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tv   Democracy Now  PBS  October 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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10/11/16 10/11/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> look at the misery of one country. our country is destroyed. nothing remains. our materials were lost. what are we going to do? amy: the death toll in haiti tops 1000 as the country faces a cholera outbreak and a possible famine after hurricane matthew causes what has been described discretion -- to structure. the u.n. says nearly 1 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.
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we will speak with ninaj raoul. then to yemen. >> we came out to the united nations today to call for our human rights and to denounce this unprecedented massacre that took place yesterday at the morning all. where are the human rights? where is the u.n.? where is the world? amy: at least 140 people have died in yemen after the u.s.-backed saudi coalition bombed a funeral hall in the capital sanaa. 500 others were wounded in the attack. we will look at the u.s. role with sarah leah whitson. then to "all the president's misogynists: why it took so long to derail the trump train." mr. trump: i was getting beaten up or 72 hours on all of the networks for inappropriate words 12 years ago, locker room talk, whatever you want to call it. but i said to myself, wait a minute.
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i just saw very inappropriate words, but bill clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and hillary clinton attacked those women viciously. amy: we will speak to jodi jacobson of rewire about the shocking 2005 tape with donald trump where he brags about section assaulting women full . all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. republican presidential nominee donald trump's campaign is facing increasing turmoil as house speaker paul ryan told fellow republican lawmakers monday he would no longer campaign for trump following the release of a 2005 videotape showing trump boasting about sexually assaulting women. amy: that was donald trump,
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speaking with tv host billy bush in the 2005 video recorded by nbc's "access hollywood," as the two prepared to meet a star of the soap opera "days of our lives." the video has caused widespread outrage and further fracturing of the republican party. on monday, house speaker ryan did not fully un-endorse trump, but he did tell republicans he would no longer campaign for him. ryan's spokeswoman also said -- "the speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities." in response, some republican lawmakers lashed out at ryan, saying he should not concede the presidency to hillary clinton. one republican lawmaker, arizona congressman trent franks slammed ryan saying he can't support
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clinton over her pro-choice stance on abortion, claiming a clinton presidency would result in the destruction of fetuses "limb from limb." the turmoil within the republican party comes as another round of newly leaked e-mails show how hillary clinton's campaign struggled to deal with vermont senator bernie sanders' popularity during the primary season. the e-mails, released by wikileaks, appear to come from the account of clinton campaign chairman john podesta. in one e-mail, an adviser wrote to podesta -- "message needs to be more positive, upbeat, hopeful. bernie is saying we can change the world. her msg is 'no, we can't' the aide also recommended clinton's campaign feature more young people in her campaign ads. another e-mail also shows clinton aide doug band calling clinton's daughter, chelsea, a spoiled brat. this is the second batch of clinton campaign e-mails
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released by wikileaks in the last four days. in more news from the campaign trail, trump's taj mahal casino hotel in atlantic city officially shut down monday leaving 3000 workers without jobs. taj mahal workers have been on strike since july 1 demanding reinstatement of health, pension , and other benefits eliminated during 2014 bankruptcy proceedings. trump opened the taj mahal 26 years ago, but it now belongs to trump's friend and fellow billionaire carl icahn. haiti's interim president is warning the country faces a possible famine from what he described as the apocalyptic destruction of hurricane matthew. the death toll from the hurricane has topped 1000 as the country battles a growing cholera outbreak and authorities dig mass graves for those killed by the category 4 storm. the storm hit a week ago, but many areas have still received
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no aid. food and medicine have run out. we will have more on haiti after headlines. meanwhile, the death toll in the united states from hurricane matthew has risen to at least 30 people as floodwaters continue to rise. north carolina is struggling with historic flooding, while in georgia, more than 100,000 people are still without electricity. in news on yemen, documents obtained by reuters show the u.s. government is concerned it could be implicated in potential war crimes in yemen because of its support for a saudi-led coalition air campaign. the obama administration has continued to authorize weapons sales to saudi arabia despite warnings last year from government lawyers that it might be considered a co-belligerent under international law. this comes as residents of sanaa are mourning an air strike on a funeral hall in sanaa on saturday that killed at least 140 mourners and wounded more
