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tv   DW News  PBS  March 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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♪ brent: this is "dw news," live from berlin. tonight, deepening the rift. turkey's foreign minister accuses europe of supporting terrorism against the government in ankara. the foreign minister mevlut cavusoglu is firing those accusations tonight in the german city of hamburg. he also lashed out at berlin saying do not give us lessons and democracy. all of this comes after several local rallies for a turkish referendum were canceled here in germany. also coming up, a leak that could be bigger than whistleblower edward snowden's.
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wikileaks has posted files it says reveal the array of hacking tools used by the cia. and the toxic mix of war and children. a new report documents the devastating effect of the conflict in syria on the country's youngest and most vulnerable. ♪ brent: i am brent goff. it is good to have you with us. tonight, turkey's top diplomat has come to germany to talk domestic politics and icing time to tell germany it knows nothing about democracy. in the city of hamburg, the turkish foreign minister has lashed out at germany, accusing the country of pressuring turkish residents to vote against the turkish president in an upcoming referendum. he has offered no evidence.
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he has also accused europe of supporting terrorism against turkey. he foreign minister spoke from the outside balcony of the turkish consulates in hamburg. the original venue had been canceled because of safety concerns. a reason that turkey rejects. it is the latest in a series of public outcries by turkish leaders against the german government. we want to bring in our political score of -- clinical correspondent. -- bring in our political correspondent. the turkish foreign minister spoke despite the cancellation of the rally. what more did he have to say? guest: he said germany, do not give turkey a lesson in democracy and human rights. he went on and gave germany a lesson in democracy, saying germany should not meddle with turkish politics. referring to n
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by german local authorities to cancel several rallies by turkish ministers who were here to rally votes for the controversial april referendum. this entire speech was pretty much a frontal attack and provocation against the german government. it does make you wonder in a way , why the foreign minister actually used this stage at the turkish consulate in turkish soil in hamburg if you wanted to really rally votes for that referendum here in germany, or if he was trying to fire up nationalists in turkey against germany. brent: when you look at the picture, he is standing there in germany with people waving the turkish flag. it could be viewed as a provocation against the german government. guest: exactly. it could be viewed as that and we'll have to see how the german government is reacting. so far we have not gotten any immediate reactions.
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we know that chancellor merkel has said in general, rallies of turkish officials should be allowed here in germany. they should be allowed to campaign here. we have also heard from the german government from political parties across all political aisles in germany that they think the referendum in turkey is anti-democratic. this speech by the turkish foreign minister in hamburg tonight will certainly add more fuel to the diplomatic fire that is growing between the nations. brent: speaking of diplomatic fire, the german foreign minister is approves to meet with the turkish foreign minister tomorrow. do we dare guess what they will talk about? guest: it will certainly be a very intense and tents breakfast -- tense breakfasts. at a time when turkish relations are at a low, they will certainly talk about german journalists being detained in
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turkey, about the speech, about the nazi comparisons that were made over the weekend. there are a lot of topics on the table and it promises to be a very tense discussion tomorrow morning. brent: charlotte, thank you very much. it could be one of the biggest leaks ever appeared wikileaks -- ever. wikileaks says it has top secret information about the cia's top-secret hacking projects. the reportedly show some hackers are working right here in the heart of europe. in a u.s. consulate in germany. reporter: a new leak that could shake the u.s. central intelligence agency. wikileaks says it has obtained and released thousands of documents detailing methods used by a covert hacking unit of the cia to break into phones, communications apps and other devices. the files also include a manual u.s. hackers working from
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germany. their bases the u.s. consulate in frankfurt. their targets -- europe, china, and the middle east. a sam some -- a samsung smart television could be turned into a listening book, and a television -- similar attacks are carried out via smartphones as well. >> we know that espionage takes place. it is also well-known the cia is active in germany with conventional spies. when it even becomes evident where these are going on and possibly the identity of those involved, then the german government needs to take action. reporter: the german government has not yet issued a statement. the u.s. state department has declined to comment. brent: i'm joined now in the studio by sven.
