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tv   DW News  PBS  July 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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berlin. a warning from europe to u.s. lawmakers about new russian sanctions. the u.s. house of representatives wants to punish moscow for interfering in last year's presidential election but sanctions could have an impact on european countries invested in russia. coming up, chopper down. a military helicopter crashes in molly -- mali.
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a german jewish high jumper denied a shot at goal by the knot sees in the 1936 olympics has died. we look back at her life. it is good to have you with us. the u.n. is sounding the alarm. the u.s. house of representatives overwhelmingly approved measures that would punish moscow for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. european energy projects could also be impacted and european leaders do not like that. john claude juncker saying that american interests first cannot
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mean that european interests come last. to break this down further, i'm joined from my colleague. good to see you. where are we now? europe is not happy about this. >> they are certainly not. at the moment it could mean european companies doing business with russia could have sanctions put on them. this is not something that is desirable. it companies are working with russia to develop and that could have an effect on energy delivered to the european union as well. if you look at what could be driving this, president trump wanted to move closer to russia has promised to address the trade in balance with the european union.
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it could mean european countries have to look to the united states in terms of their gas supply evening out that trade in balance. let's look at how these measures are going down on the streets of moscow. the stakes are high for russia. a fresh set of sanctions would hit major industries. the prospect of further isolation has left some feeling on edge. >> i am not ready for this. it is simply impossible to live in isolation and for what values? it would mean letting go of values which are essential to us. on the other hand some russians say the sanctions have boosted some sectors. with the sanctions we now have
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our own agricultural products. this is good. we have started to get imports where fruit and vegetables are very tasty. there is nothing bad about it. eu leaders back sanctions in principle, they fear new measures could harm energy companies by restricting access to u.s. banks. germany has voiced concern over the possible impact on pipeline products. there are many suppliers who are part of such projects will be subject to sanctions. as tension mounts many are hoping the new law won't be approved by the u.s. senate. >> chances of the senate not
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approving it very small. what happens next? >> leaders are poised and waiting to act according to jean-claude juncker. a statement has been prepared so they can move to oppose this. the european union can an act a regulation which moves to block any move regarding companies from outside. in this case, the united states. this would have to be approved each member state which could be a lengthy process regarding different views in terms of the annexation of crimea. the european union does have the option of taking its complaint to the world trade organization. this can be a lengthy process. >> this has to be music to the heirs of moscow. i want to bring in our washington correspondent.
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good evening to you. how is this playing out in washington? is this on washington's radar? >> to be honest, it is not. there is a lot in the news happening now. this vote did not go totally unnoticed. it did pass the house of representatives by a vote of 419 to three. it's unlikely to not pass the senate. these are vetoproof margins, which means even if president trump or to veto this bill, it would fly well again when it goes back to congress. the year pn version of events is not on the radar. this is something the congress can easily pass. >> we heard today from some german political leaders there
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had been no consultation with brussels about the sanctions. why is there no transatlantic coordination taking place? >> this bill came from an internal domestic push. a lot of americans were very concerned after the 2016 election about this russian meddling. this is still a daily story. we have multiple investigations going on into the collusion. we have paul manafort and his son testifying before a senate committee about their role in this. it is a ball that keeps rolling. a lot of americans said what can we do, please do something. this is a political victory for congress to show they are trying to do something about russia no
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matter the cost to europe. >> it makes you wonder how business gets done at the end of the day. if these sanctions are imposed, how damaging could it be for european companies? >> energy security is at stake in terms of the contra bidding effect to these companies on gdp. the german energy company says we feel we are a ping-pong ball in a political game. other countries including bp, italy air. massive multinational companies. there is a lot at stake at this point. >> to both of you, thank you very much. u.s. president donald trump has announced a ban on transgender people from serving in the armed forces.