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than 500 others, making it the single deadliest attack during the ongoing u.s.-backed saudi-led war in yemen. this is one the mourners. >> this act is completely void of humanitarian norm and is unprecedented and considered one of the most serious crimes to date. amy: meanwhile, the u.s. military has said one of its missile destroyers was targeted sunday in a failed missile attack from houthi-controlled territory in yemen. we'll have more on yemen later after headlines. in afghanistan, a suicide car bomb has killed at least 14 people in lashkar gah, the capital of helmand province. local officials say at least 10 of the victims were afghan police officers. this comes as the taliban has announced a new offensive to retake control of the provincial capital. in 100 u.s. soldiers were august, deployed to lashkar gah to fight the taliban in what was believed to be the first deployment of u.s. troops to the
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city since 2014. ethiopia's prime minister has declared a six-month state of emergency amid massive protests by the oromo people, which has been met by a bloody government crackdown. the protests began last year over resistance to the government's plan to lease a forest to private developers and have since grown into a nationwide campaign against human rights abuses. as many as 500 people have been killed in the government's crackdown and tens of thousands have been detained. on sunday, ethiopia's prime minister declared a state of emergency. on monday, protests and actions were held across the country to mark indigenous people's day and to oppose further construction of fossil fuel infrastructure. in north dakota, hundreds of native americans and their allies gathered to resist the construction of the $3.8 billion dakota access pipeline, which has faced months of resistance from the standing rock sioux
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tribe and members of hundreds of other tribes from across the us, canada, and latin america. at least 27 people were arrested blockading construction at two separate work sites, including hollywood actress shailene woodley. >> 40,000 people are watching. so everybody knows we're going to our vehicle, which they had all surrounded, with the giant truck behind me so they could arrest me. i hope you're watching, mainstream media. amy: this comes as the battle over the construction of the dakota access pipelines continues to play out both on the ground and between various government agencies. the morton county sheriffs department has called in 400 sheriffs from outside north dakota to police the ongoing resistance, following sunday's ruling by a d.c. appeals court that permits the dakota access pipeline company to resume
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construction on a 40-mile stretch of private land spanning the missouri river. however, on monday, three federal agencies -- the justice department, the army and the , interior department -- issued a second joint statement stating "the army will not authorize constructing the dakota access pipeline on corps land bordering or under lake oahe. we repeat our request that the pipeline company voluntarily pause all construction activity within 20 miles east or west of lake oahe." thousands of native americans have vowed to continue to fight the pipeline. >> the injunction so they lifted it so now it is full outright war against the native people since the dakota access pipeline is going to go full force ahead, they called in other
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reinforcements across the u.s. and the encampments are calling for reinforcement to come not only to get on the front lines, but also help repair for winter. -- prepare for winter. amy: meanwhile, in peekskill, new york, seven activists were arrested monday blockading the construction of spectra energy's aim pipeline, which is slated to run only hundreds of feet from the aging indian point nuclear power plant and then under the hudson river. four of the activists blockaded construction of the pipeline for more than 15 hours by crawling inside the pipeline and locking themselves to each other. this is one of the protesters. >> we crawled into the pipeline at about 7:00 this morning. the workersli were here a half an hour later. police officers were called. they attem negotiating with us from afar. they made a few threats about
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sending in canines and things like that. otherwise, most of the day was spent with us sitting here playing 20 questions. amy: in arizona, hundreds of people rallied at the us-mexico border check point sunday to demand the permanent closure of all border checkpoints throughout the united states. activists linked arms at the checkpoint and refused to leave. authorities friend used tear gas to disperse the protesters. .rotesters had adie-in the action was organized by the groupso?????? -- soaw. in vermont five teenagers have , died and others have been wounded after a motorist driving the wrong way down interstate 89 slammed into the teenagers' car, saturday night coming home from a concert. the car burst into flames. the driver stole a police car that had stopped to try to help the children. he went back, smashing into more cars that had stopped to help the students in the car crash.
