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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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glad to have you us on this edition. i'm catherine kobayashi? tokyo. torn apart by the ongoing war in syria have been promised $11 billion in humanitarian aide. international donor conference in london this week. 16 organizations were represented at the meeting. the u.n. secretary general appealed for a quick concerted response >> the focus on the people in syria has also been lost on the petty procedure methods. >> nobel peace prize winner malala yousfazai introduced a girl who recently settled in london.
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she introduced a 17-year-old girl who recently settled in london. >> i hope after this incident, more refugees will be able to have a normal life, especially the children. >> the u.s. pledged about $900 million, and japan committed $350 million. other countries such as brit tal france and australia also promised to contribute. >> today has been and is a day of hope. a day about saving lives. a day about building futures. >> the aid will be delivered by 2020. jordan, lebanon, turkey and other places accepting syrian refugees. >> the location of the master mind of the paris attacks is speaking out. her testimony has shed light on how ab due slipped into france
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from syria. a french tv station aired an interview to kill abduh in november. she is a friend of his cousin, and she said she spoke to him two days after the assault. she said he told her he was planning more attacks against commercial facilities, a facility and a nursery school near paris. the islamic state group were still in the paris region. the attacks in paris claimed 130 lives. the woman is calling on police protect her for helping in their investigation. she said police told her they would help her change her identity, but that no new documentation has been issued. chinese police say that three of the five missing hong kong book sellers are being investigated in china for illegal activities. this is the first time
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authorities have spoken about the men who were reported missing in november. the men have links to a hong kong bookstore that sells critical of the communist party. they announced on thursday that chinese police in the southern province bordering hong kong sent them a letter. it informed them that the bookstore's manager and two of its workers were detained and you under investigation. the announcement confirms suspicious that all of them are in mainland china. they revealed that the president of the publishing company that operates the bookstore and shareholder of the company were in china. chinese police questioning them. they've not given specifics on the detention of the five or their alleged crimes. the disappear annaance one ques two formula.
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returned to china from british rule in 1997. now let's get the latest in business news. markets are volatile as the dollar has declined. let's go to the business desk. tell us how are investors reacting to this. >> the job and dollar came after weak economic data out of the u.s., unemployment claims rose more than expected, so investors are now thinking that the federal reserve will not raise interest rates when it meets in march. and the weak dollar is pushing stocks lower here in japan. tokyo's share prices opened down 1.5% this morning, making it the third straight session of declines. the nikkei is down 1.3%. index is on track. wiping out gains more than 3%. toshima leading the declines, bigger loss than expected.
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they're seeing declines on a stronger yen. all right, let's take a look at what is happening. the dollar extended losses into a second day and it is now trading at the mid to upper 116 yen level. that is a two-week low against the yen. analysts say traders are unwinding bullish bets on the dollar after weak economic data and that sent the euro higher against the dollar. it's now trading at a 15 week dollar at $1.12. growing uncertainty traders to seek the safety of japanese government bonds too. the yield on the bench mark 10 year j.j. b fell to another record low of 0.035% at one point. let's take a look at other markets opening in the asia pacific region and a bit of a mixed picture with south korea trading higher, whereas australia's shares are down
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0.8%. >> boarding the first bullet train will have to wait lock nger. they don't know when construction will begin. the 140 kilometer rail line expected to run between jakart and bandung fierce bidding with j japan. set up by the two countries given updates on the projects. talks still ongoing with the transportation ministry about quake resistance and do you remember ability. they've not yet been given approval to go ahead with construction. government officials from indonesia and china held a kbround breaking ceremony last month with the president attending. some people raising concerns about the projects prospects about the assessment. taking at least a year, wrapped up in less than a month. application to get approval from construction has not been fully
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translated into inn doan indonesia yan. the prime minister go with shin con sin bullet technology. he made the pitch when he made najibafter the meeting, he said he mentioned the railway project that will singapore he apparently told najib about the importance of considering not only construction costs but also safety and training. he said the prime minister acknowledged japan's advance technology. malaysia will disclose the details of the including the international bidding process in april. mentioned what he called strong sales point force promoting japan's bullet train kbloe balley. he said japanese companies would
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train local staff and transfer technology in other countries. japan, china and south korea are reportedly interested in malaysia's project. those countries are expected to engage in fierce competition once bidding starts. officials at japanese electronics maker sharp are going to sit down with the industry to be begin full-scale operations. they're trying to rebuild the business. the executives earlier considered two bailout plans and decided to give onhai rights. the offer other offer was from the government network corporation of japan. sharp's decision came after at the last moment they raised their takeover bid to nearly $6 billion. hong hi is in japan for final
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negotiations. shop executives plan to carefully analyze the proposals. they want to clarify the possibility whether the taiwaneze. liquid crystal is not leaked overseas and employees are protected. sharp executives say these points for now are not a matter of concern, but say negotiations could break off if the hone hai makes unreasonable changes. they'll keep their option to gho negotiate with the japanese fund. advances in-camera technology pushing the boundaries of what people can see and record. adventurers and athletes among the first to explore 306 degree lenses, now they're seeing the light.