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let me ask you, this leak, how credible the think it is? sven: they will find out if it is authentic or not. as of now it looks authentic. wikileaks doesn't have the option to put out something so big which is not credible because they have lost a lot of credibility in the past, so now they have to make it count. brent: we have been looking at what is being reported so far. the thing that stands out here is the fact that these files are said to contain proof of a hacking factory inside the u.s. consulate in frankfurt, journaling -- germany. if that is true, do you think that would be a surprise to german authorities? sven: i don't think so, but it think the more important question is why did wikileaks put it out there so blatantly
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and bluntly? is there something you want to do by the transatlantic relationship? brent: when you say that the speaker the fact that u.s. officials believe wikileaks is tied to the russian government. and that leaks, once they do happen, have an alter your motive and that is to divide the west and these transatlantic leaks. do you see this cache of documents, do you see that as proof of what u.s. officials have said? sven: i don't see it as proof. we know there is always an alter your motive. by publishing it come wikileaks can be sure they put a toll on the transatlantic relationship. i would have seen, have a parliamentary inquiry into that, we are sensitive in germany about that. brent: what would be the purpose?
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what would you think would be the purpose of this leak? if it reveals a lot of information about the cia and its projects, a counter argument could be that is going to help opponents of the cia, such as north korea. we know with north korea, testing missiles, that would be the last thing anyone want to do , unless they did. sven: i think it really encourages the discussion, which is a deep state discussion. intelligence agencies going against the u.s. government, president trump in particular. quite credible. brent: it could maybe be used as a weapon in diplomacy. how do you think the german government should react to this? i mean, we're not back in 2013, 2014 when a lot of these things were new information. sven: they should wait and see.
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dig into it, check it out. wait for them to figure it out. the most important thing to do right now. political talk can be later on. we should not be swayed into swift action on a political action -- click level. but i technical level there should be -- but on a technical level should be immediate action. brent: what is the condition of that right now? sven: snowden is some years ago already. they tried to fix it. i don't have entire knowledge about that but it looks like it is slowly going back to normal. brent: sven, with the foundation
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dedicated to transatlantic cyber security cooperations. thank you very much. here are some other stories making headlines around the world more trouble for the british government's plans for relieving the european union. the house of lords has passed a memo to the brexit bill requiring parliament and not just parliament, but the government approves of britain's exit deal with the eu. premised or theresa may's conservatives have a majority in the house of commons but not the house of lords. popstar george michael died of natural causes resulting from heart disease and a fatty liver. that is according to a british coroner. the singer and songwriter was found dead at his home in southern england on christmas day. his fans continue to add to a makeshift memorial outside his home. a permanent memorial is planned. clashes between ethnic rebels and government forces in northern myanmar have killed at least 30 people.
