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tv   DW News  PBS  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw new live froms berlin. authorities have maintained -- named him as mohammed abruni. he is also being investigated. german chancellor angela merkel says thank you for people -- two people helping migrants arrive in germany. a sharp drop in the new number of asylum applications is taking place. pope francis calls for more
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tolerance in the catholic church. in a document on sex, marriage, and family life he softened his stance on divorcees and on cohabiting unmarried couples. welcome to the program. belgian authority listed a key suspect in the paris attached. officially for command -- named to the man as homage -- mohammed abrini. he might also be the man with the hat playing the area. here is more. reporter: security measures are tight these days especially in the metro.
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earlier this evening, the district attorney's office issued a terse statement. police had arrested several suspects related to the brussels attacks. officials declined to release further information at the time. this amateur footage was broadcast wide belgians during -- via the rt network. also had the infamous man with the hat been caught? yesterday belgian authorities had published a cctv video. according to the rt, the man in the arrest video is mohammed ar ini. he had been seen with abdeh al-salam.
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th is is is isi reported tos have been arrested. he too is said to >> there would have been many questions but none were answered. we know that five people have been arrested all during the day since the late afternoon. operations were still ongoing this evening. many apartments in some brussels areas were still being searched. the main suspect, that was the big fish that went into the net today. obviously he is linked to the paris attacks and it was confirmed how he was linked. he was the man in the car with a dell salam -- abdel salam.
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he was also the man who rented the apartment where the terrorist attackers stayed overnight before they committed the deed. that much is clear. he was one of the most hunted men. the second man who was also arrested, he is the figure he was seen in the metro station mall just a minute before the bomb went out. he was also the man who thought the big bags, the luggage where the bombs were transported. might be just the person on the fringes but that is not quite clear. clearly this is a big success for the belgian prosecutors and for the belgian police. anchor: we know that the man who was wanted in connection with the paris attacks is currently in custody awaiting extradition to france. do we have any sense of what it
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secures will seek the same for the others in custody now? reporter: that is not clear. the question is is abrini the man with the hat? if he is he is strictly connected to the brussels bombing. belgian authorities might want to keep him because then he would directly be linked to the deeds here. if that cannot be confirmed and this is what the investigators are still working on, it is said they are looking for material connections for traces of dna or whatever to connect into the bombing. if he is not directly connected in the french might ask for him to be extradited. that is still open. anchor: thank you. we turn to other news. italy has recalled its ambassador to egypt after days of consultations between italian
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and exception investigators over the murder of an italian student in cairo. the hat -- italian foreign ministry called the ambassador to discuss what else could be done to discover the field the student. his brutalized body was found in a cairo ditch infirmary. egypt has faced questions internationally over the handling of that case. recess has resumed the deportation of asylum seekers to turkey under the controversial new deal to curb the illegal migration. two boats carrying more than 100 people have arrived at a turkish port after leaving the greek island of less post. germany registered a sharp call the number of new asylum applications last month. berlin says this is due to the closure of the balkan route into europe which had been used by thousands. with integration of refugees and german society topping the agenda, the chancellor spence the morning posting some of those involved. reporter: cooking with the
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crisis takes citizen dedications. that is why she says thank you to churches, government agencies and private institutions. now a monumental task. even as pressure eases as the number of asylum seekers falls. the cease-fire would have had for weeks now even though it is fragile has situation somewhat. at least there is your longer the fear of hundreds of thousands of new refugees arriving. , it is closure of the falcon for that emily's -- that she criticized. recently thousands of migrants heard a were being registered here. according to the latest data in january, 60 4000 refugees
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arrived in germany. in february, 38,000. in march, 5000. the total number comesbut the gr was not willing to give a prognosis for this year 2016. >> we do not know how the implementation of the pact will develop in the long run. most importantly, we do not know how alternative for its will change. for example, over the mediterranean sea from be a to italy. the german government estimates in north africa alone as many as 200,000 refugees are waiting to cross over to europe. even though the current numbers have receded the government warns that it is too early to say that the migration crisis is over. anchor: love, sex, and marriage. pope francis has addressed the faithful with the publication of a 253 page document called on
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love and the family. it is held as one of the defining moments of francis is' cap c. clarifying their position on divorce, contraception, and same-sex relationships. reporter: it is a document many believers had eagerly awaited. some hoping the church would change its position. they are likely disappointed. holy father affirms the dr. nonmerit marriage and the family and proposes it as an indispensable ideal. he says the church affirms marriage is that's marriage as god's plan in knowledge grander. there is still a few surprises in the 200 pages of the after stolid taken. divorced catholics may soon be allowed to partake in communion. the document has nothing to say about gay relationships.
