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tv   DW News  PBS  September 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is dw news live in berlin. north korea is sparking condemnation from around the globe following the country's most powerful nuke test ever. the blast shook sensors over the border in south korea like an earthquake. u.n. secretary general moon says the security council must act to prevent further escalation. also on the show, the u.s. prepares to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we'll talk to a key american general in the war on terror. david petraeus gives us his assessment of the changing nature of the threat facing the
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u.s. and a volkswagen engineer please guilty over the scandal. he promises to help them build their case against the german car giant. >> good to have you with us. at this hour the united nations security council is meeting to discuss what to do next about north korea's latest nuclear test. pyongyang detonated its largest one yet. north korea says the response came in response what it calls u.s. aggression. it plans to deploy a missile defense system in the south. >> confirmation from north
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korean state television. our nuclear weapons institute has carried out a nuclear explosion test to check the power of a newly produced warhead. >> the announcement came hours after south korea detected shaking patterns not normally associated with an earthquake. the seismic activity was close to an underground testing site, it's drawn international condemnation and this time was no different. rather than pursuing this, they should be promoting the well-being of the country's people. i count on the city council to remain united and take appropriate action. we must urgently break this accelerating spiral of escalation.
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>> this is another clear demonstration of the north korean regime's recklessness. our patience and the patience of the international community is being stretched beyond its limit. we should view the mental status of north korea's leader as out of control. >> japan and south korea particularly are deeply concerned because they are in the neighborhood but i think it's fair to say that china, russia, the united states, everybody shares concerns, to try to machine for and find out precisely what took place. >> and even china, north korea's main diplomatic ally, has spoken out against the test. beijing has said it will launch a diplomatic protest with its neighbor. >> despite five sets of u.n. sanctions, the nuclear ambitions of the kingdom have not been deterred. now the international community must figure out what to do next.
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>> as you heard, most u.n. security council members have strongly condemned north korea's latest nuclear launch but it's unclear what the u.n. can do beyond criticizing pyongyang. no country in the world has more sanctions slapped against it than north korea. >> a propaganda video published a few days ago by the regime in pyongyang, to the thundering sound of music, showcasing the launch of the north korean missiles. however absurd the footage is evidence how much energy this impoverished country is putting into its military program and how keen it is to portray itself as a threat to the world. >> more than any of his predecessor, kim jong un has pushed ahead with his country's nuclear weapons program. a quick comparison with his father is proof of that. in the five years since he came
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to power, the young kim has ordered 33 missile tests. his father ordered less than half that number during his entire 17 years as north korea's leader. >> as ever today's test was celebrated on north korean state tv the regime claims it's achieved a major technological breakthrough. >> state run media says kim jong un's regime has more flexible and more effective nuclear warheads. indeed, there are signs that north korea has managed to increase the power of its atomic weapons. south korean experts say 10 to 12 kilotons of energy was released during today's test the explosive force of north korea's previous test in january was significantly lower. about six kilotons.
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their program is a state secret which means verification is all but impossible and that's what makes it so difficult to assess the real threat program poses. diplomatic efforts to bring peace to syria are gathering pace. the u.s. and russia are said to be examining the possibility of a cease-fire that could last up to 10 days. differences do remain. you secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterparts are holding talks in geneva. their latest bid to find agreement on stopping the fighting in syria. the u.s. and russia back opposing sides in the five-year civil war. earlier kerry's office said he didn't think it was worth while meeting until more progress had been made in lower level negotiations. >> that conflict in syria also has its roots in the instability in neighboring iraq, following the u.s. invasion back in 2003. one man with his -- with first-hand experience of that is
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u.s. general david petraeus. he was at the forefront of america's fight against terrorism for years. he commanded troops in iraq and afghanistan and he later led the c.i.a. dw spoke to him as america prepares to mark 15 years since 9/11. our next report begins with some of those americans, most the families of soldiers who r died in action. >> just two hours east of new york, the cemetery is a place where soldiers are laid to rest. william and michelle were both police officers on duty on 9/11, 2001. they here to visit the grave of their son jimmy. >> our son was james mcnaughton, and he was 27 years old, jimmy. and he was a staff sergeant in the united states army, and he
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was killed in action in baghdad, iraq, on august 2, 2005, by a sniper. >> their home is full of reminders of jimmy. but here there is no criticism of the war in iraq. to them, their son is a hero. >> what did my son die for? what did obama do? pulled the combat troops out. we went over there, we kicked ass, did what we had to do, we did it with gloves on, too, couldn't do this, couldn't do that, but we got the job done. and we left millions of dollars of equipment, never mind the lives lost, for what? >> if anyone can answer this question, it's this man. retired general david petraeus, for years he was at the forefront of the so-called war against terror as commander of the american troops in iraq and afghanistan, and later as
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director of the c.i.a. >> these are not words where you plant the flag and go home. these are wars that grind on. these are generational struggles. >> the former general and c.i.a. director seems confident that the islamic state group will be defeated in the not so distant future but he's less confident about the future stability in iraq. >> the islamic state, it is iraqi politics, and iraqi politics, this is a full contact sport. this is welcome to the premier league time, and it is very, very tough stuff. >> war nearly always comes down to politics and national interests. and no politician is ever likely to have a satisfactory answer for the mcnaughtons, as to what their son died for. >> you don't get used to it. every day is another day. something you learn to live with. it's what we call the new