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yang yun reports. >> a motor cross race, one rider has eyes in the back of his head. before every race, he mounts a camera to his bike. it's fitted with a fish eye lens. afterwards, he plays the imagine on his tablet. using a special app, he can analyze 360 degree field of view. the track in front, his posture, and what's going on to the right, left and behind. >> translator: i can't see someone following right behind me, but with this camera, i chan che can check to see what happened. >> it's ideal for sports. but that's not the only possibility. the camera's japanese distribute tore is testing other applications. one is as a driving recorder.
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installed in a karks it can capture the driver's view. what the driver is doing, and everything happening around the car at the same time, and with a single camera. the distribute tore is in talks with other companies to sell to the public. >> translator: currently the camera is used mostly for capturing action sports scenes, but in the future, we expect it be used more for business purposes. >> other cameras offer even wider perspectives. >> i'm here at an amazing tokyo destination. 360 degree camera, and show you what if looks like on a screen. this offers all around vision, not just front and back, but also below.
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japanese manufacturer. the maker fish eye lenses on both sides of the camera. each lens films separately. an app that merges the imagines, allowing you to direct the scene in any direction you can turn your head. the 360 degree camera makes the process of filming property much cheaper and sim simpler. the opportunity to offer virtual tours of their properties. >> translator: where is the antenna connection. here it is, these are for electrical plugs. this one is for the tv. this is for the internet connection. wow. that's great. i'm really impressed. i felt like i was really looking around inside the property. 30% of the companies listed on this rental property website
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used the omni view camera. agents say the dynamic visuals are pulling in more business to close the deal. >> translator: many customers take the virtual tour before asking to view the actual property. the 360 degree camera helps us stay with the times. >> 360 cameras started out as a bit of fun. but the technology is expanding fast, and so are the commercial applications. giang nyguen. back to catherine now. >> the lead-up to the rio games have been plagued by a doping scandal. russia unless it cleans up its act. avoid doping. in japan, one group says the
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answer could be the code of the samurai. 12 japanese medallists who participated in the last three owe little picks. some said the code of the samurai, the research suggests that these teachings have fostered a culture of fair play. >> translator: our research indicates that childhood he h education has the behavior of athletes. >> he says japan can play a role in antidoping initiatives. >> japan's good record on doping validates on those in the field. i hope everyone encourages athletes to avoid drugs and not get involved in doping. >> he says athletes must learn
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how to compete without relying on performance enhancing until recently, foreigners living in japan stuck to large cities such as tokyo, but many are branching out. one community on the southern island is making efforts to breakdown cultural barriers. >> i'm called to prayer, the streets. it's rarity sound in the city. three years ago, a growing number of muslim residents. it's a place 7-year-old visits with his family each week. he was born here to a pakistani father and japanese mother.
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he converted to islam when she got married. she often shops at this super market for hard to sell products. >> translator: i want my children to observe under islamic teaching. >> and there are other signs of the changing place of this community. it includes children from malaysia, indonesia and china, so teachers have one-on-one less ones to have them study japanese. >> translator: we put priority on how to maximize the use of the vocabulary they've used so they can communicate with other children. >> but there have been a few growing pains. the center government has no
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guidelines or redistribution. so the nutrition research is on her own and comes up with a menu. >> i feel nervous sometimes. i don't want to make a mistake, but lunch is an important part of children's lives. i don't mind taking time for my research. >> the kitchen created an area to cook meals that could be considered alcohol, and free from. they're serving the special lunches for six years. the very reason his parents chose this school. in the past, muslim children had to bring their lunches from home. but now, he can eat a meal similar to his classmates. >> translator: i'm happy.
