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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there, and welcome to "newsline," it's thursday, march 31st, i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. nuclear terrorism in the spotlight over the coming days, as leaders from more than 300 countries gather in washington for the summit. it starts on thursday. japanese prime minister shinzo abe, south korean president and other leaders have flown into a local military base. security is tight around the convention center, and hotels where the leaders will stay. over two days, they'll focus on ways to prevent terrorism using nuclear materials. white house officials say that includes discussing islamic state terrorism in light of the
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belgium attacks. >> it would be very dangerous and deeply troubling if isil was able to get its hands on nuclear material. >> on the sidelines of the meeting, abe will attend the try lateral submit with president barack obama and south korea's president. abe said he'll confirm his close cooperation against north korea, which has continued nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches that many in the world consider provocative. abe will hold separate talks with leaders of canada and turkey. now, as the leaders discuss limiting nuclear weapons, others around the world are reacting to a suggestion that there should be more. and it comes from a man who wants to be a world leader, the front-runner to be the u.s. republican presidential candidate, donald trump. nhk world reports on the backlash against his comments. >> donald trump defends his
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assertion on tuesday, that the u.s. should review its alliance with japan and south korea. >> we are supporting japan. most people didn't even know that. most people didn't know that we are taking care of japan's military needs. with japan, they have to pay us, or let them protect themselves. >> trump said the u.s. should withdraw its troops from japan, unless the asian country foots more of the bill to host them. >> at some point, we have to say you know what, we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea. wouldn't you rather in a certain sense have japan have nuclear weapons, when north korea has nuclear weapons. >> the u.s. government has criticized his proposal to review the security treaty. >> the rhetoric, particularly as it relates to foreign policy issues and people of other faiths was an embarrassment.
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nothing has changed about our seriousness with which we take our commitments to japan and south korea. >> christians trump diplomatic policy. >> the u.s. has never weakened bonds with its allies since after world war ii. experts in diplo massey has never seen anything like that. it's really unpredictable. i don't know what to say. >> trump's remarks have created a stir in japan. >> translator: no matter who becomes the next president, japan/u.s. alliance cornerstone of the diplomacy. >> but the lawmaker voiced concern. >> translator: to be honest, i'm worried. the u.s. is japan's ally. i want a person with more
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balanced views to be the next president. >> trump has announced the members of his diplomat take policy team. they include senator jeff sessions, who recently declared his support for trump. an expert in antiterrorism and former military officer. officials say they're bewildered by trump's rhetoric. as for trump's foreign affairs team, some call their skills into question. trump's comments have made in south korea too. he said the u.s. needs to renegotiate with south seoul. a major daily criticized his remarks and dangerous and foolish. some diplomats have shrugged them off as rhetoric. but others are worried. >> translator: the u.s. and
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congress recognize the alliance parter. >> south korean officials have already let trump know their misgivings known. a key element of trump's appeal is that he is seen as caring about the middle class and working class americans, who are the major supporters of his bid for the presidency. since day one, money needs to be spent on domestic, such as education and infra structure, than foreign security issues. >> translator: trump creates an imaginary enemy by sending a message like japan and south korea are exploiting the u.s. by doing so, people feel less frustrated. >> japanese foreign ministry officials fear that a trump victory in november may affect their country's diplomatic
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policy and the global economy. government officials, especially those in the japanese embassy in washington, are pouring over trump's policy statements and collecting information on people who might be appointed to senior positions in his government. nhk world. >> senior u.s. official stressed his country will not recognize an air defense identification zone or adiz if china declares one in the south chien that sea. >> we will not reng nize it in the south china sea. we do not recognize the adiz that was established in the east china sea. we don't believe they have a basis in the international law and we've said over and over, we will fly, sail and go where ever international law allows. >> they've bluntly told that
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adiz -- they're installing radar systems in the south china sea. the country has deployed surface to air missiles on an island it effectively controls. u.s. officials have repeatedly urged beijing not to take provocative actions in the south china sea, where china has territorial disputes with its neighbors. his chance to chinese president on the nuclear security summit. japanese leck trelectronics have reached a buyout agreement now that japanese firm is focusing on how to turn itself around. for more on this, its go to ai uchida at the business desk. >> we know sharp will be veefg $3.4 billion from hon hai, also known as fox con and that would be to rebuild sharp's business. now, sharp executives plan to use more than half of that amount to develop what are known
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as organic el displays. industry experts predict growing demand for the next generation products that are used in smartphones. sharp officials hope to take on the south korean rivals. sharp's reforms by increasing the presence on the japanese board. up to 2/3 board members. let's check in on markets now. share prices on wall street closed at 3 month highs. janet yellen's comments on tuesday continues to ease concerns. she suggested a cautious stanone hikes. let's see how markets here are reacting for that. ramin joins us from the stock exchange. what can you tell us. >> good morning to you. a lot of investors focusing on the next big thing.
