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tv   DW News  PBS  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "dw news ," live from berlin. police crackdown on pro-kurdish lawmakers. this was one of several demonstrations across the country with police using tear gas to disperse the crowd following the detention of the leaders of the pro-kurdish opposition party. germany has condemned the actions. also on the program, putting a brave face on brexit. boris johnson says his country will leave the european union,
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despite a ruling saying the government must obtain parliamentary approval. a special report from the town where a far right terror cell spring up in eastern germany 10 years after a murder spree. a group called itself the national socialist underground. we look at what is been done to prevent such violence from happening again. thanks for joining us. it has been a turbulent day in turkey, a bomb blast killed nine people and hours before that, the authorities arrested a pro-kurdish lawmakers. the authorities claim those detained who belong to the opposition party have links to a terrorist group. the hgp denies that. countries have condemned the arrests.
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>> police moved on those protesting the arrests of the pro-kurdish party. pepper spray filled the air. one of the arrest rates at the home of the cochair. the accusation against her, terror propaganda. you don't have the right to be in my home, she says, before she is taken away. police also rated their headquarters. it is the third largest party in parliament, but the leaders consider it an armed of the pkk. the government introduced a state of emergency after an attempted coup and the prime minister says even elected officials are not immune to arrest. if those who are elected go hand-in-hand with terrorism, they need to be held to account.
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the turkish government says the deadly bombing was the work of the kurdish pkk. the explosion resounded through the city. at the scene, panic as gunfire echoed. some of those wounded in the blast, the elderly, and the horrific attack should not lead to blame on the kurds, says the political party. >> they don't want a quality or two negotiate. they want one identity and one religion. >> the kurdish hdp is calling for condemnation of the arrests. with a state of emergency, kurds will be wary of how they voice their concerns at home. christopher: germany summoned
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the turkish ambassador in berlin today following this wave of arrests. berlin expressed concern for the detained lawmakers urging ankara to give them a fair hearing. our correspondent caught up with the ethnic turkish leader of the green party in germany and asked for his reaction. >> again, bad news from turkey. what was your first reaction when you heard about the latest? >> when they told me, i got calls from friends from the hdp party that were assembled in ankara. just after the call, they got called by the police and brought into prison. it is very disturbing, the news from turkey. we are concerned about the future of turkey. turkey is moving toward an open prison. it is time that german parties from all parties have a clear
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position toward turkey. we can't accept a dictatorship. there is no excuse to be silent. >> what should the german government do? >> first of all, i did a call and i want to repeat that, i can understand everybody is emotionally moved by the things in turkey. at the same time, a protest should be nonviolent. that is important. i want to invite organizations to meet and discuss what we can do for de-escalation in germany and express the concerns of the people toward turkey. the other thing is i made a call toward all party leaders. we made a joint statement because i believe it is stronger than if government makes a statement, we should do that together.
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i believe the european union should make a joint statement toward turkey that turkey is stopping negotiations and if it continues toward dictatorship. >> what about the german shoulders in the fight against isis? >> i have a question if that can take place. turkey is hostile toward our shoulders -- soldiers. now we are paying for the extension and turkey does not give permission. that is not acceptable. i do not see soldiers of a democratic country can be based in a country that is moving toward dictatorship. i do not see our soldiers are welcomed in turkey. the logical step would be taking our soldiers back. >> thank you for the interview, mr. cem ozdemir. christopher: speaking to cem ozdemir.
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police in indonesia say that one person has been killed in clashes between protesters and security forces in jakarta. officers using tear gas to disperse tens of thousands of people protesting against the governor over claims he insulted the chiron. demonstrators were led by the islamic defenders front claiming that he should be jailed for blasphemy. he is a christian and the first ethnic chinese person to hold the office. boris johnson says his country remains committed to leaving the european union despite a ruling ordering the government to obtain parliamentary approval first. johnson has been meeting today with his german counterpart in berlin assuring him that britain wanted to forge a new relationship with europe. boris johnson had a little fun
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with his own version of a famous berlin speech. >> ich bien nicht berliner. >> boris johnson striking a friendly tone as he attempts to reassure his german counterpart after an ruling by the high court in london. germany and the eu wanted to begin talks as soon as possible, but those plans may have been disrupted after the british government was told it must have parliamentary consent to trigger article 50. the german foreign minister called for a speedy resolution to the matter. >> we need to create the conditions to start as quickly as possible. even if they require that parliament also be involved.
