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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there and welcome to nhk "newsline". it's friday, october 28. a u.n. committee has adopted a resolution calling for a total ban on nuclear weapons. it's a step forward for negotiators. the resolution was adopted thursday by a majority at the u.n. general assembly first committee on disarmament. it calls for negotiations on a legally binding treaty. nonnuclear states such as austria and mexico were among the 123 countries who supported the resolution.
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the united states and other nuclear powers opposed it, as did japan. 16 countries including china and india abstained. the general assembly will vote on the resolution in december which will determine what negotiations begin. the international whaling commission or iwc has instituted a resolution that could affect japan's whaling industry. japan is expected to face international criticism if it continues it's whaling in defiance of the resolution. the resolution was approved on thursday by majority vote at an iwc meeting in slovenia. 17 countries opposed. the resolution would add new procedures to obtain scientific whaling permits. in the future, a new committee will examine plans to hunt research which could prevent
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japan from doing so. the focal point of the latest meeting has been out to respond to japan's resumption of research whaling. there's been a global moratorium on whaling since the '80s to protect the animal. china's ruling communist party has formally endorsed president xi as it's core leader at a key meeting of top officials. committee released a communique after wrapping up the meeting on thursday, it referred to chi as the core of the central party members. xi endorsement is seen as the party's declaration that xi is at higher levels.
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xi is expected to tighten his grip on power ahead of the party congress next year when a leadership reshuffle is expected. japan, the u.s. and south korea want to push north korea harder to give up it's nuclear and missile programs. senior diplomats agreed to work together to get the u.n. security council to impose more sanctions against pyongyang. they said that pyongyang's actions pose an even bigger security threat than before. they are collaborating to create a u.n. resolution for countries that are cautious about more sanctions on countries like china. >> translator: it is very important than the security council adopts a flawless
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resolution with substantive contents which represents the will of the international community. this is a focus on substance not on a schedule and we are determined to have the strongest possible resolution emerging from new york. >> translator: the international community should impose effective sanctions and pressure on the north so the country will have no choice but denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> the security council has been discussing further sanctions against the north after the country carried out its fifth nuclear test in september. thai president duterte said is that he wants to end regular
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military drills with the united states. he went to observe japanese coast guard drills after japanethey saved someone from drowning. >> japanese leaders want to help the philippines boost maritime security. they promised loans for two patrol ships and a gift of two fast boats. duterte has been making strong comments about the u.s., raising questions about the alliance between the two countries. it is time now to check on the business headlines, the japanese government officials have just released a stack of fresh economic data. good morning, break it down for
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us. >> as you know, the joopz government has made it a priority to pull the economy out of deflation and some of the data we have just received on things like price trends and employment will give us an idea of how things are going. officials at the internal affairs ministry say it was half a point lower from the same month last year. the index includes oil products but not fresh food. the reading was flat with ahn types of energy and food are excluded. meanwhile officials say consumers in japan continue to keep a tight grip on their wallets, spending by all households with two or more members fell 2.1%. house holds on average spent about 267,119 yen, that's around
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$500. officials have also come out with jobs data. the unemployment edged down to 3% exactly in september. and that's a 0.1% improvement in the same month last year. job applicants improved in august to 138 job openingings for every 100 people looking for work. officials at the labor and welfare ministry stay japan's job situation has steadily improved across the country as the economy remains on a moderate recovery path. separately record numbers of tourists from overseas have given a boost to japan's retailers, but now the sector is seeing a slowdown. executives after a tax free shop say they are lowering their
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sales target for 2017. the new figure is about $857 million, that is down from the earlier target of $1.4 billion. the officials also expect lower operating profit. in the backdrop, shifting spending habits by the visitors from overseas, they are buying more low priced items like house foods and less jewhouse -- health foods and other luxy items. laos operates 41 stores throughout japan. the operator now plans to close some of its regional stores. overnight on wall street shares lower after earnings and higher bond yields down investor
