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tv   Newsline  PBS  September 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there and welcome to nhk "newsline." the british government has approved the construction of a nuclear power plant that a chinese corporation is helping to finance. they had earlier put the project on hold due to security concerns, with it's approval, it signals it welcomes foreign vice presidents. the secretary of state informed parliament of the decision to proceed. britain will remain one of the
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world's most open economies. a chinese state run firm will bear about one-third of the construction project led by a french energy project. thereeresa may -- she cited secy concerns because the plant would be considered critical infrastructure. some observers warned that it could aggravate bilateral ties. in another advance to the space program, china is one step closer to having its own space station, an unmanned experimental laboratory was successfully launched on thursday. it blasted off from a facility in the gobi desert. people across china watched it on tv as they celebrated the harvest moon holiday.
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the space lab is an upgrade to the previous version launched in 2011. the modification allows astronauts to stay on board for an extended period of time. >> it's a complete success. >> china plans to launch a spacecraft next month to ferry two astronauts to the lab. they'll conduct various experiments dug their 30-day stay. china is beefing up its space program to establish itself as a space power, a pillar of that ambition, is it's own space station, separate from the international space station, operated by the u.s., japan and 13 other nations. china hopes it will be in service around 2022. beijing and tokyo have been at odds over china's incursions
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of international waters. they have now agreed to push ahead with efforts to prevent military clashes. the defense and foreign ministry staff wraps up two days of talks. they agreed to work faster toward launching an emergency communication mechanism. one issue they didn't make much progress on is the gas resources in the east china sea. one issue they didn't make much progress on is the subject of gas resources in the east china sea. china is unilaterally developing them and showing reluctance to work with japan. many foreign visitors complain about how it can be to connect to free wi-fi in japan. but that could soon be a thing of the past. tell us the details. >> wireless providers, wireless carriers are teaming up to give tourists easier access to free wi-fi. the move comes as the government
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and businesses try to be more competitive in attracting travellers from overseas. and that's ahead of the 2020 tokyo olympics and paralympics. free internet connections are available at a growing number of locations such as chain stores and shops and restaurants. they have to enter account data on mobile devices each time they move to other wi-fi spots run by different service providers. >> companies including major phone providers are working together to solve the problem. they plan to launch a new service that will require tourists to sign up only once. during the rest of their stay they'll be able to access free wi-fi from partner providers. this is the first time multiple telecon companies have tried to offer the service around japan. one of japan's major banks is planning to roll out a system that uses a smart phone app that identifies customers by using
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their face, fingertips and voice. the bank plans to introduce the biometric system next year. users will download a smart phone app developed by the three firms and register by providing the biometric features, they will also have to give the usual written information like name and address. but customers can then use their phones to make online reservations and payments with companies that accept the app. this will be the first bank to launch a biometrics identification services offering a wide ranges of services. and higher crude oil prices supported overall market sentiment and economic data came in weak so investors think the federal reserve is unlikely to raise its key rates this month. so over on wall street, we saw
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the dow jones industrial average rising just about 1% and the tech heavy nasdaq rose almost 1.5%. we'll see what's happening here in tokyo for this friday morning. good morning, rumi, tell us how japanese stocks are opening. >> actually energy shares led most of the advances and also for a fourth day in a row, apple shares rose helping a lot of component makers will focus on those and the tech sector. but let's look at how the nikkei and the topix are kicking off. just a reminder, the nikkei actually closed at a three-week low on thursday, largely on the back of a stronger yen. monday will be a public holiday here in japan, so we may see more volatility today as we pretty much witnessed so far this week. now i want to focus on apple
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component makers, apple, again, the world's most valuable tech company. advancing i said for a fourth day in a row, we're going to be focusing on component makers here in japan, many of which make products that go into a lot of different apple products. now on to energy shares, again, we have seen a bit of a flip there as well. energy shares leading the advance on the s&p 500. west texas intermediate rose, a major pipeline carrying refined oil to the u.s. east coast was found to have a leak. so that's the spike that crude oil prices. >> and we have seen some swings in the dollar recently. get us updated on some of the currency pairs. >> i was just looking at it, look at that, the low 101, and now that's retail sales data for august which fell for the first time since march and a new york manufacturing index remains in
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contraction. also industrial production contracted in august. now this all leaves the federal reserve more likely to keep rates unchanged when it meets next week. jan and the federal ree kick off their two-da meetings on the 20th. now let's get a look at some of the other indexes also open in asia pacific, australia's s&p 100. other markets including china and south korea will be closed for the mid autumn august festival. and now the neek sikkei and thex up. now forget what your parents told you about eating slowly, some japanese businesses are encouraging customers to beat the clock, they're trying to add
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a sense of fun in the food fair. and they're creating a lot of buzz in the process. >> reporter: according to the staff at this restaurant, this delicate favor quickly disappears. they should be eaten no more than 40 seconds after leaving the grill. it's as exciting as a sporting event. >> we run the food out to customers, we want them to enjoy the whole experiencing. >> some people will travel a long sometime for a few seconds worth of eating.
