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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> it's the top of the hour in tokyo and this is "newsline." a manhunt that followed the paris terrorist attacks is over. authors captured a suspect in brussels. the french president met the media and confirmed the arrest of a 26-year-old belgian born frenchman of moroccan decent. the two leaders said police captured him in a raid. he has been on an international
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wanted list. he want reportedly got a leg wound in the raid. they made preparations in brussels and the attackers unleashed shootings and bombings that killed 130 people. brazilians have seen their country fall into turmoil. a former president is accused of corruption as the chief of staff led to protests in the streets and a battle in the courts. she was angry that they gave a job to her predecessor who is among more than 100 politicians and business people under investigation for corruption involving a state run oil company. >> the government is corrupt and the reputation is worse than ever. >> translator: lulo's proper
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place is in jail. >> they asked to block the appointment and the court issued an injunction saying he might interfere with authorities if he became a can cab member and a higher court overturned that. they had federal courts in at least two other states. a poll shows the president's approval rating has fallen to 11%. >> south korean defense is on high alert as they speed up the missile development. they could fire longer range missiles in the near future. the defense ministry spokesperson commented after the north fired two ballistic missiles. >> we judge that they are speeding up the pace of test
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launches to include their nuclear capability in line with kim jung un's order. >> they said the north fired what appeared to be a medium range missile north of pyongyang. it came down in the sea of japan. the north fired a missile afterwards from the same place and said it reached an altitude of about 17,000 meters and disappeared from radar. south korean defense officials think the north could launch missileses of new types. they have a range of 4,000 kilometers so it could reach the kn 08 has a range so it could reach the u.s. west coast. north korea condemned large scale joint military exercises between the united states. the media reported tuesday that kim jung un ordered operations
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had test firings of several kinds of ballistic missiles. japan's prime minister told minsters to coordinate with the united states and south korea. abe told minsters to do everything necessary to gather and analyze information and said the government should secure the safety of aircraft and ships and offer information swiftly and appropriately. they addressed the issue. >> this is clearly a violation of the un security council's resolution. i condemn north korea for the escalation of the acts. >> the ministry issued a complaint against the north through diplomatic channels. the self defense force set up launchers for the missiles at the defense ministry in tokyo. they are preparing for an advanced radar system to waters
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around japan. they issued an interception order from more launches from north korea. the u.s. state department spokesperson said in a statement that they conduct acts that will raise tensions and fulfill the international responsibilities. the statement said that the u.s. will carry out its responsibility of defending allies, japan and south korea. earlier we spoke to an expert on north korea for his thoughts. >> the timing is very significant. the missile firing came the day after additional u.s. sanctions on pyongyang. kim jung un tried to show off the missile striking capabilities to toughen the sanctions and the surprise fighting for a road mobile launcher is a critical point. they can be easily hidden and
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undetected by satellite. in the past, they exposed preparation on the launch pad. the provocation is the self claimed nuclear striking power targeting in the united states. the strategic miscalculations may have confrontation on the peninsula. they can jump in to tone down tensions with the frame of-party talks in certain compromising peace treaty deals. today's launch holds significant consequences for missile defense in the region. north korea's missile now constituteses a threat not only to south korea, but to japan and the united states.
