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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 20, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PST

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"newsline," it's friday november 209d, i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the suspected mastermind of last week's terror attacks in pair sis believed to have attempted four other plots there since march. each of those failed. prosecutors kchd that omar abdel-rahman died in a major police operation on wednesday. the french interior minister admitted that authorities believed omar abdel-rahman was still in syria and they were unaware of his movements. >> in the past, he planned to carry out attacks using terrorists in europe by instructing them from overseas. he educated them on how to use
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arms and supplied weapons. >> the minister said no european nation told france about his return and it was only on monday that moroccan authorities flagged he had been in greece. casse move says france plans to look into the attacks. there is a meeting of interior ministers on friday. they will discuss measures to deal with terrorism. including information sharing. omar abdel-rahman had been on authorities radar for some time. nhk explains. >> reporter: omar abdel-rahman belongs to a syrian group n. july, he was sentences to 20 years in prison for recruiting fighters for militants. omar abdel-rahman is suspected of being involved in other slayer operations in the past. in january of this year, belgian police raided a group suspected plotting major attacks on
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student in a belgian town. this magazine published an interview with omar abdel-rahman in february. he told the magazine he and his group had successfully established a safe house in belgium but that it was raided by police in january. the interview ims seems to have been conducted in syria sometime between mid january and february. he said he had gathered a kache of weapons in belgium to plan attacks in europe. a french prosecutor revealed new facts about last week's attacking terrorist. he said nine terrorists had mounted the attack at six locations. that means at least two suspects are still at large in addition to the seven shot dead or who blue themselves up. one is wanted by belgian authorities. french police are tracking them say they hold key information that can reveal an overall picture of the attacks. the police also found a mobile
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phone that had transmitted the text message "let's get started" around the time of the attack on the concert hall. those men came from modelen beak a down to the west of brussels. omar abdel-rahman's family used to run a clothing shop in the town's center. locals said the shop was shut down about two years ago. a man who knew him said he could not believe he was the one behind the attacks. >> translator: he was just like any other young boy, nothing unusual in appearance. >> reporter: supreme court is still tight on the streets of paris. eliminations have not begun. antiterrorist operation also continue for several days. the french government is putting all its effort into the fight against terrorist. nhk world. the group reportedly planned
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to launch attacks during the g 20 sum it in turkey where world leaders gathered earlier this week. turkish media reported on thursday that the militant group planned to carry out suicide bombings at the hotels where the leaders were staying and sight-seeing facilities in the city. during the sum it is, 13,000 police were mobilized from around the country. in ten, no terrorist attacks occurred around the meeting venue. turksy cracking down on members of the islamic state group and its supporters. canada's prime minister has told the u.s. president he will pull canada's warplanes out of the u.s.-led coalition's air seine campaign against the islamic state group. trudeau made the remark when he met with barack obama on the sideline of the apox pok forum. trudeau said canada will still help in the fight against islamic militants but not with air strikes into we'll continue to work with our partners to
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ensure that we are doing what we can, including militarily to degrade and defeat isil over the long haul. >> canada's former government had sent six fighter jets to syria and iraq to take part of the air strikes but trudeau pledged during the recent election campaign to bring them home. obama said he discussed with peru trudeau how they will cooperate in operations against the extremist group. members of japan's ruling party will be sitting down to work out major tax reforms. what are the officials focusing on? >> corporate tax is a major focus. the prime minister shinzo abe he wants to cut the corporate tax rates from the current 32% to somewhere below 30% as soon as possible. the question is, how big the cut will be. the liberal democratic party starts the first of a series of tax meetings friday.
