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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 30, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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. glad to you have with us on this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. a senior u.s. official warning of north korea's increasing int inter continent tal ballistic missile. >> it's getting closer to the day that is miniature rised and placed on a bcm and could threaten the continental united states. >> he said north korea will be at the top of the agenda, when the leaders of japan, the u.s. and south korea meet thursday. it will happen on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in
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washington. he said they'll discuss sanctions, as well as how to cooperate to put pressure on the north. he called on china to play a leading role in implementing recent u.n. security council sanctions on the north. china has influenced north korea. he expressed support for missile defense system in south korea that is opposed piby china. north korea has fired missals. they say it could be a short range missile or rocket artillery. the officials say it was launched from wonsan, and flown 200 kilometers northeast before falling into the country. >> translator: we haven't confirmed any projectiles coming into japan it. we also haven't learned of any events that can affect the security of our country.
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>> pyongyang fired several projectiles earlier this month, including rockets from a new multiple launch system and short range ballistic missiles, another test of a medium range ballistic missile. they were all launched toward the sea of japan. they'll analyze where this projectile was fired inland. officials at japan's space agency have been trying to regain control of a new satellite they lost contact with on saturday. they say they found another object floating near it, which could indicate the satellite has broken up. the japan aerospace exploration agency launched it in february. they say the object they've now detected may be part of the satellite. they show the satellite's
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brightness changing every few seconds. an expert says it may be spinning out of control. he described the situation as very serious. they developed the x-ray satellite with help from nasa, spending around $270 million. they hoped the data from the satellite would help to unravel the mysteries of the universe, including the evolution of black holes. egyptian authorities say a man who hijacked a plane on tuesday was wearing fake explosives. it was heading from alexandria to cairo when he hijacked it. 55 passengers were on board. it was forced to land in cyprus, and the man kept seven people on board as hostages. they were later released. he claimed to be wearing a sue bide belt, but officials said it was found to be a mockup.
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one security official was on board the plane as a passenger. the aviation minister said authorities suspected the belt was fake. but took a cautious approach to avoid risking passengers' lives. it has renewed concerns about security. a russian passenger plane crashed in october, killing over 200 people. their suspicions a bomb was the cause, and authorities have been strengthening baggage checks and other security measures. executives at japanese electronics maker sharp and taiwan's hon high precision industry on a closely reached agreement. joining us from the business desk, more than a month since we reported on this issue. unexpected turns. >> absolutely, catherine. executives at hon hai, which is also known as fox con, they had earlier postponed signing the
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deal. they said they needed to clarify a document from sharp, this mentioned a possible loss of about $2.6 billion, that sharp may be shouldering. but now the companies are expected to decide on hon hai's takeover. hon hai has said in a statement it will make an important announcement. sharp had forecast an operating profit for the business year ending in march, but it is now expected to post a large loss. the company's executives returned to the negotiating table, and agreed that hon hai will take a 2/3 stakes in sharp, as previously planned. the taiwan company initially offered around $4.3 billion. now it wants to reduce the number to about $3.4 billion. the chair of the federal reserve has stressed that a future hike in u.s. rates should proceed cautiously.
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janet yellen made a speech in new york. she explained the pace of rate increases needs to be delayed somewhat in light of market turmoil, triggered by the slowing economy and sharply lower oil prices. >> given the risk to the outlook, i consider it appropriate for the committee to proceed cautiously in adjusting policy. >> market sources say many investors had believed an early rate hike was possible. but turmoil that began in january has subsided and u.s. economic data has improved. but now they take the view, increase is unlikely in the near future. well, buy orders surged on wall street, following yellen's comments. the dow jones industrial average, 17,633. the tech heavy nasdaq jumped just about 1.7%. let's see how investors here are
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reacting. we're going to ramin. good morning, what are you seeing over there? >> thank you very much. as you were just touching on the u.s. federal reserve there, after some of the hawkish comments from fed officials it seems janet yellen herself has made it pretty clear they would rather err on the side of caution, and an early rate hike is not necessarily in the cards. but let's have a look how tokyo's stocks are moving this wednesday, march 30th. both indexes in the negative. probably a function of the weaker dollar or stronger yen, and the dollar actually fell against major currencies after the more cautious tone set by yellen, as she warned about unfavorable market conditions and also, the expected weaker growth overseas. let's have in fact a look at some of the currency levels here as tokyo stocks.
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112.53. snapped seven days of gains. it's gone from 111 yen level, up to 113, but backed off as you can see. the dollar fell sharply against the euro. jobs report the next guide for the greenback. as we approach the end of fiscal year here in january, on the 31 big focus will be on corporate japan. the survey coming up on friday. and that's going to give a picture of how large and small manufacturers and no non-manufacturers feel and really their expectations going forward. that's going to be a big focus on friday, we have the u.s. jobs data and the tancan report. u.s. corporate earnings a big focus, so corporate earnings, heading for the first quarter results, that's going to be a big focus for investors.