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bourgoin, isstephen a u.s. military veteran who served in iraq. authorities say he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, ptsd, and that he'd gone to the emergency room the morning before the crash seeking help, but that he was not screened by a mental health clinician. his ex-girlfriend took out a restraining order against him after a domestic violence incident in may. she says he has threat to kill her by driving them into a pond. she has won full custody of their toddler. authorities say bourgoin is still unconscious and in critical condition after the crash. the high school students killed harris,rash were mary cyrus chow, liam hale, janie cozzi, and eli brookens. four of the five students attended harwood union high school in duxbury, vermont. the coprincipal has called it an
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unprecedented tragedy. about 1000 people attended a candlelight vigil for the students who were all juniors in high school. in technology news, samsung has ended the production of its galaxy 7 smartphone because the device is prone to catching on fire. this comes after samsung also recalled 2.5 million phones after complaints the batteries were exploding. and writer and journalist ignacio carrion died on saturday from lung cancer. born in spain in 1938, carrion worked as journalist for more than 45 years, including in london, san francisco and asashington, d.c., as well spain. he was also the author of more than half dozen books. carrion was the father of former democracy now! producer maria carrion. and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. in haiti, the death toll from hurricane matthew has topped
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1000. haiti's interim president jocelerme privert is warning the country faces a possible famine from what he described as the apocalyptic destruction of hurricane matthew. haiti is also battling a growing cholera outbreak. the storm hit a week ago, but many areas has still received no aid. food and medicine have run out. authorities are now digging mass graves for those killed by the category 4 storm. united nations officials say nearly 1 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance with up to 80% of haiti's food crops destroyed in some areas. aid agencies estimate at least 60,000 people are staying in temporary shelters. one unidentified person told reporters the hurricane took everything including her home. ,>> i don't have a home. all of my things went with the
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water. i'm going to give birth this month. i have nothing. i have been in the shelter since monday. amy: on monday, the u.n. made an appeal for emergency life-saving funds to provide critical food, water and shelter to the , hundreds of thousands of people suffering in southwestern haiti. this is rudolph muller of the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs speaking at a news conference. tothe government of haiti provide life-saving assistance and protection to 750,000 people out of 1.4 million people in need over the next three months. to do so, we urgently need to rs.ilize 119 million dolla amy: the united nations says hurricane matthew has triggered the largest humanitarian crisis in haiti since the 2010 earthquake. he killed as many as 300,000 people. survivors reported drinking well water contaminated by dead
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livestock. at least 13 people have died of cholera after floodwaters mixed with sewage. on sunday, haiti's ambassador to the united nations in geneva, pierre-andre dunbar, told reporters the country may also face a famine. >> this is not a population which is now on its knees, but on the ground. in front of the atrocity of hurricane matthew. important one, the city has been systematically devastated and 80% of the houses were destroyed. without mentioning houses which were damaged or severely damaged, crops were also destroyed, which means the country will face a severe famine as the southwestern peninsula is considered as the bread basket of haiti, so the needs are urgent. amy: meanwhile, sunday's planned presidential election in haiti has been postponed indefinitely in the wake of hurricane matthew. for more we are joined by ninaj
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raoul, executive director of haitian women for haitian refugees. she's also a board member of ifco/pastors for peace. ninaj raoul, welcome to democracy now! can you talk about the severity of what happened, the thousand people lost? >> first of all, the area of haiti hardest hit is the southwest and some parts of the northwest. the fact that the bridge was -- it cutsa bridge off access to the southern part of haiti which was hardest hit. this part of haiti is mostly farmers that live off of their crops and work with livestock animals. most people lost a good amount of crops and livestock. so this is all they have. this is all they had. they are in very remote areas. there are some areas where people were not even aware the
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hurricane was coming because they do not have access to radio. amy: we are talking about 1000 people dead, possibly much more. how manyhard to know people are dead because people were not able to access deeper look for people. these are rough estimates. going higher. amy: your husband is from the area and headed there this morning? >> he left for haiti this morning. town, the top part of the southwestern peninsula. in a town visited directly after from folks that we know, you know, or not even aware that the hurricane was coming. they were not even prepared to do anything about it. amy: so you have the people who have died, you have the water supply, the crops destroyed. what about the water and the possibility the water is contaminated and a cholera outbreak?