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effect for the 2016 fiscal year. the government has already agreed to shave the corporate tax rate by .78% for next fiscal year. but abe wants a bigger cut. he believes that will help achieve his target of boosting japan's annual gross domestic product by about $5 trillion. it is currently around 500 trl yen. some say giving a break to companies would encourage them to keep more of their earnings dulling any stimulus effect. criticism is about the consumption tax that is expected to be raised from 8% to 11 in 2015. nhk learned the finance minister wants caps on social security spending in the draft buckets for fiscal 2016. the call comes after ministries
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and agencies made their largest budget request on record. the costs of medical, elderly care, and other forms of social security are a big focus in work to draw up the budgets. the costs are ballooning as japan's population ages rapidly. welfare ministry has requested an increase of 670 billion yen. that's about $5.5 billion to cover its social security costs. but the panel plans to recommend the increase be shaved to under 500 billion yen, about $4 billion. the panel says the problem is compounded because while social security cost continue to rise revenues from taxes and health insurance premium payments remain low. it calls for further reform on government spending. the panel also said the number of teachers in public, elementary, and middle schools can be shaved by 37,000 over the next nine years. it says the cuts won't affect measures to deal with bullying and students known as shut ins
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and that smaller classes can still be maintained. the panel will submit these proposals to the finance minister next week. nhk learned a japanese fund is likely to buy a stake in a u.s. company promoting high-speed rail. the fund is sponsored by japan's government and private firms. observers say the planned investment of millions of dollars is a step forward for japan's rail industry as global competition intensifies. the rail line would connect dallas and houston by 2021 and would cost an estimated $12 billion. the two cities in the southern u.s. are around 400 kilometers apart. the japanese government and private firms have been calling on the u.s. side to pick the rail system used by the one by central japan railway company. it's the oldest high-speed rail line in japan.
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the investment money will be used to serve a possible route as well as buy land. we are going to get a check on markets. tokyo share prices lower this morning ahead of a three-day holiday weekend here in japan. the benchmark nikkei trading lower, .4 of a percent. and trading below 19800. the yen has gone up against the dollar. the index is coming off from a three-mont high we saw yesterday. but could still end the week in the positive. all right, let's take a look at currencies. profit taking on the dollar's recent rise. keeps pushing the currency down to below the 123 yen level. on thursday, the greenback was down .6% against the yen. the pair are now trading right before 123. now, the dollar also fell slightly against the euro. analysts say traders have priced in a u.s. rate hike for dpees and are looking beyond 2015 to adjust their positions. the single currency trading at
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$1.07. take a look at other markets across the asia pacific. and we are seeing a slightly positive picture for both australian shares and south korean shares. we will a see where trading take us throughout the day. now, a major theme at that time apec meeting in manila was the trans-pacific partnership. the tpp would remove tariffs between member countries and create new opportunities for business. companies and governments across asia already are witnessing some effects from the tpp even though the free trade deal has yet to come into force. nhk world reports from hong kong. >> reporter: wong in southern china helped build the reputation as the factory of the world t. the city was once home of manufacturers and garment factories. many firms are now pulling out.
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a major hong kong based clothing manufacturer operates this factory. it produces shirts and other items for upscale u.s. and euro peep brands. about 1600 people are working here. but the company made a decision to shut down the factory next year. the garment maker has decided to shut down one of its two production bases in the city. some assembly lines are already being dismantled. in the meantime, company is increasing its investment in vietnam a member of the tpp. a new factory there will be completed next month. the company plans to employ 5,000 workers in the factory, and more than double production in vietnam.
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li is the company's ceo. he says the tpp was an added bonus for his investment plan in vietnam. 80% of his firm's products are exported to the united states. he says the u.s. imposes a nearly 20% tariff on those items. but tariffs on goods made in vietnam will be scrapped once the tpp goes into effect. >> for tpp when they plan to investment further in vietnam, we knew they were negotiating the tpp. i think customers will be happy to move the production to vietnam. >> reporter: the company currently uses chinese textiles in garments it exports to the u.s. but under the tpp tariffs will remain in place on apparel made from textiles manufactured in nonmember countries such as china.
