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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there, welcome to "newsline," it is friday, march 18. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the u.s. military says north korea has fired two mid range missiles toward the sea of japan. south korean military officials say they were launched from the country's west coast at around 5:55 a.m. on friday. the news agency is reporting the missiles flew about 800 kilometers and landed in the sea of japan. defense ministry has confirmed the launch. meanwhile, the south korean military says it is conducting further analysis. >> translator: north korea fired
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missiles. i ordered the gathering of information to confirm the safe condition of japanese ships. i also want to continue to provide updates to the people of japan. >> abe added there has been no damage report the so far. multiple missiles have been confirmed this month. pyongyang fired six projectiles on march 3rd. a week later, they also fired two short range ballistic missile to be scuds. nuclear war head, the order came after reported successful simulation of the re-entry of a ballistic missile into the earth's atmosphere. details come into us, we'll report on them.
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a kurdish militant group has claimed responsibility for a deadly car bombing in the turkish capital anchkara. 30 people were killed. turkish authorities say a female in her 20s carried it out in a busy commercial district. the kurdish militant group claiming responsibility. the group was also behind the car bombing last month that killed 29 people. following sunday's a it can, the turkish government conducted air raids on military camps within the country. now, the main kurdish group in syria has declared autonomy in the northern part of the country. the declaration quick rebuks from turkey and the united states. the concerns that the move to complicate the peace talks aimed at ending syria's civil war. the kurdish forces met in the
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northern part of the country on thursday. a senior official said they voted to consolidate three separate areas under kurdish control. their aim is to set up a democratic system where a president and parliament are elected. u.s. backed forces expanding the control in northern area by fighting back the islamic state group. peace talks to end the civil war in syria are underway in geneva swir switzerland. they say there is no legal base. the kurds have been kept out of the talks because of opposition from the turkish government. turkey has engaged in clashes with the kurds near its border. it's against the group's territorial ex tanks. the reuters news agency said they must remain as one without being weakened. meanwhile, in washington, john kirby said the u.s. goal fos
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peace talks is to see a unified non-secretaritarian syria. russia as president has pledged financial support to the syrian government. he made the comments for military personnel. put putin congratulations for carrying out air strikes in syria. the he said the syria's will end spon billy and responsibility in fighting terrorism. on monday, put tein ordered the military to withdraw. however, in his speech, he service to air missile in the country, putin said they could build up in a few hours if necessary. foreign investors seem to be worried about the outlook for many japanese companies. let's go to ai uchida from the business desk.
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it seems traders are jit erie about japan. >> exactly, catherine. we're hearing from officials about the this. the net value of shares sold by these investors on japanese stock markets last week hit a record high. market sources say the foreigners are concerned about china's slow down and global economic uncertainties. specifically, they believe the strong yen is going to continue to hurt japanese exporters. sales by foreigners last week exceeded purchases by nearly 1.2 trillion yen. that's about $10.7 billion. the amount is the largest since comparable data became available in 1982. the previous record was black monday, in october 1987, when markets around the world crashed. foreign investors have been net sellers for the tenth straight week since the start of this year. they account for about 70% of the value of stock transactions
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in tokyo. so, let's see how tokyo markets are opening this morning. for that, a stronger yen will weigh on sentiment again today. the dollar went below 111, the lowest since october 2014. let's see how stocks are trading. we're going to go to ramin. what are you seeing over there? >> thank you very much. as far as currencies, i'll come to those in a second. let's look at how the nikkei and t topi topics. 16,087. we're below the 17,000. the fed indicated gradual rate hikes, but export shares on a stronger yen. speaking of that let's have a look now at currency level.
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111.40. the lowest in 16 months. now the dollar falls since the fed policy wrapped up. that's going to hurt major japanese exporters. however, the weaker dollar may be good news for u.s. companies. the indexes on wall street rose overnight, as you can see, the dow jones industrial average closing up futures went above $40 a barrel in more than three months. however, oil price pluck fluctuation, and emerging economies, still, worrying not only for the fed, but also for the bank of japan, as it tries to achieve its goal or target of 2% inflation. >> tell us about the currencies of some of these emerging economies. it looks like they're gaining ground after the fed statement.
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>> exactly. we have seen some of those currencies specifically. let's go through them, indonesia, new zealand, russia, south africa, all rising against the dollar since that fed statement. we're now looking at the indonesindoan niece the economy may get a boost after mining stock rose. the u.s. dollar there, that follows the rebound in metal prices overall this week. i'm going to be focusing on that as well. seoul's kospi trading higher, and australia higher, as we said there, we may get a boost from mining stocks. i'll be keeping track of that. the nikkei, under performing, stronger yen weighing on sentiment, it's down 83 points. we'll see how it progresses. >> thanks a lot for the update.
