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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 24, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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welcome to "newsline." it is wednesday, november 25th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. french tensions are rising in one of the most watched conflict zones. turkish military officials say a russian war in plane violated their air space. russia's president is warning of consequences. military officials say one of two pilots was killed by gun fire from the ground and a member of the helicopter crew was also killed during an operation to rescue them. russian president said there would be serious consequences for moscow's relations. >> translator: today's loss for us was a stab in the back from terrorist accomplices.
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>> foreign minister has cancelled a trip to turkey and urged other russians to refrain from traveling to the country turkish president defended the shooting. he argued the russian pilots ignored warnings and stayed in turkish air space and criticized russia for conducting air strikes near the border. he said the areas in question are inhabited by people who have nothing to do with islamic state militants. the american and french presidents are urging russia and turkey to avoid any escalation of the situation. the two leaders met in washington on tuesday. after the meeting they cautioned against further conflict. >> turkey like every country has a right to defend the territory and air space. i think that it's very important right now for us to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other and find out what exactly happened, and take measures to
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discourage any kind of escalation. >> obama said this russia is only claiming to defeat in syria. instead it's attacking the moderate opposition to the defend the syrian government of president bashar al assad. hollande said it is serious and regrettable. >> translator: we must prevent an escalation. that would be extremely damaging. what should unite us is fighting against terrorism and the islamic state. >> hollande plans to visit moscow on thursday to meet russian president putin. the european commission is offering financial aid to turkey to help curb the massive flow of asylum seekers. the package will total $3.2 billion. nearly 900,000 people have arrived in europe from syria and other countries this year with
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turkey serving as the main gateway. many head into europe because the turkish government did not provide sufficient support and there is no sign the flow of refugees will end any time soon. to tackle the issue eu and turkey agreed on coordinated efforts to deal with the refugee crisis. eu member nations are becoming reluctant to accept asylum seekers especially after the paris attacks. member nations and turkey are planning to hold a summit on sunday to discuss ways to deepen their cooperation on the refugee crisis. a car bomb exploded in a hotel on tuesday killing five people and injuring at least 12 others. an affiliate of islamic state group claimed responsibility for the bombing. militants attacked the hotel in the city. they fired at guests and some had detonated explosives
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attached to their bodies. a prosecutor and judge were among the dead. judges had been staying at the hotel to monitor monday's parliamentary election. the group that claimed responsibility for the attack released an online statement saying it targeted the judges and carried out similar attacks against egyptian military and police and claims it was responsible for downing a russian passenger jet last month that killed 224. ongoing claims in the south china sea were a key issue in east asia summit. a closing statement released tuesday affirms the importance of cooperation in maritime safety. the cooperation between the countries may be hard to come by. a senior commentator has analysis on the issue. he spoke with thomas berger, an expert on international relations at boston university.
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>> hello. the u.s. and japan brought up the south china sea issue. how was that received at the summit, do you think? >> overall i think that the reception in southeast asia was quite positive with some exception. obviously china was not that happy with the issue being raised. china has been insisting that this is an issue that needs to be resolved by china and different countries which have a dispute with china. on a bilateral, country to country basis. and the reason china wants to do this, we think, is because it would like to pursue what is known as a divide and conquer strategy by negotiating with individual countries separately. it is in a stronger position, a dominant party. and hopes to be able to get a solution to the issues which favors its interests. >> and professor china seems to
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have warned some asian countries to its side. do you think there is risk among related countries? >> some countries like cambodia, laos are economically dependent on china and their governments have been very close to beijing. thailand recently is increasingly moving in that kind of direction. other countries have territorial disputes with china. and they are there for very eager to have outside support. >> professor, china is also constructing platforms for oil drilling in an area where demarcation is contested in the east china sea. chinese ships are entering the waters. concern that being passive about what is going on might encourage china in the east china sea. what do you think? >> well, i think the chinese --
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this is really a reflection of the same syndrome. i don't think that how japan reacts to the south china sea will effect the east china sea's that much. what is more important, i think, in this context is how japan's role or position on the south china sea is going to effect its relationship with the united states. the united states has decided to take a strong stance on china's maritime claims both in the east china sea and the south china sea. in order to do that we need strong allies. the strongest ally in the region for us is japan. it is very important for japan to support us. >> i wanted a perspective on the south china sea issue. >> the economic problems china has been phasing makes it more important for china to maintain friendly relations with its
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neighbors than ever before. china needs investment from japan, from the united states and from other regions of the world. allowing these kinds of disputes to get out of control would not be in china's interest especially given the fact that china is still military far behind the united states. however, at the same time it is very clear that on a political level china is deeply committed to not giving up these issues. i'm afraid we are headed for a long and difficult period where these kinds of disputes both in the east china sea and south china sea will remain problems that the community will have to deal with. >> thank you very much professor berger. >> senior commentator speaking to thomas berger, an expert on international relations at boston university.
