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tv   DW News  PBS  March 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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♪ >> is is dw news live from berlin. tonight, european unity with and without poland. the polish politician donald tusk has been reelected as the european council president at a summit of leaders in brussels. his home country's government has voted against him and said they will not sign off on the result. also, coming up, and all of branch from the russian government. vladimir putin tells germany he
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wants better relations. what would an improvement look like? plus, in the champions league, barca rised like a phoenix fro the ashes. an amazing comeback against paris, putting them through to the quarterfinals. ♪ brent: i am brent goff. it is good to have you with us. it was a test of european unity. everyone on the same page -- everyone, except for one. today, 21 european leaders raise their hands to reelect donald tusk european council president. only one said no, his home country. coleman's government says they
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are fiercely opposed. warsaw is so angry with the vote it is threatening to bring the talks to a screeching halt. the polish prime minister says she will not sign off on the results tonight. our correspondent is at the summit in brussels. >> this is the first time that the 28 heads of state have set foot insideas well as futuristic architecture, the leaders have a packed agenda awaiting them. single market, security and defense. there may be some fallout over the reelection of council president donald tusk. the polish prime minister has threatened to sabotage the summit if tusk is reelected. "it cannot go ahead without us, without our support.
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i think it is important to remember that the principal forms are community." on wedsday, a youtube video sought to strap opposition to the eu council president. former premier tusk is unpopular because of his criticism of poland's domestic policies. warsaw was in an isolated position. angela merkel and others came out in support of tusk. >> because of continuity and stability, there is no doubt in reelecting donald tusk as president of the european council. i do not see by one country would be against him is all other countries support him. >> a qualified majority would have been enough, but donald tusk was reelected with 27 21 vote. poland's defeat is seen as an investment for the country's
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foreign-policy. so far, it is unclear if poland will make good on their threats and retaliate very brent: are brussels' bureau chief is at the summit tonight in brussels. : saying they will not sign the -- poland says they will not sign the final communique. >> they did retaliate. it will not sign the final declaration of the 28. there will not be an official eu summit declaration. you ask, what does that mean. there will be a declaration, but the declaration of the presidency. remember who is the president of the eu council, it is donald tusk. there is a certain irony to it. the last time this happened was in 1985. we have to keep in mind, amid all of this squabbling between the parties, the summit is not
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legally binding in its declarations. the summit gives guidelines. that is what they are therefore. that is what they are doing here, in this case. the signal is not a very unified one. brent: we have a polish paradox at the summit tonight. what does angela merkel have to say about this? >> and typical angela merkel fashion, the first thing she did was to explain this is actually legal, you only need a qualified majority, everyone knew that. they said, nevertheless, the qualified majority notwithstanding, they tried to have consensus, but the -- at least seeking consensus should not lead to a blockade. in this case, the polish blocking the scenario. she did not seem very upset about it, although she said she would prefer unanimity.
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brent: it would be nice to have this consensus going forward, especially because next week we have elections in the netherlands. >> that is one part of it. more portly, in two weeks, we have in rome, the summit that is going to kickstart the new european union. you can see here, tusk not being the only one. leaders being very worried about the polish behavior. for example, the prime minister of malta saying this was a very political decision, they decided to not support anything in the final declaration no matter what was the content of the final declaration. donald tusk himself, the irony here, said, be careful of the bridges that you burn. it is not ideal, trying to get this new you regain the trust of the european union, and having this situation, especially when you look at the topic. it is a informal topic -- an
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informal topic. brent: all right. are brussels bureau chief. another interesting eu summit tonight. as always, think you very much. -- thank you very much. one of europe's acute problems, how to deal with turkey and erdogan. earlier today, angela merkel told parliament, here in berlin, that is imperative that germany and opera -- ankara not grow more distant. >> green party members of parliament were t-shirts expressing support for the imprisoned german turkish
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journalist. they had to leave the chamber. underlying conflict remains. chancellor angela merkel used her speech to reiterate her outrage at turkish president erdogan's statements that germany engages in nazi like practices. >> these comparisons to the nazis has to stop. >> merkel added that germany has profound differences of opinion with turkey on the market see justice, freedom of expression and freedom of the press. merkel again criticized a referendum on the turkish constitution. on the other side, it is said
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that germany started the conflict by meddling in turkish affairs. >> we are disappointed by germany's attitude in the lead up to the referendum. if they have any feeling of disillusionment, we have even more. >> the problem for angela merkel is turkey is a very important partner in dealing with refugees in europe. brent: another major challenge for europe. russia. germany's new foreign minister is on his first official visit to moscow. despite ongoing disagreements on subjects like ukraine, it looks as though the two countries are preparing, at least, for a fresh start. russian president vladimir putin invited foreign minister sigma got real -- sigmar gabriel for talks in moscow.