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it expresses opposition to discrimination based on sexual orientation. for many in berlin, that did not go far enough. if you look at the catholic church it is still 200 or 300 years behind the times. especially when it comes to issues like homosexuality. the pope is still very backward. the document may signal a more open stance in some areas but it is clear many catholics had expected more. anchor: we are joined by our religious affairs correspondent. we just heard some of the main points but what does this do for catholics? martin: this is an argument directed at bishops and priests and smaller and distant areas that had close contact with what we might call nontraditional families that were ministering to these groups and who had been left out in the cold by the
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doctrine, the theological principles that were quite dogmatic as the church would. in some sense this document is a seal of approval to those who had been dealing with communities that have families and groupshat are not -- do not belong to what the church prescribes. it does not change the facts on the ground immediately but i think it certainly will in the long run. anchor: it allows flexible the in who these priests are able to give the sacraments to and so on and so forth but is the flexibility perhaps too great? in this document the pope does not mandate that these people be allowed to receive these sort of things. it is left to the discretion of the local priest. reporter: exactly. this is an exit take in. this does not have the force economic law would have. it is grounded on theological principles on the principle of
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charity and mercy. these two things cannot be taken from each other. when -- in one sense the document gives a lot of freedom but it does not give freedom to do anything. it gives freedom specifically to be as merciful if you are a priest as you can possibly be. translated into more secular terms it means it is about dialogue and acceptance. that this document is about. it is about dialogue and acceptance, the force is something that can be politically momentous. anchor: pope francis has been hailed as a modernist. do you think he is trying to do too much because in many ways he is trying to appease both sides. the conservatives in the church and the locals. reporter: i think yes. this document has all the elements to try to keep
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conservatives appeased. it will ultimately fail. we will see the backlash, there are strong reasons to think that this expresses essentially the winning of the more progressive side. this was visible in the representation which specified that the church is emphasizing the position of charity and dialogue. anchor: thank you. we appreciate it. let's get a quick check of other stories making news around the world. police in texas say to people have been killed in an apparent murder suicide at the lackland air force base in san antonio. an air force news outlets had an airman shot the commanding officer of a training squadron. the fbi said it was not an act of terrorism. fire crews have extinguished a mess of plays at an oil refinery
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in texas. the fire department described the fire at an some mobile facility is very bad but said there were no reports of injuries. please created a huge plume of smoke visible for miles. myanmar's new government has stated releasing political prisoners under a plan announced by the country's defective new leader. more than 60 students that were jailed a year ago have been freed and the government is preparing to free dozens more detainees. we have a story that is causing uproar in china. authorities have arrested a man for assaulting a girl in a hotel. the attack was captured by surveillance cameras but it is the paper of the bystanders that have gained the most attention. the video uploaded by the victim herself to a chinese social media site shows hotel staff and guests walking past without intervening. it has been viewed almost 7
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million times and has sparked social outrage, receiving almost 2 million comments. china's state broadcaster has picked up the story. you're watching dw news. when we come back will have the latest from the business world. do not go away. as just listen. this is the sound of time
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passing. getting to greenhouse gases. what is the sound of a tree not falling? is the sound of biodiversity, to resume, community development, reliable food and water. the u.n. veltman program is listening and working with communities to protect forests for the future we want. if you are hearing what we are hearing find out more. anchor: welcome back. belgian police have arrested this man in connection with last november's paris attack that killed 130 people. his name is mohammed abrini. he is being investigated. today is international roma day. a day for self rating
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communities. they still suffer discoloration and poverty. they gathered at a memorial to members of their randy murdered by the nazi regime. reporter: solidarity in the government quarter. speakers are remembering victims in the community and are demanding respect for this minority. in germany they number 120,000 people and they are receiving support from the central council of jews in germany. we cannot accept that they are pushed to the edge of society in many places in europe. the central council have long hoped for support from the jewish community. we would like for anti-roma and
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-- prejudice to be discontinued. speakers directed self-criticism at communities. as a minority, we dare not isolate ourselves or become introverted. we should open ourselves up and share our culture. the anger generation are approaching the subject with creativity and anger. they're using hip-hop to fight against dissemination and marginalization. anchor: we'll head over to the business for oil investors. reporter: investors are happy as are the energy companies. they got a boost as the price of
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oil climbed sharply. that saw start bounceback after the biggest loss in six weeks. the rally came as the price of oil rose by 6% with rent crude selling at $41 a barrel. the rise and energy shares surging by as much as five point 5%. the second time in three days oil has suddenly jumped. i said in turn up for the books. let's find out more with our correspondent standing by on wall street. good to see you. what is driving the price? reporter: there is a lot of talk at the meeting on doha on april 17 that there might be a production freeze but i am not sure of that is going to happen. we have seen that so many times, a lot of talk and no action of the oil-producing nations. what we saw at the middle of the
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week, a sharp decrease in oil inventories in the u.s. and on friday we got new numbers on the count of oil rigs. those has dropped to a historic low level. it seems to be there is much less reduction in the u.s., probably the main reason why will prices increased. 8% for the week. what this -- this is astonishing that even with oil prices being up so much on the week, blue chips are down by 200 points. we can expect some changes in the coming days. what is in for next week? reporter: earnings season kicks off. expecting profits in the s&p 500 companies will have decreased in the past three months on average by about 7%. if that turns out to be true it would be the third consecutive
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quarter that profits dropped on a yearly basis. revenue might be down by a fifth consecutive quarter. on monday we will see the kickoff to earnings season with alcoa. we will get to some of the big names coming up from the banking industry. with the numbers from j.p. morgan and citigroup and bank of america. get a couple of economic reports. all eyes are on earning season and expectations. anchor: have a good weekend. a debt crisis and a migration crisis. athens is back on the economic and political agenda. it is nowhere near meaning it's a vocations with foreign creditors under its bailout program which is under review. the government wants a break because it is struggling to deal with europe's migration crisis.