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>> people from the islamic center are making effort to reach out. they have events to breakdown barriers between japanese and muslim communities. >> translator: watching the news, you might feel scared. but meeting these people in person, i found they are nice and friendly. >> we feel that we are part of this community, japanese and friendly. always welcome in our heart and then we try to explain to them the reality. it's very important part. >> as the web of globalzation, the four corners of japan, people from different culture, learning how to live together in a more diverse society. nhk world. japanese world of sume mow
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wrestling very difficult to enter. that's why dozens of school children were lucky to join a tournament for kids. it's hosted by the wrestling grand champions. he showed he is a big man with a big heart. nhk tito morita reports. >> i'm in the central sumo universe. it's not the taking stage. rather, it's children from different parts of the world. 30 children from mongolio face off. they can participate, even if they are new to the sport. many professional wresters joined into too. they gave tips and refereed the matches. it was a rare opportunity for the children to see their heros
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outside with the ground tournament. >> translator: so many people really motivated me. this is my first time to participate in this tournament. i got nervous and lost my match, but it was fun. >> the annual event was founded five years ago by yoko grand champion, hukao. >> a couple of days ahead of the contest, he invited six young americans to his training stable. the boys have been training intensively in the u.s. for the a past two months. while they enjoy sumo, this will be the first tournament they fight in. >> translator: not too long ago, we were strug tolg boost the popularity of sumo, even after the 2011 dissast ter, we were able to hold grand tournaments. i found this tournament as a way to show my gratitude for the
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sport. in sumo your right hand and right leg must move forward at the same time. doing this enables you to push your opponent with more force. >> the grand champion teaches the youngsters some of the moves when he first turned pro. >> he's way bigger than me. he's hard to push. >> i learned that all the different techniques in sumo, how you can use it in the ring and win the fight. >> how many people get a chance to do this in japan, let alone in america? so we just feel very blessed and thankful for this opportunity. >> after training, the children were treated to a special meal. professional riki, hot pot daily to bulk up and get stronger.
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>> it seems usa's time to compete. let's see how they do. the captain will tucker, versus japanese here. he beats his opponent with a nice move. the american boys did their best, but advanced only to the second round in the individual and team events. the team event title was taken by the amomongolians. >> i thought you could do it only if you were big. now that i've seen them wrestle, it has taught me any size can win. >> translator: sumo is more about winning and losing. they come from all over the world. if they can learn about japan and its culture, they can build
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bridges. you can call this event a success. >> hoax, more children from aroe world will come to appreciate the sport and even aim at becoming professional riki, nhk world. it is time for a check of the weather. northern parts of the united states are seeing wet weather conditions. meteorologist robert speta joins us with a weekend weather outlook. >> yes, we have been tracking the storm system for some time now. now lingering just the eastern seaboards of the u.s. you can see is on the satellite. rain back there across parts of the midatlantic states. flash floods across parts of georgia into the carolinas. back on a wednesday, we even have some tornado warning out here. that has dim ished. as we head into the week, a slow go for a lot of people
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traveling. some snow fall. it could be heavy at times there into new york, heading towards boston and towards much of new england, we're going to be looking at 5 centimeters per hour during the peak of the storm. wet, fast moving snowfall. that means you're going to have slick roadways before snowplows get out there, chances of downed power lines as well. if you're traveling into this area, impact to be had. west, high pressure, absolute beautiful conditions out here. temperatures, though, on the chilly side for those of you in chicago. 1 for your hi. oklahoma city, houston, 15 warming up there for you. los angeles, definitely much warmer with a high of 23. in fact, heading throughout the week end for those of you out here, you're going to be looking at near record breaking highs on sunday into monday. meanwhile, arizona, temperatures
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going up. sunnyside. it is the middle of winter, the southern hemisphere, temperatures almost the same across south earn areas of the australia. partly cloudy case over the next several days. rain showers, and 7 rugby tournament in the city. 25 by saturday, cloudy to partly cloudy skies. temperatures lingering into the 20s. melbourne. let's go back to that winter weather, back here into northeastern asia. high pressure dominating china. keeping things on the cold side. in fact, overnight lows across parts of mongolia, chilly. settling in cold area, that's interacting with tropical air coming across parts of the philippines. whenever we get this, a new developing storm system. one pushing through here, rain
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showers across parts of taiwan. even moving into the southern japanese islands, few thunderstorms as well as it starts to move out. staying south of mainland japan, your share of weather. parts of tohko, snow festival kicking off here on friday, you are looking at additional about 20 centimeters of snowfall today, parts of here, 25 to 30. tokyo, remaining rather dry. partly cloudy skies on your friday. high of 12, meanwhile back there towards the west, seoul, taipei, showers in your forecast, high of 16. here is the extended outlook.
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and that concludes this edition of newsline. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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stacey thunder: on this edition of "native report" we attend the northern plains indian art market in sioux falls, south dakota. while in sioux falls, we also learn about the south dakota urban indian health center. and from the "native report" archives, we look back at our visit to the journey museum in rapid city we also learn something new about indian country and hear from our elders on this "native report." narrator: production of "native report" is me possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community and the blandin foundation. [music playing]


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