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tv   DW News  PBS  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw from berlin. russian foreign minister says a deal to halt the violence should be announced soon but meantime, heavy fighting continues with rebel rocket fire reportedly hitting a government hospital. also coming up, donald trump goes for the knockout. voters go for the polls in indiana with the republican front runner looking to clear the way to the presidential nomination. and the moment that a dream came true. fans celebrate victory in the english premier league.
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they were almost done to last season. now, they are champions. welcome to the program. could this be what the citizens have been waiting for? russia's foreign spike in violence there should be announced soon. he was speaking after talks with the un's special envoy and the u.s. secretary of state. the objective is to store a syria wide cease-fire that has collapsed. meantime, france and britain are calling for an urgent un security council meeting about the situation in the city. >> the inflation needs to include aleppo. this is clear as government and
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rebel forces attack the city. these images the continued violence in syria's biggest city. aleppo has not been part of the existing albeit faltering sensation of hostilities. now the slaughter might come to an end. >> and now the russian and american militaries are you the end of negotiations and how they can help implement a cease-fire and i hope that very soon maybe in the coming hours, this decision will be announced. it does not come soon enough for this hospital struck today, killing and injuring dozens. syrian state television blames rebel forces. the one security council has meanwhile unanimously passed a resolution amending hospitals be protected in more zones for the -- war zones. >> direct attacks on hospitals
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are war crimes. denying people access to essential health care is a serious violation of international humanitarian law. >> escalation of violence has further undermined efforts to end the crisis. a u.n. syrian invoice says there is hope but only one solution. >> they want to hear no bombs, no rockets, no canisters so they can start believing in what we are trying to do. >> hope has been wearing thin for the people hit in aleppo as they continue to bear the brunt of the construction -- destruction. now, the help they have been probing the international community for might be on the way. >> let's get more on this. thank you for being with us this evening. we just heard there the russian
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foreign minister saying the unilateral troops declared by the syrian army could be extended to aleppo in the next few hours. how realistic do you think that is? guest: i hope it is very realistic for the sake of the people that this can be extended and extended quickly. ultimately, this is one of the cities hardest hit by the conflict. a couple years ago, it was a city of two point 5 million and now the population is 400,000 people. -- 2.5 million and now the population is 0,000 people. it is rapidly under siege, suffering. >> i want to compare it to other cities because in other cities in the country, there is a cease-fire though there are calling it a regime of silence. this is the freeze in fighting. what is it about aleppo in
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particular that has made it difficult to get both sides to lay down their arms? >> they are a number of things important. it's a really symbolic city. it's serious second city in the symbolism of keeping control of aleppo is hugely important. the next thing that makes the first thing difficult to achieve is it is comprised of a range of different actors. there are different actors quite strong militarily located in aleppo. there are kurdish groups, opposition groups. all of those interactions together means it's incredibly difficult to gain control and to hold control over aleppo. that is why it has proven difficult to get any real progress with regard to cease-fire. >> there is also a lot of different forces interacting on the negotiating table.
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the white house released a statement saying there is more that russia itself should do in persuading the assad regime to live up to expectations in syria. this is not the first time we have heard this type of back and forth. how much of that division has held back efforts to achieve peace on the ground? >> one thing that is important aside from a bunch of people determining the fate of a country, i think about the real source of frustration to a lot of people who are thinking these people are sitting around a table thousands of miles away while syrians are dying. obviously russia once a sad -- wants assad to stay in power. getting both sides to agree on
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what post-conflict syria will look like is improving give -- is proving difficult. you have a massive problem if you cannot agree on where to go. you can't agree how to get there. close in massive problem. simon mabon, thank you for your insight. the syrian conflict is having an impact far beyond the country's borders. a young german jihadist has gone on trial for posing for photographs with the severed heads of two victims in syria. those photos were then posted on facebook. the child is the first in germany charged with war crimes during the conflict. >> he claims he was only there to help but now he's on trial in germany after photos came to light showing him posing next to two decapitated heads.
