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tv   DW News  PBS  August 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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sarah: this is "dw news." u.s. republican presidential candidate donald trump sheds another campaign manager. paul manafort steps down one day after donald trump recruits a right-wing politician. he had been the man that politicians -- republicans were hoping would tone down donald trump's rhetoric. also coming up, germany's conservatives want to put receptions on muslim women wearing full face coverings. a new plan could outlaw the garments in public places and while driving.
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and finally, disgraced swimmer ryan lochte apologizes for his behavior at the olympics. he and teammates vandalized a petrol station and allied to the police, saying they had been modes -- mugged. ♪ sarah: i am sarah kelly. thank you for joining us. the man that republicans had hoped would tone down donald trump's fiery rhetoric is leaving the campaign. his resignation comes one day after donald trump brought in a new face to lead his run to the white house. paul manafort was damaged by wrongdoings with the ukrainian leader, yanukovych. and with the poll numbers, there is a chance that donald trump's campaign could be looking expose. reporter: familiar face in cities across the united states.
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statues like these are a project by an anti-trump activist group. the have been drawing crowds and getting a warm welcome from some in san francisco. >> i think it is brilliant. he needs to be brought down a peg. he think he is the greatest thing and this is an accurate depiction of who he really is. >> they should definitely keep it. reporter: why should they keep it? >> because he has the biggest ego. but, yeah complete idiot. , reporter: but the statues are not the only trouble for donald trump. he has been trailing hillary clinton in nationwide polls and battleground states. and his campaign manager has stepped down after two months. paul manafort had been effectively demoted days before in a shake-up of the campaign leadership. the top strategist seen here at the republican national convention had come under fire for links to pro-russian
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politicians in ukraine. but donald had a surprise up his sleeve, saying for the first time he regretted making inflammatory comments. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you do not choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. [applause] >> and believe it or not, i regret it. reporter: is this the new trump, or was the out of character apology a fluke? with less than three months to go until the elections, the new team is hoping the nominee will stay on message and get ahead with the voters. sarah: now we have perspective
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on this from both sides of the aisle. eeva moore is with democrats abroad in berlin. and we also have thomas leiser with republicans overseas. he is remote tonight from frankfurt. i want to thank you both for joining us. thomas, you are a republican. you have been critical before of donald trump, though. what do you make of the yet another campaign chairman changeover just two months after taking the helm? are you surprised by this? thomas: nothing is surprising anymore. but i think we -- with sinking polls somebody does need to make changes. perhaps the new manager will be effective. sarah: we will see if that is the case. eeva, from the perspective of the democrats, what does this mean for hillary clinton? is this christmas coming early?
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or does this potentially pose problems? eva: i do not know if there are problems that this poses. her campaign is running along doing the work they need to do. i think it poses problems for the country that there is this chaos, but from a tactical democratic standpoint it is a good week. sarah: thomas, what do you make of the current lineup? we have now the former head of breitbart, that is a right-wing, some might say conspiratorial politician leading the charge to the white house. what does this say about the state of the republican party? thomas: i think the republican party has traveled far to the right, part of it was evident with ted cruz having the popularity he had. i think the breitbart people will continue that. and we just have to see how that plays out.
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sarah: but trump, there has been at least a big plea from more mainstream republicans for him to broaden his message, so he can appeal to other people in the electorate. do you see any chance that -- of that happening? thomas: i would like to see a chance of that happening. i think that mr. trump seems to be playing to the same people who supported him during his primary. and now that the primary is over, one has to appeal to the nation as a whole and he may not be doing that. sarah: in the meantime, the trump campaign today released its first tv ad. it is aimed at immigration. i just want to show this briefly to you guys and get your reaction. >> hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flooding the -- flood in, and illegal
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immigrants get to stay -- collecting social security, skipping the line. our border open, more of the same but worse. donald trump's america is secure, terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. the border secure and families safe. change that makes america safe again. donald trump for president. >> i am donald trump and i approve this message. sarah: change that makes america safe again. this is playing very much to americans' fears. this was a winning strategy for bush-cheney for example. are you worried about what this could mean for clinton, because trump really has that fear thing nailed. eeva: i think it is working with a specific demographic and that needs to be taken seriously. even george w. bush understood demonizing immigrants was not good for the country or the party, so this is actually -- i see this as a very different to that approach. sarah: thomas, what do you make of the ad?