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the surprise announcement comes a year after his predecessor made history when he reversed a ban on transgender people from serving openly in the military. trump said he made his decision after colton -- consulting with military experts and wrote the united states government will not allow transgender individuals to serve in the u.s. military. our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be verdant with the tremendous medical costs that transgender in the military would entail. his announcement sparked an immediate backlash. activist stephen peters tweeted a sharp rebuke. his attack on actively serving troops is heinous and disgusting. chelsea manning tweeted biggest baddest wealthiest military honors cries about a few trans
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people but funds the f-35. it sounds like cowardice. that was a reference to the military's new trillion dollar f-35 warplanes. other commentators like rupert myers called it his classic distraction tactic from the mess he is in. it is unclear what prompted the turnaround. candidate trump posted this tweet. take a look at this, vowing to fight for the lgbt community, calling hillary clinton a threat to lgbt freedoms and beliefs. the european union is threatening legal action tonight against poland over plans to allow the government to fire supreme court judges. they say the proposals would undermine the independence of
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the judiciary and break eu rules. warsaw is refusing to back down. >> united against the european union, these protesters gathered in warsaw, angry at the eu's threat to take legal action over the polish governments plans to overhaul the judiciary. brussels says the overall is undemocratic and breaks eu laws. it has given one month for them to change the rules. >> the commission's recommendations asked authorities not to take any measure to dismiss or force the retirement of supreme court judges. if such a measure is taken the commission is ready to trigger the article 71 procedure. >> it comes after a law was signed given the justice
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ministers decision to -- the polish government is refusing to back down and has called the intervention blackmail. >> stop speaking with such arrogance about poland. the polish authorities deserve respect and we expect and demand respect. >> the polish constitution states matters of the judiciary and its organization are internal rights of our state. the plans for judicial reform have led to mass protests for days. with positions hardening chances of a quick solution appear unlikely. >> tonight, 12,000 people evacuated from their homes in
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southern france as wildfires burn on the mediterranean coast. they have been caused by extreme weather across europe. drought is hitting much of the south. heavy rains are battling the north. southern europe is gasping for breath. along france's mediterranean coast, a combination of high temperatures, strong wind and dry air has led to raging wildfires. overnight 10,000 people were forced to flee their homes. france is not alone. portugal and italy have been battling the flames. it has been a different story in northern europe. heavy rain and storms have led to flooding. in norway, this town was practically washed away. germany has been battered by
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downpours. some of the worst flooding is in the north. the residence woke up to scenes like these. the situation is serious where firefighters say water levels have never been as high. using sandbags they are trying to keep the river from bursting its banks. if more rainfall -- rain falls, it will not be enough. the water level rises it could go over the river banks and in that case we might have to begin evacuating people. experts say extreme weather like this is a consequence of climate change. the impact is hard to ignore. a prolonged drought has affected two thirds of farmland and cost around 2 billion euros. last month was the third hottest
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june on record globally. this year it is set to join 2015 and 2016 as the hottest years since records began. >> back after a short break. stay with us. >> make your smart tv even smarter with the ew -- dw smart tv at. what you want, when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. in depth. you decide what is on. find out more at --
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>> welcome back. our top stories. france and germany have reacted after lawmakers in the u.s. approves sanctions on russia. they fear the sanctions will have an impact on trade in europe. a german military helicopter has crashed in northeastern mali, killing the two men on board. the chopper was assisting a u.n. peacekeeping mission. the crash is thought to have
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been an accident. germany has a thousand troops deployed as part of a peacekeeping mission. let's pull in tomas, monitoring the developments for us tonight. we have heard just now, to soldiers in the helicopter died. what do you know? >> that is correct. that information was confirmed and confirmed by the german military and the german minister of defense. the chain -- the german pilots were on board the helicopter that crashed, preliminary information says that because was a technical failure.
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investigations are underway to find out more details about exactly what happened. the news is that it has been confirmed the pilots have died. >> what we know about the german peacekeepg mission? what are its priorities? >> it is a dangerous mission. german soldiers are part of the mission in mali, there are 15 thousand soldiers all to gather. -- altogether. it was approved by the german parliament in january. this mission is described as the most dangerous active u.n. miss and -- mission, because of different rebel groups and the difficult conditions in that country, weather conditions and so on. it is certainly a mission being followed very closely in germany and berlin also in different
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political groups. that is probably why the news of the two soldiers that died full be considered in berlin by different political figures. >> all right. thank you very much. our time now, switching to business news. the federal reserve has announced news on interest rates. >> janet yellen says stay where you are on the interest rates at the moment. the fed decided to keep them unchanged. it is going to stay in the 1.1.25 percent range. the economy is going with solid job gains but inflation has declined and price trends would need to be monitored carefully. let's bring our financial soothsayer.
