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tv   Newsline  PBS  September 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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reports of damage are coming in after a typhoon. official say typhoon malakas remains strong. high winds overturned this truck, bringing down utility poles. the driver was able to escape without injuries.
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fire stations are receiving numerous reports of flooding and damage. in this area near a river, many houses have been flooded. our meteorologist robert speta joins us with more on the storm. >> a lot of people are going to be heading out to work this morning, especially in western japan. we are seeing some delays out there on the roadway, also trains and even towards kochi prefecture. delays at the airports as well. this came onshore in southern kyushu. an all time record rainfall for that
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we have people having been asked or rainshowers across most of japan today. i think the rainfall threat is going to be one of the biggest issues with this. towards tokyo, over 150 millimeters is possible. upwards about 300 millimeters. then we're also talking about that landslide threat. and already in eastern kyushu we have extreme risk of landslides where that storm system came onshore and wrapped around, pushing that moisture there. i expect this to cascade toward the northeast as we look ahead through the afternoon, including into coach chee and eventually into the region. the winds ar big issue, going to
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continue to gust, the highest toward shikoku 162 kilometers per hour. should end by midday as we go through tuesday. kinki is going to kick and up central japan the big threat is rain through wednesday. >> thanks very much, robert speta will be back later on with more. a man suspected of carrying out a weekend bombing in new york city has been arrested after a shoot-out with police. ahmad khan rahami was wounded during the gun fight in the state of new jersey and was taken to hospital. two officers were also shot. their wounds are not thought to be life-threatening. rahami is a u.s. citizen of afghan descent whose last known address was in new jersey. on saturday night, a pressure cooker bomb packed with shrapnel exploded in new york, wounding 29 people. none seriously. another bomb was found nearby unexploded. on the same day a pipe blom blew up in new jersey but no one was injured. then on sunday night five explosive devices were found in
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a trash can near a railway station in new jersey. one exploded while investigators were using a robot to dispose of it but no one was injured. police are investigating whether the new jersey bombs were linked to the blast in new york. world leaders have gathered in new york for the united nations general assembly. they have come up with a plan to tackle the refugee and migrant crisis. they met at a special session on monday. earlier i spoke with nhk world's kozue hamamoto who's covering the event. i started by asking her the outcome of the session. >> reporter: leaders agreed unanimously to adopt the new york declaration which aims to save the lives of refugees and migrants and better share responsibilities. the declaration was adopted amid the worst refugee crisis in over 70 years. the united nations refugee agency says over 65 million are forcibly displaced from their
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homes. united nations secretary-general ban ki-moon called for immediate action. >> today's summit represents a breakthrough in our collective efforts to address the challenges of human mobility. more people than ever are on the move. some fleeing war, others to seek opportunity. >> refugees themselves raised their voices, urging leaders to treat the issue with urgency. >> we are living on the edge of hell. we have been waiting for so long for the day that the world would hear our voice. i hope it's today. if world leaders today are unable to find a solution for the refugee crisis and the syrian crisis, then this summit is no different from all other conferences. >> turkey is one of many countries hosting record numbers of refugees facing social and
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economic pressures. the nation asks the international community to share the burden. >> our unilateral efforts cannot be sufficient to cope with this global problem. we have to say loud and clear that the world needs a better strategy to deal with irregular migration and to fight the traffickers. and we need it urgently. >> japanese prime minister shinzo abe responded to the call by spending $2.8 billion over the next three years to help support refugees and host countries. experts say by addressing the issue collectively, the new york declaration was a huge step. but some ngos say more specific measures are needed. >> this statement does not provide any specific mechanisms by which host countries have to respect specific international principles like the right to
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seek asylum. nor does it provide an accountability-sharing mechanism whereby other states have to contribute to alleviate the needs of those individuals. >> kozue, what will be the focus of this year's debate by world leaders? >> reporter: the general debate by heads of state is the most colorful event of the u.n. u.s. president barack obama will make his eighth and his last speech on tuesday. one of his top goals is a world without nuclear weapons. the u.s. has submitted a draft resolution to the u.n. security council that calls on all member states to refrain from nuclear tests. when obama made a historic visit to hiroshima last may, he reiterated his aim. >> among those nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles, we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear. and pursue a world without them. >> japanese prime minister abe
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will speak on wednesday. he will call for a new resolution against north korea. he'll also press japan's long longstanding bid to become a permanent member of the security council. japan celebrates its 60th anniversary as a member of the u.n. this year. abe sees it as a good opportunity to push his agenda. >> kozue hamamoto in new york. we'll have more courage in from the u.n. throughout the week. check out what's making headlines in business. investors will be keep an eagle eye on some important central bank meetings this week. at i uchida joins us from our b ichi biz team. >> the policy decisions from the u.s. federal reserve, the bank of japan, all the focus this week. japan's central bank, they will make a comprehensive review of its monetary policy during a two-day meeting starting tuesday. boj policymakers will take a long, hard look at whether they should continue their current
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monetary easing measures and whether they need to expand them. it's been more than three years since the boj launched that strategy to boost the japanese economy, but consumer prices haven't risen. the central bank introduced a negative interest rate policy in february, but some economists say that's caused bank profits to fall and consumer confidence to worsen. boj governor kuroda said earlier this month there's still ample scope to push the interest rate further into negative territory. policymakers are also expected to discuss whether they should set a new time frame for achieving their 2% inflation target. their current goal is in about two years. now along with the boj the federal reserve will also announce its decision later on wednesday. so jittery movements are expected in the global markets ahead of these policy meetings. on monday, u.s. markets ended flat. both the dow jones industrial average and the tech-heavy nasdaq closing just a touch lower. now let's see how tokyo markets are opening.