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>> after all of the discussions, we need to be clear, a deadlocked situation does not help anybody. johnson said the high court ruling would not delay the process of leaving. he said the talks were a chance to lay the foundations for a new partnership. >> be there no doubt there is a huge opportunity here, too. with the right spirit, i believe we can turn these negotiations into a win-win discussion that produces a strong eu and strong u.k. linked by a new european partnership. >> the british government plans to start divorce proceedings by the end of march 2017. it is unclear how much disruption the ruling will cause
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. london is appealing the ruling of the supreme court with a hearing next month. a defeat could set the stage for months of elementary deadlock. christopher: exactly five years ago, a double suicide in germany led to the uncovering of terrorists cells. this camper van was a hideout for members of the neo-nazi group, the nsu. archery of people thought to have. out a string of murders on over -- on november 4, police caught up with two of them, but before they could be arrested they committed suicide with the alleged third member of the group, over on the left. she is currently on trial. those men left a trail of death across the germany motivated by racial hatred, killing 10 people.
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these are the victims, eight people of turkish origin, and one greek national and a german policewoman. they gunned people down and carried out bomb attacks and staged bank robberies and the authorities failed to make the connection. the members of this nsu live together in this house in eastern germany. one of them allegedly said the house on fire before turning herself in. a correspondent has been there to find out what kind of legacy the terror cell has left behind. >> this is what the last place the terror cell called home looks like today. it was here that the trio lived for three years and plant murders and robberies. the house that once stood here has been demolished. authorities wanted to avoid it
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becoming a place of pilgrimage for neo-nazis. most of the people here don't want to talk about it. they did not want to rake over the past. what do you mean the house is gone? the house is gone. is that a good thing? yes, that is good. >> a monument, no way. it should be buried. a monument might draw people here. we need peace, finally. this is damaging for all of us. >> i drive on to another town where the trio lived in hiding. in the 1990's, there was a strong right-wing scene. plenty of support for the nsu. this person wants to prevent young people from drifting to the far right. she took me to the place where they committed their first
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robbery. they used the money they stole to finance their life in hiding. there remains much to be discovered about that time, she says. >> not much has happened since the crimes came to light regarding the police and even society as a whole. the problem is the structures of right-wing extremism have not been exposed and that means the conditions remain unchanged and something like this could happen again. >> jane feels people have avoided the issue. that is why she is put on a performance on the subject. the actors onstage question what kind of support network they had in the german state. actors and social workers have been visiting the places where
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they committed their crimes to try to understand why the terrorists went unnoticed. >> i think not enough light has been shed on right-wing extremism. the issue has been played down. the tendency of people is to say, that is nothing to do with us. that is a problem for all of germany. >> the young people who have taken part in this project do not share that view. no one wanted to talk in front of the camera or even give me their name. they are afraid of right-wing violence. christopher: you are watching douglas:." russia puts on a show of unity. some say the only thing bringing people together is nationalism and fear. we'll have a special report
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from moscow. that and the latest business news after this very short break. stay with us.
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christopher: welcome back. you are with "dw news" in berlin. turkish police have been using tear gas on protesters following the detention of several pole kurdish lawmakers today. authorities arrested the leaders of the hdp parties which supports the kurdish minority. germany has condemned the action. turning to russia where vladimir putin unveiled a new monument in moscow today to a 10th century prince considered to be the spiritual founder of the country .
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this event was part of unity day celebrations in the country. our correspondent has been finding out how closely it is tied to the kremlin's foreign-policy, especially its support of pro-russian rebels in ukraine. >> moscow has a new champion, with sword and cross in hand, keeping watch over the russian capital. he said it should serve as a reminder for russians to rally together to stave off threats from abroad. >> today our duty is to oppose modern challenges and threats, relying on our spiritual legacy to move forward. experts say the latest example of promilitary nationalism that has become the hallmark of russian political discourse thanks to coverage of the war in syria.
