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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 25, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline". it's thursday, november 26th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. russia is continuing to hammer turkey. one of the pilots was shot dead by insurgents in the area. russia insists it did not violate turkey's air space. after being rescued the pilot was interviewed by russian media. he insists his war plane did not violate turkish air space for even a second. >> translator: visibility was
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good. we were sure about where we were. and there were no warnings from the turkish military. >> the pilot denied turkey's allegation that it issued ten warnings. the turkish military released what it says is an audio recording of the warnings. >> russian foreign minister sergey lavrov said that the foreign minister expressed condolences in their talks by telephone. lavrov accused him of trying to justify the downing of the russian plane. he said he refused to meet with him. in moscow about 400 protesters gathered in front of the turkish embassy. within banner read the turkey -- another said it's wrong for anyone to stab russia in the back. some protesters splashed paint on the building and hurled eggs and stones.
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insurgents claiming to be linked to the islamic state militant group said they were behind an attack. it said one member detonated an explosive belt. 12 people were killed and more than ten others wounded. militants have been active in the north african country since the autocratic government collapsed in the arab spring uprising. the government has been struggling against a wave of high profile terror attacks. in march killing more than 20 people. in june a gunman went on a shooting rpage at a beach resort. nearly 40 people died. the latest attack after authorities started increasing their crack down. japanese coast guard officials and police are probing a disturbing discovery.
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over the past two months 11 wooden boats have been found along the northwest coast carrying the bodies of 25 crew members. officials believe the ships originated from the korean peninsula. a vessel was towed ashore tuesday. authorities found seven bodies inside. they discovered cigarette packs and plastic bottles with korean labels. three wooden ships were towed ashore. ten men were found inside. they were fed on board. fishing nets and hooks were discovered. authorities said korean lettering reads korean people's army and say a tattered piece of cloth appears to be the remains of a north korean national flag. tv shows the country's leader inspecting a fishery office. reports saying kim jong-un instructed workers to help
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improve livelihoods by developing the fishing industry. an expert on north korean politics suggests the drifting boats may be evidence of efforts to carry out kim's order. >> translator: under kim jong-un, the country has increased efforts to ensure self-sufficiency. this is one of the reasons why consumption of products has been increasing. >> another expert on maritime affairs says weather conditions might explain why boats from north korea have been washing up on japan's shores. >> translator: those boats are made of wood and are old and heavy. they can't travel very fast. the engines are not powerful enough to turn the ships against the currents. >> he says strong winds have been blowing from siberia to the japanese archipelago since october. a wall at the damaged
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fukushima daiichi is leaning slightly. the operator says it doesn't stop the ability to block contaminated water from seeping into the sea. inspectors say the shift measures 20 centimeters and say pressure from ground water is the cause. utility says workers are reinforcing the wall with steel pillars. they are also repairing the cracks to prevent rain from raising water levels further. the wall stands 30 meters below ground and was finished in late october. japan's supreme court has ruled that a disparity in the value of one vote in last year's lower house election was in a state of unconstitutionality. but the court dismissed the plaintiff's demand to nullify the outcome and urged the diet to reform the election system. two groups of lawyers filed lawsuits around the country demanding the results of last december's election be nullified.
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in the election, a ballot cast in the least populous constituency was worth 2.13 times the value of a vote in the most heavily populated one. the lawyers claim the disparity violated the constitutional principle of voter equality. before reaching the supreme court, the case was heard by high courts and high court branches. none of them nullified the election. one ruling found it to be unconstitutional. 12 said it was held in a state of unconstitutionality, and four said it was constitutional. on wednesday, the highest court's grand bench ruled the disparity was in a state of unconstitutionality. it was the third time in a row the top court judged a lower house vote to be in such a state. the earlier rulings came in 2009 and 2012. last year, the diet set up a panel of experts to consider the issue. the panel will report to the lower house speaker tadamori oshima.
