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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 5, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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a very warm welcome to nhk "newsline" broadcasting to viewers around the globe. it is 10:00 a.m. in tokyo. i'm catherine kobayashi. u.s. president-elect donald trump says he wants to make america great again. one way to do that is create jobs in the united states. he's criticized manufacturers who plan to make cars overseas. he's now going after toyota motor. we have who is saying what. give us the details. >> toyota has been planning for a few years to build a new
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factory in mexico. on thursday, trump criticized that plan tweeting that toyota should be slapped with heavy taxes if the factory is actually built. that is because he doesn't want toyota to make cars in mexico if they are to be sold in the u.s. his twitter message reads, toyota motor says will build a new plant in baja, mexico to build corolla cars for u.s. no way. build in u.s. or pay big border tax. trump is calling for a review of the north american free trade agreement or nafta. he said the move is needed to protect u.s. jobs. he warns he will impose a 35% tariff on products made overseas by u.s. companies. following the tweet officials at toyota have told nhk that the plant in mexico will be a flu facility and not a relocation from the u.s. they say the plant will not cut toyota's u.s. production or work force. the officials say the automaker
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has ten plants and 136,000 workers in the u.s. they added the company is looking forward to cooperating with the trump administration. under nafta, tariffs are not imposed on automobiles exported from mexico to the u.s. five other japanese automakers have plants in the country. they are nissan, honda, mazda, isuzu. it exceeded 1.3 million units in 2015. it was only 610,000 back in 2010. mexico is now the sixth largest production base for japanese automakers after japan, the u.s., china, india and thailand. meanwhile, stocks of shares of
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automakers are down with toyota opening down more than 3%. we pulled the four-day chart for you of toyota. right now it's trading lower by 1.9%. it's trimmed the losses but still in negative territory. mazda lost more than 4% and honda over 3% at one point. analysts say the unprecedented criticism from the incoming u.s. president has caused worry among investors. they asked the yen appreciation fed concerns about profit. uncertainties over trump's trade policies and lackluster private jobs report have dampened sentiment. wall street ended the day mixed. here in tokyo, share prices
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opened lower. the nikkei trading lower on the day by half a percent. financials lower as bond yields have declined. let's look at currencies. the has tumbled from highs at the mid 118 level this week to trade now at 115.74 to 82 yen. that's a three-week low and comes as the adp payroll report shows private employers added fewer jobs in december. the non-farm payroll report comes out later on friday. the drop in the dollar follows a sharp rise in the chinese currency. the offshore u.n. logged its biggest two-day advance as beijing took steps to stem capital out flows. we are seeing modest gain elsewhere. australian shares up .1 a
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percent. china markets open in half an hour. this week we're hearing from distinguished figures in the world of business and economics on the outlook of the global economy in 2017. >> let me first ask you about the u.s. economy. how do you see the economic policies of the new trump administration and what would be your concerns? >> the biggest is are they to start trade wars. it seems the things we're told in the campaign were not fully intended or merely threats. i hope that's true.
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my fear is they will have a big trade deficit in the u.s. no matter what they do. the second worry is the proposals they have for fiscal policies in the u.s. involve enormous tax cuts and not very good spending. these will be things that will run up the debt without doing much lasting good. they will probably increase growth in the short term but they will not be sustainable. i worry about a repeat of the 1980s where we have a big boom and a run up in the dollar and trade deficit and then a crash. my third concern, as i'm sure many people you talk to is about climate change and energy. they will deregulate quite a bit. they have the power to do so day one. short term this might be nice boost for certain sectors of the u.s. economy but it's bad for all of us. >> donald trump did say he will submit his intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership on the day he takes
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office. do you think the deal still has a chance? >> i think it does. i think two things are going on. if you look who he has appointed, almost everyone has publicly supported the tpp prior to the presidential campaign. you have thohope there's a majoy of officials in the trump administration who know that the true interest of the united states are just past tpp. i think the second thing is mr. trump and some of the opposition to tpp on the hill will find that the absence of the u.s. having something to offer japan, a australia, canada will lead to opportunism by china. i don't blame china. it's they're right. i think we will get it back. >> trump announced his
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ambassador but highlighting currency issues with china. what are your thoughts on this? >> it's silly to be tacking china on currency now. they were manipulating on a vast scale and probably u.s. government should have been harsher with them at that time, which we advocated. for the last year and a half now currency to it from thehas been faing. more importantly, they have a reasonable self-interest in preventing capital flight and excessive movements. the currency argument is not justified. >> how will it change under the new regulation and affect japan's economy? >> i think the economic effects of a relationship with the new
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u.s. administration will be small. early in the campaign mr. trump was saying some things about japan so when he would criticize china or mexico, he would say similar things about japan. most of the things he said about japan either were true in the 1980s and not true now or were never true or exaggerated. somehow some people managed to convince mr. trump that japan should no longer not be lumped in with china or mexico. from about midway this year, mr. trump toned down the talk about japan. it's more about japan will rise or fall in terms of how mr. trump approaches the global economy. i'm confident he's not going to attack japan directly. i worry he may attract mexico directly. >> i'll leave you with a check
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on marks. onto other stories we're following this hour. china has warned the united states to uphold its one-china policy and not side with taiwan. the talks take place over the
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tour. tsai is scheduled to transit through two u.s. cities. the remarks appear to be warning to u.s. president-elect donald trump. trump angered china by speaking with tai over the telephone after elected. he also cast doubt over whether he will uphold the one-china policy. the u.s. has acknowledged china's policy since 1979. japan and nato have agreed to increase defense cooperation. the defense minister was at nato headquarters in brussels for talks on thursday. >> translator: the japan/u.s. alliance is the cornerstone of japan's security. and nato is an important eye between europe and the u.s. >> japan and nato agreed to work closer together in the fields of
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maritime security and cyberattack prevention. while referring to president-elect donald trump, japan's defense minister said it's key for the u.s. to continue to help maintain global peace and stability. japan has demanded that south korea immediately remove a statue symbolizing those referred to as comfort women. it was set up in the front of the office. the first vice foreign minister was spoken to on thursday. he criticized the setting up of a statue of a girl in front of the building. he said the two countries agreed in 2015 to finally and irreversibly settle the long running comfort women issue. >> translator: this action represents a breach of an important basis for our agreement. this is totally unacceptable.