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normal. i don't have a normal anymore. you have good days, you have bad days. >> and on bad days, they even come here after dark, to be close to the son they lost. >> that report is an excerpt from a full length documentary that we'll be airing here this sunday on the anniversary of 9/11. for more information you can check out our website at french authorities say three women arrested in connection with an abandoned car laden with gas canisters were planning an imminent attack. prosecutors say one had sworn allegiance to the so-called islamic state. police detained the women after a violent stand-off near the capitol on thursday. >> disturbing scenes yesterday afternoon just south of paris. officers arresting a young woman believed to have links to so-called islamic state. the 19-year-old was shot and
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wounded during the arrest after apparently stabbing an officer. >> one of the women attacked a police officer with a knife. that's when the shooting started. two other women were also detained. all three are now terror suspects. the authorities believe their plan was to debt tdetonate a ca drenched in petrol near a cathedral. >> there was no ignition device in the car but our investigation shows that a fire would have caused at least one of the gas cylinders to explode so the entire car would have exploded, too. >> investigators believe the women wanted to ignite the vehicle with a cigarette. >> we can't drop our guard at any time. today one group has been wiped out but there are others. each time we need to act behalf
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it's too late. >> france is still under a state of emergency, and now the authorities have a fresh worry. young women who become radicalized and are increasingly ready to carry out terrorist attacks. >> german took in more than a million refugees over the past 12 months and volunteer workers have played a key role helping the country to cope with the influx. some of those volunteers recently arrived as refugees themselves. they were among the thousands that the german president invited to his berlin palace in order to say thank you for their efforts. >> up until a little while ago, he would have never dreamed this could happen. a syrian refugee invited to meet the president of germany at bellevue palace. he's one of 5,000 volunteers who will be honored at this year's annual champions celebration. the german president will pay tribute to people who have shown
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a particularly strong civic commitment to germany. >> this is super. it's the first time i've been anywhere near the president. it's amazing. >> i think it's great that a refugee is allowed to be here at the palace. >> when he's not walking down red carpets, he helps immigrants, in a small german town. even though he himself has only been in germany for 10 months. a year ago, he came here to flee the war in syria. now he's showing other refugees the ropes so they can also do what it takes to become integrated, and that's exactly the kind of engagement that the german president wants to recognize. >> as different as these people are and as varied as their work is their attitude is the same. they want to be actively engaged in their own lives and in
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society. >> they don't want to just complain or walk away. they want to make an effort to help. >> he's grateful that germany has taken in so many refugees. that's something he wishes he could tell the president in person. >> maybe i'll be able to greet him. i'll say thank you very much, germany, for helping refugees. and we, the refugees, promise that we'll work together with you. >> he was not able to deliver his message personally, but it was still a night to remember. >> you're watching dw news live from berlin. still to come -- germany striker gomez makes his berglund return
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on saturday. can he give them victory? we'll find out. daniel will be here with the business news. we're back in about 60 seconds.
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>> welcome back to dw news live from berlin. our top story, north korea's latest and most powerful nuclear bomb test has sparked unanimous condemnation from members of the u.n. security council. the u.s. says new sanctions against pyongyang are in the cards. a new twist in the vw scandal and criminal charges now. let's go over to daniel for the latest. >> i know how you live a good drama. we've got plenty for you in business news a huge breakthrough for investigators in the diesel gate saga. an engineer is the first to be
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criminally charged in the u.s. over the emissions cheating scandal the plea agreement states he knew that vw was cheating and that he and his co-conspirators were considering deceiving the environmental protection agency. this is the first time someone has been charged over diesel gate and could lead to more arrests. the german dealing with the billions of euros in lawsuits. and don't just take my word for it. in new york for us right now, jose has been tracking this for us. let's talk to him now. jose, how big of a blow has this been for volkswagen in the u.s.? >> it's been, especially when you take into consideration that executives have rarely been prosecuted in their company scandals. let's not forget in cases brought against general motors or toyota, nonhigh ranking executives were accused of any
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wrongdoing in the u.s. so the fact that volkswagen engineers were sets a big precedent here in the u.s. >> so what's going to happen next? are we going to expect more prosecutions, for example? >> it is -- it seems so. the information that this engineer is providing to prosecutors could speed the investigation of the company. some experts even predict that the current settlement talks could be resolved by the end of the year. so far volkswagen has agreed to spend $16.5 billion to address environmental, state and owner claims in the united states, and it still faces billions of dollars in potential fines. >> so more frustrating news for car owners. vw isn't the only car maker having problems. general motors is also having
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troubles. >> that's right, daniel. black friday here in the u.s. for u.s. automakers. general motors is recalling more than four million vehicles worldwide due to a swear defect linked to at least one death. that said, automaker reassured that the recall will not have any material impact on its financial resources but as for now, it's shares closed down nearly 4% today. >> interesting add to the week. have a great weekend. >> eurozone finance ministers are getting together to discuss greece's money troubles. it comes amid signs that greece hasn't managed to implement all of the reforms it committed to as part of it's $86 billion euro bail-out program. one man who has seen many greek debt crisis is the president of the euro group. here's what he had to say. >> summer is over.