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>> translator: all of us diet members must take this ruling very seriously. we have to work as hard as we can to come up with reforms. >> the panel is expected to submit its findings to oshima as early as the start of next year. chinese leaders started a big sales push for railway. what is happening here in. >> china wants to export railways and sees it as a key industry. there is a lot of competition in the market so china has embarked on a new sales strategy. chinese premiere took central and eastern europen leaders on a ride. the demonstration ride took place after a summit on economic cooperation between china and 16 central and eastern europen
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nations. participants boarded a high speed train emblazoned with their country's flags. the train deported from the city bound for shanghai. he said china is aiming to take part in high speed rail projects. he said he will increase efforts. in september china beat japan in a bid to build a high speed railway in indonesia after agreeing to the government's demands for zero financial burden and security free loans. japan and other countries reached broad agreement on the trans pacific partnership free trade pack. government officials are discussing ways to strengthen financial support for farmers
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trying to produce globally competitive agricultural products. the move came after the government adopted new guidelines on the tpp agreement. they set a numerical target for food related exports of 1 trillion yen, about $8.2 billion. the deadline for achieving the goal has been moved up from the original date of 2020. in this budget government officials plan to include financial support for farmers who adopt high performance machinery to improve work efficiency and plan to support those who shift to cultivation of high value added products. farmers trying to increase production of beef will be recipients of financial aid. in addition the government is expected to support the efforts of so-called farmland which
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borrow plots and rent them out to motivated farmers. the government hopes to use the system to promote large scale cultivation of land. the japan business federation is expected to announce the policy this morning. in the previous session in early november prime minister shinzo abe asked business leaders to cooperate in creating a cycle. chairman plans to set out a policy of asking companies to offer increases in base pay and bonus ss to further increase at the annual wage talks in spring. this policy will be included in the guidelines which will be released in january. business leaders set to pave the way for a third straight year of hikes.
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also expected to respond to the government's call for greater capital investment. he believes that most businesses currently hold an appropriate level of cash and deposits to cover operating expnss but will call for increased investment to improve productivity. let's get a check on markets. tokyo stocks showing strength from the open. the nikkei is coming close to the key 20,000 level. it would be for the first time since august 20. right now the nikkei is trading higher by half a percent 19,955. analysts say many investors are relieved to see european and u.s. stock market gained on wednesday despite recent paris terror attacks. the dollar is trading higher against the yen. many are buying the u.s. currency as durable goods orders in october and last week's jobless claims beat market expectations. analysts say after these data many traders have become more
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confident that the federal reserve will raise the key interest rates in december. let's look at other markets across the asia pacific region. gains on other markets, as well. sydney share prices up. the rapid aging of japan's population is presenting challenges for working people. more and more of them are trying to juggle jobs while caring for sick some are finding ways to accommodate workers needs and keep business running smoothly. >> reporter: she pulls in 10% of the company's sales yet works
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only part time. she was previously a full time employee for nearly 15 years. she quit to take care of her aging mother who has dementia. >> translator: i didn't think it would be possible to take care of my mother and continue working. >> reporter: the manager set up a new employment system to meet her needs. they re-hired her part time three days a week. that allowed her to work while her mother stayed at an elderly care center. she has the rest of the week to look after her mother. she can return to a full-time position with the company in the future. >> translator: i'm very happy i was able to return to work.
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that made it possible to think more positively about my mother's care. >> reporter: this is a confectioner maker near tokyo. it's also adapted to support workers caring for elderly family members. the company introduced a work sharing system called one worker three tasks. each employee is responsible not only for his or her job but also two or more jobstypically done by other employees. in this way even if an employee is absent the company can count on business as usual. manager of the general affairs division. her aging mother has been in and out of hospitals. she sometimes misses work and putting in overtime has become impossible. she has to handle many different tasks. thanks to the work sharing system she is able to focus on
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managerial duties and asks for colleagues to look after other jobs. >> translator: i have to take the day off tomorrow. could you please make sure we received payment? >> reporter: she is able to spend more time taking care of her mother now. >> translator: i only have thanks for my co-workers. they have their own jobs, but they are helping and supporting me. if something happens to them i would do everything i could to help them out, too. >> reporter: for business leaders adopting more flexible approaches to employment and work is a must. sfwl and that is the latest in business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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observers say the events are symbolic since the 2014 military coup. planes performed demonstrations. a chinese officer said the exercises are designed to improve trust.
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>> translator: our countries share an ancient relationship, both militarily and politically. both countries support each other. as we push for peace in the region, both sides will cooperate closely. >> translator: we'll develop our cooperation step by step. we started from the army, navy and now a small unit of the air force. we've started with a small fighter jet operation and will slowly develop from there. >> thailand has been a u.s. ally since the vietnam war, hosting the cobra gold multi-national military exercises for more than 30 years. the u.s. downgraded military relations with thailand following the coup in may last year. the thai interim prime minister who came to power following the coup has been actively seeking stronger ties with china instead.