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we want to go now to our correspondent, following the visit. he joins us tonight in moscow. hello to you. what more do we know about this visit? we are hearing a lot about the need for straightforward and constructive relationships. >> good evening. this was meant to be essentially a photo op. this is the kremlin advising got real -- gabriel beyond his talks with the foreign minister. after keeping him for over one hour, they spoke for nearly two hours, way more than the half-hour scheduled. we heard from putin that he wants the full normalization of relations and he invited angela merkel to moscow.
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brent: those things sound nice, but they do not wipe away the problem areas. that is the conflict with ukraine and the situation with nato. did we hear anything about those two problem areas? >> there was definitely no hiding differences there. we heard and passions -- an impassioned speech by sigmar gabriel. on the other hand, lavrov reinforced his positions including coming to the defense of nato members, saying that moscow needs to be more aware of it security fears. both sides stayed where they had been before. brent: tensions remain, don't they?
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are they comparable when you have foreign minister's meeting -- foreign ministers meeting? >> that is the interesting thing. you have the rather strong statements, especially sigmar gabriel -- especially lavrov. but the press conference was almost jovial in terms. tossing questions to each other. beyond that inability to get over conflicts, we heard got real warning about an arms race in europe. despite the differences, trying to improve the atmosphere and seeing if a better mood will lead to greater progress on the issues that remain. brent: as always, thank you very
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much. tonight, the u.s. says it will continue joint military exercises with south korea, rejecting proposal by china that they stop the drills and reengage with north korea. washington was angered by pyongyang's missile tests earlier in the week. >> just days after pyongyang's latest missile test, washington fired back saying, it is slowly losing patience with north korea and it needs to see positive steps from the regime. >> we remain open to dialogue with north korea with the aim of returning to authentic negotiations on the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the onus is on north korea to take meaningful actions towards
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denuclearization, and refrain from provocations. >> it is images like these aired on north korean state tv earlier this week that have caused so much concern. kim jong-na u reports he oversaw then test -- the tests himself. the goal, to meet -- reach a military base in japan. the haley also called for cooperation. >> we have to see some kind of positive action taken from north korea before we can ever take them seriously. they have given us enough reason to think how irresponsible they are that we cannot consider them a rational partner. i think all options are on the table now. >> washington is defending its
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plans to set up in the cell-based in south korea, a move strongly opposed by china. brent: we will be back after a short break. stick around. ♪
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brent: tusk's native poland the only country to vote against them. he threatened to sabotage the eu summit. is your phone spying on you? daniel from the business desk has the answer.
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daniel: i think you can guess the answer is yes, although it is a disappointing story. the cia has the ability to film you during your most private moments. they contact into your tv or phone, turning them into monitoring advice -- devices. take a look. if the cia listening in on this conversation? is it turning on your phone's camera to secretly film you. is this man giving away company secrets without knowing it? you are not even safe in your car. intelligence can listen in through the computer. technology makes it possible. welcome to a brave new world. still, most people do not seem to be concerned. >> the thing is i'm not doing anything criminal. i guess that is why i do not worry about it. >> it does not bother me as much as the general public because i
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know i don't have anything to hide. >> experts are calling these wikileaks' biggest revelations yet. find programs -- spying programs are not limitedoertain platforms. all are affected. that means apple, -- android, ios, linning. -- linux. another company hit by the lea ks is samsung. it has put a lot of emphasis on internet connected homes. the latest software reveals that cameras and microphones can be turned on and off in some samsung software. wikileaks says it has good news for some technology companies. it is offering access to the cia hacking tools.