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overall, pyongyang would intensify tension with unexpected provocations before the 7 go ahead party congress in may. they ordered the nuclear missiles to fire at any time. unlike the typical rattling during the annual united states south korean joint exercises as it increased this year. no doubt pyongyang is improving the nuclear missile capabilities. but the real threat comes from kim jung un's misjudgments. the corporation and collaboration about washington is a mandatory counter measure between the threats. >> pakistan's former strong man left the country. we have more details from
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bangkok. >> mushareef was landed from leaving the country on charges of treason. he left his home on a convoy for the airport and would return in a few weeks or months. the travel ban was lifted following an order from pakistan's treatment court on wednesday. the minster said his lawyers assures him that the client would return to face trial, but one analyst said the chances of that happening were low. he had a battlery of four cases and returned from exile. the reporter said his departure would return friction between the powerful army. southeast asian mega cities
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including jakarta are straining under the pressure and thailand has high ambitions in the field, but we report that there many challenges ahead. >> one in mine million registered roads, the capital bank and images get burned by the year. they want to make thailand the hub with incentives first. >> we support every company that produces evs and must also produce them ourselves. >> a japanese auto maker showed
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off the combat. >> this car looks small, but can fit four people inside. it means it is quiet and produces harmful emissions. the car is cozy. they will be making room and another selling point is that it floats. that means it can keep traveling in floods which have been increasingly common in the region. he is an engineer who used to work for japanese automakers. he combines them with
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components, making thailand and the goal is to make it cost less than $9,000. >> our local partners are very important because we want to use thai-made parts wherever we can. >> german automakers indicated the market by putting his model on show in thailand. the companies say conditions are not yet right for sales. >> it depends on the infrastructure for the population of elite and to look into the government of the tax incentives for the buyer. that would take some time. >> he is facing charges to meet the mass production. so the cars can't get a number
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of plates. another problem is prepared to go. he keeps meeting with potential partners, but they don't always go well. >> the budget is not expensive for us. i want to help make it happen so we need to keep discussing. >> we want to create value for customers. if you agree, let's move forward together. >> despite the negotiations, it was not available at this time. they refused to give up. >> starting something new is not easy, but we can't go backwards. that's my philosophy.
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we received so much support and we need to work hard to achieve mass production. >> the road of becoming an ev hub is long and uncertain, but competition to get there is already heating up. nhk world, bangkok. >> that wraps up our bulletin from bangkok. >> emerging economic powers struggling with poverty. citizens still demanding democracy and the threat of violence and the push for peace. the shadow of conflict. get news and insight on south and southeast asia every weekday live from bangkok only on nhk world "newsline." chinese leaders are struggling to turn around the fortunes of the nation's rust
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belt to try to find jobs for million was unemployed worker who is once filled what are called zombie factories. they are laden with debt and declining profits. >> china's largest steel production center lies in the province, a main avenue in the town that bears the name steel city. that nickname no longer applies. the region is serving as a frontline for reform and people are struggling. hundreds of workers accept up a local government building. they say they are not being paid.
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the town's key steel mill suspended populations. the employees have been put on indefinite leave. this man in his 20s worked there. he has snowballing debt to expenses there. >> translator: i haven't been paid for six months. my family cannot afford to even buy food. it's really tough. >> many shops once patronized by workers have been forced to close. >> we are in the red. our sales are only a fraction of what they used to be.
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authorities are trying to look at other industries. they have been earmarked as a promising destination. officials say the landscape resembled the fables place of a monkey king. the mythical figure with miracle powers appears in the classical story. >> we call that rock our monkey king. >> the point to how it resembled the monkey king. the boulders represent his chair and bed. officials have installed them to make it more tourist-friendly and they plan to widen roads and improve internet access.
