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tv   DW News  PBS  April 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is dw news live from berlin. the music world in shock. the american artist, prince, has died. he was found dead in his home of minneapolis at the age of 57. we will look back at the life of the enigmatic singer, songwriter hailed as one of the most inventive musicians of his time. volkswagen strikes a deal with the diesel admissions scandal that includes buying back or fixing half a million cars. and haggling over the details. european union members make progress on accepting refugees
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from turkey as part of the migration deal. i'm brent goff. the music world is in disbelief at the news that the u.s. music legend prince has died. his publicist confirmed that he died suddenly at his home in minneapolis today. his music is the soundtrack of so many people. going through their mid-life crisis.
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do we know why he died? >> it is a complete shock. no. a month ago, he canceled a concert because of ill health. on the way back in his private plane to minneapolis, the plane made an emergency landing. it is a complete shock. brent: what we can say is that he was considered one of the best of his time. what was so inventive about his music? >> you played so much music. he mixed rock with r&b, soul, funk, hip-hop, disco. he had danceable funk. ♪
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it has to be said, on his albums, he played most of the instruments. he produced all the albums. throughout the musical rulebook, he mixed white rock with black funk. purple rain is one of the greatest albums of all time. brent: the soundtrack for so many people that became adults then. he was known as being fiercely protective of his music and of his identity. >> he famously battled his record company for years for trying to take control over his material. he called himself the artist formerly known as prince, then he called himself a sign. he wrote "slave" on his cheek.
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and he recently said he was in control of his music. he has this paisley park complex where he does his music and where he lived. perhaps he had been ill for some time. it was such a shock with bowie, now prince. brent: a lot of people in shock tonight. deutsche welle a has announced the winner of the freedom of speech award. the editor in chief.
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freedom of the press in turkey and 2016 is now confined to court corridor doors. he is one of many journalists facing charges in turkey. the borders without borders press index. >> we can no longer accept the turkish authorities that would like to send a clear signal. brent: i am joined in the studio by the director of german reporters.
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this award, how important is it? and gestures like this? >> i think any public pressure, any public attention to help people fighting for press freedom in turkey, i have been to turkey as various times -- at various times. brent: where is the intimidation coming from? >> in the end, it's the government and the president who is responsible for the climate of intimidation, for the climate of fear. and very often, for the accusations, he is filing claims as well.
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of course, this causes a climate which makes party officials making offenses against journalists. brent: header they feel about this crackdown on independent journalism. >> there is still support for those independent journalist. of course, the government was elected by a majority of the people.
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>> a u.s. judge has approved a deal. it will buy back. here is more. >> the agreement volkswagen and shareholders hope for. it doesn't come cheap. it can fix or buy back hundred 80,000 diesel vehicles. it will receive the fair market value for the vehicle. it has been created with
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purchasing the vehicles. they expected payout between $10 billion and $20 million before putting diesel-gate behind. the epa has signed off on the agreement spearing volkswagen and expensive trial later this year. >> let's bring in the wall street correspondent covering this settlement for us. and also how investors reacted to this news today. >> it is a good step in the right direction. they can avoid the trial this summer. we still have to wait and see about the financial details.
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there is a talk of possibly $5,000 to drive the bill up to about $2.5 billion. and if volkswagen offers to why the cars back, we don't know to what price. all of those details will be published in the weeks to come. >> g.m. proved also today by very robust numbers. >> they doubled the profit in the last quarter.
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it is a strong reading for general motors. >> the french auto giant, investigators reportedly seized documents relating to him missions. -- in missions. -- emissions. they stated the vehicles have all been in compliance with emissions ceilings where it operates. it comes under growing suspicions that it is widespread in the auto industry.
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a lot of troubling news. brent: got some good news for a lady that they call the queen. thousands of well-wishers turnout today to mark the queen's birthday. it is a special one. turning the venerable age of 90. she celebrates her birthday privately and was joined by thousands of well-wishers. >> loyal fans were out the clouds -- crowds included australia and canada. the super fan has been a loyal supporter all his life.