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ethnic chinese insurgents launched a pre-don't attack on security installations. thousands of residents fled the violence into neighboring china. beijing has called for an immediate cease-fire. it is a picture that you may have seen before. a selfie which was taken by a syrian refugee with the german chancellor angela merkel about two years ago. it came to symbolize germany's open-door migration policy. but the refugee who took the selfie says it has been used in numerous doctored images linking him to terrorism. he took facebook to court to stop the picture from being used to spread fake news on social media. but today a court ruled that facebook cannot be held liable for the content on its platform. reporter: it all started with this selfie. it showed this syrian refugee
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with the most awful woman in the world. but the picture with german chancellor angela merkel has also been used in countless fake news articles shared on facebook , like this one linking him to last year's brussels terrorist attack. >> they say i am a terrorist. that is not true. i live in berlin and anyone can approach me. they have really changed my life. i cannot go out alone. i live in fear. reporter: he and his lawyer reported the images to facebook and asked the country to remove them. facebook claimed it did come up with the images can still be found on the platform today. >> we want the smears and the defamation to stop. it is not enough to delete one or two pictures. many of the pictures we reported are still online. reporter: the case has raised
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difficult questions about how social media should deal with privacy rights and defamation in the european union. brent: the european space agency has launched a new observation satellite that promises to deliver some unique views of our planet. the sentinel 2b successfully launched a few hours ago. the satellite is part of the european union's copernicus program which monitors the environment on earth from outer space. the satellite would join sentinel 21, which is -- 2a, which provides images every five days. the data collected will have many uses. you're watching "dw news," live from berlin. still to come, the brilliant --
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the brazilian team lost many in a plane crash play for the first time tonight. we will have a preview. plus daniel will be here with the latest business news. we will be back on the other side of a 62nd break. -- 60 second break. ♪
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♪ brent: welcome back. all caps top stories, turkey's foreign minister has accused europe a backing terroris against his government. he was speaking at a rally in germany tonight to drum up support for president erdogan's constitutional reforms. relations between ankara and germany are strained after several events involving turkish politicians are canceled here in germany. wikileaks claimed it found a huge cache of documents that detail the cia's extensive hacking operations.
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they include instructions for hacking private mobile phones and even television sets. six years after the outbreak of the syrian civil war, a new report by save the children looks into the devastating effects on the smallest and youngest victims. it says that constant shelling and bombardments have traumatized syria children and it warms that the risk of a broken generation lost to trauma and extreme stress are huge. reporter: this orphanage in turkey provides the syrian children with something rare. a sense of normality away from the war. argument is part of a -- achmed is part of a generation terrorized by violence. >> i'm afraid by blood and i'm afraid to see a dead body or someone who has been beheaded or
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someone shot dead with bullets. that is what i'm afraid of. reporter: large parts of syria look like this. these buildings were once homes. children's bedrooms have been smashed to pieces. bombing causes what save the children calls toxic stress. the organization says millions of children in syria are exposed to such attacks. even schools have been hit. in turkey, child refugees receive schooling. that is crucial for putting the past behind them and focusing on the future. but it is tough. >> my daughter would scream at night and when we came here she was wetting herself at times. it really upset me and i felt instead of growing up, she was becoming juncker. she has forgotten -- the coming younger -- becoming younger. she has forgotten everything she
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has learned. >> i would like to be alone and have nice things. i would like to go out without someone kidnapping me. to have no fighters and no bombing. reporter: 3 million syria children who are younger than six years of age are thought to have experienced nothing but war. if peace comes to syria it will be inherited by a deeply damaged generation. brent: we're going to have more on that tragic story coming up later in the day. business news now. after a surge would hit the stock market last week, shares of snapchat's parent company snap are under pressure today. daniel: dropping like a stone. snap jumped over 40% out of the gate but now investors are
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worried its price is overblown, tumbling in trading yesterday. tuesday's session closes in just a few minutes and the stock is a two and in the dumps, falling by around 11%, wiping billions of dollars from the value of the company. is this a sign of things to come? i asked our social media group what investors are worried about. >> there are a couple worries. the first is competition. facebook, they are this big bully amongst social be to companies and they have decided they are going to steal a lot of snapchat's ideas. if you log into facebook messenger, even instagram is owned by facebook, you can essentially do a lot of what you can do in snapchat. you can send messages, create stories which consists of videos and photos. that is a big worry. what will snapchat do if they cannot separate themselves from the competition? they still do it better than facebook but their advantage is
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disappearing. the other worry is slower user growth. last quarter of the had a much slower growth in terms of adding numbers to their user base. that is a problem. that happened with twitter. they are stuck around 3 million users. snapchat is around one million. twitter took a big hit. birgit: talking about -- daniel: talking about facebook and twitter, there are two directions they can gulp your snapchat has added millions of users and its stock price has gone up. what can snapchat do to make sure it goes in the right direction, like facebook? >> they have to split the middle. you don't want to go to the behemoth side, the twitter site. the key for snapchat is to monetize but not sellout. you have to keep the cool factor, which is hard. you want to engage your audience, keep them with you. you do not want to become a 1.6 billion user behemoth like
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facebook. that is so important. the other thing they are focusing on in terms of making money is hardware. these spectacles which send out 10 second long been omission is -- long messages. there is also augmented reality and drones which could be profitable in the future. daniel: it was said snapchat is more viable than spacex, which is sending rockets to mars, and snapchat makes selfie filters. why is snapchat so valuable? >> the stock market does not always make sense. you do not always value something because it makes spaceships or whatever. snapchat is so valuable because of its young user base. more than half of users are under 24, which is the holy grail for advertisers. we were talking about this earlier, you can talk -- you can advertise on facebook, why advertise on snapchat?