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we'll check in with a few hours time. tokyo stock exchange. well, the japanese government has been holding a series of panels with prominent economists, a harvard university professor has told his host japan should deregulate its n - nonmanufacturing and raise productivity. former bank of japan deputy governor were speaking at a meeting hosted by prime minister abe. j jorgensn, deregulating power, not involved in manufacturing. he said japan should push forward growth strategies to stop population decline and further promote its negative interest rate policy to lift the country out of deflation. well, people on japan's northern island are hoping the new bullet train link from tokyo will bring a big increase in
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tourists to prepare for the new arrival. travel companies have created activities that take visitors up close to traditional culture. nhk world has more. >> reporter: visitors from south korea make their way to the counter. a city in the south. they get some pointers from the chef, then try putting them to use. managers at a local hotel are trying a hands on experience. they want to give guests a taste of the fresh seafood and also some insight into the ancient cuisine. >> translator: very tasty. jap . >> nearly 350,000 foreigners make their way here every year. most come in tour groups from
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mainland china and taiwan. the new train that is planning for march 26th, will make easier for people to come on their own. >> it's very useful, because it is much cut the time. >> many firms are exploring ways to capitalize. staff at the tokyo travel agent sell tour packages to hot spots all over the world. now they're setting their sights here. >> translator: fishermen have started offering cruise tours, they're using fishing vessels, which is unique. >> translator: making it easier to travel is the key to expanding the market for tourist activities. so we're taking a close look at ways we can take advantage of
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the new line. >> managers at the agency dispatched one of the staff to check out its potential. she visited an inn that is more than 80 years old. the chef wants to have guests can try to make buckwheat noodles. >> they should be as thin as this one. >> the chef used the coin to let the guest better grasp exactly how thin the noodle should turn out. >> well done. see, you touched the coin. that means it's thin enough. >> translator: i should have worked a bit harder. delicious. it's a very special experience.
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the chef speaks a little english, which i think is enough. it's even better than being fluent, because it makes the experience more authentic for tourists. >> translator: the growing interest is thanks to the concept. i want to see and experience what we can offer. >> business owners here say that the train link can't come soon enough. travel agencies are also keen. both are poised to do -- numbers to japan hit record highs. nhk world. that is the latest in business news for this hour. i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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myanmar government over a third to reduce costs. observers point out it may reduce vested interest of the military. the proposal submitted to parliament on thursday says the new government will have 21 ministries down from 36. it proposes merging the ministries of culture and religion. the railway's transport and telecommunications industries would also be combined. the nl d won a victory, pledging to streamline the government and reduce spending. a new national president was foo inially chosen by parliament this week. its reorganization plan would reduce the number of government ministers and deputies, mostly
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ex military officers. critics say senior officials receive huge allowances handed down since the country was ruled by a military. the new government will also have a ministry for ethnic minorities. party leader has first priority. amo mongolia helped arrange a meeting between the parents abducty and the daughter two years ago. they met in tmongolia capital, called the abduction a bar bear rick crime and human rights violation. he would spare no effort to help japan resolve the issue.
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he discussed disappointment to dispan the special committee tasked with investigating the state of missing nationals there. international human rights group about a railway china is building into the ti bet. culture integrity. the railway is part of the chinese government's new five year development plan. it will run 1,900 kilometers between chunda. end to end will take about 13 hours. the chinese government says the line will improve members say the line will enable rampant exploit tation of the natural resources. they say it will increase immigration by china's majority
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ethnic group. a railway already linked tibit, the members of the ngo say the new line will have a bigger impact and culturally. missing japanese journalist appeared on wednesday released by a syrian activist. they told nhk the group holding him wants to negotiate his release with japan's government. the activist posted the video on social media, contact with him was lost after he entered syria from turkey last june, accompanied by a guide. the activist said he is being held by the al-noosnra group. he was asked to release it.
