just to exasperate the situation, this area of the world, there's lots of conflicts going on. already humanitarian aid is in this area helping out with that, and this is just going to be exasperating that situation. winds right now are expected gusts up to 220 kilometers per hour. i also want to mention high waves. this is a very busy traffic area for world commerce, going through the gulf of aden heading towards the red sea here, and you're going to be seeing about 9-meter-high waves. so, also another very severe impact coming out of this storm system. definitely going to keep you updated on this over the coming days with that rainfall that's going to continue to come down. talking about flooding rains also, we haven't seen severe flooding over in the southeastern u.s., specifically
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around georgia into the carolinas, also some strong storms here into the florida panhandle with a tornado reported out of here and also tornado watches still in effect back there towards the northeast. that's eventually going to taper off and pull farther eastwards, though. back towards the west, warmer weather setting into the central plains, but i want to mention this dip in the jet stream with areas of low pressure coming in, into the western u.s. that has brought some of the first snowfall for a lot of you out here, and this is some photos out of reno, nevada. take a look at that. typically, when you think of reno, you're thinking of desert, but this in some of the higher elevations around the city. you had some widespread traffic accidents, a lot of people still trying to remember how to drive in the snowfall here. you typically see that with some of the first snow events of the season. and still some more of the white stuff is going to be coming down, some additional 40 to 45 centimeters of snow accumulation with this in a lot of the higher elevations. but i want to note, as i mentioned, look at the warmer temperatures, about ten degrees above average. here into eastern asia, things are drying up quite significantly in northeast asia.
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high pressure is dominating. unfortunately, that is making for some stagnant air, so you do want to watch out for the air pollution there in northeastern china. but let's look at your temperatures to wrap up here. tokyo at 21. partly cloudy skies. ulan bator, some snowfall for you on your tuesday. here's your extended outlook.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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