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u.s. jobs data and keym manufacturing data. let's have a look at how the nikkei are kicking off, thursday, march 31st. back up the 17,000 level. yesterday, major markets in europe rallied after yellen ace comments, but the nikkei wasn't able to join the party. but we're above it now. up 119 points. investors sold the dollar after yellen's speech, by the yen and we may see a little turn around today. that said, the weaker dollar also boosted or provided some support to industrial commodity prices. we did see crude briefly $40 a barrel, and wti futures went above $39. u.s. government data shows built up last week, less than market
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forecast. now, as i said earlier, the next big tests will not only be economic data out of the u.s. and china, but also, the earnings season will be kicking off as of april. and of course, as we've been talking about this deal with sharp and hon hai precision industries as you were just covering as well, i'll be tracking the shares and related companies as well. >> ramin, currencies, we did see the yen snap a decline after yellen's comments. how are they trading now? >> exactly. following yellen's comments, investors bought the yen. the comments from pretty clear on the raising of rates. less inclined for now to buy the dollar. that's really keeping the yen in a stubbornly strong position. president abe reaching the
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inflation target of 2% may be a little difficult. another factor of course, is the end of fiscal year here in japan. a lot of corporations a lot of their funds, profits, selling overseas, currencies to buy the yen. let's very quickly have a look at how the asian indexes are trading now. seoul's kospi above 2,000. australia, up. china markets will be open in an hour and a half. i'll have more updates then. for you, back to you. pretty positive start to asian markets. well, japan has been welcoming a record number of foreign visitors, the government's target of 2020, still they want a lot more tourists. it has doubled its goal to 40 million a year. >> translator: we have the new challenge of preparing the tokyo
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o olympics and even beyond that. >> he was speaking at a government panel, saying tourism is a powerful engine that poosts gdp. abe's raising the bar for the olympics here, and it is set well into the future. the annual target for the year 2030 is 60 million visitors. authorities are planning to ease visa requirements from tourists from china, vietnam and the philippines. government officials pect foreign tourism to be worth $70 billion by the time dwrotok hosts the olympics. japanese firms that want to expand overseas are increasing foreign workers to help. they don't have to look far. they're recruiting people who came to scrjapan to study and t to build a career. nhk world has more.
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>> a chinese lesson on the way at this processing company north of tokyo. the instructor was hired full-time, after she finished graduate school in japan last year. she also speaks english and japanese. the company's orders come from major manufacturers in japan, but they have moved the production abroad. that's for the company to re-think its customer base. in recent years, it's objectives have been focusing on dealing with firms overseas. but they have trouble finding japanese employees with the right skills. so they've turned the attention to foreign graduates to universities and vocational schools. four of the companies, 50 workers now come from overseas. a company executive has high
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hopes that foreign-born employees will help the firm's business expand in china, vietnam and other overseas markets. >> translator: we're aiming to make inroads into overseas markets. many foreign students are extremely competent. we expect they'll be able to engage in planning and day-to-day operations. >> lee is also involved in product design. this gives her the technical knowledge she needs to engage in other aspects of the business. in january, she traveled to china to negotiate with a local firm. she is now a major player in the company's business in the country. >> translator: i'm involved in work that affects the firm's future. i'm really grateful that they've put so much trust in me.
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>> a recent survey suggests that 65% of foreign students studying in japan want to work in the country after they graduate. but the process of applying and interviewing for jobs can be long and confusing. >> translator: foreign students don't know how to go about looking for a job in japan. because the process is unique. and businesses don't know how to connect with them. >> efforts on the way to fix that problem. officials with the economy ministry in the southwestern region launched the website last year to introduce foreign students to small and medium sized businesses. students make videos in which they describe their strong
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points and demonstrate their foreign language skills. >> my name is -- >> recruiters can view the videos on the website. they can then contact candidates directly. about 100 students from ten countries have with the site since it was launched five months ago. small and mid-size companies across japan are hoping that an international approach to hiring will help them prepare for global future. nhk world. and that's the latest in business. catherine, back to you. thanks very much. some girls and young women in japan are planning to file lawsuits against the government and drug firms, because they say they've suffered problems with their health after taking cervical cancer vaccines. they want the state and two drug firms to determine the cause of their illnesses, and pay
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compensation. the lawyers said that others through jouts the country as early as july to join lawsuits. they stopped promoting the vaccines more than two years, mainly teenage girls, complained of unexplained pain and other health problems. high school student said headaches and feeling of are dealing with her daily life. >> translator: i want the drug firm to take responsibility. >> they estimate thor than 3 million people received the vaccinations and at least 186 patients still have symptoms. the ministry and glaxo smith klein, have said they've let to learn the complaint. msd, the other company, said the vaccine is approved by japan and