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so li has decided to source more textiles from malaysia, which has signed onto the free trade pact. he also plans to build a textile factory in vietnam so that he can contemplate the full range of operations from procurement through production and shipment within the tpp zone. his lab since labor costs in vietnam are less than half those in china, li thinks more will follow his example. >> it will change because more and more people will see business opportunities to set up textile mills, thread factories in tpp countries. and i think that that will continue to happen. >> reporter: officials in hong kong say the impact of the tpp is spreading to other industries as well.
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>> garment industries are looking for the -- offered by the tpp. definitely is one behind it. footwear the same, garments the same. other than these two, we are also aware some electronic. >> reporter: as the wall falls, it will create fresh opportunities for member countries and the companies that operate there as well as leave china with places that are left behind. nhk world, hong kong. >> that's the latest in business news. i'll leave with you a check on markets.
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japanese prime minister and u.s. president obama stepped out the apec summit and straight into a onan one. they spoke about relations between the two countries and japan's recent change to its self-defense forces. >> the united states/japanese is one of the link to our security as well as japan he is. i want to congratulations prime minister abe on his recent legislation related to bolstering japanese defense capabilities. and it will give us a chance to talk about a wide range of threats both regionally and internationally. >> obama says he sees the summit
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this month between japan, china and south korea as extremely significant. the two leaders discussed the ongoing territorial disputes in the south china sea. the united states earlier sent a naval vessel by an artificial island built by china to show it doesn't recognize complain had claimed it. obama indicated it will become a routine mission. abe highlighted the alliance in fostering peace and prosperity. >> translator: i want to use the talks as a prolog to new corporation with a strong alliance between japan and the united states. it will bring a greater contrick to the peace, stability, and prosperity of the asia pacific region and international communities. >> the two also discussed last week's terrorist attacks in paris and agreed to cofreight in operations against terrorism.
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malaysian authorities are tightening security in kuala lumpur for the annual aseanan summit meetings. authorities deployed extra security personnel before the leaders started a rugby for the weekend summit. and some roads in the capital were closed off on thursday. security issues will be high on the agenda in the wake of the paris attacks. in addition to regional leaders, japanese prime minister abe and u.s. president obama will attend the meetings. chinese premier lee cuchan also will be there. they will discuss the south china sea including freedom of navigation and the rule of law. myanmar's lower house speaker is promisi promising aung san sue quooe he will cooperate.
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aung won an outright majorities in the november 8th election. she sent messages to the president, the speaker and the leader of the military asking for meetings on ensuring a smooth transition of political power. no dates have been set for her meetings with the president and senior general. a spokesperson for the president told local media it's because the election commission is still accepting complaints about violations. south korean prosecutors have indicted a university professor on charges of lie bell over a book she wrote on those referred to as comfort women. the university professor park uha published the book titled comfort women of the empire, in 2013. in the peculiar park says japan's colognial rule of the korean peninsula is to blame for the tragedy of the women. but she also writes many such women were taken to so-called comfort stations by middle men.
