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tv   DW News  PBS  May 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> we're live from berlin. the names of the panama papers are now online and public information. the new website allows you and me to trace the network of offshore tax havens contained in documents in the panama papers. we will talk to one of the journalists responsible. also on the show is brazilian president in the clear? theories abound tonight. she cites a procedural flaw.
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no one has his back anymore. austrian chancellor designs -- resigns saying he has lost the support of his own party. the country moves further to the far right. good to have you with us. tonight, the panama papers have become public information for everyone. a group of investigative journalists has launched a new website making public the two thousand names and companies listed in the papers. people like you and me can now search the panama papers. we will not see personal data. we will talk to one of the orders who set up the website. first, this report. >> the company at the center of
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those week is the panamanian law firm. it's international offices established shell companies. in april 2016, the national consortium share the panama papers. they had originated from an anonymous source. the leaked documents approximately -- including the names of offshore companies. the panama papers revealed not only tax avoidance strategies but also offenses such as the legal tax and money laundering's teams. some of them were on a u.n. sanctions blacklist. the documents implicated well-known figures. it lets the resignation of iceland's prime minister.
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chinese businesses set up the most offshore entities. >> i am joined now. he is one of the journalists who research for a year before publishing the panama papers. good afternoon to you, will. what is important about today's online access of the names? are we talking about naming and shaming here? >> no, i do not think we are talking about that. even though there will be many names including a few that will raise eyebrows, what's more important is the files and the
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panama papers revealed a system beyond individual names which really works to the favor of a select few. it is a total parallel universe. the data released today is about exploring that. >> the website went live about an hour ago. people are going to go in and search the documents. >> we are seeing a bunch of internet traffic. they are pointing out names that they had never heard of before. what we see is not a sign of wrongdoing.
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let me ask you, what do i do if you are doing a search and your name comes up for my name comes up? should we feel like we are in trouble? >> no, not at all. they've been very clear and consistent ever since they were first released. the appearance of someone's name says nothing. it is not a matter of putting things up. has the league made a difference? can we talk about things that i
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changed for the better. i think we can look at promises of reform and action. who are the ultimate owners and individuals behind these shell companies. some of them have been used to commit wrongdoing. >> bringing the truth to the world tonight. thank you very much. we will be talking a little bit leader on. >> does brazil have a president facing impeachment or not? no one seems to know for sure. brazilian presidents doma --
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that was until the acting speaker annulled the initial act. citing procedural rules. here is more on a confused country tonight. >> i do not have this information officially. i am speaking here because i could in no way pretend that i did not know about the same thing. it is not official. i do not know what the consequences will be. please because his. we are living in a web of tricks. >> what in the world is going on? let's go to rio. maybe you conclude within. issue off the hook? >> that an announcement came as
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a big surprise. everything was set for the senate's vote. they just gave a statement and they are going to ignore that decision and proceed. she is not off the hook. apart from the senate. >> what happens now? she supposedly going to trial. is that off? issue supposed to just govern as if nothing had happened? they are going to ignore the decision. it is not sure that she would
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get the necessary votes to finish. she is not off the hook it is hard to find anyone in the government to say what exactly going on. are we looking at a country right now in chaos? >> we just heard the president herself that even she is not trusting the information given by the speaker. we already had so much information. we have to wait for the answer now.
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philip, thank you very much. >> in the philippines, the top talking mayor has won the presidential election. according to latest count, he has secured more than 14 million votes and. an official announcement is not expected until tomorrow. the rival candidate has already congratulated him on his win and plans to cooperate with his administration. joining us now is joshua from the council on foreign relations in the united states. good evening to you. we can say easily that he is very controversial. they call him the donald trump
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of the philippines. why has he proved to be so popular? club he has proven popular with a slice of voters. he is proven popular because they have sustained problems with inequality and a high amount. is this part of a bigger trends? do they want a strong man to be in charge? it is part of a regional trend. and the kind of combination.
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>> you also have a very young population in the philippines that is not remember the original dictatorship. the effect is, the marcus train did not really take off. it is kind of a worrying demise. >> that a troubling development there. what would that mean for the philippines neighbors? quite as little unclear. he has said he is going to pursue a more moderate approach.
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that could be very problematic. jet skiing to some islands. in europe, the chancellor of austria resigned on monday. part of the country's political upheaval over the migration isis. the democrats social -- suffered a major defeat at the elections. he had been under pressure over his tough stance on immigration. he cited a lack of support for his resignation.