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other countries. it says it will present evidence in court to support its claim if lawsuits are filed. uni cif are telling their story in cartoon form, encouraging assistance for such children. the u.n. released animations of true stories of children who escaped war torn syria. this feature ace 14-year-old girl who fled syria with her mother and faced a dangerous journey, carrying her pillow the whole way. another animation -- here is another animation, she goes for a walk and tells the story of a
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13-year-old boy who gets separated from his family. he has to abandon everything, and makes it to safety on his own. unicef says these stories are not unusual. 60 million young people are on the run from conflict and poverty around the world. like some other countries around the world, ethiopia's forests are under threat. they started to get help from japan and interested in the coffee plant that grows there. nhk reports. >> reporter: ethiopia a land of coffee lovers. everyday, people gather at coffee stores around the streets. people in ethiopia thought to have been drinking coffee for
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over 1,000 years. to this day, a form of traditional coffee ceremonies is a practice here. but the coffee beans are carefully roasted over a charcoal fire. next, the grounds are poured into a special pot and carefully brought to a boil. according to traditional ethiopian, each should be done three times. >> translator: oh, my. >> although coffee is now grown in plantations, the original wild coffee can still be found in the ethiopian forest. the beans from the wild trees produce coffee with a distinctive fruity flavor and refreshing acidity, but the
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forest where the coffee frees grow are shrinking. in the last 20 years, they shrank about about 20% bue to development and illegal deforest station. to encourage local people to protect the forest, they're being guaranteed an income for harvesting wild coffee beans. it's a project that has been set up by the japan international corporation agency, jica. this plan, the income they receive for the wild coffee beans has been doubled. >> translator: it means my family can continue to live together, and we can afford to buy new clothes. we're very thankful. >> in the last few years, global demand for coffee beans has been rising sharply. to ensure a stable supply of beans, one japanese coffee company paid a visit to
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ethiopia. for the company president, it's the first time he has ever seen wild coffee. >> translator: i'm totally amazed. it really does grow in the wild like this. and it looks completely different from coffee grown on plantations. >> but there are many areas that need improvement. before the beans can be sold in japan. selecting the best beans is especially important. another factor is the way they are dried. to give extra motivation, the japanese company introduced a quality control contest. the prize for the winner was 30% increase in the purchase price for their coffee. >> translator: we put a grant in energy to develop, to improve the quality, and to do all the social activities at the community.
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>> thanks to initiatives like this, people in japan are helping to protect ethiopia's forest, as well as giving people a living wage. all the while, sitting on a premium cup of coffee. nhk world. it is time for a check of the weather. people in many areas of japan are experiencing a sunny, warm morni morning. robert speta joins us now. >> actually as we go through the next several days, temperatures above average, especially across central and northern areas of japan. the wake of the storm system we saw yesterday, hokkaido, you could see the trough pulling off towards the east, clear skies will be dominating, sunny skies into the tokyo area. a low into western areas of japan, passing precipitation, over towards chikoko, it will
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stay south of the tokyo area. really, the big topic, even heading into the weekend, will be the rainfall, high coming in behind it will be kicking up the winds, and cause yellow stand or blowing dust in northeastern areas of china. a problem with air quality, reduced visibility. something to watch out for as we go ahead into friday and saturday. temperatures look like this, though. beiji beijing, 24. seoul, 21. tokyo, sunny skies, shanghai, a little cooler, because of the cloud cover and precipitation with the low moving off there towards the east. but if we look down towards south hong kong, 24 here on your thursday. all right, let's look over here towards, want to talk about the trough of low pressure, really stretching out here across the gulf, and even extending towards iran and afghanistan where we've been seeing the precipitation. even a threat of some flooding
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in these locations, you've been looking at rain showers an thunderstorms for the next 48 hours. some of the stronger thunderstorms, really reducing visibility with the dust storms. this is something you want to watch ougt for, as we head into friday and saturday morning. now, back towards west kuwait, sunny skies, weather is further east, not too bad heading into friday and saturday. into the americas, the storm system, really brought the blizzard conditions out there into wyoming, colorado earlier this week. now, it is drifting towards the east. big topic coming up is the dry air filtering behind it, the threat of snowfall, and parts of canada, but that interaction with that moist air coming in from the south, that's going to be resulting in that threat of hail. some damaging winds, already been seeing reports of hail and damages winding by the way and
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even a chance of tornados. even into oklahoma, texas, extending to arkansas, kentucky, tennessee, that's where you'll see the highest chance of rotating thunderstorms and maybe even the damages weather coming out of this. take a look at the temperatures though. oklahoma city with a high of 20. houston 27, denver, you've got the snowfall, lingering, high of 6 here on thursday. but all that cold air will continue to drift off towards the east. i know if you're in atlanta, d.c., new york, temperatures into the high teens, low 20s, but take a look heading into your weekend. it is going to be a cool down. i know you're enjoying the spring temperatures for now, but how about a little taste of winter yet again in parts of canada. looking at temperatures dropping below the freezing point with the highs with that threat of snowfall. i'll leave you now with your extended outlook.
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and that is all for this edition of "newsline," i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.
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