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>> first, some of these are coastal. the saltwater spills over and contaminates the soil, which makes it hard to farm again. then you have overflowing latrines that are going to further contaminate the water's that go into drinking water and just regular water that everyone uses every day. we already had a problem with cholera and whenever we have these floods caused from disaster, it is a rates -- exacerbates the problem. one hurricane matthew hit town especially hard. conditions at a local hospital remained bleak after flooding and power outages made treating patients nearly impossible. this is one of the patients at the hospital. >> i have been waiting here for 12 days. i was ready for next ray that they were supposed to do on tuesday, but then the hurricane
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came. amy: subsistence fishermen are reportedly among the most vulnerable in haiti after hurricane matthew tore through haiti destroying boats and , equipment used to for daily catches. this is fisherman jethro laurent. >> look at the misery of one country. our country in the trees that were destroyed. nothing remains. our materials were lost in the sea. others are under the ground. what are we going to do? amy: so you spoke about cholera. talk about the history of cholera in haiti. >> cholera -- there has been a history of cholera in haiti, but in recent years, the epidemic was caused from the u.n. troops that spilled some sewage, some latrines into the rivers also amy: this is after the earthquake of 2010. thesen you had all of peacekeepers. amy: these were nepali peacekeepers who had come in for the u.n.. carelessness --
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and neglect. some of the latrines leaked and that is where the latest cholera epidemic began. close to 10,000 have died. every time there is a disaster, the situation gets worse in the cholera outbreaks begin again. we have seen that in the past week already. amy: so how do you prevent this outbreak once again? >> it is hard to say, amy, because there have been massive vaccination programs coming in, but it has been proven these vaccination programs -- sometimes it is business-related and the strain they are treating is not the same that exists in haiti. under the cuban brigade that are there have been excellent preventing a lot of debt and recovering folks faster. amy: i remember going down to haiti after the earthquake and in the hospitals were the cuban doctors work, this is where the
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care was best. people were afraid to tell americans that it was cuban doctors that were there, fearful that u.s. aid would not then come in. >> right. right away after this latest disaster, cuba sent 800 doctors right away. you have seen that changing a good, especially in africa with the ebola outbreak because the cuban doctors took the forefront of everything. people had to admit they were there. amy: what about refugees and deportations? explain the latest beingion with haitians deported back to haiti. wasn't it just recently that the last month department of homeland security announcing it would fully resume deportation of undocumented haitian immigrants? >> that was september 22 they announced that any new policy for haitian refugees, any haitian that reached the borders of the u.s. without permission to enter will be automatically
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detained until they are deported. this was in reaction to a surge of refugees that have been coming from brazil. these are haitians that moved to brazil that were welcomed thereafter the earthquake because they need to the labor force when they were preparing for the world cup and later the olympics. now that brazil is experiencing this economic crisis, the haitians are being pushed out and they're heading north to try to come to the u.s. borders. they have been entering through mexico. they crossed like 10 countries to get there. a big part of it is by foot. many people die on the way. they have been mostly entering through the tijuana-san diego border. we assume refugees coming up to new york from -- since late may. about 4000 to 5000 refugees came in at the border. because of so many folks coming and, more in the way, there are at least 1500 waiting outside of the border of san diego, then the obama administration announced they're going to stop
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taking them in and attaining them and importing them. amy: i want to ask about aid going to haiti. the red cross notorious there. a lot of criticism, suggestions it "lost $500 million." hope you look at wrote, how the red cross raised half $1 billion for haiti and built six homes. even as the group has publicly celebrated, inside come a string of failures. the details are ugly. the new york times has a gave homes to over 130,000 haitians, but the red cross actually built only six. >> this is not the first time we assume the red cross do this. they do this all over. they raise money on disaster and do not use most of it for the disaster. this is probably the most -- the worst situation because they made so much money from the
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haiti earthquake in 2010. again, we see they were the first ones collecting money and they are all over. the mass media is recommending people to give to the red cross for aid in haiti right now. it is sickening that they get away with doing this, basically getting away with murder because they are making money on the backs of these disaster victims. amy: so how can you are sure money actually gets to patients? >> is important to support haitians that are helping haitians, especially on the ground in haiti. i know haitian women for haitian refugees, we have been going down for disaster since 2004 in the first thing we do is identify people in the affected areas and worked directly with them. there are a lot of serious, great people that are on the ground in haiti that are very organized, especially in these