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japanese officials are trying to jump start the economy and some want to start bottom up with the minimum wage. what is the plan here? minimum wage average is a little less than 800 yen working out to $6.50 an hour. prime minister shinzo abe wants the bottom line raised by about 3% a year. >> translator: the minimum wage would have to be in line with the goal of expanding japan's nominal gdp to 600 trillion yen by around 2020. >> abe was speaking at a meeting of the council on economic and fiscal policy and says the minimum wage needs to be raised to 1,000 yen or $8. abe instructed ministers to come up with measures to raise the pay of workers earning minimum wages. he asked businesses to be fair
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in their pricing of goods they trade among themselves. economic revitalization minister to achieve the gdp target including paving the way for lowering corporate tax rate to somewhere below 30%. let's check in on markets. tokyo share prices lower as events in the middle east dampened risk appetite. nikkei managing to stay up above 19,800. the downing of the russian jet fuelled tensions in the region that drilled up oil prices. global geopolitical concerns are also spilling over to the currency market where the dollar is losing a bit of ground. traders are shifting to the safe haven yen. the dollar/yen trading at
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122.42-45. the euro got a lift. it hit the highest level in more than a year. the euro currently trading at 1.0649-0650. let's take a look at other markets across the asia pacific. sydney shares down. the kospi is lower after hitting a more than two-week high yesterday. japan's economy minister has expressed his intention to promote economic cooperation with indonesia to improve the southeast asian country's investment environment. he met in jakarta on tuesday and met coordinating minister for economic affairs. he welcomed indonesia's willingness to join the trans pacific partnership free trade pack and said it would contribute greatly to the stability and prosperity of the region.
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he proposed bilateral cooperation including improvement of port infrastructure in indonesia, bigger ports are needed to meet the country's economic growth. the japanese government hopes to improve bilateral relations after indonesia awarded a high speed railway project to china japan contested in the bid to win the contract. officials at a scandal hit construction company in japan have disclosed further details of data fabrication. a probe shows data on pilings was faked in more the praurojects handled. they detected data fabrication at 360 projects involving nearly 2,400 individual piles. 61 people were involved, most
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employed by subcontractors. they say they have found no apparent structural problems except for a tilting condomin m condominium. the land ministry ordered the company to ensure the buildings are safe a recent survey suggests many young singles want to get married but are having difficulty finding that special someone so more and more businesses are coming up with ideas to find them the perfect match. nhk world has more. >> reporter: this party may seem like a typical get together for young people, but not everyone is allowed to attend. each person must sign a pledge that says they aren't married. a match making company organized the event.
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company officials know some singles don't want to seem like they are desperate to find a partner so they have shared interests like japanese sake. >> i know people who went to events like this and met someone special, even a life partner. >> translator: i can't meet many people at work so it is really exciting to meet single men with different careers. >> reporter: the party drew a total of 250 people and about 20 of them were able to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. >> translator: many people these days don't like to give the impression they are so serious about finding a partner so these parties can help satisfy the needs of the younger generation. >> reporter: the population of a wedding magazine is taking a different approach to match making. it began an online dating system.
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the unique point of the service is this web page. users complete a survey with 18 questions like what they enjoy doing during their down time. the system uses an algorithm to find the most suitable matches and then it suggests four potential partners each day. when clients choose a profile the system adjusts the algorithm to better select future candidates. >> translator: we don't just consider criteria like age and location, things like sharing similar values are very important. >> reporter: another match maker is trying to stand apart by tailoring its services to individual customers. these two people look like they are on a date, but their relationship is of a different kind.
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the woman is match maker and the man is her client. she will not only introduce him to potential partners, she will give him tips on how to carry out a relationship. >> translator: now, let's enjoy the meal. don't just concentrate on eating. >> reporter: the client usually eats alone at work so he is not used to enjoying a pleasant meal with a woman. >> translator: it's really nice to have a professional give me advice because she knows things that a lot of men don't know. >> reporter: she works with clients until they find the exact person they are looking
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for. she gets a contingency fee when one of them gets married. >> translator: many men aren't so smooth the first time they meet someone. the goal of the lesson is to make potential partners want to see them again. >> reporter: with more japanese people thinking they have to find a life partner the business relationship is getting serious. nhk world, tokyo. >> and more for you in business next hour. here is a check on markets.