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thomas: i am the son of immigrants, so it is not necessarily the most pleasing of ads. i think the numbers are skewed a little bit. the number of syrian refugees in america to me is relatively small. we have over a this year alone million in germany, the u.s. has 10,000 or so. sarah: ok. and eeva, i just want to ask you, because we have also seen today a little but more of a change in tone from trump. if he were to all of a sudden rush the fear away and have a more apologetic tone, perhaps a softer line, would that pose a significant challenge to hillary clinton? eva: it could. i am skeptical he has the discipline to do that, based on what we have seen. sarah: thank you very much for your insights, with eeva from
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the democrats abroad joining us and thomas with republicans overseas. thomas: thank you. sarah: could germany become the latest country to ban the burqa. conservatives are pushing for constrictions -- restrictions. this is come from ministers from the center-right who have been discussing immigration. the interior minister says that the constitution could make it difficult to ban them completely, but the wearing of the garments should be restricted in certain circumstances. reporter: the conservative interior ministers want to show results, not only in enhancing security, but also in integrating migrants into german society. it comes in response to last month's terrorist attacks. >> we reject full-bodied veils, not just the burqa, but the
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other kind that leaves only the eyes visible. we all agree on this. this is our common position. such avails have no place in open society, to show one's faith is an essential part of living together and social cohesion. we call on everybody to show their face. reporter: the cdu wants to ban the wearing of a full body veils in certain places, schools and universities, passport controls and demonstrations, and when driving. they also agree on restricting dual citizenship under certain circumstances. >> nobody who fights against us should remain a german citizen if he also has another citizenship. we are not talking about a large group, but it is a question of principle. we want to do with it.
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-- deal with it. reporter: they want to beef up security but also promote immigration, so alongside more police and a video surveillance, they also want to -- marriage. national security and immigration are the main campaign issues for conservatives, but none of the measures can go into effect without the agreement of the coalition partners. security and immigration, topics addressed today will be the main issues of the conservatives in the general election of 2017. those are also the issues driving the voters of the right-wing parties. the cdu wants to show that we are taking concerns seriously and that includes discomfort at the site of a burqa. what does not seem to matter in the debate is that you hardly ever see a woman with her entire face covered in germany. sarah: and let's get a quick
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check on other stories around the world. -- hazmat -- hs met with chinese leaders. since it china supported the country's previous military regime, which kept cgi under house arrest for 15 years. u.s. health officials have told pregnant women to avoid miami beach after speaking -- after mosquitoes spread the zika virus in there. florida governor -- says an aggressive eradication plan has not started. and in the united nations has admitted for the first time that they played a role in haiti's cholera outbreak in 2010. poorly treated sewage by u.s. peacekeepers was the source of the disease. the government of haiti says
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around 800,000 people were infected and almost 10,000 have died. today is world humanitarian day. the u.n.'s annual reminder to act to relieve human suffering. it is a challenge across syria, where the civil war is raging fiercely as ever. despite a glimmer of hope in aleppo where russian forces have said they will stop bombing for two days, there has been an upturn in violence. and in hasakeh, kurdish forces say they have engaged in the fiercest fighting so far. have a look. reporter: hasakeh. on the side of the road, people wait to be brought to safety, from taxes and even mopeds. local reports say there has been a massive exodus since the government started airstrikes on the city. it is the first time since they have bombed hasakeh the war
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started more than five years ago. >> look at what the planes have done here. that was in a logical shop, that was a tee shot, this is clearly a civilian area. this is the 6th bombing here. i have nothing left. my house is gone and there is nothing inside. i am standing barefoot. reporter: new targets in an old war with no end in sight. but then a flicker of hope after russia said they would support a 48 hour cease-fire for the city of aleppo. the u.n. had been calling for the cease-fire to deliver food and medicine to the people of the divided city. >> the special envoy went on to say that he welcomes the russian federation's statement and the humanitarian team, he is set to
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mobilize to respond to the challenge. reporter: a video of a five-year-old brought the world's attention to the situation in aleppo. sarah: we have to take a short break. ♪
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♪ sarah: welcome back. paul manafort has resigned as manager of donald trump's campaign. the move comes after donald trump sideline him with new appointments. some republicans had hoped he would be able to bring a more measured tone to the campaign. it is time for business news. and a legal dispute apples wagon -- bw is shaken up the carmaker -- vw is shaken of the carmaker again. chris: who had a thought that
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small suppliers could wreak havoc. but they can. they have slowed down production at factories in germany as to component makers are refusing to make parts. in the wake of the diesel scandal,vw is pressing them to lower prices and it did not go down well with the manufacturers. reporter: where, vw golf in a factory will grind to a halt on monday. vw is putting employees on forced part-time schedules in their factories. the reason for the standstill is a dispute between the largest auto producer and the supplier in the german state of saxony. it belongs to the prevent group and their fight with vw has thrown a wrench in the supply chain. the state of lower saxony has criticized the actions of the locally based supplier. >> the behavior of the supplier
