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tv   DW News  PBS  January 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is dw news live from berlin. and you suspect in a deadly truck attack. prosecutors have detained a man that had dinner with the main suspect the night before he is believed to have driven a truck through a crowded market. killing a wounded palestinian attacker. the prime minister is already calling for a pardon.
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response to accusations that turkey has given support for the islamic state. welcome to the program. did the main suspect in the berlin truck attack have an accomplice in act oh german authorities have detained a tunisian man. they say he had dinner the night before the attack. they want to find out if he knew about the plans or perhaps even helped him. >> they believe he may have been aware of his plan and possibly hated him. >> we think the suspect in question had known each other
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for a year. the day before the truck attack. we believe he may have known about the attack in advance but we can be absolutely certain of this. -- can't be absolutely certain of this. we can't obtain an arrest warrant related to the attack. berlin police are holding him in custody on grounds of welfare fraud. based on a reconstruction of the root, investigators believe he shot the polish transport driver around 7:30 p.m. in the evening, half an hour before he plowed into the christmas market on december 19. a short time later, he was filmed by a video camera. they suggest he knew he was being filmed. the church to the camera and
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raised his forefinger in the salute. it is a gesture commonly used by militants in the so-called islamic state. any questions or including have the attacker was willing to cross as many borders as he did in his escape to italy despite the europewide manhunt and why german authorities didn't have him under surveillance even though he was listed as an islamist threat. officials believe he had many connections. they are trying to determine if he had actual helpers. host: during the criminal proceedings, thank you for being with us. >> we have the take a look at what happens to the evidence.
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we have phones and information about this person. my colleagues just work on it to see how valid this evidence is. they are taken into custody by supporting a terrorist act. >> they faced criticism in the aftermath of the berlin attack. they arrested the suspect and failed to catch them for several days. were mistakes made or is this routine procedure? >> we had to take a look at what happens. was it actually a mistake? we have a witness that informed the police officer that we've seen this person that came from the truck and is escaping. later on, we realize he's not the suspect and where could he be?
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it is unseen. make sure that everybody is secure in this area. we cannot completely cover up train stations, airports, everything. host: what are police doing to make germans safe? is increased presence at train stations enough? >> the can't guarantee 100% security. that's in the beginning. but what we can do, we can cover of the areas with the concrete blocks. and he used a truck. that in the background is fairly good because it can't do as other terrorists want to do.
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>> they put forward a pretty radical plan to centralize the security apparatus and make it a more federal system. what do think of that from the police perspective? >> that's what we demanded that we need one line of work. one quality of work throughout germany. the state attorney has to be involved. the way we work those cases has to be the same. belgium has be the same. munich has to be the same. we have the start in germany. they do their own thing. but we need, in those cases, we needed it centralized.
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host: had the munich security conference, europe and something like the fbi. a centralized system across national borders. >> we just need to take some parts out of the systems into the federal guidance. this needs to be taken a close look in the future. how many offices can be put on the spot instead of looking around where you can draw together. it needs to have a structure throughout the republic. host: something we will be hearing about in the coming days and weeks. thank you for being with us today.
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britain has appointed a new ambassador to the european union. playing ichiro key role representing britain's interest when the government starts formal brexit negotiations. his appointment comes after the shock resignation of his predecessor sir ivan rodriguez. he attacked the government for being modeled. benjamin netanyahu has called for a soldier convicted of manslaughter to be pardoned. the military court found that soldier guilty of manslaughter. he has not yet been sentenced. >> he is loading his rifle.
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he stepped as early. the military court. the judges decided it was an unjustified shooting. and to the army's opening fire regulations, this is a happy day for us. we would prefer this did not happen. they say his actions was justified by a wave of palestinian stabbings. on the west bank, when the shooting happened.
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and they chose the israeli human rights groups over the israel defense fighter. any argument raised in an orderly way. it was like they were detached from the fact this was an area of attack of terrorists. supporters tend to agree. the verdict was read. they say they would appeal the verdict. it's the end of a case that has divided israel. >> a professor for military ethics at the university of tel aviv. netanyahu didn't waste any time asking for the soldier to be pardoned. do think that's likely to stay? >> i am very much opposed to the idea.
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asking to pardon a person that was just convicted. they can take place years after events. years after a person was found guilty. changing the views, changing the way of behavior. it is out of the question if you run the business of a democratic state properly. host: there was never any question. it was part of his defense that he admitted to. why has this particular case proved so divisive? >> if you take pictures of a
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crowd, screaming and yelling. you get the impression they are torn between two parties. it manifests the values and the views in the best way. most of the warriors are quite young. you rarely see such behavior. there are hundreds of cases where israeli soldiers take on palestinian terrorists. killing a wounded person with no danger. it is the military investigation
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, sending them to be court-martialed. >> military ethics joining us there from tel aviv. think for being with us today. a quick look at some other stories making headlines around the globe. it caused panic during morning rush hour. smoke filled the tunnel in a brooklyn station. the commuter train with several hundred people on board appeared to slam into an object on the tracks. more than 150 prisoners have escaped after a gunman with links to mosul rebels in the southern city. at least one guard was killed and a hundred armed men stormed the prison. u.s. media on reporting that
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mass murderer and former cult leader charles manson is at a california hospital receiving treatment for an undisclosed serious illness. he orchestrated the murders of seven people in 1969 including pregnant hollywood actress sharon tate. janet jackson has given birth to her first child at the age of the singer and her husband were "thrilled to welcome their son to the world." you are watching the news live from berlin. still the come on the program, 105 years old and still going strong. find out how france possible to cycling sensation did when he tried to set a new world record.