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>> anybody who let themselves be photographed in a war zone with two's goals -- skulls commits a war crime, not a foolish prank. aria's childhood was trouble. he dropped out of school and abused drugs but that changed when he converted to islam. during court proceedings, he was eager to tell his side of the story. the 21-year-old claims he was pressured into taking the pictures. >> his friend asked him to take the picture and aria wanted to do him a favor. >> his trial is part of a broader push by federal prosecutors to curtail support for the so-called islamic state. over 100 germans are facing prosecution after they returned from the war zone. >> our strategy is to keep a
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close eye on germans that returned from syria and put them on trial as quickly as possible after they return. >> if convicted of war crimes, aria could face up to 15 years in jail. >> to turn to the united states where voting has continued in indiana. it could be the one where donald trump finally delivers a knockout blow to his main rival, ted cruz. that is because the state should be for the ground for ted cruz who has had a good result in other western states but that said, trump led by an average of more than nine percentage points in opinion poll surveys. >> if we win, it's over. [applause] then i don't have to worry about lying ted cruz. i don't care if he endorses me. >> the stakes couldn't be higher
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as voters and the crossroads of america head to the polls. while donald trump is hoping to secure his part to the nomination, it's in many ways do or die for ted cruz. ted cruz has been campaigning in indiana since mid-april and has made a pact with john kasich of the ohio governor wouldn't challenge him here. he also announced carly fiora as his running mate. both attempts have failed according to analysts. opinion polls show the texas senator trailing behind the billionaire, translating into support for ted cruz on the ground. >> you'll will find out tomorrow, indiana don't want you. >> america is a better country. >> without you. >> i have treated you respectfully the entire time and a question everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian?
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>> hillary clinton's campaign hoping for an upset. polls predict clinton will win by a narrow margin. >> let's bring in richard walker following this primary for us from washington. if trump wins this, is this the end of the road for ted cruz? >> ted cruz's campaign sent out an e-mail today listing a couple of events in nebraska and washington state tomorrow, a sign they are hoping they still have a campaign after tonight but it's true indiana has had a bit of the flavor of a stand for ted cruz. we heard about him bringing in a running mate in the shape of carly fiorina. this deal he did with john kasich to not compete in indiana and today, ted cruz coming out with his strongest language yet
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against donald trump, effectively calling him a monster. he said he's a pathological liar, narcissist, immoral for land or -- philanderer. he will probably face a bit of a decision tonight. i think it will depend to an extent on just how badly he loses if he does indeed lose. if he's very soundly beaten, it might be harder to justify but it also comes down to what kind of reason ted cruz is in this campaign for anymore. is he simply hurt to try and stop donald trump and if that is the remaining rationale, he really might stay on to the bitter end. >> not only ted cruz but the republican establishment has made multiple attempts to stop trunk but he is increasingly looking inevitable as the
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nominee. do you expect we will see the leadership starting to warm up toward him? have we seen that already? >> there is a bit of a drip going on. you do have a few respective tickets saying it's time for us to of knowledge donald trump is likely to be the candidate. jon huntsman, former governor of utah, seemed very much a centrist, raising eyebrows by making that statement. then you have people adamantly opposed to donald trump becoming the nominee and if he is, we believe conservatives should mount a kind of rebel campaign against him to come up with their own nominee. if they want to do that, that decision is going to have to comes to them because if you want to run as an independent candidate, you need to get on the ballot in as many states as you can and that takes time to
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do. >> and it could make for an interesting republican national convention coming up. i wanted to do the democratic side because the clinton campaign said they could lose tonight's vote. what would that mean for sanders? potentially a come back? >> i think the math does look difficult for bernie sanders in terms of delegates you need. hillary clinton does have a big lead after a string of victories in the northeast. the message is coming out of the bernie sanders campaign mixed. there are some saying we want to try to push this at the convention, persuade superdelegates on hillary's side to come over to the bernie sanders side. there are others indicating their only remaining in this race to try to influence policy on the clinton ticket. that debate bubbling to the surface every now and again but overall, the sense is really
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that he doesn't have a good chance of getting enough delegates to win. >> thank you very much for the update. we have to take a short break. when we come back, business news. don't go away.
