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tv   DW News  PBS  May 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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brent: this is dw news live from berlin. the day of decision for brazil's president. the supreme court denies her attempt to stave off impeachment proceedings as the senate debates a motion to do just that. we are waiting on a vote that could remove her from office and her on trial for breaking budget lost. also on the show -- no breakthrough on the crisis in eastern ukraine. he's talked and as observers say the existing cease-fire between ukrainian forces and russian back troubles is being broken every day.
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and woody allen is kicking off the iconic con film festival with his new movie, "cafe society. good to have you with us. slowly, the lines of defense are crumbling for embattled resilient president, dilma rousseff. the supreme court has cleared the way for impeachment proceedings and the senate continues a somber debate as minutes countdown to a vote that will more than likely remove her from office and mandate a trial on charges she broke budget laws amid a corruption scandal that has brought the entire country to the boiling point. reporter: now all is in the
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senate court. the chamber of deputies had already open the way for the impeachment process in april. >> my expectation is it will all go according to plan and will serve as villain help perfect its institutions. if not, this will damage our democracy. reporter: if at least half of the house votes in favor of impeachment trial, rousseff will be suspended from office for 180 days as the senate examines the accusations leveled against her. the senate -- the president faces charges of manipulating the budget to assure her reelection two years ago. it is a better political battle in a deeply divided country. protesters on both sides have taken to the streets over and over. some supporters locked roads here. rousseff has headed the social democrat workers party for 13
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years. many are hungry for change following a deep recession and accusations of corruption against company executives and politicians on all sides. >> there's no party more corrupt than the workers party. it's the most corrupt i've ever seen in my life. there's no greater corruption in this right here. >> she will stay. she is honest. reporter: rousseff is talking about an attempted cu against her and promises to fight for her position. >> i will stay here, fighting, fighting, because i am proof of this injustice. they are condemning an innocent person. reporter: nonetheless, her
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opponents may be successful in the senate. if so, her rival would replace her. he already announced a cabinet reshuffle for this thursday. brent: we're going to bring in our correspondent in rio de janeiro on this story. good afternoon to you. with the supreme court rejecting rousseff's appeal to stop this vote on her impeachment, does she have any other recourse? guest: it is widely expected that she is going to lose that vote and we don't see that she has any other reader horse. a simple majority would be 40 votes and 50 senators are likely to vote against her. if she loses that vote, that would mean she would step down
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as president immediately. and the vice president is going to take over for us to 180 days, she will be on trial -- it could be less than 180 days, until a final decision is taken. brent: you mentioned the vice president. he has reportedly said he's planning to put together a new cabinet tomorrow. can you confirm that and what has been the reaction to that news? guest: he announced he's going to hold a key speech tomorrow. he seems pretty sure he is going to take over the presidency, but for weeks he has been working on his government, his ministers always leaking information to the press, so it did not come as a surprise. they even published his
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inauguration speech as a president several weeks ago before the vote in the house. i think this is all part of the strategy. he doesn't want to get any doubt he is going to take over and doesn't want to rule out any doubt about that. brent: he also wants to rule out a possibility there could be a return of madame rousseff. looking at this from the outside, this process has taken place very quickly and now, we are talking about as early as tomorrow or friday, we could have a president on trial or impeachment. could brazilians as quickly as they have had to deal with this crisis, could they as quickly be able to forget it? guest: i think most brazilians right now are very tired of this
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political theater. all of this revelation, they just want somebody, anybody to take action and start governing, to do something. we have this enormous economic crisis with the health sector and educational sector, the everyday problems of the brazilians. i don't see any bigger protests i don't see any mass protests to come. brent: the story is not over yet. that is for sure. thank you very much. earlier today in berlin, germany's or in minister opened new peace talks and said the clinical process has come to a standstill and cannot stay that way. it will remain that way at least
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for the time being. top diplomats from russia, ukraine, france and germany met for a 12 time and decide them sort of lasting peace. not much came from it apart from hopes for a lucky there team. reporter: he put pressure on russia and ukraine before the meeting. the german prime minister wanted a lasting cease-fire and was hoping to seal the deal. in recent leaks, eastern ukraine has seen a resumption of brutal armed conflict, sometimes with heavy weaponry in spite of the cease-fire in place. but he expressed optimism. next there are a whole series of concrete measures that foreign ministers could agree upon today, like raking up military groups along the demarcation lines and establishing a
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demilitarized zone. >> it did not sound like much of a breakthrough to the ukrainian prime minister he stated it's too early to talk about politics. >> of course, security is first. we can't talk about elections, we can't talk about progress further without delivering security right now. >> if we are able to secure a cease-fire, then we will be making a big step forward. reporter: the goal of the measures agreed to is to end scenes of war like. but political measures like holding elections still remain stuck at a dead-end. brent: two car bombs exploded in the iraqi capital of dad only hours after a deadly blast in a crowded out your market.