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the far right freedom party is gaining support on an anti-migrant platform. we asked the correspondent about what appears to be a significant political transformation. >> yes it does mean a shakeup. at the moment, no one is talking about the early elections. they still have more than two years to run. i think there would be quite enough people. the major parties are aware that going to the polls at the moment is probably not a good idea. what we will see now is a new chancellor selected. the real shock will, if the
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freedom party wins the presidency on may 22 in the runoff election. then all options are open. >> we're going to take a short break. only come back, more news. stay with us.
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>> brazil's embattled president says the impeachment process against her has its suspended. this after they annulled last house boat. reports say the senate plans to go ahead with its impeachment
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vote this week. the latest. the greek debt crisis. it certainly did not end today. nothing firm came out of the meeting. they did welcome the latest reform package. they want more progress reports on implementation before any more aid money. the ministers are also set to meet again on july 31. >> they had been putting it off for months, europe's own finance minister took a closer look at the greek government. the reforms are necessary to unlock the next chance.
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today was very important because we could examine the reform package. the use measures are as essential for greece. many do not believe that it will lead to growth. thousands took the the streets to protest the reforms. they were unable to stop lawmakers from passing a bill that will dramatically increase contributions. >> we are not at all optimistic. a social security bill is the worst thing that can ever happen.
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>> i am outraged. despite the last-minute legislation, divisions remain between the eurozone in the international monetary fund. some euro zone countries are strictly opposed to that. it is crucial to know that there are different ss. there have always been different opinions. that is just a fact. that is by lenders are also looking at a backup plan. greece will then have to save even more. >> the world's biggest oil
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company, saudi aramco is planning the biggest ipo in living memory. it is looking to make it big on the stock exchanges. it is part of the wider plan. >> saudi arabia has set the bar high and wants aramco to go public. with good reason, this country runs on oil revenue. they warns that saudi arabia was heading towards bankruptcy unless they diversify its income. just days ago the government dismissed its long-standing oil minister. the gigantic ipo is the centerpiece of his 2030 vision
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to mean his country off the black stuff. the record $2 trillion price type could ever be reached. some people say the value is only in the billions. oil prices volunteered -- volatility means others are watching and waiting. political instability also means investors are unlikely to put their hands in their pocket. they are mostly in regions where sunni conflicts are high. >> for a closer look at that, let us bring in our correspondent. the oil price is bucking expectations. >> the oil trade remains a highly volatile. we still have this massive
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wildfire in alberta. so far as we know, one million barrels per day are affected. usually you would guess that this would put it the price of oil up. but they dropped on monday. we also have a new oil minister. this is one of the unknowns. it is very shaky. collects in another subject, they are watering over i gigantic deal. >> the german ryman family has done it again. they decided to buy curate coffee.
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now it is going to do it. the rhyming family are agreeing with krispy kreme doughnuts. krispy kreme has been highly popular in the early 2000. it may have expanded too much and now they put themselves on their selling. part of it will be sweet. >> thank you so much for that tasty update. i think i'm going to get a donut now. >> you should be recommended for not sharing. do you like krispy kreme? >> yes.
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next year, people from all around the world come here to germany to mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of the post charge. -- protestant church. here is more on plans to celebrate the half millennium university. >> st. mary's, one of the oldest churches. it will bring in the first church service of the year. it was here that martin luther published his critique of the established church. it was the first step to the barrier between catechisms and -- it is to send a signal of
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unity. >> we should not celebrate this reformation anniversary in putting down other nominations. it is a big feast of christ. he translated the bible from greek into german. he took away cap -- power from the church. one high point of luther year will be the service. it is to be held in may 2017. >> we will celebrate and be happy. just be very happy that this christian faith gives us strength and power every day.
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the second invictus games for disabled war veterans have icked off in an olympic style ceremony. a military veteran himself. the prince started the game in london. in orlando this year, former president george w bush and michelle obama where there to make sure it received attention. >> every single one of them has confronted tremendous emotional and mental challenges. they continue to use us for as a healing tool help disabled veterans. >> i am so incredibly inspired by all of you. i am inspired by a kurdish by
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your love of country. i'm inspired by the sacrifices you make every day. particularly the wounded warriors and the caregivers. they compete and a variety of sports through tuesday -- thursday. a quick look at our top story for you. i will be back after a break.
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♪ michelle: hello, and welcome to "focus on europe," where we delve behind the headlines and examine the lives of the people on this great continent. i'm michelle henery. thank you for joining us. on today's show -- sloakia's growing paramilitary force. overspending in spain -- a village impoverished by corruption. and, counting hungry crows in switzerland. here in europe the popularity of far right parties is on the rise. they have spread their xenophobic message on the back of fears about the arrival of hundred of thousands of migrants from the middle east and north africa during the refugee crisis.


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