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this shop takes pride in its 100-year tradition of handmade white crackers, and similar products can be found throughout japan. we invite them to eat one of these delicacies within 58 seconds. >> the basic prince approximately won't change, but we have to change our sales methods to adapt to changing times. >> and in the market, about 150 kilometers from tokyo. the only way to get here is on foot or by car. but people from all over japan come for a special treat. and this is what they are flocking here to eat.
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they have only 30 minutes to get it down. 90% of this unique treat is local waters renowned for it's quality. making it is an exacting process. first carefully measure and simmer the ingredients at the optimal temperature. >> translator: we make sure to sell the product to customers at just the right time. >> reporter: initially they serve only 40 on a good day. but sales reviews of the product went viral. now about 1400 come in a few
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hours. news of the confection continues to spread on the internet and it has spawned takers around the world. >> i have an open mind. i always want to try. >> and marketing expert says the speed eating trend is just one example of the long shift from food as a source of sustenance, to a form of entertainment. >> translator: eating now involves the whole process of going out to try something new, sharing the experience with others and encouraging them to eat it too. >> reporter: by emphasizing the need for speed, the food caterers are giving their customers something they can talk about. when they talk about fast food. #. >> that's the latest in business for this hour, i'm going to leaf you now with a check on markets.
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other stories we're following this hour. safety concerns about public transportation are rising in pakistan following a deadly train crash on thursday. two trains collided near the center city in punjab province, at least three people were killed and more than 60 injured. police say a freight train had stopped after an accident killed a man on the tracks. it was then rear ended by a passenger train.
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much of south asia's railways were built in colonial times and are poorly maintained. indonesian authorities are trying to figure out why a boat carrying tourists blew up near bali. 35 international tourists were on board when the explosion happened, killing two female passengers, the boat was traveling to a popular location when a fuel tank exploded. officials say there's a low possibility it was terrorism. the safety of indonesian vessels has been questioned before. last year the engine of a bali tourist boat exploded, injuring 19 foreigners. members of japan's largest opposition party, the democratic party have chosen a new leader. upper house lawmaker
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>> reporter: even before lawmakers and private party members came on thursday, it was clear she was the favorite. she has been asking president since 2015. and during the runup to this vote, she enjoyed a wide margin among her contenders. we can build a strong party that can challenge the current administration. let's build our party together to one voters want to choose. we should accomplish this by not just criticism but through presenting constructive and creative policy for the country. >> she doesn't fit the mold of other japanese lawmakers. she turned to politics after
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working as a model and a news anchor. she has taiwanese background sparked debate over her citizenship status. but she has already taken on a high profile portfolio, she served as a cabinet minister for the democratic party of japan that became japan's ruling party in 2009. she attracted a lot of attention as she spearheaded the government's panel. but the party failed to revitalize is party's recovery. it suffered a crashing defeat to the labor democratic party in 2012.
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the party merged with another smaller opposition in march in an effort to gain ground. nhk polls suggest it's latest support is still around 8%. while the labor party has 40%. the top priority is to change all of that. during her three-year term, members of the lower house will have a key national election and she wants to regain public trust in the party. at a news conference, she was asked about her views on amending the constitution. prime minister abe has said he wants to start debating the issue in the diet. >> translator: we have taken part in past debates and committees in the upper house. we will keep doing so once the panels are resumed. >> reporter: she will soon face her first real battle as party leader, she will confront the labor party during the diet
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later this month. and the debates on key issues facing the country are expected to be intense. wrestlers at tokyo's auto grand sumo tournaments are getting to the middle of their two-week run. we go to our resident expert. >> there's one man grabbing the spotlight in tokyo, he's gunning for his first title. >> lecomes into day five with a very ordinary 2-2 record. there's no margin for error, he's going to make the final round.
