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tv   Newsline  PBS  May 5, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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hello there. it's may 5th. to an end. donald trump now cinches the nomination. one night after ted cruz announced on tuesday he's dropping out of race for the presidency. u.s. media report donald trump is certain to be the republican nominee. >> i'm surprised, but hopeful that he can do even some of the
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things he's promised. >> well, i think it's funny because one, pretty awful guy drops out and an even worse guy takes the lead. it's scary thought that he will be the nominee of this party. >> kasich announced he is pulling out of race. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward. >> the only remaining candidate, trump, has tied up the nomination. >> we will make america great again. we will start winning again. you'll be so proud of this country, very, very soon. thank you all. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. >> during the campaign, trump has come under fire for his extreme rhetoric but has won support from voters frustrated
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with the establishment. the leaders of japan and germany have agreed to issue a clear message calling for the sustainable growth of the global economy. prime minister abe met with angela merkel in the suburbs of berlin. it was the first time for a japanese prime minister to have been invited to the state guesthouse abe said g7 nation too speed up fiscal reform, to invigorate the global economic. merkel said the influx of refugees into germany has boosted domestic demand in her country, and that would have a positive effect on the global economy as well. >> translator: we have agreed to continue discussion on flexible fiscal spending at the g7 summit.
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i would like the leaders to have thorough discussions and send out a clear message supporting the sustainable growth of the global economy. >> translator: we would like to make the global economy firm and strong by fiscal stability, structure reform, and other means. we plan to continue these discussions in japan. following stops in italy, france and belgium, germany is the fourth leg of abe's european tour to lay the groundwork for the g7 summit he'll host. the leaders of japan and russia are likely to discuss a dispute over four islands that japanese called the northern territories when they meet on friday. that's according to russia's presidential office. believes the issue will be on the agenda, but said no dramatic
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progress can be expected any time soon. he said the problem requires careful long-term work by experts. the prime minister is to meet with vladimir putin after his tour of europe. peskov said he hopes that hopefully find a solution to the territory dispute. russia controls the four islands. japan says the islands were illegally occupied after world war ii. >> people in kamamoto prefecture are trying to piece their lives south china sea. china has been increasing military presence in those
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waters. they met on wednesday with his counterpart. the new government was launched two weeks ago. the ministers agreed it's important to peacefully settle disputes among china and some asean members in accordance with international law. they reaffirmed that asean countries should work together to address the issue. >> i told the foreign minister that japan will display as chair and japan will fully support his country. he says he hopes the prime minister will contribute to discu discussions on behalf of asean.
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chinese leaders estimate 55 million people live below the poverty line. reaching that goal won't be easy as the income gap between urban an rural areas remains huge. >> reporter: state run tv is hammering home the government's commitment to living standard. media get intensive coverage to president's tour. >> no one will be left behind.
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>> reporter: he was sent to this village at age 15 during the great culture revolution and spent seven years here. officials community as a mother for poverty alleviation. >> now we have more jobs in this village to support our lively hoods. >> one step out of village areas remain. it brings only about $300 a
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year. she lives without gas or water. her husband and son have gone to work in cities. can. >> i have no choice but to hang onto this village. >> reporter: the government is urging people to move out of remote villages where life is tough. it's building housing in better locations. officials have set a target of ten many people to settlements.
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>> no job. i have the buy all food i need so life just became harder. >> reporter: they have been granted to this in the past years bringing no mayture change. >> it look like the rich are just getting richer and the poor poorer. it's unfair. >> may not be enough to end this
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content among them so left out of china's prosperity, nhk world. relatives of japanese nationals abducted by north korea have called on the international community to hell bring the abductees home. >> translator: please help us so our loved ones can return home and hug their family members. takuya yokada's sister was kidnapped in 1977 when she was 13. japan's abduction minister kato said international cooperation is essentially in urging north korea to act sincerely. >> translator: after years of waiting the abductees and their families are getting older. kell with afford no more dli.
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u.n. special darusman said the leaders would not be able to evade responsibility of the situation in the north. >> the government of the cannot profess ignorance of what is happening in the country. >> he announced he'll set up a panel of experts to pursue legal accountability for human rights violations in north korea, including abductions of foreign nationals. people are trying to piece their lives back together but the ground is still shaking. the sun came out on wednesday.
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>> it's hot. >> i'm drinking lots of water. >> volunteers are working outdoors in the blazing heat. >> it's sweaty work and i have to be careful about heat stroke. >> officials say the quakes damaged more than 25,000 houses. people have been is a using tarps to cover broken roofs, but the strong winds are blowing them away. the police say thieves have begun taking advantage of the disaster. 36 burglaries from evacuated homes and offices have been reported. local police are warning evacuees to be on their guard. >> translator: if you see anybody behaves unusually or seeing anything else suspicious, please let us know.
