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tv   DW News  PBS  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. for decades he preached of a british future of sharia law. tonight is judgment on the preacher. the u.k. costs topped her local -- criminal court has sentenced him for supporting islamic state. we get reaction from london. also coming up, turkey targets 'conflict zone' confiscating footage from a turkeys -- turkey member. he calls it a violation of press freedom. u.s. president barack obama is in laos with a meeting with
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southeast asian leaders. we will have the of seen reason why he canceled a meeting with the philippine president. i'm brent goff. it is good to have you with us. he is an sentenced to five and a half years in prison for supporting the islamic state. chowdry instigators in britain. they went to go on to carry out violent attacks. >> a closed van brought this creature to the old bailey. the judge described him as captivating and dangerous.
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and jim chowdhury was convicted in july. no cameras or journalists were allowed in the courtroom. on tuesday they received their sentences. people shouted out lakhdar from the public great. for two decades, he was a thorn in the side of authorities. the preacher spent a lot of time radicalizing young muslims. among his supporters were extremist later convicted of terrorism. he was adept at staying on the right side of the law until he back islamic state or daesh. >> he has been walking a very fine line. but once we described -- prescribed daesh as a terrorist or very -- terrorist organization, we were able to get him prosecuted.
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rescuers have been working with the police for a long time to ring him to justice. -- bring him to justice. he will spend five years behind bars. brett: earlier we spoke to our correspondent in london and asked him to tell us more about the case against him. >> he is a lawyer by training and he has always been extremely careful not to be slippery. i have interviewed him in the past and he has always been careful to stay just within the law and for many years that was possible for him. but now with his allegiance to islamic state, there was a change in his behavior because he was always talking about the caliphate which was for a long time something symbolic. now with the islamic state
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having come forward and declared the caliphate, he was under pressure to react to it. that caused a change in his own behavior. he wanted to stay within the law but the judge has concluded that he has not. he has overstepped the line and not to be convicted -- enough to be convicted. many think it is too short of a sentence. brett: reporting in london. tonight, dw director has accused turkey of a flagrant violation of press freedom. this was after they detained a dw film crew ordering them to hand over footage. they described the incident as an act of a legal coercion that has nothing to do with democracy
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or the rule of law. >> the producers of dw program 'conflict zone' can hardly believe what they are watching. she describes how the latest edition of the show was confiscated. on monday, friedman and his team traveled to ankara. the issues up for discussion was sent to the ministry in advance. friedman asked about the coup attempt and women's rights. once the interview concluded, turkish authorities ordered friedman and his team to hand over the footage. the dw team was told it would not be allowed to leave the ministry. >> what the turkish government did was scandalous and we cannot accept it as we never experienced it. -- because we never experienced it. 'conflict zone' is known for its
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hard-hitting questions. >> certainly it was not a soft interview, it was always going to be a tough interview covering a range of subjects. they knew this -- the format. the only way i can explain it is that this is a nervous government drifting towards dictatorship. in response to the protest, the turkish government says friedman did not stick to the agreed questions and the support should not be broadcast. the conflict team says no specific questions were ever agreed to. the dw team has asked for the immediate release of the program. they are also considering legal action. brett: a new action wants people to protect free speech in freedom. the petition put together by
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several groups is calling on the german chancellor angela merkel and the eu president to take a clear stance against the turkish crackdown on the press. u.s. president barack obama is in laos for a high-profile gathering of 10 member association of southeast asian nations. the gathering has been overshadowed by a diplomatic spat. he has canceled a meeting with rodrigo duterte which was scheduled to be taken place in laos. it came after the filipino president described the u.s. president as a son of a whore. >> barack obama is the first u.s. president to visit this country.