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ai. >> hasn't it been tough for many sectors? >> indeed it has. we've seen that going through a lot of the sectors. oil and energy and overnight benchmark crude futures fell below $39 a barrel. according to a major consulting study i found, next year expected sales of construction machinery is to increase as it predicts improvement in commodity prices. so we'll be looking for earnings from the likes of caterpillar, hit hitchi as well. let's look at the markets open now. seoul's kospi is up, as is australia's index. i'll have more in a few hours, but that's all for me. >> thanks a lot. we'll talk to you in a few hours. japan's tourism industry is booming, but the record of foreign tourists has create aid
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problem. a serious labor shortage in hotel, shops and restaurants. so the service sector is innovativing. nhk has the story. >> reporter: this is the spa resort, southwest of tokyo. the hotel managers have taken a close look to determine if they are really necessary. >> could you put your shoes here in the shoe lockers, please. >> asking customers to store way their own shoes, means one less choir for the hotel staff. >> your room is at the far end. >> the inn has stopped escorting guests to rooms. >> it looks nice. >> laying out the futons used to
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take a staff member two hours. guests now make up their own bed. fewer workers means lower rates. one night stay costs about $80, with two meals. that's about half the local rate. >> i think that's okay. we've got many things to do, but not a big deal. it's good if it's less expensive. >> the inn also reviewed how duties were assigned to each staff worker. this woman, a receptionist, after peek check in time is over, she heads to the dining room, where she sets dinner tables. >> translator: please enjoy your meal. since i work at the front desk, i recognize guests at the restaurant. so it's easier to provide services that way.
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>> the benefits to the hotel are clear. smaller number of staff can do much more work, and the employees get more holidays. >> translator: employees can work more efficiently and comfortably and guests will like this place. it creates a virtous circle. >> the restaurant industry is also struggling to find staff. so it is increasingly using automation. this is a nationwide restaurant chain. it has created a system to cook noodless, putting ingredients in the pot and sets it on the automatic cooker. 26 seconds on the first hop, then automatically moves to the second.
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noodles, and the pot is heated for another 26 seconds. the next dish is prepared in the meantime. the pot moves to the heater for another 26 seconds. and then it's finished. the innovation has cut cooking time from eight minutes to two. staff training time has been stretched from six months to a single week. >> translator: our customers no lo longer have to wait 20 to 30 minutes at peek time and they're happy about this. >> japan's private sector is worth 70% of gdp. improving efficiency is becoming increasingly important. keita kage, nhk world. that's the latest in
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business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets. new national security laws have come into effect in japan, six months after they were passed. the country's self-defense forces will now prepare for a new role, but still people yet to come to terms with the
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changes. nhk world has the details. >> reporter: it's a new day with new meaning for the japanese self-defense forces. new national security laws will give the forces a new mission. the laws passed the upper house last september, with opposition party. they allowed japan to use force to exercise its right to collect self-defense under certain conditions. that means japan can use force to defend other nations with which it has close relations, if japan's territory or people are in danger. the scf will also be able to provide support without needing legislation. and japan's forces sent on u.n. peace keeping missions, will be
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able to use their weapons if they come under attack. japanese prime minister shinzo abe. >> translator: we thought hard about measures needed for self-defense fro texts the people's lives, which is our responsibility. we decided to allow limited use of the right to collective self-defense. >> the change has met opposition from groups who believe the laws are unconstitutional. a group called students emergency action for liberal democracy, held their rally in front of the national d.i.e.t. on monday. they're demanding the law be repealed. >> government officials have been saying that they'll try hard to help people understand the new national security laws, but they never do. >> meanwhile, an upper house election will take place in japan this summer.
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the controversy surrounding the law is expected to continue on as an issue. nhk world, tokyo. u.s. officials support the legislation. they say they hope japan will expand the role of the self-defense forces in promoting peace and stability. a senior state department official told nhk his country welcomes japan's efforts to strengthen the alliance and play a more proactive role in securing global peace. south korea called on japan to maintain transparency in its policies. >> translator: south korea has firmly maintained that scrap pan's defense policy must be implemented to contribute to regional peace and stability in line with the spirit of the country's constitution. we will keep watching to see the direction. >> and china says the world is
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closely watching japan's moves in the security field. >> translator: we hope japan will learn lessons from history. proceed on the path of peaceful development, and exercise prudence in its military and security policies. >> japan's prime minister says the laws will further strengthen the country's alliance with the u.s. and help prevent war. but he says it will take sometime for the self-defense forces to be ready for their new missions. >> translator: we should take time to train sdf personnel and make thorough preparations so that they can carry out their new missions properly. while securing their safety. >> he made the remarks at a news conference on tuesday. there, he also addressed the plan to rise in consumption tax, from 8% to 10% in april, next
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year. >> translator: there has been no change in the plans to raise the consumption tax next year, unless there is another catastrophic earthquake or global cries, the measure is necessary to mass on our social security system to the next generation, and to secure the confidence of the markets, and the international community. >> and on elections, he says he doesn't intend to call a snap lower house election to coincide with the upper house one scheduled for summer. a major fire has hit two residential towers in the united arab emirates. it broke out in a high rice