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>> more than 1,200 quakes with an intensity of one or higher on the scale of zero to seven have been recorded since the first massive jolt on april 14th. 49 people have been killed and one person is still missing. this aerial footage shows clear changes. in the mountains. most homes here were spared the initial mudslides, but the fresh movement has led authorities to advise people living in the area to evacuate. the meteorology cal agency has warned the prefectures of kumamoto and -- to be on the alert. medical doctor understands cancer patients perspective
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because he's now one of them. >> reporter: he has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. he has three decades of treating cancer patients. last march, he was told if he didn't seek treatment, he would only have six months to live. >> i'm not the typical patient. i understood the seriousness of the situation right away. >> reporter: he began chemotherapy. he lost his hair and his hands and feet with numb. experiencing the disease in that way led to realization. it was that he was in a position to offer something to other patients that nobody else could or would. >> he can provide information from first hand experience. i recommend my condition can get worse, and i should talk to others while i can. >> reporter: he's devoting his
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time to meeting with cancer patients and their families. >> it is important for patients to try to learn more about the disease. >> reporter: he believes the more they know, the better equipped they will be a course of treatment. >> they shouldn't leave it all up to the doctor. patients should understand what the disease is, general symptoms, load of treatment and the overall medical system. >> reporter: he also hopes that learning about cancer will give patients the courage to fight it. he's offering lectures for fissi physicians and nurses too. >> they say why don't you go out while you can or you look better than i expected.
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a comment like that can make a different impression on a cancer patient than the one that was intended. >> reporter: he says medical personnel should pay more attention to communication to help patients through the hardships of the disease and treatment. >> we always do our best to listen to our patients and understand their feelings. i think we have to keep reminding ourselves to do more. structure to help make that happen. last december, he set up a facility outside the hospital where patients and medical personnel can talk informally. it's a place where doctors and nurses may be better to draw out patients feelings removed from the confines of the hospital.
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>> by hearing the patients day-to-day thoughts, we might be in a better position to give them advice. staff member who is take part also may become aware of things they hadn't considered wfbefore >> reporter: he now sees the relationship from both perspectives. it's a partnership he plans to continue as a physician and a patient. now we turn to japan's textile industry. some designers are trying to
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keep the skills alive through a blend of old and new. >> reporter: this a tailor shop in tokyo. the shop specializes in british made cloth, but a few years ago it starred using this fabric woven in japan. >> the quality of workmanship is quite different. it's better than british cloth in this price range, no question. >> reporter: the lightness and softness of the fabric make it stand out. it was woven here. the machine is a victim of progress. it's no longer made in japan and parts are scarce.
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the staff maintains it with loving care. during a low point in his company's business, executive launched an aggressive sales push. seven years ago he pitched the fabric abroad. foreign companies took interest and the company's reputation has since soared. >> now we hope to clollaborate and make products our customers will love. >> reporter: this is a lady's clothing boutique. everything here is made in small production runs of under 100 items. >> reporter: they feel very
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popular with customers. >> the designer found the tailor on this website. it lists expertise, experience and sampbls of their crafts people can also search the site. a deal is struck once both sites agree on conditions. >> turn around time has improved dramatically.
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>> the business was no longer profitable. there were few opportunities for businesses and tailors to meet. we need to come up with way of networking. >> reporter: duncan recalls a time when orders grew thin. the website is helping her find new jobs such as forming kimono into dresses. >> i'll be able to meet customers that i would otherwise wouldn't be able to reach out to. >> reporter: nhk world.
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a wildfire in western canada has forced the evacuation of a town of about 80,000 people. the blaze has been continuing for days. it started on sunday southwest of ft. mcmurray in the province of alberta. they issued an order for all of fort mcmurray has the flame spread in the direction of residential areas. the blaze burned through 2,650 hechters of forest. >> we had basically two minutes to get home, grab our stuff and leave. >> everyone is devastated. the community will be devastated. this will take us a while to come back from. >> firefighters have been using helicopters and other aircraft to drop water over the fire. they say strong winds are exacerbating the situation. firefighters in alberta need the weather to cooperate.
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how's the forecast looking. >> maybe over the next several days we might see an improvement. for now it's still rough. you mentioned the high winds out here. we're seeing winds gust upwards of 40 to 50 kilometers. the mercury has been continuing to climb into the low 30s there. the average for this time of year is typically the mid teens. i do want the show you this image here. this is from nasa. you can see the burn scar right here. this is a city back off towards the north, home to about 90 tow people. this was taken two days ago from satellite out here in space. you can see the large fires. this has continued to grow and you can see right here, the smoke moving from the southwest towards the northeast. these high winds are carrying the flames with it. smoke inhalation has become
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another problem and on top of that, this storm system or this fire has created its own storm system. it's been putting out lightning reported as well. a definitely serious and ongoing situation out here towards the north. this is one of the background things that is controlling this blaze is this high pressure ridge which has been dominating, making things very hot and making things very dry. it's what we call an omega block in the weather terminology and it's called that because the jet stream looks like the omega symbol here. it's making things dry. into the west we have some rain showers in the forecast across the pacific northwest. that should shift towards the east and maybe bring a cool down but it's not going to happen till probably next week. back towards the east we're going to have showers there. you're seeing below average temperatures. even some more rain in the forecast.
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the heaviest being around washington, d.c. and skirting off there towards the northeast toward the mid-atlantic coastline. a dry here too. al day you might want some chap stick. it's going to be dry conditions out there. temperatures continuing to warm up across central and western japan. it brought some snowfall in higher elevations. as that pulls toward the east we have another low coming out of north eastern china. that's going to carry with it some dust. back towards the southwest you'll be looking at precipitation. that will develop and work its way across japan heading into the weekend. let's bring in heavy showers out
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there across parts of province. let's wrap things up. we are looking at some cooler temperatures spilling its way across the british isles. down towards the south things are warming up. you'll be looking at the temperature. into the southeast some thunderstorms out there for you across the balkan peninsula. here is the extended outlook.
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>> that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline."
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thanks for joining us.
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