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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 3, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PST

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newsline. this is march 3rd and i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the toughest sanctions to date on north korea. response to pyongyang's nuclear launch and made possible because of cooperation by china, which had been cautious. >> the draft resolution received 50 votes in favor. the draft resolution has been adopted y
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adopted. tight tain yum and rare earth minerals, cargo going to and from the country must be inspected. existing sanctions failed to stop the country from pursuing its missile programs. one of the delegates had this to say. >> we recognize any legal resolution adopted by un security council. >> japan's ambassador to the un said this is the first step. >> sanctions are important tools to finding a comprehensive solution to a problem, and to this end, there has to be dialogue. in order for the dialogue to be effective, there has to be pressure at the same time. this is a very reason why we now have this robust resolution. >> he asked other countries to comply with the resolution.
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us ambassador said there is more to do. >> we must not lose sight for bringing them back to the table for serious diplomatic negotiations on the denuclearization. >> praised china's commitment to approving the resolution. >> translator: this resolution objects to the further nuclear development. sanctions should not be the final goal. dialogue is the only way to resolve the north korean nuclear issues. >> he also said the sanctions should be followed up with a resumption on the program. a top chinese lawyer has condemned alleged crimes by people detain dollars by the state. his deputy chairperson of china's bar association, which the government has strong influence over.
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it's unusual for a senior official of this association to denounce it so vocally. they aired concessions by a human rights activist and those linked to a bookstore that sells rights to the party leaders. he said a confession made on tv does not mean the suspect is guilty. he said the broadcast undermines the life and judicial fairness. they may have been forced to do so by the authorities or may have hoped for a lighter punishment. some critics said they were likely pressured to confess and that the broadcast violate their human rights. u.s. officials have expressed concern. scandals in athletics have ex paneled the probe. japan's bidding process for the
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2020 tokyo oh olympics, reported payments to global governing body for the track and field, aiaf. part of a wider investigation into former iaf president diak and other officials. he was arrested in november. he suspected of receiving money and bribes to cover up systematic doping by russia's track and field federation. he also served as a member of the international olympic committee until 2013. an independent commission of the world antidopingi released a report in january, saying japan paid 4 to $5 million to the iaf and other sorgss, and it cited organizations between his son and turkish individuals who claimed turkey lost the bid because they did not pay the sponsorship money. the report implies japan's
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payments led to tokyo's successful bid to the olympics. they told nhk on wednesday they are investigating the accusation. the president of european football's governing body has launched an appeal with the court over his six year suspension from soccer. the court of arbitration for sports said pitini by football's word body fifa. the arbitration procedures is in progress. the panel of three arbitrators will be formed and a hearing will be held. swiss prosecutors have been investigating that he received 2 million swiss frankss or more than $2 million in 2011. fifa ethics commission had a six year ban but reduced it to two years last week. they were kicked out of football in december.
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he previously said he would appeal to the court to clear his name. he claims that charges against him are baseless. japan's prime minister is fighting an uphill battle to accomplish one of his greatest ambitions. abe bgoing all out to change th constitution. he wants to see the revisions happen while he is in office. he said they're central to the platform of his democratic party. abe needs the backing of more than two-thirds. the coalition has that in the lower house, but falls short in the upper. >> translator: it would be hard to call a national referendum without the support of the opposition camp. but i want to get it done during my term in office. >> defense minister saw the parties draft changes which called for a national defense
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force. >> translator: japan is the only country with a population of a certain size that doesn't have a military. it's natural that an independent nation has an army for the safety of its citizens. >> japan's constitution renounces the use of any military force to wage war. >> people at the u.s. federal reserve on the state of the economy. it's known as the beige book. joining us now from the business desk. give us the highlights. >> positive take away is that it's expanding. they do list concerns too. impact of cheap oil. fed official als in all 12 districts in the country interviewed executives and academics and then published their findings in the latest report. they say consumer spending and employment improved in most districts, despite volatility and financial markets since the start of this year.