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no press conference. the fed did make a statement. how do you read it? >> we had two small but important changes. if we look at interest rates, earlier in may, the federal reserve was saying inflation is running below 2%. now they are saying it is running below 2%. they are not using the phrase somewhat. they are not really satisfied with how inflation runs in that mean -- may mean the door is open to only one more interest rate, possibly in december. that is what markets are betting on now. we heard earlier the federal reserve was saying later this year the they will wind down the
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balance sheet. now they are saying relatively soon. that could start soon, possibly at the next fed meeting in september. >> from janet yellen's take to her own future, donald trump saying she might keep her job. what are you hearing? >> the u.s. president doesn't sound as hostile in regards to janet yellen as he has sounded during the presidential campaign. on wall street most believe that donald trumps economic advisor is more likely to replace janet yellen but there is still the door open for the current chairman of the federal reserve. a lot might depend on if gary colin once the job. beds are that he is more likely than janet yellen but all options are on the table and it will take another couple of
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months before we hear the final decision of the u.s. president. >> all bets are off for the time being. thank you. fighting for diesel powered vehicles. claims his company was involved in a cartel. auto manufacturers are accused of colluding for years. some have been holding emergency top-level talks today. germany's automobile industry is up in arms, hit by accusations auto manufacturers operated a secret cartel. in a telephone conference wednesday the ceo told analysts reports of a cartel were nothing but speculation.
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the automobile industry is making headlines, he said, but for the wrong reasons. he said more clarity was needed but they were well advised not to take part in speculation. the boss lashed out at statements made by the head of germany's auto industry association who called for a policy of zero tolerance for collusion among carmakers. that sounds like an admission to guilt to some. he said he was surprised by their position and had no further comments to make. there spiegel has said they secretly work together on car development construction and logistics with buyers and suppliers suffering from under the table deals. another report says they partly withdrew from the cartel meetings due to concerns about european competition law and
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daimler revealed the existence of a cartel giving the carmaker a chance to escape fines. bmw responded by temporarily suspending cooperation. >> maybe it is time to return to horsepower. strong as a horse doesn't mean anything until you can back it up with metrics. that is where course analytics is ahead of the race. it has developed a fitness tracking at four horses. they can monitor how the horse has galloped after each training session. it can be used to improve the training regime or to find up whether the horse is sick or injured as well. over to brad. >> that is right. to even know what horsepower means?
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>> you were enjoying that story, weren't you? >> we now have a story who can tell you a thing or two about horsepower. known for not competing in the berlin olympics, she has died at the age of 103. she was kept off of the german team because she was jewish. today there are stadiums and streets named after her here in germany and her adopted home, the united states. >> detailed in book form and in tw visits to her home in recent years, greta, later margaret lived a mostly happy life. fortunate for a jewish girl who grew up in pre-world war ii germany. a 2009 movie pretrade the best women's high jumper in germany at the time. she jumped one meters 61 at a
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meat at adolf hitler's stadium. that would have won gold at the 1936 olympics. but she was not allowed to compete. the tears in the movie were very real. despite her usual demeanor, she said tears often welled up lay in her life over her disappointment, even after she immigrated to the u.s., even after winning a title there in 1937. she remained vital past age 100. a legendary figure in the u.s. and in germany. >> here is a reminder of the top stories. france and germany have reacted angrily after lawmakers approve sanctions on brescia. they fear the sanctions meant to punish russia for interfering in last years election will have an impact on trade in europe. a recap now of that story about the german military helicopter that crashed in northeastern
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mali. the crewmen on board for killed. the chopper, like the ones you've seen here, was assisting a u.n. peacekeeping mission. the crash is thought to have been an accident. germany has a thousand troops deployed as part of a peacekeeping mission. after a break i will take you through the day. stick around for that.
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