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a food theme closed the doors. thousands flocked to join traditional cuisine and one chef is hoping the success he had showcasing his favorite crop will translate to a boost back home. nhk reports. >> editors and critics prepare the palate for a tasting event. the menu included --
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>> the taste is very clean, but long. >> tsuruoka is accustomed to compliments such as this mpt the city faces the sea of japan and has an abundance of fertile soil which is a recipe for large sea food and fresh produce. however, it's barely on the map for international tourists. only about 4,000 came in a year. the city sees food as a way of enhancing it's reputation. that's how it's participation evolved. >> translator: we want to try to attract overseas tourist by presenting the food at the thing. -- by presenting our region's cuisine at the expo. >> he is a chief who specializes in italian cuisine.
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>> translator: i prepare the food while the ingredients are still fresh. i go to the field each morning. >> reporter: he chose it has the main attraction. the bean captivated for more than 100 years. as a stand up contains the beans and it has only two and the flavor is more intense. he compares the aroma and taste to truffles. >> translator: if you take a bite your mindent caprocess the complexity of the taste. so you eat more and more and have addictive and have a charm of their own. >> nearly a quarter of a million people visited the expo on a busy day.
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the theme was food around the world. >> italy is the second largest city and a custom to the highest order, so he knew that he had the do something special to make an impression. he came up with a rizzoto using beans flown in from japan and flavored. the aroma had visitors and he kept on cooking trying to keep up with the demand. >> translator: i can't think of anything as good as this. >> translator: now that i have eaten it i'm interested in
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visiting. >> reporter: the popularity exceeded his expectations. >> translator: i want to amaze people with the powerful taste, and i hope to encourage tourism here as well as the rest of japan. >> reporter: if it works he gives the credit to the simple green together they have caused interest in the city and the culture to grow. nhk world. it is time now for a check of the weather with our meteorologist robert speta. it is a cold morning in tokyo and the skies are looking pretty gray. what's going on? >> let's start off here in japan because what we have going on at this time it is cloud cover over most of the country. you can see it on the satellite
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picture. we have one area of low pressure towards the east. i know during early morning hours things cleared up for a little bit here on wednesday. we have another coming in from the west bringing another round of widespread precipitation. already in the overnight hours. i know a lot of people are bundling up. it is rather chilly. we had snowfall across parts of central japan. 48 centimeters came down in just a 24-hour period across this region. i want to make note on the satellite picture you see areas in the cloud cover moving from the northwest towards the southeast. that is our sea effect snow. one of the big snow makers. when you get the cold air coming in out of siberia it moves across the sea of japan and picks up moisture and dumps it on the japanese alps extending. one thing i want to know often we do have dry conditions there
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into tokyo. not this time. we are looking at this area of low pressure coming in from the southwest. that will bring widespread precipitation across the pacific side of japan, as well. in tokyo right now it is cloudy but into the afternoon and evening hours expect showers to kick in and last towards thursday morning. towards the west another area bringing showers across and high pressure dominating northern china and that is making things absolutely chilly. beijing a high of minus 1. mong mongolia, minus 16 for the high here on your wednesday. let's look over towards europe now. the dominating factor here is this area of low pressure in the north sea just off the northern coast of the british aisles. this is brings fairly gusty winds. iceland 126 kilometer per hour
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wind gusts. some areas higher than that. this is dipping towards the south. snowfall expected across the alps, as well. 10 centimeters expected on top of what you have been getting. the big topic is the severe weather maker out of italy towards the balkin peninsula. we had thunderstorms flare up and actually some reports of ten centimeter in diameter hail out of this. absolutely horrific weather. you have a thunderstorm in the forecast for those of you into athens. to the north things are on the cold side. warsaw a high of 2. moscow minus 2. let's wrap things up here into north america. really the big topic out here is how is the weather going to be for traveling this week? busiest travel weeks of the year here across the u.s. we are looking at this foul weather maker pushing through
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out of the rockies bringing snowfall there for you. by wednesday into thursday that is the dominating factor across central plains. i will leave you now with your extended outlook.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.
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