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it's hard to find customers. many residents questioning the government's new focus. >> tourists literally come in winter. >> sometimes we see not a single visitor over a whole month. >> experts say authorities must focus on creating new jobs if they hope to revive the local economy. >> the society will be destabilized if relocation of laid off workers doesn't work well. authorities must come up with an leesktive slougz to all the problems. >> leaders are pulling out all the stops to fix struggling industries. they set up a sizable fund to help jobless workers. the outlook remains unclear as increasing numbers of people find themselves out of work and
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down on their luck. nhk world. >> the people at toshiba unveiled a plan to rescue the firm from financial trouble. they camed by focusing on the core semi conductor and businesses. they announced the plan for fiscal 2016 on friday. >> translator: we want to regain trust and see the company reborn by making steady progress in our business. >> the company officials are aiming for a net profit of $360 million. last year they downgraded the group's pretax profit over the last seven years by about $2 billion after the accounting
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irregularities were revealed. they will sell the medical business with refrigerators and white goods business. they plan to cut nearly 14,000 jobs andy is spend recruiting new graduates. toshiba plans to invest close to $8 billion over three years into the production of flash memory chips for smart phones and other products. in the energy sector, the officials aim to win new orders for power plants in emerging countries and elsewhere over 15 years. news of the turn around plans came as officials announced that the subsitiaries in the u.s. are under investigation. the move is in connection with the company's accounting scandal. they say the subsidiaries have been asked by the department of justice and securities and exchange commission to provide details about the accounts. the subsidiaries include westing house. the toshiba officials say they
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can't comment but they would disclose the out come if necessary. westing house wrote down losses of $1.3 billion in assets in fiscal 2012 and 2013. however the details only became known after they were pointed out by officials at the tokyo stock exchange. a barb of high school text books has been approved under screening standards and a panel asked publishers to make revisions related to history and territory. the minster commented on the process. >> translator: screening was carried the out based on the scannedards that called for facts to be described as facts. >> they overhauled the standards in 2014 and this year they made five specific requests for changes regarding history. the panel told publishers to clarify there no theories on the
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number of victims in the 1937 incident or number of koreans killed in mayhem following the 1923 great earthquake in the area around tokyo. they asked that one title be changed to include reference on the position on japan's postwar reparations. they asked for 22 revisions related to how the territory is described. they concern a number of islands which are controlled by japan and claimed by china and taiwan. the islands controlled by south korea and the russian held northern territories. the government maintains that all of these territories are inherent parts of japan. new security laws are mentioned in all text books on social and political affairs. they exercise a rate to collective self defense. they will be released later this
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year. faculty and high schools will decide which to use by the end of august. the books will be in classrooms for the academic year that starts in april of next year. south korea issued a statement condemning what it called japan's unjustifiable claims. the foreign ministry officials summon suzuki, a minster at the embassy in seoul to file a protest. they responded to the review process is fair and neutral and the position is unacceptable. people in japan recently marked the anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters in their history. it has been five years since an earthquake and tsunami ravaged the coast. a group of students in egypt showed support through music. nhk world has a report.
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>> the idea of music is playing out here. they are learning the japanese song, flowers will bloom with the tune and the lyrics. >> the song was recorded in japan as a message of support. they performed it around the world as a show of compassion. now it's being sung thanks to a student with deep connections to japan. the 17-year-old was living here when the disaster struck.
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>> i remember we didn't think it was such a huge earthquake at first. >> yes, we all thought it was just an ordinary quake. >> they recovered photographs damaged by the tsunami and they had people in that area. >> i was so worried wondering what might have happened to the owners of the photographs. >> they need to continue to volunteer. she joined to study japanese. she wrote encouraging messages to people. and they recorded flowers in
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bloom. >> i hope everyone in the affected region can feel that people around the world can still care about them. >> they found a way to continue supporting people. and making sure . >> here is the weekend weather forecast.
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one part of tokyo is a wash in pink. a business association is helping prepare for the cherry
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blossom season with colorful lighting. the main think that was designated an important national asset and nearby streets are illuminated in the evening. streets are decorated with 100 land earns and colorful paper. a kimono-clad woman posed for photos and known as the birth place of the vehicle. they evolved mixing old and new and we would like to merge old traditions with new digital technologies. >> they will be up through april 10th. that's all we have for now on "newsline." thank you for watching and have a good day. x0
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anchor: on "global 3000" this week -- a visit to the u.s., which had a tragic 2015. more young african american men died from police brutality than ever before. we head to chicago to find out why. diving into mexico's caribbean coast, home to the delicious caribbean spiny lobster. how do they catch them sustainably? but we start our journey in singapore, where it's all about learning and more learning, no matter how tiny you are. signals pass between synapses in a child's brain incredibly quickly. the process starts in the womb. at two years old, the most important connections have already been made. over time, the child develops


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