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wages are also increasing, though growth varied by region. the officials said weak demand from the energy sector significant head wind for manufacturers. they were also worried that china and other overseas economies could be hurting exporters. fed officials will discuss policies based on the report in about two weeks time. the u.s. trade representative says president obama's top trade priority for 2016 is getting congress to pass the transpacific partnership. the ustr has released a report. it stresses that the ttp trade pact will benefit the u.s. economy. the deal will help increase agriculture exports and overseas operations of small and medium sized businesses. representatives of from 12 pacific countries signed the pact last month, getting congressional passage is an
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uphill battle for president obama as many politicians are unhappy with the deal. those opposed fear it will take jobs away from americans. voices are mounts anything congress for the ttp to be discussed after the presidential election in november. a japanese government panel has decided on a set of deregulation moves for special economic zones. the measures include allowing companies to acquire farmland the way of alleviating a labor shortage in the agriculture sector. the government has already named a number of national strategic special zones. these are aware deregulation programs can be tried out. one of the new plans allows any corporate body with 50% or more shares held by enterprises to acquire agricultural land during a five-year period. another measure, tract more visitors to mountainous
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>> translator: regulatory reforms are endless. i will continue to meet the government's effort to boldly make a break through for the reforms through the special zones. >> the government hopes to get cabinet approval for bills related to the reforms as early as next week. let's check on markets. share prices in tokyo trading higher this thursday morning. the nikkei averaged open lower, but soon swung into positive territory. at the start of trading, many investors took profits from yesterday's strong gains, the nikkei up 1% higher, 16,909 at the moment. oil related shares higher, as crude oil rose in new york. rise in oil prices dragging down the dollar against some currencies of resource rich countries. they include the indonesia
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ripia, and malaysia. it fell against the yen overnight. many traders cautious over the u.s. jobs report due out friday. the euro is lower against the japanese currency too. let's take a look at other markets in the asia pacific region and we're seeing a positive start to our thursday. seoul's kosti quarter%, 1952, australia benchmark index trading up by 0.8%. china's markets will hope in less than a half an hour. entrepreneurs in the united states and europe high growth startups and new ideas. but japan has been a latecomer to the game. despite its technological prowe prowess, the average number is about one-third of that in the u.s. and singapore. as for ease of starting a business, well, the world bank ranks japan 81st.
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nhk world reports on the current challenges facing japan and the latest effort to turn it around. >> tokyo played host to competition for companies last week. 23 teams took part from five asian nations including japan and china. japanese and u.s. business groups. >> we can become like an apple of this industry. >> translator: when people think of startups, israel and silicon valley come to mind. but japan has hard-working entrepreneurs too. we want to give them opportunities. >> each team tried to out do the others with new business ideas that address various issues. one of the japanese teams was head up with support from ho
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university. cancer tracing. >> so 4 billion u.s. dollars. >> high accurate system for cancer. analyze images in just five seconds. they say this will spread out testing, while medical specialist. ono is also working on a new business opportunity. developing a motorcycle helmet. motorcycles are involved in about 30% of traffic accidents in japan. when they are distracted or looking back at traffic. >> this is embedded with a
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camera and censors. let's try it on. >> it attaches a cram to tcamer helmet. they can keep an eye on what is going on behind, and censors on helmet, so he doesn't have to look down at navigation system. he says japanese businesses have focused more on profitability and certainty and opportunities are entrepreneurs or have a track record. >> japan has no place where startups can show how new and good their ideas are. access to support is also limited. >> there are also few chances to prosper with japanese firms. entrepreneurs say this is another reason why it's good to have startup in japan.
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he is among those invited to the event for new businesses. he is in charge of project development at a major farm. >> we are hoping find a partnership with people who have ideas that we don't have. >> one aspect with the japanese government for the economy. people are watching to see whether the new businesses will now have a better chance of blooming. nhk world. tokyo. that's the latest in business news. i'll leave you now with a check on markets.
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in our series, women of vision, we've been putting a spotlight on women in japan influencing society. today, we focus on a woman who have been supporting young girls in the disaster stricken regions. >> she spends time trying to connect with some of the most at risk people in the region. she asks the girls hanging around town to tell her about themselves. many left their hometown, after the disaster.
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she says the girls she interviews are suffering from economic difficulties or the breakups of their families. but she says the region's culture means most of them keep their concerns to them self. >> i found that many of the girls didn't release their anxiety, even though they faced troubles. young girls tend to think that people around them have a much tougher time. >> she faced difficulty herself as a teenager, but after she was interviewed by a writer, she felt relieved to be able to tell her story. 11 years ago, she created a magazine called voices to share the stories of girls. later, she started helping girls in trouble.
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after the 2011 disaster, she turned her attention here. sometimes she takes girls to get help with public services, or to the shelter she runs in tokyo. this girl lives at the shelter. her home was flooded by the tsunami and her father lost his job. she says he often got drunk and violent. eventually, she felt she had enough, and left home. >> translator: we had arguments over trivial matters. i think that's because we were at a loss over what to do. >> she came to tokyo to find a job. but because she was a teenager, she had difficulty landing one. she walked as a laborer, but had trouble and asked for help.