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it brought the total death toll to at least 94. the first blast took place in the predominantly shiite neighborhood of sadr city, followed by bombs in the northern neighborhood. it was the loveliest day in the iraqi capital this year. the attacks were all claimed by islamic state militants. south sudan is facing a food crisis. the united nations world food program says more than 5 million people could face severe food shortages over the coming dry season from march to september. it is expected to be the worst since the country gained independence in 2011. the crisis comes amid attempts to end more than two years of a violence. thousands are fleeing the country. reporter: being driven from their homeland in south sudan
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out of sheer hunger. this farmer and his family are forced to flee north to neighboring sudan as the home country seeks deeper into a famine. he is among tens of thousands leaving because of drought and a lack of food.+ >> i am leaving with anger and sadness because hunger is forcing me to leave my homeland. your homeland is your homeland for that there was something to eat, i would not even think of leaving. reporter: these children are suffering from malnutrition. there is hope the peace process will mean security for the south sudanese people, but it has left most of the field uncultivated in the fighting continues. for now, people are urgently relying on a distribution. >> we are feeling the pinch of the bad weather conditions. we are feeling the pinch of the
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economic collapse in the country, which means they don't have enough money to buy food in the market and when they find food in the market or anything they do need, it is so expensive. reporter: many parts of south sudan become inaccessible in the rainy season. the window of opportunity to reach them by road is closing fast. brent: now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world. italy's parliament has given final approval for the introduction of same-sex civil unions. the government will -- the government won a no-confidence vote on a much disputed bill. italy was the last nature of western country not to recognize same-sex relationships. ukraine has recovered 17 paintings stolen from a museum in verona, italy last november. they have an estimated value of 16 million euros and include
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works by rubens. a ukrainian border guard down the works of art on an island along the border with moldova. queen elizabeth has been caught on camera saying chinese officials on a state visit to britain where very rude. a 90-year-old british monarch made the comment to a senior police officer at a garden party. buckingham palace has refused to comment further and distressing the chinese president must visit was "extremely successful. the console festival is underway, kicking things off with a a la premiere of the new woody allen movie. it is the first in a flood of films to be screened over the next 11 days, along with enough red carpet star wattage to keep the spotlight lit, proving once again that if any place can match hollywood for glitz and
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glamour, con -- cannes can. reporter: some of the biggest stars have showed up for the opening night film, "cafe society" by woody allen. the film is out of competition but 21 others are in as they vie for the price. heading the jury is george miller of "mad max" name. over the next 11 days, he and other jury members will take in dozens of involved in the competitions. >> you can argue how do you measure these things, but we do. definitely balanced for me by the simple joy of being here, watching film and the elevation of cinema. >> one of the films in competition is a film by spanish
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director that is the story of a woman who confronts her life after a casual encounter. another is a philippine film that's the story of a family with a small convenience store in a poor neighborhood in manila. brent: we will be back after a short break. >> find it again, hear more of it, discover it. video and audio podcasts and language courses in the dw media center.
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brent: welcome back. you are with dw news live from berlin. result off senate has open debate on whether to remove president dilma rousseff and put her on trial for breaking budget rules. more than half of the senate has signaled they will vote to try brazil's first woman president. the german foreign minister was unable to reach a major breakthrough during talks with his french, russian and ukrainian counterparts in berlin today. that meeting was aimed at cementing the fragile cease-fire in eastern ukraine.
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time for business news now. facebook is wiping off some critical voices in thailand? hobby or: it is taking a look at the case we had a couple of days ago. it did not cooperate with the thai government, they allegedly made the any social media network. they were released on bail and have been charged with insulting thailand's meineke. it has raised concerns about human rights under the military government and that he spoke was not adequately protecting users in thailand. facebook says it's systems remain secure. for more, let's turn to our financial correspondent on wall street. we know where companies like apple stand when it comes to the issue of privacy protection. what is a record of players like facebook or google? guest: it is a tricky topic.