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>> the reason i am here is to celebrate the 90th. and i can give her a special birthday card. >> she showed up to collect her presence. queen elizabeth ii has been britain's monarch for 64 years. she became queen on the death of her father. her coronation was a huge event. >> the dawn of a new elizabethan era. >> prime minister david cameron led tributes to the longest-serving monarch.
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>> her majesty has been steadfast. for our commonwealth and on so many occasions. >> the bells of westminster abbey. the royal horse artillery fired a 100 gun salute. the street parties expected around the country. brent: the dealmakers and the deal breakers. why countries are not taking in migrants as was promised to turkey. the british entrepreneur richard branson says the united nations has just taken a step backwards on its global drugs policy. find out why in an exclusive dw interview. all of that and more after a
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62nd -- 60-second break.
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brent: you are with dw news, live from berlin. the american pop singer prince has died. his publicist confirmed prince died suddenly at his home in minneapolis today. prince was one of the most inventive and influential musicians of his time with hits including purple rain and little red corvette. europe's migration crisis was in focus today as eu interior ministers met in luxembourg. there is broad agreement on a
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new european border and coast guard that could be in service by the summer. but there is less progress on governments making good on a pledge to take in more syrian refugees. it was a key part. questions the interior ministers were fighting over yet again today in luxembourg.
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keeping migrants out of europe is the general agreement. it still remains a bone of contention.
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brent: decriminalizing drugs is been high on the agenda. the policy's most vocal opponents, some including thailand are taking radical approaches to addiction. our southeast asia correspondent saw firsthand how some attic -- addicts are cleaning up their act. >> they are not artisans. and if is part of a unique -- later say it is some of the toughest in the world. this helps us not to think about the drugs and helps us focus. it makes me feel at peace.
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many who seek the help of the monks are addicted to a drug, the local version of methamphetamine. one in five teenagers and young adults take drugs. like him, many come from families where many are under pressure. when i had problems, they never listened. they just got mad at me for bothering them. i felt abandoned. he started working as a debt collector for the local mafia. the green hills of eastern myanmar is where the drugs that plague the region come from.
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ruled by corruption, for decades, it has fueled civil war here. the area has long become a major production hub of methamphetamines. it is becoming even easier for the drug lords to export deadly merchandise. back at the temple, the monks are confronted with the results every day. people start stealing and become criminals. the parents have to take responsibility for their we have to educate schools and take care of our children. but for now, that is only wishful thinking.
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the stark reality of the drug problem can be seen in the temple courtyard every afternoon. here, they pursue a strictly cultural rehab approach. every day, addicts are given a detoxifying potion and it has instant effect. more importantly, every patient has to take a vow never to touch drugs again. everyone here knows they only get this one chance. they know they won't ever be allowed back again. brent: sir richard branson is a strong supporter of legalizing all drugs.
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in new york at the u.n.. >> was it worth the effort? >> it hasn't moved things forward at all. it is very disappointing. the drug enforcement that drew up the rules. >> you can get on top of the problem. and we will continue to have another 50 years of failed drug policy. >> the drug policy has been to
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experiment with new approaches. countries that have ignored the u.n. and have gotten on top of their drug problems. anybody in our country will not criminalize you. we will help you. and the prevalence of heroine has dropped by something like 90%. in america, you've got medical marijuana sentence cropping up and legalization in some states. in fact, quite the reverse. the sale of marijuana going into the underworld, the alcoholic centers. >> what can be done to find
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solutions if it is not the u.n.? >> we need governments to be brave and bold. she introduced needle exchange programs. where people could come and get their heroine fix with a clean needle so that they did not catch hiv or hepatitis c. it works. we just need other leaders to do the right thing. brent: how to deal with drugs remains a global problem and a divisive one as well. the american pop musician has died.
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he passed away at the age of 57. the tributes are pouring in. u.s. president obama hailing him as a creative icon and electrifying performer. fellow rock great mctaggart describing his talent as limitless. calling him a true visionary. we'll have more on the death of prince after a short break. but first, the music and images of trends, a man that touched so many people. ♪
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