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tv   Newsline  PBS  May 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there, welcome to "nhk "newsline."" i'm kathryn kobayashi in tokyo. japanese prime minister abe met in paris. abe said he hopes the g 7 member countries will come out with strong statements on counterterrorism. the global economy, europe's migrant crisis and other issues. he welcomed abe's suggestion that the international community
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needs to work together to fight terrorism. the two leaders also agreed to work on strong statements aimed at stabilizing the global economy including the possibility of fiscal stimulus measures. >> translator: the g 3 leaders have the terrorism migrant crisis. milan supported my idea. our meeting was significant. >> translator: the leaders have to agree on the action plan. the prime minister abe will show at the summit. we share views on syria, ukraine and north korea. >> abe is on a tour of european countries aimed at laying the ground work at the g 7 summit he'll chair.
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it opens on may 26th in the area of central japan. japan says it's maritime self-defense force will lease up to five aircraft for the training of and use by the philippine military. telephone talks on monday between japanese defense minister and philippine defense secretary gazimn led to the deal. regarding the increasing maritime activities in the south china sea, he strelssed the nee to share information and step up cooperation. gazmin responded it's important for countries concerned to cooperate in maintaining peace and stability in the region. the philippine military will use planes to patrol and monitor activities at sea. >> translator: maintaining order at sea is crucial for our country. so we need to secure safe maritime transportation very carefully. in this respect improving the capabilities of the philippines
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and other coastal nations is crucial for japan. >> japan's maritime self-defense force will provide pilot training and maintenance of the aircraft. nhk found that at least seven medical institutions in won't able to admit patients. it's one of the problems. many medical facilities are dealing with problems like damaged facilities or staff shortages. the hospital is one of them. it's in the hardest hit area. it still doesn't have a water supply and expects it will take several months before it can admit any more patients. for the past week, nurses have been visiting a number of pay she patients at their homes that would normally be hospitalized.
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[speaking foreign language]. >> translator: i hope to make patients feel better and more comfortable and visiting and checking in on them at home until they can find facilities where they can be admitted. >> farming has been disrupted by the disaster. a reservoir was damaged and farmers in the area can't draw water for their fields. he grows green peppers but not been able to water them for over two weeks. he says that's affecting the quality of his crop. >> translator: water is precious. vegetables won't grow properly without it. >> some places are starting to recover. milk production at this dairy farm started back up again monday after water and electricity were restored.
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>> translator: customers are coming back and we are keen to get things back to normal again. >> forecasters expect heavy rain in kumoto on tuesday. the meteorology agency is warning residents in the affected areas to remain on the alert for landslides as soil may have been loosened by the tremors. it's been more than five years since a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated northeastern japan. at the time, 3,600 trainees from china were working in the region. following the disaster, almost all of them returned home but tied forged between the chinese and japanese continue. nhk world reports from beijing. >> reporter: he has arrived at beijing airport to do business in china. he runs a seafood processing
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plant in the tsunami devastated city. the city has long been welcoming chinese and the system that brings in overseas workers as trainees to fillet boar shortages but since the disaster, fears about another huge quake are keeping the workers away. the main goal is to convince local employment agencies dispatch. >> translator: japan has labor shortages and trainees are avoiding hard hit quick aake ar. i want to ask you to improve the situation. >> the applicants has fallen significantly. >> he couldn't get a positive response. the other thing is to reconnect
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with former train trainees. they experienced the tsunami at his processing plants. [speaking foreign language]. >> she runs a restaurant with her family. >> translator: this is my son. >> translator: he's in junior high already. >> five years ago, the tsunami destroyed all three of his factories posing $8 million in losses. chinese trainees were a big help during the disaster and in the aftermath. he was one of them. he return to china soon after the tsunami, but five months later, families opposition she came back. she helped rebuilt the farm the
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following year >> translator: after the quake, i felt a strong attachment to my former colleagues because we worked together for a long time. i knew he needed us to rebuild his business and i wanted to offer as much help as i could. >> he met jan's mother and thanked her for allowing jan to come help. >> i'm sorry for giving you such hardship and i'm sure you told her not to return to japan. [speaking foreign language]. >> jan treated her former boss to dumplings, the specialty. she remembers that she also made dumplings at the plant in japan and they used to eat them
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together during the rebuilding period. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> translator: delicious. it tastes the same as the ones you served in japan. >> the two now separated by an ocean encouraged each other to do their best in the respective countries. saw five former trainees during the trip. [speaking foreign language]. >> everyone is doing well. i was relieved and happy to see their cheerful faces. this journey has made me realize thatti that it's more important