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and a walking stick that could save lives among the elderly and a hairbrush that gives advice on the right shampoo. some of the latest and greatest gadgets taking place right now in las vegas. you are watching dw news. stay with us.
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host: welcome back. you're watching dw news. a tunisian man may be connected to the deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin. the main suspect had help. they say the new suspect had dinner with them the night before the attack. turkey's president says the attack on a nightclub in istanbul was aimed at polarizing turkish society. he was making his first remarks
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since a gunman shot 39 people in a club on new year's. they have detained several people in connection with that attack. >> shrouded in snow and also scandal. police carried out raids tuesday night. the gunman's wife also had been arrested. they targeted partygoers. striking the herts of secular turkey. the president insisted society
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would not be divided. nobody's lifestyle is under systematic threat in turkey. we will never allow this. we haven't allowed this since we took the helm 14 years ago. but protecting lifestyle doesn't amount to ensuring safety. erdogan has come under fire from the main opposition party. they gathered outside the nightclub to pay tribute to the victims. i apologize for my country, to those that came to celebrate the new year and not be able to protect the foreigners. let me say once again, as the republican people's party, we will never get involved in making politics about the lease and ethnicity and run the country this way. funerals a been held around the
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world for international victims like here in morocco. it follows burials, lebanon, israel, and turkey. the morning continues. >> the correspondent joins us for the very latest. good to see you. cracks may have identified the suspect. what more do we know about him? >> the foreign minister made this announcement and they now know the identity but refused to give any more details. throughout turkish news reports, they are piecing together the days running up to this attack. spending some time. traveling up to istanbul.
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this area is very popular among central asian people. this does underline the suspicion that he too could come from either one of those regions. we have very little information about these whereabouts. >> what is being said about their involvement? >> these people are all believed to be families that were connected with the gunman and his wife. they were living in this city. it's a very religious and conservative city but also well known to be a base for islamic state cells. it is an important base. these people and these families are believed to have connection with the gunman.
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>> thank you for joining us from istanbul. the city of las vegas has opened its annual celebration of all things tech. this may look like a normal hairbrush. it is packed with electronics. it analyzes the brush strokes and the applied force on how oily or dry the hair is and gives a picture of hair health.
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this might be the excitement of the crowd. and colors lg has developed one for people with speakers. it offers music and surround sound quality for one. no one else hears anything. it will make many parents happy. >> they have evil the way from the smart watch and the smart glass. sensors are in everything. it's in our clothes and shoes. our entire ecosystem is just going to be permanently connected. >> like this walking stick. if the user sustains a fall, it sends a text message to relatives.
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they can check if everything is all right or: ambulance. moving in the other direction now, joining the global anti-digital drive. the vinyl revival continues in the u.k.. sales jumping to their highest in a quarter century. the gazette today show music fans have bought over 3 million lps last year. >> the scratchy sound of vinyl records was considered the thing of the past when cds conquered the market. but the last 10 years have seen an extraordinary comeback for vinyl. record store owners say it is more than just a fad. >> i would say i can't make any money out of this and didn't realize the stuff was going to be hanging around. the industry sold into the trade about 200,000 albums.
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just pitiful. we are at about 3.3 million. next year might be 4 million plus. >> david buie was the highest selling artist last year following his unexpected death. but despite a resurgence, many people had never even seen the black shiny discs their parents grew up with. it is not just britain seeing a come back. it grew more than 25% last year while germany saw vinyl sales soar 50%. >> it was a costly one for insurance companies. insurers had to make huge payouts. the munich insurance company
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says claims for damages totaled around 170 billion euros. the highest in years. in excess one factor is the increasing impact of climate change. >> japan in the spring of 2016. a series of earthquakes caused widespread damage in the southwest of the country. this and other natural disasters took the lives of nearly 9000 people last year leaving hundreds of people without homes. 170 billion euros. april's earthquake in japan was this year's costliest natural disaster for insurance with damages totaling 30 billion euros. the heavy flooding in china came next with costs around $19 billion. then came hurricane matthew in the fall of 2016.
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the extensive damage barely recovered from a devastating earthquake in 2010. europe had its own natural disasters to contend with, including a series of entire regions underwater. the real cost of disasters like these is much higher than payouts by the insurance companies. most damage is not covered by insurance. >> that is all your business for now. but sarah has something inspirational for us. sarah: for anyone trying to stick to a new year's resolution, this man was 100 years old when he managed to ride 27 kilometers in one hour back in 2012. cycling authorities had to create a new age category just for him. five years later, the frenchman has set yet another record in a category where he is the only
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competitor. the over 105 year age group. he peddled 22.5 kilometers in an hour. it is between 10 kilometers and 20 kilometers on the bike. if that's not inspiration, i don't know what is. you're watching dw news coming to you live from berlin. as always, you can find a very latest on her website. i'm sarah harmon, thank you for watching.
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♪ as china experiences on going economic decline. housing costs in beijing now surpass those through new york. according to an april 2016 announcement, from the uk's business alliance, they have


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