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julian assange promised help in an online conference. >> we have decided to work with them, give them exclusive access to the details we have so that fixes can be developed and pushed out so people can be secured. >> the cia is not happy about the release. it is warning terrorists and other dangerous people can use these exploits. this man, european central bank chief mario draghi says inflation across the eurozone is still too low. the bank has decided to keep the rate at 0%. it means that things -- banks across the block have to pay to park surplus cash with the ecb. while it is on target, mario
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draghi says that inflationary pressures are not enough to justify increasing rates. critics say it is time to go slow on t stimus,ut the bank is not taking its foot off the pedal. here's what he has to say. >> we have acknowledged the progress on the growth road, on the recovery road, and we are confident that as this will proceed, this will close the liberal market conditions, and we will start to see that wage grow, which is the linchpin of a self sustained growth increase in inflation. brent: al qaeda terror and political instability still fresh in the mind. also a concern for travel bookers.
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andrea meets business owners struggling to make ends meet. >> this is a popular ivory coast destination resort. a year ago, al qaeda and islamic terrorists launched an attack here, killing 19 people. many of the victims were at the hotel. business collapsed in the coming months. just as things were picking up again, in january, the military beauty needs -- unique -- military mutiny. >> people come here to have a good time. january was terrible for us. we had no income. we hope things will improve now. >> the mutiny broke out in several different locations as soldiers demanded more pay. the government agreed, and the situation rapidly calmed down
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again. >> we should not forget th will be present to elections in 2020. the social unrest and the military revolt will be among the issues discussed in the campaign. the formal rebel leaders can wield influence over the presidential race. >> ivory coast struggled with military strike until 2011, but then the country stabilized. the economy began to grow in all sectors. renewed political instability would be toxic. >> it is not only hotels that are suffering the consequences of the crisis and the drop in toys numbers. it is also souvenir sellers and traders.
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they hope that stability for the country would possibly bring in more tourists. >> disappointed there was no state support in the wake of the violent. he refuses to give up. he feels he owes it to his 50 employees. >> we want to attract more people to our hotels again. we are expanding tourist activities. the city is still listed as a unesco cultural heritage site and it is still an ivory coast resort. >> it is only a question of time before the beaches are packed again. >> you have a story of a sports come back. brent: an extraordinary result in the champions league on wednesday. barcelona was trailing for now -- 4-0, but they scored three
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goals in the last few minutes. no team had overturned a four deficit in the knockout time. >> many had written barcelona off after the second leg of paris esaint german, but not the fans. >> this victory is dedicated to all the barca fans. we have one a lot, but we also show that we know how to lose. especially me. >> barcelona fans were keen to rub it in. neymar inspired a flurry of goals. visitors psg were frustrated. >> the referee had some
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difficult decisions to make. they could have benefited us. it is clear that the decisions went their way, and not ours. also, we should have played better in key moments of the match. >> as the city of, there may have been some unexpected consequences. >> i advised the hospitals to hire nurses because a lot of light would be made tonight. >> barcelona celebrated the 10th consecutive champions league final. brent: german soccer now. taking charge of the first game on frida. unfortunately, bremen are on a roll.
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leverkusen in a downward spiral. >> in leverkusen -- a leverkusen jersey turned over to a hall of fame this week. since then, leverkusen has done nothing but lose. it turned out to be the coach of 's final game in charge. the new man at the helm is typhoon corset -- typhoon. he has a contract only into the season's end, but he is happy with the chance. >> i do not see myself as a short-term fix at all. the way i see it, we have the last part of the season, and a chance to finish it off with some decent results. >> their opponents, bremen,
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already getting decent results. gunning for a fourth straight win, and they have a plan to get it. >> in our last game, i think we created 21 transition situations, one of our strengths . we need to keep that up and have a bit more control when we are in possession. >> his counterpart, cour have had days to come up with a plan for leverkusen. we will see if it works. brent: after a break, i will be back to take you through the day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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