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tv   DW News  PBS  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> live from berlin, dirty drug tests, russian athletes involved in an elaborate doping scheme. the sochi games seriously corrupted. this new report alleges russian athletes competed in no less than 30 sports engaged in state-sponsored doping. how many of aleppo mouth x -- olympic medals will have to be handed back? and double dutch. in anti-islam lawmaker guilty of insulting dutch moroccans
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inciting violence against them. and a forgotten people. a refugee camp in bangladesh where thousands of muslims have fled persecution. thank you for your company. russia had this problem, systemic doping. it accuses authorities of reporting athletes in 30 different sports in a state-sponsored doping scheme. 2014's winter olympics and in
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the city of sochi were equally blighted. >> the extent of the russian doping scandal, unthinkable. >> 1000 russian athletes competing in summer, winter and paralympic sports can be identified as being involved in or benefiting from manipulation to conceal positive doping tests. >> this adds evidence to the initial report which stated russia operated a state-sponsored doping program. among the fresh findings, two female russian ice hockey players gave male urine samples. the findings from the london
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games were also damming. >> the team corrupted the london games on unprecedented scale. the extent of which will never be fully established. the desire to win medals superseded their moral compass and olympic values of fair play. >> 30 sports implicated. they will retest all samples from russian athletes at the london games but now their fate remains unknown. >> how big is russia's doping problem? talk us through the key findings? >> it is massive to say the least. this is supporting evidence to what we saw in that report we saw in july. the findings are extensive.
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i'm one to break down some. the males were found asking instructions for the ministry of sport for what to do with a positive sample, then there was a clean urine bank which was kept in moscow. two russian fema ice hockey players provided male hockey samples -- two russian female ice hockey players provided mail samples. >> pressure is plunged once more in this doping scandal. could we see athletes stripped of their medals? >> that is what everyone expects. at the moment what we have seen is the international olympic committee has said it will test all samples from russian athletes at 2012 and then reanalyze urine samples from
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sochi. one thing every analyze everything we will see what's going happen. i would be surprised if they come back and they are not stripped of their medals. this is big news for russia. it is big news in russia. that is for sure. >> and an opportune time for them. they have done it in and original way. >> salt and instant coffee were added to clean urine to match the appearance of positive samples. this is one small example. >> i did not know they could do that. >> we asked dw news
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correspondent aaron tilton about the reaction in russia to the doping report. >> so far they have not found supporters here in russia. most say the second part of the report doesn't have any new information. those are sentiments we have seen accu by the -- i code -- those are sentiments we have seen echo. some of said this bs go as part of a political witch hunt directed towards russia. one of them says it is part of a payback from the west over the situation in crimea and syria. some have suggested that everyone dopes at that level and people should come out in the open and admit it.
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they have not seemo have found a lot of good will among the russian political elite. >> ok. now to another top story, the populist dutch lawmaker found guilty of inciting discrimination against dutch moroccans. he made a speech making a crowd if they wanted fewer or more moroccans. the crowd responded chanting, fewer, fewer moroccans. we are going to organize that. prosecutors asked the court to impose a fine of 5000 euros. the conviction was punishment enough. we asked our own reporter.
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>> he is guilty, and this means his remarks were not covered by freedom of speech because he did insight discrimination against a group of people and that is what the criminal law forbids. legally this was quite clear. he had always said this was a witch hunt and political trial. the judge was clear on the legal details. he did not give punishment. we did not have an explanation for that. we assume that the 5000 euros, they did seem rather paltry punishment to the judge. he thought it was better to say you are guilty and leave it at
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that then make campaign 5000 euros. that is the reasoning. the political signal coming from this trial was that specialty is not particularly strong. >> a some of the organization for security and cooperation has ended with failure. to which agreement it was supposed to tackle. they failed that because russia and ukraine cannot see i died. >> security was tight. 10,000 police officers were deployed. there is a massive rift within the organization. officials had to address the issues of ukraine and syria but progress was not expected.
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he was happy to see continue dialogue but in his closing address frank walter steinmeier said he felt it was under threat. >> are we ready to make tough decisions and stand up for our beliefs? this is what we need to do combat those challenging our security. >> this was aimed at russia and its role in the ukraine and syria. at the meeting, foreign ministers sent out contradictory signals. on thursday he announced a cease-fire in aleppo. on friday he qualified that. >> after this break in the fighting, the attacks will resume. until these bandits have left. >> both bandits are rebels
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finding -- fighting against the forces of russian troops backing them. russian hackers may intervene in next year's election but he dismissed the idea as nonsense. 1000 people joined a protest march. there were fears of violence but it remained peaceful. >> the army has been cracking down on muslim ethnic prompting tens of thousands to flee. >> this is their new home. they have nothing here, but at least they are alive. >> there are tens of thousands of unregistered people in refugee camps here. many have been here for years but are countless new arrivals
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every day. they are coming across the boundaries of fling violence from back home and the stories they have to tell. they say the village was rated by security forces. family members managed to escape their assailants. >> they were shooting at us indiscriminately. they abused are women. they dragged us out of our homes. three of my sons are still missing. one of my daughters has lost her husband. she was raped. >> he cannot forget the
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voices of the attackers. >> they cap's us get out of here. this is not your country. they told us if you stay here you will be killed, exterminated like insects. those who resisted per stabbed and left their to die -- those who resisted were stabbed and left there to die. they left us bleeding. >> we are still alive but this is not living. my sons were shot. where should i go now? the women have been raped. the children have been killed.