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park argues that admission in south korea that 200,000 young women were forcibly taken by japan's military does not represent the overall picture n. june last year nine former comfort women filed a lawsuit against park. she said she published falsehood, distorted public understanding and defamed them. prosecutors indicted park without detaining her. they said for maintaining order, freedom of speech and academic freedom should be restricted. they stated park encroached on the dignity and the honor of the victims with falsehoods. park contended she wrote the book based on objective facts with no intention to defame the women. she said prosecutors unfairly indicted her without thoroughly examining the lawsuit which she claims is based on incorrect understanding of her book. japanese style wrestlers are throwing their weight around in the second and final week of the
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grand sumo tournament. our play by play commentator fakes us ringside. >> the usual suspects are again living up to our high expectations. most notable is the grand champion. he is undefeated and the seoul leader heading into day 12. he has done head and shoulders above everyone so far. it's obvious he plans to stay that way and walk off with the champion. he is a challenge on day 12. they go toe to toe. they switched into high gear. he stayed perfect, with 12 wins. the rekey she who is hungry to
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win the championship this tight. it has been two years since he last took some the emperor's cup. his only loss took place on day 2. after that loss he bounced back with nine consecutive victories. his latest challenger wants to snap that winning streak. he is 11-1. one ri kik kirby is making a powerful statement in his hometown. rank and filar has been fighting aggressively and overwhelming his opponent. he has owned just two losses. he was the winner over the second year division. returned to the top division by maintaining his momentum. fiercely attacks. he took him to the edge and got him in the right hand outside grip. he flexed his muscles and slams
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the opponent. goes to 10-2 and stays in contention. now here are the current standings after 12 days. the picture at the top remains the same. the mongolian is still in seoul possession of the lead with a spotless record. his countrymen and fellow is right behind with just one loss. rank and filar is clearly in the rearview mirror with an impressive 10-2 record. and that's the wrap for day 12. now on day 13 the two contenders fight against each other. this contest will have huge implications toward the outcome of the november tournament. when i come back next week, we'll sum up how it all played out in the final three days. see you seen in a lot of
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excitement. our sumo expert. it's time with a check of the weather with our meteorologist. many team in the united states are getting ready for the thanksgiving break next week. but it seems there may be some travel disruption robert. >> yes. what we are looking at across much of the central u.s. actually heading into the end of the weekend is some widespread snowfall. the first snowfall of the year. and let's get right into this. and really, what's kicking this off is our storm system. we've been talking about all week. remember it brought the snow across parts of colorado earlier. nrns the plains, flooding across southeastern parts of the u.s. now that is moving away. but it's drawing in all this cold air from northern canada. it's what we called cold air invex. that is just a transplant of that cooler air mass. what that's going to be doing is dominating the forecast across the great lakes regions. but all this ties together because look back towards the
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west. we have this storm system which has been bringing problems across the northwest. several kaurnlts casualties have been reported. flooding in northern seattle. 20 centimeters of snowfall is expected across parts of the wrongese. as this moves towards the east watch this develop one more time. watch this develop coming into the great lakes region on saturday and sunday. many travelers may be heading out for an early thanksgiving. chicago and toronto -- these are big ashts. we are expecting delays and cancellations throughout the week. some areas could see 20 centimeters of snowfall. it's also going to be chilly. winnipeg with a high of minus 5 on friday. chicago just as 7. toronto at 4. for now along the eastern sea boards warmer temperatures. new york with a high of 14. once that weren't really gets out there and that cold air
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moves through all that is moving towards the east. let's look at the other side of the world. enough about snow right now. let's talk about the tropics where we are watching our 17th now typhoon of 2015 here in the western pacific. this one is tracking off towards the west. if you are in gam, you are probably watching this one very closely. tropical storm watches in effect at this time. by saturday morning you will be looking at winds around 60 to 70 kilometers per hour. blustery. another issue is going to be the waves along the southeastern coatline. worst conditions will be saturday. conditions slowly improve through sunday. stay indoors. don't want to have outdoor plans this coming weekend. let's talk about this storm. it is tea 17th named typhoon of 2015. on average we typically get 14. actually named storms are right at the average and this year we have been looking at very strong ones. this is another key thing. we have been talking about these
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storms a lot. this is the first time in recorded history we have had a typhoon every month from january to november. and if we have one in december it will be the first time as well. pretty incredible. one of the main reasons for this is el nino. it's been absolutely potent in helping the storms form up towards the south. back to the cold weather in the north. across japan clear skies for now. for the most part, clouds in and out here. temperatures will be cooling off this week. specifically across hokkaido. so snowfall. towards the west a new low is forming. beijing will see as much as 5 to 15 10 centimeters sbog into saturday and sunday. i'll leave you now with your extended outlook.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.
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>> on this edition of "native report," we meet artist dyani white hawk polk and learn about the traditional lakota and modern influences in her art, we visit the eastern band of cherokee to see how their fisheries resource is managed, and we attend the american indians studies summer institute of the wisconsin department of public instruction. stay tuned for all of this and a word from our elders today on "native report." >> production of "native report" is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community and the blandin foundation.


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