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>> translator: the intermediary told me that the front wanted the japanese government to know he was being held by the group, and that he was safe. >> the activist said the intermediary told him he was in poor health when they met three months ago. he added that he heard the journalist was in good health on wednesday, when the videos was taken. he described the intermediary as a member of groups of syrians held by militant groups in the country. japan's imperial visit is part of a tour of areas devastated by the disaster. emperor and empress visits aid monument prefecture. the memorial was erected a year after the tsunami to comfort the
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souls of those who died there. many of them had worked in the fishing industry. they walked over to a group of elderly well wishes, wished them well and thanked them for waiting in the cold. the couple also visited another town, the town's population, one of the most rapid declining among the disaster hit areas. more than 800 people died there. people in the town built a new shopping street on land raised about seven meters, hoping to revitalize the community. the couple is said to have long wanted to visit the town. last year, she composed a poem. the emperor and empress asked shop owners what products they had to offer, and remarked that it was nice that people are gradually coming back. they entered shops to have a close look at the merchandise.
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people in japan recently marked the anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters in its history. five years since the powerful earth wake raf aged the northeast coast, egypt showed their support for recovery efforts through music. nhk world reports. ♪ >> reporter: the idea of music is a universal language, playing here in egypt. they're learning the song flowers will bloom. they're learning the tune a lyrics. the song was recorded in japan one year after the disaster. as a message of support and hope.
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since then, it has been performed around the world as a show of compassion. now it's being sung in cairo, deep connections to japan. 17-year-old, who is living in part of japan, since the disaster truck, his parents were teaching >> translator: i remember, we didn't think it was such a huge earthquake at first. >> translator: yes, we all thought it was an ordinary quake. >> reporter: helping to recover. tsuna tsunami, so they could return to the area. >> translator: i was so worried, wondering what might have happened to the owners of those
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photographs. >> reporter: family returned to egypt, but need to continue the volunteer work. she joined with her peers. encourages messages to people in the region. and they recorded flowers will bloom. ♪ >> translator: i hope everyone in the affected region to feel that people around the world still care about them. >> they have found a way to continue supporting people in the affected regions, and making sure resilience lives on. nhk world, cairo.
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it is time for a check of the weather. people in tokyo are enjoying warm spring like temperatures. metes meteorologist in japan, cherry blossoms will bloom. robert speta joining us with more. >> from the japan weather association, they're expected to bloom monday into tuesday of next week rolls around into the tokyo area. we've been receiving above average temperatures. that was the case late this week as well. we have the southerly winds come through. tokyo on thursday, late april like temperatures out there into the low 20s, same thing farther. s sapporo getting up to 13 degrees. a month early than what you typically see. things will cool down into early next week, though. so you might have those cherry blossoms starting to bloom, but it's going to feel a little
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cooler once again. the main culprit is the storm system moving in from the west and it's moving across parts of south korea right now, heavy rain showers right there, japan and moving into the tokyo area as we go ahead into friday night and saturday morning. some of the areas will be heavy at times. upwards to 120 millimeters at a few locations, parts of okinawa, and moving here towards the key peninsula and higher elevations. little snowfall, but for the most part, going to be rain. meanwhile, back towards the west, where this is coming from, precipitation there in the southeastern areas of china. over towards taipei in fact. high of 26, rain showers there for you. shanghai, 27, 17 in seoul. tokyo, partly cloudy skies here by friday. 20 for your high. warm out there. get out there and enjoy it. mentioned by friday night and into saturday, rain showers start to come if and cool off slightly here.
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all right, let's look over here towards the americas. where we have several areas of rather rough weather. first off, we have this area of low pressure. it has been bringing heavy rainfall and snow in some of these locations. especially across parts of the midwest, extending towards ontario into kbquebce. what's going on here. minnesota, a late season, unusual snowfall, dropped about 30 centimeters, canceled school. see snowplows hard at work. but over towards wisconsin as well, we had heavy rain and melting snow, causing flood gs. you can see the snow coming down. this is separate from another storm system which has been impacting texas. the rain starting to end there, but the water still receding. that's the storm system down towards the south. now lingering along the gulf
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coast. over towards alabama and also into mississippi. you could be seeing upwards of golf ball, maybe baseball size hail in these areas. friday, it should start to taper off, clearing skies, but for now, thunderstorms there in houston, at lan at tha atlanta, just mentioned, chicago, just 4. remember, back on wednesday, you were in the high teens. pretty significant drop in temperatures there. all right, across parts of europe, off towards the north, looking at descent conditions at parts of the british isles, athens, with a high of 14, forecast on friday. here is the extended outlook.
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and that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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stacey thunder: on this edition of native report, we learn about the history of the mahkato wacipi, we meet ramona kitto stately, a talented moccasin maker, and we continue our 10th anniversary celebration by honoring the memory of shakopee mdewakanton sioux community chairman, the late stanley r. crooks. we also learn something new about indian country and hear from our elders on this native report. narrator: production of native report is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community and the blandin foundation. [music playing]


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