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tv   DW News  PBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is dw news. live from berlin. debt crisis that can't be controlled. borders and barriers rise to keep things out. the head of amnesty international tells dw the entire system for protecting human rights is at risk. a court hands down the first conviction related to the new year eve attacks.
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we will talk to a legal expert in the studio. the ceo says we're entering 2016 with confidence. i'm brent goff, good to have you with us. new signs tonight that a massive influx of refugees is spreading -- splitting europe. a summit of falcon leaders, the eu and greece are outraged they were not invited to take part.
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>> it was the first country to seal off its border last year. >> it is for us. this northern border camp is filling up.
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the united states is calling for an urgent solution. >> will we have been noticing for a long time is for a common strategy, and a refugee crisis in europe. >> the countries are divided on how to tackle the migrant influx. the mandatory quota system remains disputed. greece is warning of a humanitarian crisis. brent: as we know, greece has been the first point of entry.
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borders closing a bottleneck is quickly forming. over 100,000 people have come to greece already this year. our correspondent is covering the story. he joins us this evening. we see there's a camp behind us. >> freezing temperatures of love zero. you can see the camp behind me. some fireplaces. we get some warmth.
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the u.n. refugee or the u.n. agency for refugees told me that this can't you see was installed about five months or six months ago as a rather provisional solution. people were supposed to come here for a few hours or a few days before passing through to neighboring macedonia and going on to central europe. as you see, they see themselves somewhat trapped here. brent: you have these balkan countries that of closed their borders. greece has blasted a gathering of western european countries today. is there any movement of people to speak of? >> i think they were quite
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surprised of what was happening today in austria. they hosted a conference on the refugee crisis without inviting greece and also some other key member states in the european union. an unfriendly act and a migration minister also said that this is something like a coup d'etat. it can be that european leaders agree on a common policy for tackling and solving the refugee crisis. in just a few days after that, some ministers decided that this agreement is not valid anymore. brent: is greece, tonight, on its own?
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>> the refugee crisis, they say it is somehow linked. many greeks will wonder if european agreements are still valid. this may have an impact on the financial crisis as well. brent: our correspondent on the greek macedonian border this evening. the human rights watchdog amnesty international, it has been particularly critical. citizens of north african countries.
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>> a turbulent year is how amnesty international describes 2015. here are a few of the critical ones. they continue to prosecute and imprison government critics. nigerians suffer torture and mistreatment at the hands of the police. the drug war in mexico provoked thousands of kidnappings and killings. the international community can do little to nothing to help victims according to amnesty because the security council are blocked and incapable of action. the reason that countries continuously look away and focus on the interests.
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one of amnesty's greatest concerns is the plight of refugees. they see it as giving way to unfeeling isolationism. >> we expect from the german government like other states that they support the basic right to seek asylum and guarantee every applicant a fair proceeding. >> amnesty says that human rights are increasingly at risk. brent: germany has deported 125 afghan nationals on a special flight back to couple. -- to kabul. german officials say that the
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failed asylum-seekers left voluntarily. afghans have become germany's second-largest group of asylum-seekers after syrians. it is becoming increasingly difficult for nationals to secure asylum in europe. a cease-fire deal is supposed to take effect on saturday. john kerry spoke with russian foreign minister lavrov to discuss the deal. the agreement is convoluted and is being called a secession of hostilities. a court in the german city of cologne have handed down the first conviction related to new year's eve attacks in the city. a tunisian man was given six months probation and fined for stealing a cell phone. two other men are awaiting
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verdicts in similar cases. >> this is no ordinary petty theft trial. the moroccans stole a woman's mobile phone. the police found amphetamines on him but the woman got her phone back. she says she was groped but could not say by whom. the defendant confessed. the verdict was not lenient. i get the impression that the court is sending a clear signal that this will not be accepted. >> i understand that but my client has right. he can be held responsible for everything that went on that night. a special investigative committee are examining what
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happened. 70 suspects. 13 men are already in custody. it is unrealistic to believe we can solve the crimes. those are the sexual assaults. the defendants 18 and 22 years old of from north africa have also been given extended sentences for theft.