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remote villages where government does not reach. i work with refugees and a lot of them are persecuted because of their organizing work that they do. i hear the stories as recently as last week, refugees appalling -- applying for asylum trying to , simply for trying to improve their area. we ask that people work with haitians that are supporting haitians. amy: in the wake of the hurricane, has the department of homeland security said they will stop deporting haitian refugees? >> they have not. first, i want to say when the department of homeland security just before the hurricane announced that they were going to be detaining, deporting, the reason they gave was that haiti is in a better place than it was from the earthquake, that it is starting to recover. meanwhile, the state department is warning americans not to travel to haiti because it is dangerous. that is a direct contrast right there. no, they're not stop the
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deportations. they are detaining people. prior to that, haiti was only accepting -- only have the capacity to accept 50 two portees per month. people are already being moved to other detentions of the country and villages be sitting there waiting to be deported. amy: after the earthquake, and still many people live in makeshift tents because of the earthquake from 2010, but being in port-au-prince and sing ceremonies with president bill clinton who said there are teedo critical issues in his life at that time, one was the marriage of his daughter with the imminent marriage of chelsea, and the other is the reconstruction of haiti. he was a major force in haiti. what happened? >> first of all, we have to go back and when we look at bill clinton and his relationship when he was president, one of the worst things he has done
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that is still hurting haiti, especially in the wake of these disasters that keep happening to haiti, is this policy where he took the access rights from arkansas where he is from and dumped it in haiti and used our tax dollars to subsidize it. up into the past recently year, legislation keeps getting knocked off -- amy: let's go to the apology. in 2010, former president bill clinton publicly apologized for forcing haiti to drop tariffs on imported subsidized u.s. rice during his time in office. it wiped out rice farming, seriously damaging haiti's ability to be self-sufficient. this is the president apologizing. at the time he was the u.n. special envoy toh. >> since 1981, the united states saw policy where we's started rethinking it a year ago, that we rich countries have produced a lot of food and should ellet to poor countries and relieve them of the burden of producing
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their own foot. thank goodness they can lead directly into the industrial era. it is not worked. in may have been good for some of my farmers in arkansas, but it does not work. it was a mistake. it was a mistake that i was a party to. i'm not pointing the finger at anyone. i did that. i have to live every day with the consequences of the loss for them to produce rice in haiti to be those people. because of what i did, nobody else. amy: that as president clinton. >> it is still in effect in haiti. rice is a staple. there is no reason why haiti should be importing rice because of something -- the rice grown in haiti is much healthier. there been diabetes epidemics that people did not used to have since the rice has been coming in. amy: right now in the aftermath of the hurricane with haitian officials warning there could be a famine, what are the most
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critical actions that you feel need to be taken? >> i think it has to be supporting the farmers that are in the hardest hit areas. by bringing rice and other things that could have been grown in haiti, that is not helping at all. i think we need to support the farmers to start tore-crops going forward. when you do star growing our rice in haiti again, supporting a lot of people in the region of haiti where rice has always been grown in haiti -- amy: and for the families of loved ones that have died for the cholera epidemic, what is most critical right now that you're hearing from family and friends? >> i think support. most of the families are supported by their families over here. the fact these refugees are being returned, these are refugees that want to work to support their families. is there are one to keep them in detention, they are not able to work. prior to this announcement in
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september, they were letting them in. they stopped it because they thought it would look at for hillary clinton with the election coming up having all of these refugees come in. let these people work and let them support their families. amy: ninaj raoul, thank you for being with us, executive director of haitian women for haitian refugees. board member of ifco/pastors for peace. when we come back, what is happening in yemen today. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. documents obtained by reuters show the u.s. government is concerned it could be implicated in potential war crimes in yemen because of its support for a saudi-led coalition air campaign. the obama administration has
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continued to authorize weapons sales to saudi arabia despite warnings last year from government lawyers that it might be considered a co-belligerent under international law. this comes as an air strike on a -- this comes as a saudi airstrike on a funeral home in the capital sanaa on saturday killed at least 140 mourners and wounded more than 500 others. survivors spoke of back-to-back bombings during a funeral service for the father of an official with the rebel houthi government, which controls sanaa. onehis is a heinous crime can barely imagine. no one ever thought they would strike a mourning hall. can anyone imagine hitting people mourning death? it is taking place on borders and several other places, yet they bomb a hall and now they deny it was their missile. our homes are nearby. we heard the missiles and the planes. there were two planes and four airstrikes. not just two.