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japanese gardens are designed for quiet contemplation. it's not hard to lose yourself in their beauty. but we've dug up something a little different. a story about losing the actual garden. it happened in the austrian capital of vienna in the shadow of a glittering palace. nhk world's manuel kaneko reports. >> reporter: schonbrunn palace is a cultural world heritage site. it's considered one of the most magnificent palaces in austria. the home of the hapsburg dynasty and a symbol of their empire. behind the palace is a garden on a majestic scale. hedges, flowers and fountains cover about 160 hectares. but hidden away in one corner is something quite different. rocks, a stream, and the natural stillness.
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the timeless hush of a japanese garden. it had been left abandoned and neglected until 1996 when a japanese woman living in vienna spotted it. delving in the records, researchers found the garden had been laid out in 1913 by austrian gardeners. archduke franz ferdinand was the prince of austria at the time. it's thought he was so impressed by the gardens he visited in japan, he wanted one for his palace. in 1998, two years after the lucky find, austria kept an offer from japan, and the garden was restored to its former glory. now 17 years later, more work needs to be done to repair a range of features, such as the
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bamboo fencing. the garden is overseen by government officials. they invited a specialist from japan to help with the repairs. gardener takuhiro yamada was enlisted to fix the bamboo fences, but the official had a rather unusual request. a metal fence so they asked yamada to give it a japanese feel. >> translator: in japan, we normally wouldn't put a metal frame into a fence. i've been trying to figure out how to connect the metal and the bamboo. >> reporter: yamada came up with a solution. he look large bamboo stalks, split them down the middle and used them to cover the metal screen. antal vizi is in charge of the garden.
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he's been working hard to learn yamada's techniques. >> translator: if it gets broken, i want to be able to repair it myself. ♪ >> reporter: officials at the japanese embassy are also rolling up their sleeves. they held an event to ensure more austrians learn about the hidden jewel in their midst. >> translator: although the garden has a very simple design, it's very attractive. you can sense an inner stillness in this garden. >> translator: this japanese garden is a symbol of the friendship between japan and austria. i hope it will be kept in good condition and grow to become even more beautiful.
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>> reporter: a lost garden has emerged from the shadows. the aim of the restoration work is to ensure its quiet beauty remains in the limelight for many years to come. manuel kaneko, nhk world, vienna. north korea has a plan for a new source of income after struggling. the country funded a museum. nhk learned the facility near the temple complex is set to open. a cambodian government source says the museum will open next friday. the official says the museum features paintings depicting the temple and rulers of the empire which flourished between the ninth and 15th centuries. the source says the $15 entrance fees will go to north korean coffers for the time being. made it about 4 million tourists
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visit each year. the two countries have their own history. the founder of north korea forged and close relationship with the late korean king. it is time for a check of the weather with our meteorologist robert speta. residents along mexico are preparing for stormy weather. >> this is very active tropical season in the eastern pacific. the 26th named storm system of the year and the 11th major hurricane to be had just off the coast line of mexico. an eye really starting to become more defined in the last several frames there. winds right now 185 kilometers per hour sustained pressure down to 967. one thing i want to note this is going to continue to intensify. it should weaken before it comes on shore in baja, california. if it does make landfall as a
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tropical storm the latest landfalling tropical system in mexico in recorded history. why is it so active this year? and one of the big causes is elnonino. what happens with the effect of elin ne el nino. you have the path which you have the cold water. when we get trade winds a little laxed it brings warm water towards the east. that enhances the effects of the tropical system and brings up more major hurricanes. that is why we have record breaking amount of major hurricanes in the eastern pacific. a lot of this does tie together and looks like there is a chance of flooding with the latest storm system. let's look towards europe now where we do have storm pushing through the peninsula and here towards italy. this is bringing reports of
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large hail and the threat of flooding and the chance of severe thunderstorms coming out of this. all of this will continue to shift towards the east. i do think that rain along the coast line of italy and into parts of greece you have reported winds of 86 kilometers per hour where the highest chance of severe weather threat is and to western turkey may want to watch the skies. let's take a look at your temperatures. warsaw at 1. moscow minus 3 for your high. lisbon 10. and will be changing by friday. we have a storm system moving through. let's talk about what is going on over here into japan. we have several storm systems moving through. one pushing off towards the east. right now that is bringing showers out towards northern portions and in the morning
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hours widespread rain across parts of tokyo. behind it you see cloud cover starting to swirl up. that's going to work towards the east and taking up the inds with. some areas see as much as 126 kilometers per hour wind gusts. upwards of 100 kilometer winds possible. snowfall 30 to 40 centimeters in higher elevations. i want to mention that as far west you can see snow five to ten centimeters. really if you are a winter lover you may be happy. a high of 1. f manila partly cloudy skies. high of 33 on your thursday. here is the extended outlook.
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and that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for join ush.
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