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he keeps his cool. once he gets the right hand grip, it's all over. i would like to look again at the grand champion we featured in our exclusive interview ahead of this competition. he's aiming to win back to back titles for the first time in four years. his strong points are his speed and agility. that's why he tries to wait as little time as possible in the ring. >> he rallies.
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it's a time draw and he wins. he remains with one loss. >> here's a man who entered day five with a spotless record. he is okinomi. all the victories came against the top dog. he puts up a solid defense. >> on day two, he found out how strong he can be. and day three, okinomi goes toe to toe. on day four, a rarely seen technique. arm bar throw counter.
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what this all means is that he's become the first rank and file in 90 years to go over four straight bouts from opening day. >> and that's it for today's sumo summary. i'll be back next week when we find out the true contenders for this autumn championship. see you then. >> a japanese adventure is selling sail in what is considered the ultimate in stream icing.
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the solo around the world yacht race is held every four years, 29 competitors gathered in a briefing room in paris. >> translator: i'm very honored to be taking part in the grande globe, it has been my dream for many years, i wanted as many people as possible in japan and asia to know about it. >> reporter: the course starts and ends in france. # part mants are not allowed to make port calls or receive supplies during the race. robert spedda joins us with more. >> we're still watching this move off towards the northeast, the good news is it has been downgraded from a typhoon. now a tropical depression, still bringing some showers, in western japan, you're actually going to be seeing some rainfall today, some of them rather heavy, up and over 100 millimeters is possible. but all of our attention is
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definitely down here to the southeast. where this came onshore this skirted the coastline of taiwan. on thursday, let's show you some video. just to give you an idea of the flooding that tack place. look at that, absolutely catastrophic, that's an historic bridge for that area, about 800 years old and it was seriously damaged by this storm system. very rare to have a storm this strong hit this specific area and thus that bridge stood for so long. the peak of this, 2.6 million people suffered from blackouts on thursday, trees are scattered across roadways there. more than 1,000 soldiers, 700 militia men were out and about to help with the recovery of this, this is going to be ongoing for some time to come. but the good news is this specific area is looking at some improvement in the weather. and death favorable --
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definitely favor for recovery. but not the case for eastern taiwan. unfortunately, we have another storm system here. this storm system continuing to intensify, up to right now, 144, gusting to 165 kilometers per hour. it's expected to intensify a little bit more before hitting the coastline. around towards taipei you're going to have some rough weather saturday night into sunday morning as this does continue to push overhead. friday night into sunday morning and eventually moving off there just along the southwestern islands of japan as well. so typically, they're both big tourist destinations and this coming weekend is a holiday across japan. so there's going to be a lot of people out and about across these areas and you may want to rethink some of your travel plans if you're going to those specific islands. going to stay afternoon okinawa, but still going to be some rough weather out there, tokyo seeing some rainfall today, a high of 28, beijing, still got some
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thunderstorms there for you. let's move here into western europe. also want to mention, this area of low pressure, a fairly poe tonight low, bringing strong thunderstorms back to the east over northern italy. even extending back there towards parts of eastern france. one thing with this, it's the base of this big upper level trough, which is dipping down all the way to the mediterranean, and with it cooler air is coming in. look at london, now east of that, though, warsaw, even over towards kiev in athens, temperatures in the 20s to low 30s. we still have a flash flood threat in the eastern midwest. travel plans may mean in oklahoma city, chicago, today, you might see some delays out there.
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an annual fair at japan are donning head wear, switching them on and entering new worlds, many have come to the tokyo game shows to test out virtual realty. got 600 exhibitors are displaying fun and games. this year the biggest fun are those that incorporate vr technology. players just have to put on the headset to go swimming in computer generated oceans or carry on conversations with digital characters. taiwanese smart phone maker htc is showing off at the exhibition for the first time. it's demonstrating a virtual realty device it will release in april. many analysts expect the technology to apply a big role. they forecast the market for the products will hit a billion dollars by 2025.
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more than triple what it was last year.
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>> on this edition of "native report," we meet author and illustrator michael lyons... for making cornbread. >> ...we visit the oneida market, a unique natural health store, and we go to the university of tulsa and learn about the indian law program. >> core courses in indian law. >> we also learn something new about indian country and hear from our elders on this "native report." >> production of "native report" is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community and the blandin foundation. >> of your life up there in that big city.


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