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number tour pers person to person ties. >> they have a long way to go but he is being supported by human bond that has strengthened through the disaster. >> some great friendships there. nhk conducted survey on japan's constitution ahead of a holiday marking the basic 69th anniversary on tuesday. 27% of respondents said the constitution should be amended while 31% said there is no need. more than 1,500 people responded to the telephone survey. 38% were undecided on whether it's necessary to amend the constitution, which has never been altered. the ratio of those who see no need for a change was the highest of the past five surveys. asked for the reasons, 55% of those in favor of the amendment
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said it was needed to cope with the changing security envir environment surrounding japan. those who say no amendment is necessary. 70% want to safeguard the war renouncing article nine. we specifically asked all respondents whether it was necessary to revise article nine. 22% responded in affirmative while 40% said they were against any change. of those in favor of revising the article, 55% said the basic law should clearly state that japan can maintain forces to defend itself. of those against revision, 65% said it's the most important article of the constitution. hundreds of people in hong kong have staged a protest following the firing of a newspaper editor in chief. the man over saw stories linking powerful local people with the law firm at the center of the panama paper's league. about 400 people including
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employees of the hong kong newspaper took part in the rally on monday outside of the publication. last month, the paper published a front page story related to the panama papers. it said government and business leaders in hong kong are involved in shell companies in tax havens. the newspaper announced later that day it had sacked the editor in chief in a cost-cutting measure. >> i've been to public concern that there may be other pressures. i want to change powell to become less critical, less liberal papers in the coming future. >> the protestors called for his rehiring. they said the firing was due to his editorial choices and the move puts freedom of the press under threat.
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the head of the asian development banks says plans are being made with the asian infrastructure investment bank to finance a road project in pakistan. >> we signed, just signed the memorandum for understanding for corporation between the adv. >> bank president made the announcement at the opening of the adb annual meeting running through may 5th in frankfort germany. he said the banks will work together on financing and technical aspects. he added that the more experienced adb will take the lead in co-financing. the china-lead asian infrastructure open for business in january. japan's finance minister and bank of japan governor are among those who are attending the meeting. he's scheduled to give a speech on japan's development cooperation. every day tons of food is
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thrown away in japan. some businesses think that's a shame. they are taking the concept of mottainai meaning too precious to waste and turning it into cas cash. >> reporter: this is tokyo's fish market, one of the largest in the world. the market handles about 1700 pounds of seafood a day. but whole sale struggles to sale some products. >> translator: if the customer next to you at a restaurant is eating this rock fish, wouldn't you think yours is kind of small? the small one is a tough sale. >> reporter: he's a restaurant owner that supported a business opening. he buys leftover seafood and serves it at discounted prices.
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>> i'll cook them up well. his restaurant makes his waste not, want not philosophy into a selling point but deciding the menu can be tricky. nobody knows what the raw ingredients are until the day starts. >> translator: i take a look at the ingredients and decide the best way to cook them by boiling or stir frying. >> reporter: the restaurant opens at 5:30 p.m. >> translator: today we have crab with broken legs. they were caught this morning. >> reporter: this crab is an expensive treat served at high-end restaurants. the broken legs make these look a bit less appealing, but there is no difference in quality. small rock fish are perfect for
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customers who prefer modest portions. tuna tails are used in a stew dish. >> translator: if you eat this at another restaurant, it will be much more expensive. >> translator: i agree with the idea. >> reporter: food at this restaurant are 20 to 30% cheaper than average. he's confident his concept can be expanded. >> translator: since i opened the restaurant, i learned that there are more products. i want to look for rice and vegetables, too. >> reporter: it isn't just in the food industry. this yellow clay give color by the feel of a japanese citrus
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fruit. the peels are normally tossed away, but they can be mixed with clay to provide the color. coffee grinds are used for this color. the leaves of cabbages went into this one. the products have five varieties. the children's clay was displayed at an event in tokyo. the products have another unique feature. their odor. >> it smells like cabbage. i wanted to produce clay people can play with on their idea they shouldn't waste vegetables. >> reporter: the japanese people have long taken to
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of people. people in japan have a new option to care for their ageing pets. elderly canines can live out their final days at nursing homes. we have that story. >> reporter: these dogs are too weak to walk. cataracts made this one blind. like some humans, they need constant attention. the canine in the he came up with the idea when his dog died of old age.