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amy: thousands of yemenis gathered at the united nations' building in sanaa on sunday calling for an international investigation into the assault. the attack was carried out with warplanes and munitions sold to the saudi-led coalition by the united states. the u.s. air force continues to provide midair refueling to saudi warplanes. meanwhile, the u.s. military has said one of its missile destroyers was targeted sunday in a failed missile attack from houthi-controlled territory in yemen. saudi arabia and the united states accuse iran of supplying weapons to the houthis. according to the u.n., more than civilians have been killed and 4000 over 7000 injured since the saudi-led coalition bombing began last year. air strikes have reportedly caused about 60% of the deaths. the latest attack came as the u.n. warned the civil war is leading to famine in yemen, where some 1.5 million children are currently malnourished and 28 million people are short of food. to talk more about the situation in yemen, we're joined now by sarah leah whitson, executive
12:37 pm
director of human rights watch's middle east and north africa division. she has made numerous trips to yemen including a visit this year to examine the impact of saudi-led coalition airstrikes. this latest attack on a funeral. can you explain what happened? >> what we know so far is the funeral was publicly announced on friday so it is clear the coalition is there was a funeral planned at this site, which is used for weddings, funerals, parties, and so forth. we know that it is regularly used for such public civilian gatherings for you know, over the past year. there were two strikes we know of on the funeral -- during the funeral. one followed by a second strike, which actually ended up injuring some first responders. again, we saw a repeat strike clearly indicating this was not an accident. initially, the saudis deny the airstrikes but according to the bbc, knowledged this was a saudi coalition airstrike on this
12:38 pm
funeral home. what we do know is well is there were at least a dozen senior houthi and gpc officials including military officials from the houthi armed group who were killed in the strike am a but we also know there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of civilians there, including children who we know were among the dead. amy: you are calling this a war crime? >> we are saying it is a likely war crime, the extent to which was foreseeable and knowable this would result in a mass killing of civilians. amy: you talk to eyewitnesses to the ipaq -- attack? >> we have talked to eight witnesses and are contending to talk to more. what the results were, the first responders who were hit the second strike. amy: reuters has obtained official documents showing government officials are concerned u.s. could be implicated in potential war crimes in yemen because of its support for the saudi-led airstrikes. >> they have good reason to fear
12:39 pm
because they are implicated in the unlawful strikes being carried out by the saudi coalition. and that is not just because the u.s. is the primary arms seller to saudi arabia and the saudi coalition member states, but also because it is actively participating in the conflict by providing targeting assistance to the saudis and critical refueling support for saudi planes without which it is clear these strikes could not be taking place. amy: i want to see if we can reach the yemeni journalist based in sanaa, founder and president of the media service company yemen now. nassar, are you with us? >> yes. us from are speaking to the capital. can you talk about what you understand happened, who you have spoken to, and what evidence is there of the u.s. support for the saudi attack? well, no singular -- no
12:40 pm
similarly doubt that saudi arabia was not the one who did this crime at all because it is thethe first -- it is not first, not the last. saudi arabia has in committing 26, 2015. since march so without doubt, it is saudi arabia. let me tell you what is also the thing. the big criminal is obama himself. this is how yemenis see to the situation. every yemeni believes that saudi arabia would not have done that at all, would not have done a war in yemen without the approval of obama. it is very clear to everyone that obama wanted to appease the
12:41 pm
saudis after the iranian nuclear deal them a but unfortunately, he appeased them blood. and this is a big problem. obama is destroying the values in the principle of -- obama is obama ishe world -- unfortunately killing yemen. telling yemen. no killer except obama in the eyes of yemenis now. because everybody knows saudi do if, what it would there is no approval of obama. amy: nasser me tweeted obama has withkilling yemeni humans saudi hands for about 20 months now. also from the intercept, they write, multiple bomb fragments from the scene appear to confirm
12:42 pm
the use of america produce mk 82 guided bombs. one fragment posted in a picture on the facebook page of a prominent yemeni lawyer says, for use on mk 82 fin guided bomb. nasser? >> yes, yes. let me tell you something very important. the reason why we say obama is killing yemen, killing yemen obama, is simply because or the united states, the administration of the united states, is cooperating. this is announced. this is known to everyone. but it is not only a matter of cooperating with the intelligence or with the logistic things. no.
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ll to supportiw the saudi regime. obama now iso us, supporting isis. obama is saying he is supporting internationally the government -- obama should know, and i think he knows, that three members at least of this government are designated by terrorists.bal i can give you the names now. three at least of this are al qaeda rijab isis leaders, leading in yemen using the american weapons, using the saudi money.