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their president welcome tim -- welcome tim -- welcomed him. he acknowledged there history. -- their history. >> over the year, thousands of laosians a wound last a lifetime. i announced a historic increase in these efforts. the united states will double our annual funding to $90 million over the next three years to help laos increase its work. >> obama is in laos for this summit. it is perhaps one of the last trips for him to the region. his private -- pivot to asia is
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to show support against china for their growing power. >> the united states will continue to fly and sai and operate werel international law allows. we will stand with our allies and partners in upholding efforts. lawful commerce that is not impeded and peaceful resolution of disputes, that is the security that we seek. >> the regional diplomacy is a delicate balancing act. philippine president rodrigo duterte called obama a son of a whore. >> we have long ceased to be a colony. i do not have any master except the filipino people.
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nobody, but nobody. you must be respectful and do not just throw away questions and statements. >> obama canceled the planned meeting with the philippine president as his aides scrambled to limit the damage. >> he expresses deep regret, deep regard and an affinity for president obama and their partnership tween the two nations. he also regrets that it came across as a personal attack. >> observers do not think that that her vocal will cause lasting damage. -- the perfect whole will cause lasting damage. brett: here are a few other stories making headlines. in kabul, and attack in an
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international aid organizations ended up with three people dead. it sparked and in -- an 11 hour siege. no one has claimed response ability for the attack. flights have resumed at london's international airport. nine demonstrators from black lives matter's change themselves together to highlights the impact of environmental damage on black people. please arrested all nine of them. 120 flights were affected. hurricane news has slammed into the tip of mexico's baja california peninsula. the category one storm landed with 20 of heavy rain. -- plenty of heavy rain.
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this item has been found in space. the rosetta space probe located the lander. scientists say knowing where it is well help them make that her sense of the data -- better sense of the data. european election observers in gabon say they are certain that there was an anomaly in the election last week. president ali bongo returned to power with a thin victory. the official tally gave him nearly 100% of the vote. his victory written -- triggered a wave of violence. he was accused of stealing the election. >> the cleanup has begun in the northern city of bitam.
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after ali bongo claimed victory, many residents direct it there anger at the minority muslim household community. bongo whose family has ruled the central african country for nearly half a century won the election by only a little bit. european observers say they -- there are irregularities in the election process. >> the european observers are on the ground to monitor the election. common sense would call for a new vote count. >> following the recent violence, the african union says it will send a delegation to the country to help resolve the standoff over the election. brett: new scientific reports
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have found that global warming is making the oceans sicker than ever before threatening security all over the planet. it was compiled by 80 scientists from 12 countries. the study included every major marine ecosystem. it shows that warming oceans are killing off coral and reducing fish species. the report says the ocean has absorbed more than 93% of the increased from climate change. you are watching dw news. still to come, we are up close to the critically endangered mountain gorilla of rwanda. only adding to the list. we will have those stories
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coming. >> can we preserve diversity? -- biodiversity? global ideas presents from all over the world. traditional knowledge. >> you can use it to make a t and help ease pain. >> projects. >> i feel it is my duty to project -- protect the area so that they can love nature from an early age. >> our strategy is based on the
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additional lifestyle as a way of preserving it for future generations. >> no ideas on facebook, twitter and dw. -- new ideas on facebook, twitter and dw. brett: welcome back, you are with dw news live from berlin. our top story, a british court has sentenced chowdhury to five years in prison. following his conviction of supporting islamic state. another big german firm has been called up in the fog of the omissions handle. -- scandal. >> some breaking news coming in here to us. prosecutors are revving up for a u.s. lawsuit against the biggest auto motor bosch.
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that is according to reports by german media. the lawsuit says bosch of being able to manipulate admissions test readings. it went on to perfect the module. they have refused to comment directly but takes the accusations seriously. we will have more on that for you as it develops on our next business update. buyers have been sowing the seeds of a takeover of monsanto. the american farming chemicals firm has rejected every operate -- offers so far. the buyer on the other hand is starting to get nervous as foreign competitors go on their own shopping spree. could this offer of the to cultivate a takeover?
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>> the courtship has been going on. buyers pursuits of monsanto began back in may. the seats giant is playing hard to get. it has already refused to do -- two takeover bids. here is what buyers have come over so far. a buyer offered them $62 million but monsanto rejected it. then they raised their bid to $64 million. monsanto refused for a second time. now, they have come back with an offer of almost 66 million dollars. it would become the largest ever agricultural takeover. not everyone thinks it is a sweet deal. critics leave it could lead to genetically modified products and higher seed products.