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we really need to restart and pick up on the time lost, and the greek minister, our greek colleague, i think he was convinced there is a joint interest for all of us to keep this on track. it has very much to do with trust. trust between us. trust in the imf. who have confirmed, reconfirmed that they will go to the board before the end of the year, but also trust from the outside world in greece and the greek economy. >> so here's what they are worried about. a first payment of $7.5 billion was released in june, just in time for greece to meet the deadline for debt repayments to the e.u. and imf. so far, so good but the remaining $2.8 billion was penciled in for late september and is due soon. time is running out, and the money isn't even the most important thing. if athens can pay its debts on time greece's creditors will launch negotiations on debt relief airport in the year.
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it's all part of the epic greek drama that's been playing out for years. when times were good, they spent and spent. but following the financial crisis came the shock announcement of a huge budget deficit. that is way over what's allowed by eurozone rules. after agreeing to tighten spending the country got a massive bail-out worth $110 billion euros. and after a while things started to look up, the country had a budget surplus of 1.5% and its credit rating was upgraded though still saddled with huge debts but greeks were angry. suffering from the austerity measures, punishment. the left wing party was voted in promising to rid the country of austerity. by this time greece had racked up more debt and couldn't pay it off. then came a stand-off. the new prime minister fought against creditors' demands. they wanted to make more painful budget cuts.
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eventually the country stepped back from the brink, promising more austerity and striking another deal with creditors for more money. and that brings us to today. the curtain on this drama hasn't fallen just yet. we'll bring you more on the developments here on dw news as and when they happen. but for now, your business update, i'll hand you back over to brent who has some sports for us. >> thank you very much. >> we're looking at what could be the best game of the weekend's bundesliga action. day two continues. they made a successful opening in week one and are determined to continue their perfect start after a tumultuous offseason. >> calm has returned again. an eighth place finish last season meant no european competition this year and massive player turnover. nine players left, 11 new faces arrived. >> we believe that we've put a
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good team together. that's what we had the year before, however, and the year before. with different results. >> the season opener was a success, thanks in part to new signee, daniel, one of the most dangerous midfielders in the bundesliga league last season. he got the opener. also new, germany striker mario gomez, after three years, he's back in the bundesliga. >> mario has been here before and i think that's an advantage which means he can secure the ball and bring teammates into the game. i think that's a quality we'll need to see on saturday. >> the match against colon may be the first real indicator. last year ended 1-1. the match gives colon a chance to rectify its recent balance sheet in wolfsburg.
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>> i think what we've seen in the last few games in the bundesliga, the wolfsburg game has always been relatively interesting. so many chances. that said -- we must admit we haven't been able to win here. >> it's very early in the season but the wolves already have a chance to repeat an all too rare phenomenon. victory on saturday would be just the second time they have started a bundesliga campaign with consecutive victories. >> the bundesliga has returned to action and that means the bundesliga show returns to dw this weekend. it's everything you need to know in one place, and our man -- he's pretty excited about it. >> the bundesliga on vw. we've got everything. >> we've got the goals. >> finishing!
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>> we've got -- the celebration. >> we've got the near misses. >> the best chance we've seen so far. >> vw, the bundesliga. we are german football, every saturday and every sunday. >> he's on fire! >> what has he been eating? serena williams has crashed out of the u.s. open for a second straight year. williams' defeat means she'll no longer be ranked world's number one. she was defeated in two sets. williams committed six double faults in the match. the winner knocked both williams sisters out of the tournament. germany's player will officially be crowned the new world number one on monday. she defeated denmark's wozniacki in two sets. it puts her into her first u.s.
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open final. germany's top athletes are talking on social media. basketball star dirk norwitzki posted number one. congratulations, good luck in the final the former tennis world champ becker, he chimed in, i congratulate the new number one. my highest regards. saturday will be about playing for victory. thousands of fans also reacted to the news, like this german resident who writes, you made history tonight. congrats to the new number one other world, graf was the last number one from germany. a message to supporters, thank you for being part of this amazing journey. indeed. here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you. north korea's latest and most
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powerful nuclear bomb test has sparked unanimous condemnation from members of the u.n. security council. the u.s. says new sanctions against pyongyang are now in the cards. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day. we'll talk with that newspaper, news editor in norway, who got the attention of facebook. find out why. we'll be back in just a moment.
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