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greece is the main entry port for asylum seekers. it still has to keep those loan repayments coming. friday saw another deadline for 1.5 billion euros in short-term liabilities. to make things worse the country slipped back into deflation. industrial production figures have fallen. unemployment is ridiculously high and let's not forget the migration crisis. reporter: they are registered, given food and medical care. the greeks are helping wherever they can but that help costs money. money which apparently already ran out during the country's debt crisis. that is why greece is looking to the european union for financial help. this year alone the greek government says it will be spending one billion euros in cash on asylum seekers. the eu wants to provide countries along the route with a cash injection but they will have to share a pot of 300
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million euros. greeks feel they have been left high and dry by the eu. tourist are staying away from holiday hotspots due to the sheer numbers of such -- asylum seekers. it is a bitter blow for country where tourism is by far the most important industry. but creditors have told it to keep cutting public spending. government is refusing to carry out all of the lenders' key at requirements such as cutting pensions. ask the focus is on reducing expenditure. this government decided to go on with major pension reform that to make the system sustainable for the long-term. supported: government figures have discussed with representatives so far without success. if greece fails to meet its creditors' expectations the country will stand on the brink of encrypting once again. anchor: in a spot of good news
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athens has sealed the sale of a majority of its biggest port to china costco shipping corporation. it is the second this year. costco was the only bidder. it has agreed to pay three and 68 million euros for 76% -- 67% share of the property and its operations. costco has agreed to invest 350 million euros in modernizing the port. athens is way behind its promises to privatize national industry. with the refugee crisis raging on can greece be continued to continue on its austerity drive and overhaul its economy? we asked an economist. >> first of all the situation demonstrates how important it was to keep greece in the
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european currency union and the european family. it is so important on the southeast quarter and to solve the refugee problem there. that is -- it is a political issue. europe needs to take all the financial burden away from greece which is in connection with the refugee crisis. and in the situation where greece is suffering and greece is that has the refugee problem one has to discuss on how one should carry on with the austerity program. anchor: there is a big soccer match coming up. in the industry got -- bundel sliga match. they domestic need victory to keep alive hopes of security a a place in europe once again for next season.
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>> the champions league has been spectacular. their domestic form has been poor. they sit at eighth. >> i hope this great performance has not taken too much out of us. we must remain focused on the link so we can manage to qualify for europe. we have to recover quickly. we face mind --mines on saturday. they are heading out with a confident swagger. >> we're determined to put up a good fight. they have beaten real madrid and we are up. i do not have to motivate my players much. >> three motivation are there. they have a rare chance to play
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continental football. that would take them one step closer. >> it at once talk about the endgame because we have another five games. there's a lot to do. >> their domestic bliss is the opposite and their dreams of europe are closer to becoming a reality. country: u.s. today. thank you for watching. see you next time. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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this was the seat of ancient irish kings for seven centuries. st. patrick baptized king aengus here in about 450 a.d. in around 1100, an irish king gave cashel to the church, and it grew to become the ecclesiastical capital of all ireland. 800 years ago, this monastic community was just a chapel and a round tower standing high on this bluff. it looked out then, as it does today, over the plain of tipperary, called the golden vale because its rich soil makes it ireland's best farmland. on this historic rock, you stroll among these ruins in the footsteps of st. patrick, and wandering through my favorite celtic cross graveyard, i feel the soul of ireland.
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