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they have been left behind without proper burial. my god, why have you kept me alive to see this? >> it is difficult to verify these claims because for weeks the government did not let anybody into the affected areas. no matter who you ask you always hear the same stories of torture, rape and death. he says several family members were caught on the road. >> we were hiding in fields, in the jungle. we ran from the river but we could not cross right away. we waited for a week without food or anything. >> most have made it into
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bangladesh with nothing more than the shirts on their backs. they are safe. only a few want to stay. if situation improves they would go back. they know full well that day may never come. >> we are going to take a quick break. >> dw reporter. one woman against everyone. every day maria protests her dismissal from work every day she gets arrested as a result. the university lecturer lost her job. she will not give up her protest. issue not afraid of spending a longer time in prison? >> make your smart tv even smarter.
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with the dw or smart tv app. what you want, when you want it. up to date, extraordinary. in-depth. you decide what is on. find out more on >> great to see you here. there has been no official word two days after presidential elections in ghana. they are still counting votes. the opposition is in the lead but the electoral commission has not published results. they had of the commission has asked for them to remain calm while they work out kinks in the system. adrian is on the ground covering
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unfolding developments. great to see you. what is the holdup? >> we just got the reports from local media. the president has called the major opposition candidate to concede. for the fifth past five or 10 minutes there has been fireworks, people celebrating. eventually after trying to times before, now the opposition manages to be the new president of the country. >> we saw in the run-up a couple of tensions rising. now there seems to be a peaceful transition of power. the second in west africa. >> absolutely. i just came from after 22 years of autocratic rule people decided to go for somebod else.
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this is not something spectacular. the country has been having a stable democracy for two decades. it's a big thing for ghanaians. especially for young people, 50% in the youth do not have regular jobs. they were not confident the president had plans to get them better opportunities. more voted for the new president. >> very briefly, what will ghana look like under the new president-elect? >> i talked to the president-elect before the elections and he told me he is planning to cut out the waste and corruption. he is focusing on getting corruption on track again to eliminate it and get the economy back on track. those will be his key priorities.
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>> thank you for your coverage. that breaking development that the leader has conceded defeat in ghana. i'm going to hand you over for some business news. trouble at the world's oldest -- >> is europe synnex crisis just around the corner? dominoes could fall of the world's oldest bank fails. it asks for another couple of days to implement the bailout. no extra time, the italian government may have rescue the lender. the savings will be at stake.
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>> guy has accepted -- sky has accepted a takeover bid from 21st century fox. right after the announcement, media tycoon who controls 21st century fox, he owns 39% stake. both companies have reached agreement on the price. and workers rights groups have criticized donald trump's choice to lead the u.s. label department. andrew pozner is in place. another wealthy businessman, a ceo, inspectors say over half of his restaurants violate lost
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wages and working hours. the job as secretary of labor would be the opposite to protect workers and their rights. he is against minimum wage and he opposes overtime pay for workers. last year he made more in one day than his typical full-time worker made all year. he has said he would like to replace as many employees as possible with robots. he argues they are cheaper and always polite, and never take a vacation. meanwhile, instead of plummeting, equities have been rallying. how much does that have to do with donald trump's comments? let's have a look.
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>> on tuesday, donald trump said softbank would invest in jobs. in his customary style donald trump made the announcement on twitter. the same day to he threatened to cancel boeing concert -- contract to build presidential aircraft. boeing pledge to control the cost on the project. he claimed to have prevented 800 jobs at the carrier plant for moving to mexico.
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some part, taking credit whether he deserves it or not. >> lawmakers voted with a two thirds majority to impeach the lawmaker over a peddling scandal. she could be the country's first elected leader to be expelled from office. at the same time it reveals how close politics is. >> the scandal has economic ramifications. the ripples are spreading out. so do thlast week the ceo of samsung and other conglomerates faced hours of questioning. they wanted to find out if the companies have been granted government favors for donations
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they have made. the corruption investigation and resulting power vacuum could hit the country's economy hard. a lot of south koreans are sitting on a mountain of personal debt. >> instability will dampen the consumption and investment. already laws in september are threatening to weaken the economy. there is also the u.s. presidents protectionist policies. >> the tingling of politics and business in south korea is nothing new. they will considerable power. -- they will considerable power.
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they are said to have politicians in their pockets. >> that is the latest from your business desk. >> germany's capital city is being treated to another good run by its oldest club. a good chance at a place in the champion's late last season. you don't have to look far to find the man behind their wave of success. >> he has been with the club for 20 years as a player, youth coach and since 2015, head coach. >> i am glad to be here. >> he has been mostly on a roll. in his first full season he
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pushed his club medically up the standings. this season the club is in a great position for a champions league. >> they are words i will not talk about. i am only looking ahead. then to my christmas tree. the my new year's party before we are back for the second half of the season. >> the displays have her minded them of last years heartbreak. that is not likely this season thanks to the striker. he has gone from bad boy to top of the class. >> this match will require patience. we are looking for the win.
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>> he was a gritty player. as a coach he has transformed the club and will be aiming for a victory at home this season. >> this is our top story we are following now. corruption on an unprecedented scale. more than 1000 athletes and around 30 sports were involved in a state-sponsored doping scheme. you are watching dw news. thank you for spending your day with us.
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