12:44 pm
this is what obama is doing in yemen. americanseading the -- he is crazy now. amy: in june, you and secretary-general -- u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon removed the u.s.-backed, saudi-led coalition from a blacklist of forces responsible for killing children. ban later acknowledged he was coerced into doing so after the kingdom threatened to cut off funding to the u.n. >> a report describes horrors no child should have to face. at the same time, i also have to concede the very real prospect that millions of other children would suffer grievously if, as suggested to me, countries would defund many u.n. programs. children already at risk in palestine am a south sudan,
12:45 pm
syria, yemen, and so many other places would fall farther into despair. it is unacceptable for members states to accept undue pressure. amy: that is the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. sarah leah whitson? >> the fallout from the support for saudi arabia and disastrous war in yemen has been quite severe. not only in the u.s. -- is the u.s. implicated in the crimes being carried out by the saudi coalition in yemen, not only has the u.n.'s credibility been tarnished by accepting a bribe of taking saudi arabia off this list of shame of worst attackers on children, but now we have the u.s. government standing behind a government, the saudi coalition, that is carrying out the exact same kind of strikes in yemen, an attack on a funeral, that extra mr. groups in iraq -- isis -- has been caring out in baghdad for over a
12:46 pm
year and making a very hard for people to tell the difference about who the extremists really are. finally, the recent vote at the u.n. security council about resolution on aleppo was stymied because the u.s. could not maintain condemning an attack by russians answering government of forces while it is supporting, aiding, and abetting similar attacks that its partner, it's number one arms client, is carrying out in yemen. amy: i want to turn to senator chris murphy who has spoken out against u.s. support for the saudi-led bombing campaign. >> there's an american imprint on every civilian lost in yemen. why? because though the saudi sarah leah whitson are dropping the bombs from their plan, they could not do it without the united days. it is our munitions sold to the saudis, our planes refueling the saudi jets, and our intelligence that are helping the saudis
12:47 pm
provide their targeting. we have made a decision to go to war in yemen against a houthi rebel army that poses no existential threat to the u.s.. it is wild to me we're not talking more about this in the united days. the united states congress has not debated a war authorization giving the president the power to conduct this operation in yemen. amy: connecticut senator murphy went on to say that congress can put an end to arms sales in saudi arabia. again,'s ticking on cnn. >> congressman vicenza to weigh in in september because the saudis need more bombs on a need to converse throughout the right a new cell of weapons. covers can step in and say enough is enough. >> senator murphy said the perception in yemen is that the united states is responsible for the war, not saudi arabia. >> you talk to yemenis. yemen,ll tell you inside this is perceived to be a u.s. bombing campaign, what is happening is we're hoping to
12:48 pm
radicalize the yemeni population against the united states. amy: which is what our guest just said from sanaa. he was talking about cutting off the weapons supply in september. it is now october, sarah leah whitson. >> there was a remarkable vote in the senate which was defeated to suspend arms sales to saudi arabia, but there were more votes in support for it than ever could've been imagine. clearly, there is a shift and reconsideration and most importantly, on saturday, the state department announced it was going to review what it called its drastically reduced support for saudi arabia and the war in yemen. clearly, the administration is feeling the heat. we need an international investigation, truly impartial investigation to understand what is happening with these airstrikes and to hold is responsibility to account. i think the u.s. congress has a major role to play, not only is his running arms sales to saudi arabia, but forcing this a administration to tell us what
12:49 pm
sort of assistance it has been providing and what its involvement has been and never single one of the unlawful strikes we have documented. there are answers the was government -- that the national security council, the state department, owes the american people as to exactly what it is doing in terms of its support for this war in yemen. it has only given vague and cryptic answers. amy: wise president obama doing this? your guests at and the administration has conceded, this war in yemen is the price of the iran deal. the yemeni people are paying the bill for saudi being very upset about the iran deal. i think administration calculated this would be a very short work, the houthis would be quickly dislodged and they could befriend and went over the saudis. what they did not count on and what we've seen time and again is the war unfold a massive disaster in the u.s. in way over its head. amy: nasser, your final message to the american people from sanaa, from yemen?
