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tv   DW News  PBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is dw news live from berlin. tonight, the people from iowa have spoken. in the race for the white house, ted cruz takes an early lead for the republicans. for all his bluster, donald trump only managed second place. hillary clinton gets the better of bernie sanders for the democrats. the european union tries to give britain reasons to remain a member. the draft agreement would allow them to have benefits from other eu countries. will other states go along with it.
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a is for alphabet. google's parent company has a big day on the stock market and has overtaken apple as the world's most valuable company. brent: good to have you with us. the first round of voting has produced upsets and some cliffhangers. in the republican caucuses, texas senator ted cruz is the winner with 28%. the billionaire and businessman donald trump came in surprisingly at second place with 24% and marco rubio managed a late surge. people had not been expecting this, 23%. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both at over 49%
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with clinton clinging to a razor thinly. some precincts, believe it or not, the toss of a coin. >> 90% white and more than half conservative christians, the iowa a lecture it is not representative of the u.s. as a whole. they have delivered a major upset in the first caucus leading to elections. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and across this great state. donald trump took second place. >> still, he is leading the national polls. >> we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> the biggest surprise of the night was marco rubio.
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he is the fresh face of the american dream, he built himself. >> that's not just my story. it's our story. it's america's story. it's the story of your parents. your parents that sacrificed and gave up so much so you could be what they could not. >> he is considered more mainstream than highly conservative christian cruise -- cruz. the democratic party also offered a surprise. self-proclaimed democratic socialist came out just behind leading candidate hillary clinton. >> it is a political revolution. >> it was the closest ever at an iowa caucus. she set herself apart from the
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republican party. >> i will not let their divisiveness and efforts to riverway the progress we have made be successful. we can't afford that. >> next stop is new hampshire where voters will get to say who takes their parties to the elections. brent: if you want to find out more about our lengthy coverage up to the elections, go to our website right there. you have been asking people across america what sort of america they would like to see here. #whatamerica. here is the democratic hopeful bernie sanders with our hashtag. we look forward to hearing your take on things. the prime minister david cameron
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is aiming at keeping britain at the eu. the proposal contains key concessions he has been calling for. the prime minister says it is likely he will campaign for britain to stay in the eu. in a referendum expected as early as june. >> he is full of optimism after the proposals put forth by donald tusk. the draft deal delivers on the changes to the eu that the government has been demanding. he is keen to convince those with any down. >> they will keep our borders. we are never going to sign up to
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an ever closer union. we will make sure we maintain our independence as a country. >> britain wants to reserve the right to block some brussels backed legislation. it since it would only be able to do this and cohesion with other eu states, conservative critics say the conditions don't go far enough. >> looking to the future and our role as a great world car in player. the eu is cramping our style and damaging our freedom. >> sharpening his persuasive skills is now his biggest task. >> we spoke to our brussels correspondent and asked him if cameron's very positive response to the proposals mean that there's is real progress being made here. >> it is a move that will get us
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one step closer to a referendum. david cameron has already indicated -- they will campaign in favor of the u.k. staying in the european union. and the starting shop has been fired. brent: that is david reporting for us. john kerry has voiced concerns about territory in libya. there are efforts to stop the terror group.
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>> ministers must come up with that. the danger is far from over. it is the risk of the so-called islamic state. there will soon be a national unity government agreed by all the countries parties. even the secretary of state sees the danger in the unstable government. the strategy has so far been successful. >> we have interrupted their capacity to get there. >> crushing the group militarily is only the first step. more is needed to bring stability to the regions of iraq and syria.
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they proved to be a good example. after the city's water and power supply. he says the two countries will be key in resolving the conflict. brent: we spoke to max hoffman following the talks. >> it is the operation in syria and iraq. it has proven that it is working at the moment. international airstrikes and local ground forces being trained by coalition members is
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something they want to ramp up in the future. that is something that they have asked for mel -- military equipment. the u.s. secretary of state specific which countries they have asked to do more here but apparently they have asked and gotten the positive response to that. when they succeed in pushing the islamic state out of certain regions, they need to fill the void with infrastructure. they need to make sure the people there have electricity. they need mining operations. norway, for example, they will reopen universities and all these things. the germans say that they need more money, more funding to make sure that these areas stay.
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not everything is golden here. there is a huge number of problems. brent: let's bring you up just beat on the stories making headlines around the world. the european union and the united states have reached a deal on transatlantic data sharing. the two sides were forced to seek a new agreement. more than 63,000 migrants arrived in greece from turkey just in the month of january. another 5000 entered the eu from italy. it says the numbers are more than in the previous january.
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the syria government has agreed to allow more aid. this includes the town where many are still facing starvation. opposition forces started in geneva. the talks are aimed at ending the almost five-year conflict in the country. in china, the annual mass migration of people heading home for the lunar holiday has turned into mass frustration. japan is deploying an advanced missile defense system to intercept airborne threats. this comes among the defense ministry officials in tokyo that say their only concern is that
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debris . the world health organization has called it an international public health emergency. >> and essential weapon against the zika virus. >> i don't want my son to be born sick. it will be very hard work because poor people do not have the resources to get treatment.