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taco bell, they created a special filter or lens within the app to turn people into tacos. not something you can do on facebook. this is fun, goes directly to young people. the potential is there and that is what they had to prove to investors. they have to have the potential to make money. daniel: i have to admit i have not used snapchat so much. it was not really for me. do you use it and what do you make of it? >> i am not a regular user of snapchat, i have to admit. i think i may be too old for snapchat, i do not know. maybe that is something snapchat has to fix. maybe they have to appeal to a little older than what they are now. it is a little too confusing for me, i don't know. daniel: we will see how that turns out. i'm sure we will have plenty more opportunity to give it a go. so, it is carnival season, so you might not think it but brazil is suffering worse than ever.
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the economy trading over 3.5% last year. public confidence in the government already took a hit following multiple high-level corruption scandals which toppled the last president. the question now is whether incumbent president can survive the storm long enough to get the country back on track. reporter: carnival in real -- in rio is a highlight for many brazilians. hundreds of thousands take to the streets. but tough times have dampened the mood. many have campaigned festivities this year. brazil is in the midst of its worst ever recession. in 2010 the emerging economy expanded by a whopping 7.5%. but then growth slowed in the following years. in contracted 3.8% and itas a similar picture last year. brazil is expected to return to slight growth this year, but its
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coffers are empty and the country has racked up a huge amount of debt. the prices of importing good like oil, soybeans and other commodities have fallen sharply, resulting in lower state revenues. in response, the government has launched a massive austerity program. includes cuts to pensions, education and health care. that has triggered unrest in some years -- in some regions. daniel: that wraps up your business news for the moment. back over to brent with more from south america. brent: sports news and just over three months after a fatal protein clash -- plane crash decimated their squad, the brazilian football club have traveled to venezuela. this time it is for their debut in south america's his club competition. -- biggest club competition.
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two of the survivors have been named in the squad. reporter: like manchester united, they were going for international glory when their team was cut down in their prime. the players who survived a determined to keep the continental dream alive. their debut against venezuela t includeswo -- includes two crash survivors. >> i hope we can have a great tournament. you know how difficult it has been for us to get back on our feet and rebuild the squad and the entire footballing outfit. so for us, what is at stake is more than a match. it is about the journey of a team that has had difficult moments but has gotten back on its feet. reporter: indeed, they hope the
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game is another step on the road for recovery and footballing glory. brent: here is a reminder of the top story we're following. turkey's foreign minister has accused year of backing terrorism against his country. he was speaking at a rally in germany for drumming up support against -- relations between ankara and berlin are strained after several turkish rallies were canceled. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. we'll see you then. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. sit] ♪ reyes: ecuador has entered the virtual currency era, so are
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people cashing in or cashing out? i'm elaine reyes in washington, d.c., and this is "americas now." first up, ecuador has given its financial system an overhaul. it is now the first nation in latin america to use electronic currency. how is the country responding to the revamp? and later, years of being hunted for its skin have made south america's orinoco crocodile almost extinct. one man is trying to stop the population from declining further. meet this week's game changer rafael antello.


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