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brent: one pundit calling the brouhaha a glorified cockfight. >> european members of parliament are fighting about it. in europe is devolving into a market radical economy. they are criticizing the summit agreements as being too weak. prime minister cameron may have just well received an old pair of socks. >> we are allowed to change ever so slightly for a short time. we are told in the future, we will not be committed to ever closer unions. it is referendum season and the referendum is coming. >> warning against a briggs it
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-- a brexit. >> the americans have said the governments don't go out. >> i worry about the dismantling of social rights. these british eu politicians actually belong to the largest group of skeptics. with a referendum on their heels, they are the ones pleading the strongest case for europe. >> is 500 million people are still the world's largest and wealthiest marketplaces. are you telling me that they want to leave that? it would be madness.
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brent: we will take a one minute break. when we come back, more news and money.
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brent: welcome back. live from berlin, our top story. over the past few weeks, you have heard about the refugee violence that consumed cologne and other cities. you have seen evidence of the right wing extremism. a powerful documentary has us back to the year 2004.
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and the victim of that crime. >> a mail bomb on a parked bicycle exploded in cologne. the city's district, the center of the local turkish community. [speaking foreign language] investigators immediately turned their attention to the victims. [speaking foreign language]
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police started searching for evidence of criminal activity locally. looking for signs of debt, family strife, or revenge motives. the even deployed undercover officers to get closer to him. the film the barber and the bomb shows the personal toll of the investigation. the community was shaken, not just by the bombing. [speaking foreign language]
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>> around that same time, they carried out a string of racially motivated bomb attacks. the film uses actors to re-create some of the transcripts of the investigation as well as the review board that looked into the affair after the right-wing terror cell claimed responsibility. it presents a damning account of focus and an attempt to turn victims into perpetrators. the people are still trying to put the whole ordeal behind them. brent: time to switch gears and talk about business news. >> airbus is flying.
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the european plane maker managed propels last year's net profits to a total of 2.7 billion euros. on top of that, it has a record order backlog and has its eye on the asia-pacific markets. it sounds positive. the chief executive of airbus is cautious. >> it is unlikely to change anytime soon. orders soared to a record of one trillion euros. net profit jumped 15% compared to a year earlier. >> they are financially in very good shape. this has not always been the case.
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>> they remain cautious about the future. they haul some have the model. >> the success in the u.k. is based on integration, teamwork, and european industrial integration. that is how he worked today and that is fundamental to the operations. >> ec virtual reality. the market will be used $80 billion in the next decade. analysts say could create --
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>> it is like being on a roller coaster but all taking place in virtual reality. virtual-reality goggles make this ski jump seem like the real thing. five minutes at outdoor adventure inside the convention hall. >> it looks really real. >> i could not convince myself it was fake. it was too scary. >> i am completely there inside.
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>> the are goggles are a big hit at this year's mobile world congress. this comes as denmark is working on the optimization of virtual reality applications. these goggles are designed to track eye movements, focusing only on what he sees at the moment. >> we are to save processing power. you can fully power the graphics at that point. saving power everywhere else. >> the epson company is offering professional users the latest version of its augmented reality glasses. along with whatever he sees in front of him. a variety of users.
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>> they are targeting a lot of cases. for example, those were anything related to training, giving practical training for example. >> software developers are trying their luck. it is a british company that designs online casino software. they brought along this virtual game of roulette that allows players to enter another world. this may be what the future of gaming looks like. >> attorneys filed a class-action lawsuit against volkswagen, accusing volkswagen and its u.s. division, several executives, and german auto
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parts supplier of fraud. they are among those named over half a million sold in the u.s.. volkswagen has admitted that they limited in missions. -- emissions. brent: the sport of polo is getting a sri lankan makeover. forget horses and elephants. polo players are now swinging their sticks on the back of took -- tuktuks they are adamant it is not a one-off. publicity stunt. >> the humble tuktuk replaces
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rampaging beasts as the favored weapon of choice. >> the sport originated back in the 70's. they thought it might be fun to give it a go. they take a break from the daily grind. the fans certainly love the spectacle. communication is obviously crucial to success. it came away with victory. they celebrated by handing the 20,000 rupee prize money to their drivers.
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not bad for a day of work. brent: i will be back to take you through the day after a short break. but first, some window shopping. a collection courtesy of a certain mr. napoleon bonaparte. see you in a minute.
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mongolia, central asia. in winter, the temperature can stay at 20 degrees below zero even during the day.


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