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we're going to go to ramin mellegard for that at the tokyo stock exchange. good morning, ramin. tell us what you're seeing over there. >> good morning to you, ai. markets playing catch-up after the public holiday on monday. as you mentioned it's all about the central bank meetings this week. the federal reserve, and of course the bank of japan. and maybe more focus on the bank of japan as very few are actually expecting any move by the federal reserve, so that really puts a focus mostly on the boj. let's take a look at how the nikkei and the topix are kicking off this tuesday, september 20th. both indexes in the negative in the first few minutes of trading. just a reminder, the nikkei fell 2.6% last week. and it was its biggest weekly loss since early july. with the dollar having retreated from a two-week high. we may also see further hesitancy among exporter shares this morning. after recent mixed economic data on japan, some market players are speculating further policy
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moves by the boj to boost inflation. that's really one of the main focuses the market players are looking at. and that includes -- perhaps includes cutting rates further into negative and also moves along the yield curve in order to help a lot of the major banks, banks' profits, which have been hurt during this negative interest rate policy period. so they're looking really for any signs or moves by the boj. i want to touch on rebounding crude oil prices as well after word from venezuela's president on sunday that an agreement between opec and non-opec countries is close to reaching a deal on price stability. that sent crude oil prices higher. >> you did mention the holiday for stock markets here on monday. we did at the same time see a drop in the dollar. give us the levels this tuesday morning. >> we've seen a continued volatility in the dollar/yen right now at 101.88.
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it's gone through some volatility, not helped by conflicting words from fed officials, either talking down a rate hike as we heard from lyle brennard, or talking it up from hawkish officials. data has dampened expectation forth a rate hike this week as we saw last retail sales report showing slowing growth for august. let's have a look at asia-pacific markets that are open right now. seoul's kospi is in the negative. sydn sydney's s&p asx200 in the negative. a technical glitch halted trading in sydney on monday. china markets open in an hour and a half. shanghai ended higher yesterday after last week's mid-autumn holidays. so we'll see how all of that trades in a couple of hours. and a little bit of a guessing game as to what the central banks may do. >> sounds good, thanks >>amsung electronics has started the first phase of a
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global recall of its galaxy note 7 smartphone following reports of its battery catching fire. users in south korea were the first to get free replacements on monday. the tech giant says it has revamped the battery for the device. the model just hit the market last month. it was sold in ten countries and territories. the company says it's recalling 2.5 million devices globally. the recall is scheduled to start wednesday in the united states. samsung says it will offer users who opt to keep their unfixed phones an automated software update that will limit battery charging to 60% to prevent overheating. the global recall is a setback for samsung, which is in fierce competition with apple and other manufacturers for the smartphone market. toke yoes' haneda airport is set to expand its capacity. the aim is to handle more international flights as the city counts down to hosting the 2020 olympic games. transport ministry officials
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plan to increase international flights to and from haneda to cope with an expect rise in foreign visitors, but expansion of the current international terminal will not be enough to deal with the increased passengers. ministry official and the terminal operator have now decided to extend one of the airport's two domestic terminals to handle international flights. immigration counters and duty-free shops will be built. construction is set to begin next fiscal year. the extra area for international flights is expected to begin service in march 2020. that is ahead of the summer games. now it's time to take a quick look at our global economic calendar for the week. as we mentioned earlier, investors will be keeping their eyes fixed on policy meetings at the central banks of two major economies, bank of japan officials wrap up a two-day meeting on wednesday, u.s. federal reserve policymakers will be announcing their decision on the same day. the focus there is whether they
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decide to raise interest rates. on wednesday, japanese officials announce supermarket sales for august. and on the same day we'll learn the number of foreign visitors arriving in japan. july's results set a monthly record. the weekends with singapore's consumer price index for august. in today's of "expert view" we hear from takeshi shimosh, while the fed ponders a rate move boj will be reviewing the effectiveness of policy decision. their report will also have to note some unforeseen challenges. >> the boj will insist that they created a better cycle from corporate profits to expenditur expenditures. on the other hand, they also pointed out some unexpected challenges. and that challenges includes
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unexpected fall in oil prices. >> japan's inflation remains well below the boj's target of 2%. shinono says officials may decide to abandon the time frame for achieving their goal. >> we don't think the bo jchj abandons 2% efficient target. boj will continue to try to achieve the inflation target as early as possible but they may drop an explicit period to achieve the inflation target. >> many market experts are predicting additional easing measures at the meeting. shinono is not one of them. >> we actually expect no change in policy at this september meeting. it what is the market is expecting. but we actually expect it to happen in the october meeting. so not this time. we think the fund can deepen the interest right by as much as minus 0.5%.