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there are reports of heavy fighting in syria, including a government hospital being hit by rebel rocket fire. the cofounder of germany's anti-islam movement has been fined almost 10,000 for inciting hatred against foreigners. he has been accused of calling refugees cattle and garbage. >> a court in dresden took just
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a day -- today of days to find the defendant guilty. he now faces a non-thousand 600 fine. -- a 9,600 fine. >> the prosecution's allegations have been proven. the judge found these comments constitute incitement to hatred. >> the defendant provided prosecutors with essential evidence. he gives speeches to thousands of supporters almost every week. at an event in 2015, he admitted to using the language he stood trial for. >> i have used some words anyone would have used. i'm convinced everyone here has used these words at a pub for
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example. besides, this was a private chat so all of these allegations against me of inciting hatred will lead nowhere. it is complained nonsense. >> but facing a court, he denied making the comments. instead, he claims his facebook page was hacked. he has refused to comment on the verdict but his lawyers and 10 to appeal. prosecutors -- and to appeal. prosecutors are looking to secure a seven-month jail term. >> there has been plenty of controversy surrounding the proposed trade deal between the u.s. and european union and now the french president has taken a stand. kristof joins us with more on that. >> president francois hollande says his rhetoric is straight dismissive. he said at this stage, his country would say no to a free
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trade deal between the united states and europe. france does not believe in trade without rules, he added that a public address in paris. monday, reports about the largely secret negotiations surfaced. the documents show washington threatened to block exports of european cars if europe does not agree to allow the sales of more u.s. agriculture products. germany's banks are once more under fire according to media reports. several institutions helping foreign investors explore tax loopholes. in the case of germany's second-biggest lender, the situation is particularly spicy because if it had not been for a billion euro public bailout, the bank would not be arund today. >> germany's second largest financial institution helped foreign investors exploit a tax
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loophole to say tens of millions of euros every year that the technique is called dividend stripping. large foreign investors lend their shares to german companies for short term. when the dividend is paid out, no capital gains tax has to be paid. then the shares are transferred back to the investors and the money saved on taxes is split between the two sites. the government receives nothing. analysts have debated the legality of this practice for years. the german government now wants to pass legislation to ban it. opposition leaders are outraged. >> i cannot understand why a bank held by taxpayers a few years ago would carry out such a large amount of transactions at the expense of taxpayers. >> the german finance ministry had little to say about the tax loophole.
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the german finance ministry does not have sufficient information to make it reliable estimate of the amount of lost tax revenue caused by dividend stripping. according to the data, other german banks were involved in dividend stripping. the research shows such transactions may have cost the government around 5 billion since 2011. >> tough times for germany's biggest airline. under pressure from gulf carriers, they posted a lost of 8 million in the first quarter. the airline may cut further capacity. >> on a global scale, legroom is just as spacious as most rivals.
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that has cap the carrier -- help the carrier increase ticket sales year-to-year. lufthansa had a 3.6% increase compared to the beginning of 2015 but the airline revenue in the same period.ning slightly consumers are happy about increasing competition from budget carriers, putting downward pressure on fares. the cargo unit is also struggling. other airlines are transporting more freight than their passenger flights. it is pinning its hopes on the summer high season and expects full-year earnings to top last year's 1.8 billion. meanwhile, u.s. airlines, including american and delta, have been posting solid profits. last week, the lower fuel prices
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helped airlines triple their tax earnings to over $25 billion. they have been earning billions for the past six years. >> let's bring in our financial correspondent in new york. lufthansa is losing millions while in the u.s., airlines are booking profits. what is the difference? >> they are booking billions so to speak. that is the price of consolidation. we had a lot of takeovers in the industry in the past couple years. that means less competition and less pressure on prices and well fuel prices have dropped quite a bit, ticket price is pretty much remain the same and we have a lot of surcharges for extra luggage, at the legroom, blankets, food, and if you want to change your booking, that
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costs money. that is basically where a lot of those airlines are taking the money from. >> stoxx on financial make its -- markets around the world tanked on tuesday. what happened? >> pretty much on wall street we saw quite some headwind from the overseas market. we had some weaker economic news out of china and a surprise rate cut in australia. the biggest trading partner for australia, at least the biggest export market, is china. if australia gets nervous, that might affect the growth in china . and we had weaker european markets and all of that translated into a weaker showing on wall street. oil prices down by a good 2.5% maybe also because the global economy might slow a bit and that could mean less demand for
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oil. >> thank you very much. that is all your business for now. >> thank you. we have the surprise of the year and the sports world. david has beaten goliath in the world of football. -- futbol. fans of the fox's as they are known took to the streets to celebrate in the triumphal stuff -- triumph. >> a fairytale ending to an unbelievable season. the 5000 to one ranked outsiders are now premier league champions . monday night, leicester city became the center of the futbol
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universal's that >> this season has been a real heart ache. we have done it. >> the man who helped to spearhead the sensational season was the leicester manager. the morning after becoming king of the premier league, this is what he had to say. >> the job is good. i am very happy now because maybe if i won this title at the beginning of my career, i can feel much better. >> thousands of fox's fans gathered outside the stadium following title rivals chelsea. >> it is a fantastic day and a fantastic moment and it will really make this the world-class city we were always meant to be.
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>> a fairytale ending that only futbol can create. congratulations, leicester city. >> good for them. that is all we have time for but a quick reminder of our top story, donald trump hoping for a knockout blow as indiana goes to the polls of the republican primary. he's looking to clear the way to the presidential nomination. you are watching dw. see you next time. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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