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and in that of the prevent group is unbelievable and not easy to understand. they are acting as if they have the right to withhold deliveries. reporter: 8000 workers at the vw factory have already been put on reduced schedules. another company stopped delivering parts to that factory. and vw is considering and pounding the car parts that are undelivered. it has already been rolled that -- ruled that the supply groups must deliver parts or pay a fine. chris: new competition for the new york dock exchanged many investors exchange, launched as a public trading platform on friday. until now, it had operated as an alternative trading system. the process trades for large
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institutions, but accounts for less than 2% of trading volume in the u.s. prior to today, it was trading about 125 million shares a day. they claim to level the playing field for investors with a short delay on all orders that prevents computer-driven high-speed traders from gaining an advantage. so we will bring in our man of the markets. iex claims they are leveling the playing field for investors, is it? reporter: one thing is for sure. trading over all of has changed dramatically with the digital revolution in the past 10-15 years. some critics are claiming that the old exchanges are the major players, and they are regain the system and now with iex with the
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speed bounds, they are trying to level the playing field. some other people say on the other side, is iex coming up with a solution that they do not need. the world has gotten faster, so why not trading itself? this will be the 13th exchange now in the united states, so what happens to transparency, the system became more complex so we have to wait and see if we really need iex. the future will tell. chris: is it serious competition for long established players? reporter: i mean, for now they are a small player. on friday committee only started with -- on friday, they only started with two till commission -- telecommunication companies. if you look at the new york stock a change, they have a market share of about 25% for
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the global markets. and that is the market share of over 15%. it is not easy for iex, but it is a bold move and if investors go a long, it will depend on how well the systems of iex are working. chris: thank you. to the big bucks in german soccer. posting a record results in the last year, the eight time champion saying it is the most money the club has made since it was founded in 1909. it generated 376 million euros of revenue and 29 million euros of profit. that is due to payments it got for selling players to other clubs. for example, a recent transfer to munich and manchester city.
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now, standing on the winner's podium means the most to any olympic medalist, but as an additional pat on the back, athletes also get prize money in order to encourage more participants they are not usually text. taking a look at those with the most medals so far. reporter: they may be medal winners, but they are losers when it comes to taxes. it depends on the overall income. the richest athletes and over almost 40% of the prize money to the government. the u.s. olympic committee awards of the $25,000, the highest earners will give up nearly $10,000 in tax. >> i -- reporter: michael phelps getting five goals and one silver, sponsorship deals making him a millionaire, meeting he will face a tax of over -- meaning he
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will face a tax of over $25,000. st athletes pay for their own training in the u.s., but others subsidize. many are looking on enviously as the americans are unchallenged at the top of the leader table. ♪ chris: that is all the business for the moment. sarah has the olympic scandal that will not go away. sarah: athletes behaving badly. ryan lochte has issued an apology after the brazilian police say that he and other swimmers lied about being robbed. they want to draw a line under the scandal that has dominated the olympics. they say the story was fabricated to cover their bad behavior after a night of partying. reporter: ryan lochte, who told u.s. television they had been robbed, apologized for his behavior via twitter.
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he stated, he should have been more responsible and how he handled himself. he said, for that i am sorry. though he did stand by having a gun pointed at him and money demanded. his teammates arrived back in the u.s. on friday after testifying to brazilian authorities. >> the brazilian government says they might charge you guys for vandalism, any response? reporter: one teammate agreed to pay about $10,000 to avoid prosecution. the olympic organizers and ioc say that they welcome the apology. >> we are glad about the apology, it is appropriate and we welcome it. we hope we can now carry on as we have been coming concentrating on the performances -- have been, the trading on the performances. >> i think we accept his apology and we want to, for this matter,
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put it to an end. reporter: it began last sunday. cctv footage at a service station show ryan lochte and teammates removing something from the wall. later, it was revealed to be a sign. after realizing the swimmers vandalized the station, an argument ensued. employees demanded compensation. the swimmer started reaching for his wallet, paid money and then were allowed to leave. ryan lochte and his teammates' night out became one of the biggest stories of the games. sarah: earlier we spoke with our olympic correspondent, he told us about the reaction to the robbery scandal in brazil. have a listen. reporter: the reaction is universal, anger. i have heard people say that at a time of political and economic turmoil in brazil, the american swimmers managed to bring
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brazilians together, that is how widespread it is. the reason is simple. people feel that the swimmers used the reputation for brazil of having high crime figures to cover up their wrongdoing and for obvious reasons that does not sit well with people here. and as we heard, ryan lochte apologize. the biggest response to that came from the mayor of rio de janeiro, who said he felt nothing but pity and contempt for the athletes and it said that they have week characters -- weak characters. that is strong stuff. and it makes it clear how high emotions are running over this story. sarah: that was oliver moody. meanwhile, a russian pulled water has announced -- pulled walter -- pole vaulter has
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announced her retirement. much of the russian team was prevented from participating because of doping. it was her chance to win a third olympic gold. and a quick reminder of our top story, paul manafort has resigned of donald trump -- resigned as manager of donald trump's campaign. this after he had been sidelined by new appointments. thank you for tuning in. see you next time. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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