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residence on monday evening. it later spread to an adjacent tower. the buildings are part of a 12 tower complex. some of the injured, including a pregnant woman, inhaled spoke before the flames were put out. the fire is the latest in a series of skyscraper blazes in the uae. in february last year, an 86 story residential build anything dubai went up in spoke and last new year's eve, a 63 story hotel was engulfed in flames. the cause is not known, but local media cited the similarities with the previous fires. some experts attribute to a flammable material used to cover skyscrapers in the uae. . a military selected committee has published thailand's new draft constitution. critics say it would consolidate the military's power, which it
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seized almost two years ago. >> translator: in the draft, it may pair that there is not pour wer to the people. but with every legislative act, fairness not inequality, and basic human rights and freedom. >> the draft contains many controversial sections, including appointed senate seats reserved for the military. it would serve as a check on lawmakers for five years after the next election promised for 2017. critics said it would effectively give the military a veto over laws passed. the pro military bangkok establishments has been facing off for years by rule voters from the populous north and northeast. critics say the draft would do little to resolve the divide. the proposed constitution will be put to a referendum in august. indonesia foreign ministry
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says ten have been kidnapped. they claim to be from the islamic militant group. they were on a tug group with thousands of tons of coal from indonesia towards the southern philippines. it isn't clear when the vessel was hijacked, but its owner received a ransom call on saturday. >> translator: i need to point out that the current priority is the safety of the ten indonesia >> notorious for kidnapping tourists and demanding large ransom payments. it is time now for a check of the weather. people are experiencing a warm sunny morning. good news for those waiting for the cherry trees to fully
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blossom. a big deal for fans of the pink flowers. robert speta joins us with the latest. >> as far as the forecast concerned, it's a big deal as well. when is the best time to get out there. really, this week, at least in the toek i don'kyo area, we're t full blooms. temperatures on the rise, at least for the time being. one of the main reasons for that, you could see our trough passing off towards the north. that's going bring some rain showers, maybe even some thunderstorms, tohoko region. for the most part, all of the areas have started to see the blossoms start to bloom out here. even areas of south korea, as we go through wednesday into thursday, it does look like things are mostly going to be clearing out, maybe a few lingering showers, but
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temperatures are definitely going to be on the rise. let's look at the extended forecast. sapporo, how about tokyo, 22 here on your wednesday. that is what it should feel like for may, even over towards thursday, high of 20. things do start to cool down a little bit, getting down to average by friday into saturday, though. some cloudy skies, high of 16 and 14. i do want to note into okinawa, high of 23 today, but the last several days, you were below average, record breaking for five days straight. things are warming back up. if you do want to head out, enjoy the cherry blossoms. definitely a good time to be doing it. pulling back towards the bigger picture, high pressure dominating northeastern areas of china, some lingering showers, but for the most part, clear side. possibly a rain shower there in taipei. hong kong, partly cloudy skies, manila, nice and warm, partly
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cloudy skies on wednesday. all right, let's look towards the americas. you can't miss this on the satellite picture. it is this massive storm system, continuing to move across the rockies, and in fact, basically dominating much of the state of wyoming, 30 centimeters of snowfall, combined with gusty winds, tracking off towards the east. it is pulling in the very fringe it air behind it. ahead of it, we have warm temperatures, in facts, across the gulf coast. moisture wrapping in as well. especially this time of year, heading into april, severe weather season. that's going tock one of the main issues there in part gs of oklahoma, texas, north, missouri and arkansas, looking at a chajs of large hail, damaging winds and even possibly rotating thunderstorms, so the issue with tornado coming out of this. now, one other thing, as this continues to track off towards the east, temperatures will be dropping down heading into the
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weekend. winpeg, 10. partly cloudy skies. let's wrap it up across europe. actually rather large system towards the peninsula. bringing severe weather down towards the south into the british isles, low countries, damaging winds, large hail, possibility of tornados here as ahead of the storms, temperatures on the rise. rome at 20. cloudy skies on wednesday. here is the extended outlook.
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and that wraps up this edition of "newsline," i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. we'll be back at the top of the hour. please stay with us.
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steves: the dramatic rock of cashel is one of ireland's most evocative sites.
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this was the seat of ancient irish kings for seven centuries. st. patrick baptized king aengus here in about 450 a.d. in around 1100, an irish king gave cashel to the church, and it grew to become the ecclesiastical capital of all ireland. 800 years ago, this monastic community was just a chapel and a round tower standing high on this bluff. it looked out then, as it does today, over the plain of tipperary, called the golden vale because its rich soil makes it ireland's best farmland. on this historic rock, you stroll among these ruins in the footsteps of st. patrick, and wandering through my favorite celtic cross graveyard, i feel the soul of ireland.
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anchor: this week, global 3000 is on the west coast of india where an entire village is taking care of turtles. here, they are holy creatures - but above all, they need protection. we look at a gigantic building project in nigeria - which aims to protect the megacity of lagos from dangers caused by rising sea levels. but how will it work? but we start in berlin, where we meet a resistance fighter who's using non-violent means to combat the terror of so-called islamic state. non-violent resistance needs to have a message. and also symbols. these need to be simple. when they work well, they become a kind of brand, like the fist of the serbian organisation canvas. , it's about demonstrating without being provoked into violence.


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