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serious birth defects have sparked a debate. >> you may not be able -- >> producing a vaccine could take years. brent: a is no longer for apple. we will tell you about a big day for google's parent company
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and tell you the rest of the business news. stay with us.
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brent: welcome back, everyone. our top stories. ted cruz wins the iowa republican caucuses. and the first contest of the u.s. presidential campaign he defeated his closest rival donald trump. hillary clinton edged bernie sanders by the smallest of margins. brussels has released the details of a proposed deal meant to keep britain in the eu. they still have two approve that draft.
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how the air is here with business news. move over apple? javier: if you perform a google search for the world's largest company, you might get a new result. they sent the stocks soaring. those gains lifted the market cap. >> a rise of 5% year on year and traders snap up the company stock and high-volume trading. they rocketed up 3% to a sterling $795 a share. that gives off a bit the largest market capitalization in the world.
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that comparison may change. many analysts think apple's stock is currently undervalued. youtube is proving a smart investment. add revenues have jumped. sales of android phones have driven growth as well. distinguishing earnings from google. health care or delivering internet with high-altitude balloons. none of the projects has been a major source of income yet. once upon a time, they were not a major player i are -- either. javier: let's show you the other side.
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business is bullish. that is being reflected in a local stock market. >> foreign investment is flowing back into iran and local businesses and investors are becoming increasingly hopeful that the iranian economy is on the verge of coming to rapid growth. now more contracts are being signed. all of those factors are promising the days ahead for us. trading volume on the tehran stock exchange has soared.
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investors are coming back into the market. everyone was a little bit doubtful. trust is returning to the market. european investors are among those lining up. >> a transatlantic data deal will allow american companies to continue to store internet data. the sides of been working to craft a european court after ruling the safe harbor agreement fails to adequately protect european citizens. a new deal contains assurances
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that the european data will be safeguarded in the u.s.. i know you have heard it a million times but oil prices are dropping it again. your gas station is earning less and so are the big oil companies behind it. bp just announced the worst annual loss in 20 years. in the company's employees will have to suffer the consequences. bp is cutting thousands of jobs. the company is still dealing with the huge legal and cleanup costs. in december, the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in four years. people now have more jobs and it is not the case everywhere. the picture across europe is still next.
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>> the situation is serious. if the left-wing leader fails to make a decent dentin his country's unemployment figures, he won't run in the next election. some 2 billion euros are to be punt into the labor market by 2018 for things like job seeker training. the situation in france has been difficult for a long time. unemployment decreased slightly at the end of last year. the jobless rate hit a four year low in december to standard 10.4%. the situation does still remain challenging. >> you can't only rely on monetary policy. they must roll up their sleeves and implement necessary structural reforms.
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javier: that's it for business. back to more sports news. brent: exactly right. qatar has taken a lot of flak as its selection for the host nation of the 2022 soccer world cup. allegations have been vehemently denied by detractors have questioned the human rights record regarding workers building the stadium. quite a lot. >> a longtime critic, he said that country was a cancerous growth on world football last year when speaking of their successful 2022 world cup bid. qatar took umbrage and asked for
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an injunction. the dusseldorf court ruled that freedom of speech met the former chief could continue to spread that opinion. >> it has to be passable. >> despite the initial victory, he has to wait until april to see if he also has to pay damages. >> his comments are an insult to human dignity. and now the court has to decide. >> the legal team is an attempt to deflect. brent: the world's best surfers are meeting at hawaii's bonsai pipeline. heart of the qualifying series.
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kelly slater won the competition and advanced to the fourth round. they scored the only perfect 10 with his backdoor cavern like way. we will pick up a cool 100,000 u.s. dollars. now the story of a five-year-old boy that has stolen a lot of parts on the internet. from afghanistan, he might see his dream come true. he is crazy about his soccer idol lionel messi. the colors of argentina as a soccer jersey. his image went viral and it looks like he might soon meet the real deal. >> small in stature like his hero, he noticed a blue plastic bag with stripes.
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left-footed like his football idol, but still a little work ahead of him. he asked me to find a shirt for him with his name on it. but i could not find him the jersey because we live in a remote village. his brother made a plastic jersey for him and posted his photo on facebook. >> once the picture was uploaded, it stole the hearts of millions and got the attention of the superstar himself. the football federation says he will get a chance to meet his football hero. >> we are waiting to get confirmation from barcelona about when the trip should take place. they promise to give us final confirmation in for five days.
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>> soon, he could be on his way to meet his hero. >> and that's the kind of story we like to report. here is a reminder. ted cruz has won the iowa republican caucuses. he defeated his closest rival donald trump. hillary clinton squeezed out a victory over bernie sanders. you're watching dw news from berlin. i will take you through the day. stay with us.
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"euromaxx highlights." and here's your host, louise houghton. louise: welcome to a special edition of our highlights today. we'll be featuring the top five destinations in europe, as chosen by you and the rankings from the world tourism organization. here's a quick look forward to some of our reports. famous footsteps. tracing edinburgh's literary roots. delicious dough. traveling to the birthplace of pizza. and panoramic pictures. seeing the german capital from above. so we start the countdown with the country that comes in fifth place.


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