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sentiment. the tech heavy nasdaq falling just over .75%. we're going to go to the tokyo stock exchange. tell us what you are seeing over there. >> well, as you said, big focus on earnings, no less so than the parent company of google and amazon. also we're seeing a pretty strong dollar, that may help as well. nikkei and the topix opening very well, following on from the earnings reports, just a quick reminder that the nikkei was driven lower on thursday, many japanese companies lowering their profit forecast and reporting lower earnings. that said, on thursday, japan's
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biggest brokerage noted that it climbed 31% from july to september. that is because of a large -- still as we have also seen many tech firms and many major exporters have been reporting losses and lowered profit forecasts because of declining steals as we have seen from nintendo. i also want to highlight bonds, you're looking at the 10-year u.s. treasury bond rates, soaring on the prospect of a rate hike. most global market players have now come to expect easy money by the fed and even tapering by the likes of the european central bank are in the cards so they're really playing that into the market prices, the bank of japan governor on thursday said that
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he would not try to control longer term yields and it would not be strange for longer dated bond yields to rise. so that's playing into markets as well. >> earlier you talked about the stronger dollar and we saw it drop to the 105 level in new york. >> just looking at the levels now, 105.24-29 right now, hitting a three-month high on the back of higher u.s. bond yields that we just talked about. that's going to be a big focus. it's helping exporters so far today and at these levels it should remain a good underlying positive sentiment. a quick look at asian markets, kospi is trading
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well, it may not be too long before self-driving vehicles become main stream, marking a turning point in the way we move both people and goods, in the second of a two-part report on driverless technology, we focus on the changes for japan's distribution sector. here's more. >> reporter: advanced delivery industry is facing a challenge. sta companies are dealing with employee shortages. at the same time, demand is rising. one big place is the popularity of internet shopping, be many
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people are out. >> no one was home at about 25 places today, that's becoming typical. >> if the customer is absent, the package has to be redelivered. this creates more work for drivers. the companies are using the technology to deliver products. here's how it works. the customer uses a smart phone to set the time and place. a self-driving vehicle arrives at the designated time. inside the vehicle are containers, the customer enters a password to unlock the container and remove the
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package. officials hope service will be more convenient for customers and ease the burden of delivery personnel. the companies are also exploring other possibilities. >> we should introduce other services that are only possible with self-driving technology. >> reporter: one idea is to tie up with supermarkets and create a food delivery service using automated vehicles. the vehicles still take people from place to place and also deliver goods. >> japanese society is changing and there are various signs that the workforce in our industry will continue to shrink, we're trying to diversify our services and we believe self driving sec nothing could be one break through toward achieving that goal.
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>> reporter: other companies such as it and communications are looking at ways to take advantage of the technology. the race to gain a competitive edge into the world of self-driving vehicles is heating up. >> and that is the latest for this hour, here's another check on markets.
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a japanese government panel on emperor akihito's wish to abdicate will hear from experts over the next months. japanese law had no provision to give up the throne so the panel is looking at possibilities. the panel was launched after the emperor expressed concern he may one day find it difficult to carry out his duties because of his declining physical condition. members will listen to experts on subjects like the imperial household system, japan's history and it's constitution. the experts have differing opinions. some of them told nhk that to respond quickly, a law should be enacted to allow only the current emperor to abdicate. others oppose abdication, they suggest measures like reducing the emperor's public duties instead. and argue that allowing abdication could lead to refusal to ascend the throne and may
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pose a danger to the survival of the imperial household system. announce points of contention early next year and study public opinion before compiling proposals. thise this comes as japan ht it's -- he was the uncle of emperor of akihito was 100 years old, the oldest member of the imperial family. >> translator: prince mikasa passed away at 8:34 this morning at st. luke's international hospital. >> translator: i fear the prince's death brings another era to an end. >> translator: i only hope he will rest in peace. >> prince mikasa was the emperor's youngest brother. he seemed healthy in january when he appeared for a public greeting.
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four months later he was admitted to a hospital in tokyo and diagnosed with acute pneumonia. in july the prince started receiving treatment for his weakening heart. his condition deteriorated early thursday morning. his wife, princess yuriko, was with him when he died. emperor akihito offered condolences at the residence. imperial family members have gone into mourning for a week. they have cancelled a garden party planned for next week. prince mikasa's death brings the number of imperial family members to 19. four men now hold that right, to succeed the throne, including the crown plains. >> world renowned russian conductor was in town for a series of concerts. he spoke about his long time interests in japan and the importance of cultural ties with his home country.