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let's start with google. a couple of years ago, when they entered the chinese market, they knew if they wanted to offer their service in mainland china, they would need to let the content be censored and google back then agreed. that does not necessarily mean they gave private data of their users, but they did know the content would be censored. it turns out that china had hacked into the servers of google and that is when the company pulled away from the market and now, the company pretty much makes sure they were not the one to give out the data and talking about apple, they knew all along it would be possible to hack the iphone, but they said they were not going to
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be the ones to help the government, although it is a touchy subject overall. heavier: all of those are investor favorites. are they afraid spying by governments or tighter regulations might scare users away and lead to problems with investments? guest: so far, investors do not react in a big way. if you look at companies like google or facebook, they depend on data and they depend on making money on the data of their users and the key is trust. if the users all of the sudden field mistrust is reached, we might see further consequences and if you look on wall street when regulators start to act in a massive way, that could have a
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huge impact on the business model, but so far, there is not a huge reaction on wall street yet. javier: thank you very much for the of eight. speaking of going online, in germany, it is about to get a lot easier for visitors to find open wi-fi networks. access to open wi-fi has been limited due to a controversial restriction making wi-fi providers liable for abuses like downloading illegal films or music. many did not offer the service to protect themselves. the government in berlin has illuminated the restriction and countries that free wi-fi providers from liability may have many more networks. here is one for the kids at heart -- lego has opened its largest retail store in the world at the shanghai disney resort.
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it is the latest move in the company's expansion in asia. the factory is expected to be up and running in 2017 and should produce most of the lego toys for the continent in the future. reporter: kids and bigger kids rush to check out the biggest lego store in shanghai. the novelty factor is high. chinese children don't usually have much time to play. >> we want to put a good, playful learning experience into the hands and minds of children wherever they are in the world. when you have that objective, you can think of no other country that offers an opportunity to a greater extent than china. reporter: but adults are also a target. while it may be perfect for the national symbol, it would need to adapt the market it is selling to as this customer points out. >> i hope lego can produce our
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landmarks. we build oriental styles and lego should produce these officially. after several minutes experimenting, 17-year-old seems convinced. >> i like castles. castles are beautiful and i like your full houses. reporter: young customers will be key in the plan to take over china block by block. heavier: despite the new factory, china is going through a major transition into a high-tech driven economy. the country's young entrepreneurs are certainly dedicated to the tech startups encourage them place to sleep in the office just to squeeze the most out of the working day. reporter: it is nighttime invasion, but the working day is far from over. in china's tech startups, 16 hour workdays are not unusual. an internet recruitment platform
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, he spends the night next to his office. it saves them several hours commute every day. from monday through friday, he bunks down here for top quests sleeping at work seems quite normal to me. our boss says our ambition will keep us awake that we won't yield tired. hard part is i can't do my child very often. companies expect employees to sacrifice our lives as the technology sector goes more competitive. it's 11:00 p.m. but people in this office are still hard at work. specs chinese people are adding a dose of fighting spirit to entrepreneurial culture. they disregard personal achievement and let their passion burn to further the dreams of their team. i think this is a's national culture in chinese startup. there are limits to this kind of
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self exploitation. sometimes, workers don't have enough energy left to make it to bed. heavier: not to get sleepy, it is back to brent for sports. brent: the 2016 german football ambassador awards recognize german coaches and players whose work promotes the development of football abroad. the top prize went to a coaches made a last ring impact on the ball and society in three african nations. reporter: the new german football ambassador is a 62-year-old who has spent years voting football in africa, coding the -- coaching the national teams, at times working under life-threatening conditions. he received the award. grexit is an incredible distinction for me. i would never have imagined winning this prize after so many years brought. i would like to thank everybody
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who thought me worthy of this distinction. it is a great honor for me. reporter: he managed to lead a functional team despite the unstable political situation in the country. >> this award makes it my duty to keep on working, whether in france or in africa. it is fantastic the initiative exists. reporter: german football ambassador -- a personal honor for him and a boost for cultural and social projects worldwide. brent: also winning on wednesday, m read john who took home the public award as chosen by fans worldwide right here on dw. our own sports correspondent spent some time with john in his adopted hometown of liverpool. let's see what the germany
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mid-yield or had to say. reporter: the award is the icing on the cake with a season full of >> i'm very happy to get this award and i want to say a big thank you to all the fans who voted for me. reporter: out one of the world's great sports venue, he's done a great deal for fans. >> what has changed for you? >> to play for a great club. >> what do you think of the euros? what are the euros going to be like? >> we are the world champions and we will see what happens. reporter: just as the people's
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choice vot france expects the ambassador to come up big at euro 2016. brent: here is a reminder of our top story -- brazil's senate has open debate on whether to remove president dilma rousseff from office and put her on trial for breaking budget rules. i will be back to take you through the day.
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