12:50 pm
wethe final message is that want to salute the american heroes, despite all the war crimes of obama, because there are a lot of people -- all of the americans, we respect them. we know they are with us. human rights watch and senators like chris murphy and rand paul and a lot of senators, they are heroes. we respect them. we salute them. they're going to rescue the values against obama. obama is misled. obama is misled by saudi dirty money will stop it is destroying the american values. they should stop obama and every official who does not know what is happening in yemen now. amy: let me ask sarah leah
12:51 pm
whitson quickly, last month u.s. senate approved a billion dollar arms deal to saudi arabia. is there any chance this might be revoked if there are concerns that the u.s. is self is involved with war crimes? >> absolutely. revoked,he deal is not delivery can be suspended. within the u.s. government suspend the transfer of various weapons during the courses of various wars, so they can suspend this. i think the u.s. government this the time is up for war and its support. amy: let's see the moderators asked the candidate some of these questions. , executivewhitson director of human rights watch's middle east and north africa journalist. nasser, thank you for being with us. we will be back in a moment. ♪ [music break]
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12:53 pm
amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. republican presidential nominee donald trump's campaign is facing increasing turmoil as house speaker paul ryan told ella republican lawmakers monday he will no longer campaign for trump following the release of videotape showing trump boasting about sexually assaulting women. amy: the video was recorded by "access hollywood" in 2005 and released by "the washington post [captioning made possible by democracy now!] announcement of paul ryan, calling on donald trump to step down following friday's release of the video. 15 republican senators, including former republican presidential nominee john mccain are now openly opposing trump's candidacy.
12:54 pm
scores are congress members are. for more and the fallout from these revelations, we're joined by jodi jacobson, president and editor in chief of rewire. her latest article is titled, "all the president's misogynists: why it took so long to derail the trump train." welcome to democracy now! why don't you respond to this increasing number of republicans who are pulling their support from trump, not to be confused with house speaker ryan who did orse trump, but said he will not campaign for him. >> a few things. one, this came on the heels of a really bad first debate performance by trump. ad secondly, he transgressed line by making it clear that he felt impunity as actually assaulting white women, particularly white married women. if you look at the whole spectrum of trump's comments throughout the entire campaign, he has been assaulting verbally
12:55 pm
immigrants, refugees, women generally. ,o one thought at the time, gee what about the daughters, wives, sisters of mexican immigrants who might be feeling ashamed for being called -- having their parents called rapists are criminals or what have you. now we're hearing a lot from senate republicans and house republicans about how hurtful this was to them because they can't imagine their wives, daughters, mothers being subject to this kind of thing. i think it is a little bit too little, too late, but it is not surprising to me that suddenly, they would take this turn of events and start to abandon ship. amy: the highest-ranking republican woman in congress condemned trump's comments. this is washington state congress member cathy mcmorris rodgers who said --
12:56 pm
"is is never appropriate to condone unwanted sexual advances or violence against women. mr. trump must realize it has no place in public or private conversations." she framed it as sexual violence, jodi. >> well, it is sexual violence and assault. you have a lot of gop representatives now, both senators and congressmen, trying to deflect from whether or not grabbing women against their will is assault. there have been several who have sort of waffled on whether they would call it assault. i don't know if it is, suddenly i'm not a lawyer, i can't tell. you know, whenever it is convenient for the gop to deflect or deny something, they suddenly become unexpert at those things and cannot circulate anything. -- asou also have his late as thursday, donald trump once again saying that the
12:57 pm
central park 5, 5 young men who were sent its up to 13 years in prison for what is don't is the central park jogger case, a jogger who was raped and left almost for dead in central park. easement who served all of this time in prison who donald trump took out full-page ads in the new york times and other publications to have them executed, were then exonerated. the person who did the crime admitted it, who had nothing to do with them. the city of new york settled for $41 million with these five young men who lost so many years in prison. yet just last thursday, he continued to say they were guilty. >> exactly. donald trump is clearly interested in making everyone else a predator but himself, but he is clearly a predator. he is also incredibly grotesque torical references to
12:58 pm
his daughter's body, putting her body out for, commenting on her body. this one tape is really just a slice of what is out there that we are ready know. it is clear from what i have heard from people inside the production companies of his shows that there is lots more tape to be had if one could get their hands on it. i know people are looking into that now. who has acted with impunity for a very long time, who has not been held to account. he was not held to account by the press earlier. he has grown into this full fledged monster and the gop created that monster by allowing this kind of rhetoric and this kind of assault on values and on rights -- basic values and basic human rights to go on from the campaign. amy: we have to leave it there. we will link to your piece at
12:59 pm
rewire. [captioning made possible by [captioning made possible by
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