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♪ >> he is considered to be one of the greatest conductors in the world today. a couple of weeks ago, he held a concert at the hall in tokyo. he's no stranger to japan. he's visited here more than 100 times. he spoke with us before a rehearsal. >> i'm very, very used to performing in japan. from 1984 when i was really young conductor and totally unknown here. so it's a big part of my musical live. >> he even held a special concert for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. ♪
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>> i love japanese culture, i love the spirit, the in many ways quietness, but also concentration and focus, discipline. and then japan also can be very devoted to music. >> he's passionate about bringing together musicians in the asia-pacific region. in july, the maestro organized the first international festival. he invited young artists from neighboring countries.
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>> we saw fantastic potential in the incorporate of asia-pacific, especially japan, but also china, south korea, taiwan. it was clear that we can make enormous progress and strengthen cultural ties with these countries. >> he also doesn't shy away from commenting on russia's international affairs. president vladimir putin is scheduled to visits japan in december for a summit. he said he's optimistic about the future of relations between the two countries. >> we have strong relationship in japan, it's obvious, we have strong relationship in russia. two leaders and their teams,
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they experience a strong vision of the world. he allows them to find various solutions for global cooperation and for country to country cooperation. >> when it comes to deepening the bilateral relations, it's important for the diplomatic effort to be added to cultural exchanges. mp >> let's take a look at the weather here in japan's capital. robert speda joins us for a look at conditions for here and elsewhere in world weather. >> it does look like we're going to be going through an area of rainfall, but by the time saturday and sunday comes around, things are looking much
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clearer. what's causing this is this area of low pressure coming in from the west and that's going to bring some widespread showers across the korean palestinians. -- palestinian --. moving this area out of the way, and that's going to bring that cloud cover, but also scattered showers across the tokyo area as we go through friday afternoon heading into saturday morning, definitely want to have an umbrella with you. but if you want the clear skies, it's going to be working its way in from the west around the latter part of the weekend. it does come with a cost if you like warmer weather. we have the cooler air diving out of eastern russia and northeastern china and that's going to push to the south and drop down some of the coldest temperatures we have seen thus far this autumn across northeastern asia.
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friday's high 13, seoul at 17, 17, tokyo. the three-day outlook, seoul drops to 13 by saturday, tokyo looking at a high of 17, it warms up a little bit on saturday, but 15 for the high, below the average there on sunday. even hong kong gets a little taste of this as well. 30, really warm there for you, still summer like, but it does drop down to about 25 and partly cloudy skies by the end of the weekend. meanwhile we take a look at the americas, eastern areas of the u.s., you have seen some prate messy weather here as well. some winter weather advisories are in places like upstate new york. as much as 20 centimeters of snowfall is expected. very wet snow is expected, that will accumulate on branchs, especially branches with leaves on them, that does bring the threat of snapping them and downing power lines as well.
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something you really want to watch out for. for the most part, this is going to shift over to rain as that heads to the northeast with cooler dry air working back in behind it. back towards the southwestern u.s., this plume of moisture coming onshore. southern areas of california, some flash flood watches are in place, including los angeles. not too often you get heavy rain there, that is going to be a threat into friday and even towards saturday as well. as we take a look at europe, we have several areas we do want to mention. in the north, across parts of scotland, you have this tight pressure gradient which has set up here, and that's bringing fairly gusty winds. and all that is going to move its way toward the east, stockholm, warsaw, you're going to be looking at some snow, especially further to the north. and in the south, our cutoff low that was bringing that rough weather in central italy here on
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wednesday and thursday, it's clearing up there for you, still got some recovery efforts from that earth quake. but that's all shifting towards the east, including athens, high of 17, showers there on friday. here's the extended outlook.
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that will do it for us here on nhk "newsline."
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>> on this edition of "native report," we view the alternative portraiture and landscape photography of joseph allen... >> it's helped to revive some of the film, you know, keep it alive. >> we learn about the client outreach efforts by the office of special trustee, and we attend the graduation of the first master of tribal administration and governance cohort. we also learn something new about indian country and hear from our elders on this "native report." >> production of "native report" is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community and the blandin foundation. [indistinct chatter]


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