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with the support, she got a full-time job at the welfare facility for elderly people and is now financially independent. >> translator: i am where i am today because i have the courage to ask for help. that was a good decision. >> when girls tell us about their situation, we should accept their feelings, and provide a safe place to stay. her activity has triggered a new movement. telephone consultant service has been started with government assistance. its aim is to provide an ear for girls with problems in the disaster areas. she helps the group that supports women who have called in.
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she herself met nataba and asked advice about what to do with her worries. through her encounter, she gradually gained self-confidence. >> i want to become a person who can understand the feelings of others. just like she was able to with me. >> success stories like her make her do more. >> translator: we want to produce more workers who can understand the challenges and hardships specific to young women. we hope there will be more opportunities to offer protection when necessary. >> tacabani hopes her efforts to help the girls will allow them to speak out with their own voices. nhk world.
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a japanese go to march. he spent five months on board the u.s. and returned to earth in december. he finished a rehabilitation program in the u.s. and russia before arriving home last month. he spoke to nhk about his fight you are goals. >> translator: i want to go to a place where i can see the earth. just a point like a star. i have to go to an astroid or marches. >> he says it would be difficult, and expressed he hopes japan will help so an ast ast ast astronaut.
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a different kind of concert. performed songs with an instrument that sure riefd the quake and tsunami. the miracle piano. clean up crews rescued the piano after it was swept away from a junior high school. a piano tuner volunteered to fix it. singer was there when the disaster struck. she wrote a song to inspire people and gave the performance to raise funds for the reconstruction of northeastern japan. ♪ >> translator: it's a miracle to see the piano. i was moved. >> organizers say they'll have more concerts elsewhere in the capital, including one on march 11th, for the fifth anniversary
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of the disaster. it is time for a check of the weather. people in southeastern u.s. states are dealing with the aftermath of severe weather. meteorologist robert speta joins us with the details. >> yes, this was a very potent storm system across the southern states extending from mississippi, alabama and also into georgia. the tail end of the front here. the first few satellite frames pushing through the region. some of these were definitely rather potent. i want to show you some video coming out of jackson, alabama on tuesday night. just to show you the damage that was taking place by the storm system. four injuries reported after a tornado road through a neighborhood, damaging over a dozen homes out here, two people had to be taken to the hospital. good news, though, there was no casualties reported in this specific event. if you remember just last week, we had a series of tornados that rolled across the deep south and
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upwards of seven people were actually kipd in that event. really, we're starting to get into the spring season. that's what we call tornado season through the month of march, april and into may. something to keep in mind as we go into the next several weeks. meanwhile, the storm is moving towards the north here. we have this very cold air mass, high winds across parts of ontario and quebec. the wind chills are around minus 30 to minus 35 degrees out here. it is a cold one. you want to bundle up, especially when the winds start to kick over in the overnight hours. meanwhile, another action developing right on the heels of this. central plains, that combined with that cold temperature is going to bring snowfall across parts of the great lakes region, north, thunderstorms towards the south, gusty winds. heelgs heels of that, another low pressure area. for now, though, bringing rough
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weather there in the pacific northwest. move over here towards central europe. several storm systems here. this one, the same one i brought upwards of two meters of snow fall for some areas there across the alps, but across the jet stream, it does like like it could bring foul weather into turkey, farther towards the east across parts of the middle east as this continues to move along. that's really going to be rather poet tents a potent and dangerous storms. italy, another low diving in from the north, windy conditions there across part of the uk, while this is now going to bring the threat of severe thunderstorms for those of you. maybe some snowfall and higher elevations in part s of germany and france. paris with a high of 9, rain showers there on thursday. berlin, 7, vienna, five degrees
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prior to the weekend. wrap things up though, eastern asia. satellite picture, high pressure is dominating out here. we have clear skies for the most part. that's due to this very clear sunny weather, but it also is coming at a price. what we have going on is kind of some haze back towards the west combined with the goeby desert, dangerous air quality across the area japan as well, pollen season, something to keep in mind, i do see people wearing masks, likely not because they're sick, but a lot of aerosols in the atmosphere. all right, i'll leave you now with the extended outlook.
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that concludes this edition of newsline, i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us. >> hello h
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magazine." this is an interesting plant. it bends when there is a storm but does not break. this is a quality that some people seem to have. it is something that psychologist called resilience. the good thing is, it is a skill you can acquire. shoulder to shoulder.


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