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so by 10 basis points by the meeting and four times in a year. >> i'll have more headlines in business next hour. for now, a check on markets. j-pop bands have fans around the world. here in japan two dozen artists are paying tribute to its pioneers, the peanuts. the twin sisters were nonstop hitmakers in their day.
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nhk world's marie anaka lets us in on some of the secrets of their success. ♪ >> reporter: this is one of the peanuts' most famous songs. it sets seductive lyrics with a latin rhythm. this live tv performance with a big band was one of their high points. ♪ >> reporter: this songwriter was part of many memorable records. he once told nhk what sets this the tune apart. ♪
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the tribute album just came out this month. it features 24 popular female vocalists performing in 12 duos. ♪ two of the voices on the album belong to members of the idol group amori zed. kanako momota was born in 1994. they sing love feuds of fan favorites.
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♪ ♪ >> reporter: this song was the theme to the mop administer movie "mothra." it ranks as one of the country's most famous film tunes. on the tribute, this actress and singer gave the song a punchy delivery, accompanied by a voice actress. ♪
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>> these two young japanese girls, their nickname is "the peanuts." let's have a nice welcome for them. >> reporter: in 1966, they appeared on "the ed sullivan show," the program that had brought elvis presley and the beatles into america's living rooms. ♪ ♪ in 1975, they announced their retirement. a few months later they gave a farewell concert. they never appeared in public again. miyagawa's son recalled an episode at a musical
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retrospective held in honor of his late father, the composer. ♪ >> translator: that was really the sound of the '60s, a big band with 18 musicians including four trumpets, four trombones and five saxes. they played the peanuts song. >> reporter: she visited the retrospective and visited him in his dressing room. decades had passed since they last met. >> reporter: akira, i wish my sister could have listened to the music we heard today. she said each word very slowly. "we had to quit because that style of music was over." >> reporter: though the peanuts themselves are no longer around, their armny lives on. marie anaka, nhk world.
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let's take a look at the weather. people in southern japan are dealing with damage and flooding as a typhoon rips through the region. our meteorologist robert speta joins us again with the latest. >> this is still moving across western areas. actually right near shikoku at this time. as it does continue to move through it's going to still bring heavy rainfall out here and some gusty winds. the high is going to be around 160 kilometers per hour. we're going to see about 300 millimeters of rainfall still there. >> the kinki region. we have that frontal area ahead of this. even over toward tokyo the storm system is back toward the west but tokyo is seeing scattered showers throughout the morning into the afternoon, even the evening hours as this pushes overhead. the good news is if you want drier, cooler weather it's on its way. as the storm system moves along it's going to be pulling in cool, northerly winds behind it. you can see on our 24-hour
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precipitation outlook, look at that clear right up. western areas for recovery out here, as people start to get back to their normal routine on wednesday, definitely going to be a lot drier. even over towards seoul we're looking at clear conditions, sunny skies. a high of 27. tokyo, rainfall today, cool, 22 for the high. beijing at 26. shanghai at 26. southwestern china still recovering from that landslide this past week. you're going to be looking at some scattered rainfall as well, unfortunately, going ahead into tuesday. let's see what's going on in the americas. we actually have a tropical system just off the coast of the baja peninsula. that is going to be continuing to move off toward the north. the good news, don't expect this to make landfall as a hurricane here into the west coast of mexico. but still could bring some scattered showers out across this area. back towards the north, cold front diving in out of ontario. that's going to bring some strong thunderstorms, possibility of some severe thunderstorm watches across parts of the great lakes region,
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maybe even delays at a few of the airports as this moves ahead over there towards new england. then in the in and out east another frontal area still bringing scattered showers. really mainly along coastal areas from d.c. down through the carolinas, even parts of florida. take a look at your temperatures though. staying cool in the north. winnipeg a high of 22. chicago at 24. denver warming up a little bit. it is very dry and that threat of fire weather. 31, partly cloudy skies. the possibility maybe of a thunderstorm or two into los angeles. something to watch out for. then if we take a look at europe, it's going to be staying cool, exceptionally cooler. take a look at temperatures here. stockholm 17. moscow 11 on tuesday. here's your extended outlook.
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taking a look at our lead story once again, reports of damage and flooding are coming in as a typhoon rips through parts of southern japan. weather officials are warning of the possibility of landslides and more flooding. officials say that typhoon malakas remains strong as it moves up the coast of japan. high winds turned over this truck in kagoshima prefecture, causing it to bring down some utility poles. the driver was reportedly able to escape without any injuries. fire stations in neighboring miyazaki prefecture say they're receiving numerous reports of flooding and damage. in this area near a river, many houses have been flooded. we'll keep an eye on the situation there and bring you more updates as they come in. that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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