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he wants dogs to spend their last days in peace after a lifetime of it. >> translator: when a dog lost its appetite and eats, i feel uplifted. >> reporter: feeding the dog and changing diapers can keep him busy until midnight or later. he doesn't charge the owners all that much, though. the fee for around the clock care is less than $270 a month. he checks on the patients often because their physical condition can change quickly. each one gets individual attention at the end of the day, he posts updates on the blog. he hopes the information will help the owners feel close to their dogs, even though they are
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apart. >> translator: i hope to act as the middleman between owners and their dogs by fostering communication between them. >> translator: his service gives people like me a peace of mind. >> reporter: she entrusted her pet to the facility. she has lived alone since her husband passed away three years ago. she works at an agriculture co-op. about a year ago her dog began to show signs of dementia and had trouble walking. she cared for him as best she could but his barking kept him up at night and she eventually reached a hard decision. her companion would take up residence at the nursing home. >> translator: i felt tremendously guilty because i raised him like my own child.
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it seemed like i was abandoning him. honestly, i didn't want to be a part from him. >> reporter: even know, she is possessed by this mixture of love and guilt. she visits the home every week to see her friend. >> translator: tim, are you awake? tim tries hard to answer. yes, yes, he's saying something. >> translator: he eats very well. >> reporter: tim looked much better than before. she was content for him to sleep peacefully with his head on her knees. >> translator: i still feel sad but relieved to see him happy here. i think i made the right choice.
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i feel at peace knowing he's her here. >> reporter: like people, many dogs live through their vast years just fine but for those like tim that struggle, a nursing home may be just the home they need. let's now bring in our meteorologist robert speta. people in tokyo that live with pets, looks like a great day to take them outdoors. it is beautiful out there, robert. >> yes, actually as we go ahead through the rest of tuesday or most of the morning into the afternoon hours, tokyo will look at above average temperatures. increasing clouds, though, and that is all the result of the storm system back towards the west. if you do get out this morning, enjoy the weather while it lasts because this storm system is
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definitely on the way. you can really see this on a satellite picture wrapping up, actually turning into the comma shape, this is a classic mature storm system whenever it goes into the comma strong upper level jet and definitely the impact being felt in areas across the korean peninsula over 100 meters of precipitation and japanese islands, strong thunderstorms flaring up just off the coastline . through the late morning into afternoon hours, really working its way across the earthquake impacted areas there. you'll be looking at wide-spread precipitation and tokyo by wednesday morning, early morning hours you're looking at the rain. let's look at the total amount of precipitation coming out of this as much as 250 millimeters down towards the souths strong southerly winds, which at times
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could be 126 kilometers. definitely enough to kick you have surf five meters high and bring the threat of flooding, maybe landslides coming with this, as well. so if you are across this area, be aware of the warnings if they are issued and cause delays on some flights out here. the good n relatively fast. by the time we go ahead into wednesday afternoon, conditions are starting to improve into the tokyo area, looking at temperatures on the rise, as well. 27 by thursday into friday. kyoto to 30 by the time friday comes around and if anybody is making travel plans to the so h southern japanese islands through the rest of the week sunnier skis in the picture. there is one adverse side effect to some clear air coming in behind, actually not so much clear air but calmer skies and that is the yellow sand getting blown in from the west with the storm system that could make for itching eyes of japan.
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elsewhere, though, the tropics quiet. the difference between this year and the tropics compared to last year. we had several typhoons already and this year no named storm systems. we have to remember we're early in the season. may starts to increase possibly one on average through the month of may but it's not until july or august when typhoon season picks up. so at least for now things will stay on the quiet side. across americas, storm systems across the southeast and travel delays out there that will continue to shift towards the east but i want to mention in the pacific northwest, seattle, a high of 21 today. cooling down for monday. you're near 30. near record highs out there for you. that's going to shift. that warm air, denver high of 18 and ten degree rise as we go ahead into your wednesday. so some warmer weather underway. over here, severe thunderstorms still possible across the peninsula. that low will shift towards the
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east and also looking at showers in the northern areas and also into the sand n peninsula. i'll leave you with the extended outlook.
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and that wraps up this edition of "nhk "newsline." i'm kathryn kobayashi no tokyo. thanks for joining us.x
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