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let's turn now. jose, what are you hearing there? >> it seems the two companies are closer than ever before. that said, experts still think that monsanto will not accept an offer lower than 130 dollars a share. there is also some skepticism related to these concerns but it should not be hard. >> i would like to take us back to full flag and -- volkswagon.
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what is the thinking behind that deal? >> it serves as a major vote of confidence with an agreement of supply chain freeing up hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings. let's not forget that they invested billions of dollars in diesel engines that did not win the approval of the epa. the maker can use it to manage its $5 billion deficit. as it -->> pose a, thank you very much for that. now the eu is missing $160 billion euros. this is the gap.
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it means the union missed out on as much as 38% of its income in some countries. now the eu costs top politicians are asking for solutions. >> as a rule, they charged the sales tax on every telephone call, text message. even bread is taxed. it is also levied on preserves, fish, meat, everything a supermarket has to offer. the levy is included in the real deal -- retail price. manufacturers and producers also pay abt on things like bottles to packaging. the eu knows that the consumers have to pay up. but in material services and
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cross-border transactions, they are more open to avoidance. the commission says this gap was almost $37 billion in 2014. $23 billion obedient germany. -- eluded germany. are vast differences in rates from one country to the next. the eu commission now wants to standardized rates in collections throughout the block. that is an ambitious goal to put it mildly. the commission says by reducing their gap, some states would be able to cut taxes. >> we're going to stay in europe now. the palace of versailles is one of the most decadent residences in the world.
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they have one of the time -- one-of-a-kind furniture. the origin of some chairs were clouded in mystery until now. they may not be antique after all. >> has one of the homes to europe's most precious art fallen victim to a scam? louis the 14th. >> look at this one. we can see it is much more detail, it is heavier. these three schools may look the same but two are forgeries. he ordered the artist and to make fake furniture and then traffic to them. -- trafficked them. versailles paid 2.7 million
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euros for these copies and as the scandal grows, they have even paid to have some peace is restored that may be fake. >> at the u.s. open, it -- germany's own is advancing to the final. she cruised to the second to win 6-0. she may be in line if she gets a better results at the open. of course the present number one, serena williams. two more species of guerrilla has been added to the endangered list. four of the six we have seen is danger in extinction. we have this report now of the situation of one threatened
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species, the mountain gorilla in rwanda. >> early-morning in this national park. he leads a daily expedition to watch the mountain gorilla. he asks everyone to be especially careful. >> they can make this sound. that is the warning sounds. >> this adventure is not cheap. it is 750 u.s. dollars. most people think the experience is well worth it. ♪ mountain grill is are one of the world's most endangered species. just 880 animals are left in the wild. half of them live in the border region between rwanda, uganda and the drc. they form a family clans.
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this one has 33 members. rebel factions, most of them in the drc make the survival of the girl is difficult. too often, the creatures are caught in the crossfire or poached. there is some good news. ecotourism is helping the gorilla population slowly recovered. in many well tells us that thet. at the end of each year, half of the profits go to supporting the communities around them. to show their pride, rwanda holds a festival every year to highlight preservation efforts. even the president makes an appearance. part of the festival is an symbolic baptism of the
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guerrillas. the guerrillas are not actually at the event. it has allowed them to survive against the odds. brett: after a short break, i will take you through the day. hope to join us for that. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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megan: hi everyone and welcome to our highlights edition, bringing you the best picks of the week. here's a look at what we've got in store for you today. wind and waves -- german filmmaker andi jansen and his spectacular surfing videos. whiskey and windbreakers -- we'll take a trip to the scotland's loch lomond. and see and serenity -- a dutch couple and their home in a lighthouse. the popularity of our home city of berlin has been growing steadily over the past few years, making it one of europe's top destinations. now is certainly a good time to visit since the weather's warmer and the parks are in full bloom. and if you have the money, a fun


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