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we urge that the statue by removed at once. >> he responded his government maintains the stance of steadily implementing the deal. he promised to convey the message to leaders in seoul. south korea's constitutional court has begun a hearing on the impeachment of the country's president. the national assembly voted to remove park geun-hye from office last month over an influence-peddling scandal. on thursday, park didn't show up in court. ahead of the arguments, park's lawyers claim the president is not obliged to attend. the judges agreed to proceed without hearing from her. some lawmakers who are serving as prosecutors accuse park of abusing power as well as being involved in bribery. they say she's no longer qualified to be president and needs to be dismissed. park's lawyer reiterated she only fulfilled her duties in accordance with the law and argued even though the
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impeachment motion was passed, lawmakers didn't provide clear evidence. park geun-hye's longtime friend has pleaded not guilty as a court hearing. french media have identified the chilean man suspected of killing a japanese woman. french newspapers and bfm tv on thursday revealed video and images of 26-year-old nicholas contreras. 21-year-old narumi karusaki went missing in a french city. she had been a university exchange city. french investigative authorities think the two went to karusaki's dormitory after eating at a restaurant on the night of december 4th. other students reported a loud cry in the early hours of the following day. the man fled to chile. french authorities are in touch with chilean police in the hunt for him.
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taiwan's high-speed railway has celebrated its tenth anniversary. it's the first foreign train system built using shinkansen bullet train technology. taiwanese officials including the premier attended the ceremony on thursday. they also visited a museum built to mark the occasion. the operator once incurred huge losses, but the authorities backed a turnaround effort. it was listed on the taiwan stock exchange in 2016. service on the 350-kilometer route began in january 2007. it links taipei in the north with the south in about 90 minutes. more than 400 million people have used the accident-free railway. japan is pulling out all the stops to prepare for the 2020 tokyo olympics including changing two of the road signs. the signs will be written in
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japanese and english. it will start to install them this summer. there are 1.7 million stop signs and 1,000 slow down signs across the country. the number of accidents involving tourists with international licenses has risen in recent years. last year, the agency found that about 20% of the international drivers it surveyed didn't recognize the japanese stop sign. nearly 30% couldn't understand the slow down sign. tournament gets under way this sunday in tokyo. in the last tournament of 2016, a rookie wrestler served notice that he's a force to be reckoned with. now he needs to prove it was no fluke. nhk world's hiro morita introduces us to ishiura. >> hello. nice to meet you.