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viewers rarely see the atrocity allegedly carried out by charlotte sought and instead they are treated to patriotic footage of military prowess. >> is anti-western propping -- propaganda. it is creating fear a major war could break out and it is unifying people. >> it is not unifying everyone behind the kremlin. away from the official celebrations and under heavy guard, far right protesters and liberal groups have come together to demand the russian government resign. there is little sign of dissent at the kremlin. opinion surveys indicate there is an apprehension it could drag the country into a larger military conflict. that does not seem to have hurt bladder putin's -- vladimir
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putin's popularity. >> our strength lies in unity. moscow is once again showing the world how it wants to be seen, as a unified people in the face of international isolation. a healthy dose of national pride is hardly cause for concern. but some observers fear the further russians rally around his policies, the further they drift from their european neighbors. christopher: as promised, business news with kristof kober. the latest u.s. job figures are of great interest. >> that is right. the u.s. election is looking in relatively good shape. companies added over 160,000 jobs. the unemployment rate has fallen to just 4.9%.
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as we can see right there. analysts speak of a relatively healthy economy, the longest streak of job growth on record according to the white house. for the candidates, the recent years of falling unemployment is not enough. both want to create more jobs. for hillary clinton, it is about the middle class and for donald trump, turning around what he calls a disastrous economy and giving chances to minorities. >> my plan is based on growing the economy, giving families more opportunities and i want us to have the biggest jobs program since world war ii. >> every african-american citizen is entitled to a government that if their jobs, wages, and security first. christoph: donald trump also
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promised work for those whose manufacturing jobs have been shifted to other countries. the economy is a main topic during this election campaign. let's bring in our markets man in new york. 160,000 jobs added in november. donald trump calls it disastrous. what does moss street make of it -- what does wall street make of it? >> not disastrous. investors notice the pace of job growth continues to slow down. also the labor force participation declined and is only modestly above the poster session low, which implies some people, especially those who had manufacturing jobs, are giving up. wages have posted their biggest jump in the last three months the economy has created 117,000
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jobs. fe t rates. if trump would win, experts think the fed will play the hike and that could imply a more abrupt adjustment. christoph: looking at the broader picture, hillary clinton promotes abolishing tax cuts for wealthy individuals. donald trump wants more of these tax breaks in hopes to spur economic growth. which of those concepts is more convincing to investors? >> in the short-term, wall street is all for tax cuts. the problem is the economic boost would only be transitory, especially if you add the plan to invest $500 million in infrastructure that has no intention of applying drastic cuts on federal spending to afford that.
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in the medium-term, the situation will get messy when it comes to the budget. clinton's measures tend to be more budget neutral. so they will guarantee somehow less volatility in the future and also she would be able to negotiate a tax reform even if the republicans keep control of the house. christoph: jose, thanks for your analysis. things are currently just not working out for samsung. the company is recalling almost 3 million of its top load washing machines in the united states over safety concerns. the top can detach during use. the company has received nine reports of injuries, including a broken jaw and other injuries. samsung is also grappling with a global recall of 2.5 million
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galaxy smartphones with faulty batteries. turkey's currencies is among the worst performers in the wake of the failed coup and the crackdown on dissidents. the lira has continued its decline. on friday after authorities detained lawmakers from the pro-kurdish opposition party, things went from bad to worse as investors took fright at looming instability. the lira plunged to a record low against the euro. the imf said current monetary stands should be maintained and analysts warn it could even fall more. that is it from the business desk. christopher has the latest sports for you now. christopher: that is right. plenty of soccer action. in the bundesliga, the top game
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features a clash between the first-place team and the third-place team. when they last visited in munich , they were second to last, hoffenheim. things are very different now thanks to the 29-year-old coach. >> the man who brought success to hoffenheim. they have not last -- they have not lost in nine games. >> we are prepared. it may be more suspenseful than in recent years. we can be proud of going there in third-place instead of 15 or 16. >> in the first season in 2008, hoffenheim were the surprise table toppers when they played in munich. in that encounter, luca scored the match winner.
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the bavarians are favored to win this time as well. >> it can't be a voted that munich will get some chances. you have to focus on avoiding those chances. you can't let a lot if you want to be successful. >> and 16 clashes, hoffenheim have never run out victorious. this next match features a coaching generation gap. when he was born, carlo was transferring to ac milan as a player. >> everybody can take a page out of his book. everyone has the dream to achieve a fraction of his success. >> a win in munich would be another high point in the young coaching career. christopher: a quick reminder of our top story, turkish police have used tear gas on protesters
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following the detention of several pokertek lawmakers today. authorities arrested the leaders of the hdp party. germany has condemned the action. you are watching "dw news" in berlin. we are going to take a break and i will be back with analysis of all of the big stories today. stay with us for that.
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