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>> nice to meet you, too. >> congratulations on your fantastic top division debut. >> thank you. hello. i am ishiura. >> 26-year-old ishiura stands at 173 centimeters and tips the scales at 114 kilograms. that may sound like a lot, but among sumo rikishi, he's on the smaller side. the bigger guys found out not to underestimate him in the november tournament. he won match after match with speed rather than braun. he was deep into his opponent's belt at the outset going for a quick victory. it worked. despite being a rookie in the top division, he won 10 out of 15 matches in november and received a fighting spirit prize. he's now been boosted to complete at a much higher rank in the upcoming new year's contest. let's talk about the last
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tournament. what was it like for you? >> translator: looking back on it, it seems too good to be true. i can't believe i won that many matches. >> translator: don't the bigger opponents scare you? >> translator: it is scary. >> ishiura has been doing sumo since he was a kid. his father coaches a school sumo team. he joined sumo clubs in high school and college. things didn't always go smoothly though. >> translator: my weight went up to 100 kilograms when i was a junior in college. i was really happy. however, soon after that, i developed an intestinal problem and had to be hospitalized. i lost about ten kilograms. that discouraged me tremendously. >> so he quit sumo to study in australia. he gave some thought to spreading the word about the
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sport overseas. but while watching sumo broadcasts from japan, he found he wanted back in the ring. >> translator: i watched the broadcasts because i wanted to see how my former colleagues were doing. when i saw them on tv, i couldn't hold back. i decided i had to turn pro. >> ishiura returned to japan and was able to enter the same stable as yokozuna grand champion hakuho. ishiura pushed himself to the limit in practice and he set out to make up for his size. after sessions in the stable, he worked out in the gym. he can bench press 200 kilograms and squat 260. >> translator: it used to be that opponents would often push me out, but now i'm able to
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thrust forward. >> hakuho says ishiura has found a combination that gets the job done. >> translator: he's good at stealing my techniques by adding speed and his own skills to them. he's made himself able to defeat bigger opponents. >> translator: what's your ideal style of sumo? >> translator: don't you get excited when you see a rikishi exceed your expectations? i want to be someone that can excite sumo fans like that. >> keep your eye on ishiura because the small man is ready to make a big statement. hiro morita, nhk world. >> he certainly left a big impression. a japanese soccer legend
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will become the first 50-year-old active pro in the country in february. kazu is widely known as king kazu and left for spring training in guam on thursday. he will spend two weeks on island before joining his team. >> translator: i don't know if this year is a milestone, but i hope to train hard and start the season well so fans can enjoy our performance. i'm really looking forward to seeing how i do. >> miura netted two goals last season. he could again extend his record of being the oldest to school in japan's professional league. if you're seeking some inspiration for the new year, you might want to follow the example of a french centenarian. the 105-year-old man set a new world record for cycling. robert marchand made history by pedaling on a track near paris.
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the former firefighter was born in 1911 but only started cycling seriously in his late '60s. at 102, marchand bested his own record in the over 100 category when he rode nearly 27 kilometers in an hour. he had this to say after his latest accomplishment. >> translator: i didn't see the sign that said it was the last minute, otherwise i would have been quicker. i've already managed to live to 105. you know, it takes nine months to come into this world, and then it takes you only 30 seconds to kick the bucket. >> marchand said the secret to good health is eating lots of fruits and vegetables every day.
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people across much of the western u.s. are perhaps leaving their bikes at home. the region is blanketed with heavy snow and forcing authorities to close off major roads. robert speta joins us with the latest. >> we have been seeing this plume of moisture come on kicki along with the heavy snow. i'll show you video from california in some of the mountain passes where the interstate was completely shutdown almost turning into a parking lot because of traffic accidents on the roadways there. due a lot of people not being used or ill prepared to drive in that winter weather.
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in denver a lot of homeless communities taking the brunt of this storm. volunteers provided with blankets and warm clothing to wear with the snowstorm continuing to hit the area and some pretty severe. still some very frigid temperatures as this drifts off towards the east. it will be moving into the deep south and extending over towards parts of louisiana, alabama and also into georgia. want to talk about that more later. already state of emergency has been issued in the areas. why is snow getting that far south. it's not just the moisture. it's these fridge ids temperatures. where this air mass is coming from areas of canada. diving down toward the south with the jet stream. winnipeg just the high of minus 20. in some areas the wind chill
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brutal. you're looking at wind chills around minus 30 degrees celsius. almost the same in fahrenheit, by the way. this is the type of temperatures where any time outside with exposed skin, really result in frostbite and also lead to hypothermia. do bundle up if you must go. if you don't need to, stay inside and stay warm. back towards the north we're looking at lake effect snow. up and over 30 centimeters. still with see that amount continue to pile up with the northerly winds continuing to dominate. you have the next storm coming through and look at the snow, even some freezing rain lining up. even as far as south as atlanta you can be seeing freezing rain as we head into your friday evening. something we really want to keep a close eye on. talk about cold temperatures.
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hokkaido morning low around 26 today. that's northerly winds coming in from siberia. it's going to clear up a little bit. we're watching back towards the west. bringing scattered showers and even clearing up some of the atmosphere out there. beijing you're kind of missing out on it until the next low comes through. as the whole system moves toward the east, it's going to be wide spread precipitation across japan. some of that might be in the form of snow. tokyo, sunny skies here on your friday. saturday, sunday and monday maybe some rain mixed in there. might see some snow in inland areas for the overnight hours. i'll watch out for it. here is your extended outlook.
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>> that's all for this edition of nhk "newsline." thanks very much for joining us.
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ernie stevens: on this edition of native report, we take a tour of a very special sculpture garden of the mohegan nation in uncasville, connecticut. rita aspinwall: while in connecticut, we visit the tantaquidgeon indian museum, the oldest native american owned and operated museum in the united states. ernie stevens: we visit the peabody museum at harvard university and learn about the archeology and history of the indian college at colonial harvard. rita aspinwall: we also learn what we can do to lead healthier lives and hear from our elders on this native report. narrator: production of native report is made possible by grants from the shakopee mdewakanton sioux community, the blandin foundation, and the duluth superior area community foundation. [music playing]


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