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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 6, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere. that is my line! madison county this morning... and it was all caught on camera.. how it unfolded.. bullet holes... a home on the east side is shot up early this morning... the close call that shook up the couple inside. caucus countdown.. several
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contenders were in town today... the event they attended.. and what the democrats were up to.. on national television.. this evening.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. a man from adel took authorities for quite a ride this morning through madison county. the high speed chase finally ended as the man driving a stolen truck entered southern dallas county near the city of earlham. the chase was captured on camera. mike dasilva spoke with the sheriff that led the chase.. 23:13:07--14 'he come close to other officers. if hed see a car on the road, he didnt really care.' speeds reached 110 miles per hour...the chase through the winding gravel roads of rural northeastern madison county was dangerous for everyone involved. 23:13:26--33 'there was a lot of
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unmarked cars in this chase too. he didnt care, hed go right at them and go stop.' 23:16:41--53 'up in the badger blind intersections. a lot of uncontrolled like is somebody coming, is somebody coming." the high speed chase lasted half an hour 23:12:47 'it was scary, it really was. it all happened so fast yet, you dont think about it until its over with. everything just goes over with." here by these storage units in bevington, when someone noticed a suspicious looking vehicle with a man possibly passed out inside.' sheriff jason barnes responded to the call and had a bad feeling from the start. was eerie. kinda hard to explain and put it in words but yeah there was something wrong." that's why the sheriff wasn't unfolded... 23:09:09--18 "are you staying
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around here? because he was in a storage shed, i mean he really had no business being there. he just looked at me, 30 mile stare really didnt give me any answers." the sheriff ran the license plate on the chevy truck...only to find it was reported stolen from buffalo center in winnebago county... 23:07:45 as it was coming back stolen on the radio, he took off." the chase started off slow and then got faster and faster... 23:10:49 'there was a total three sets of stop sticks deployed, two of them he avoided. just drove right around them, and the third one he didnt get away from. we tagged the front drivers side tire. and that was the end... after eluding officers for some 45 miles...the driver finally surrendered quickly. 23:15:53 'i didnt know what to expect, anything at that point. i didnt know if he was going to take off running. i didnt know if he was gonna come out firing. i didnt know if he was gonna slam his car into a house and once in custody after surrendering, 49 year old randy lee barnes of adel was transported to the madison
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county jail and charged with 'theft 2nd- possession of stolen property' and 'felony eluding law enforcement'. by the way he has no relation to the madison county sheriff. des moines police are looking for the person who shot up a house early this morning. " he just said move move, i said what's going on and he said they are shooting the house and i dove in the kitchen." gun shots went through this home in the 12-hundred block of filmore around 1-30 this morning... it's kelly walls and buffet. garrett's 19-68 el camino which was passed down from his late uncle, was also damaged. police found five shell casings in the alleyway behind the home... no one's been arrested in the case.... police think the random. police are still looking for a suspect in a shooting last night on the north side of des moines. officers say a man was shot inside a home on cambridge street. he suffered non-life threatening
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injuries. no arrests have been made in the case. the man accused of shooting two people in ankeny now faces attempted murder charges. gabriel coco was already facing two counts of willful injury. today, an attempted murder charge was added to his case. police say he shot 18 year olds... justin phongsavanh and nickolas culver at a mcdonalds on october 24th. ankeny police say they added the charge, after reviewing security video at the restaurant. officers say the shooting was sparked by an argument between coco and the two victims. all quarantines have been lifted infected by the bird flu. the iowa department of agriculture says all 72 sites have been cleaned, disinfected and all underwent a 21-day waiting period. five backyard operations that are still under quarantine. those must undergo an 180 day waiting period before birds can be while its good news... ag secretary bill northey say we aren't in
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bill northey, iowa secretary of agriculture: everyone know that it's very very important to have full surveillance out right now to look for any birds that could possibly be impacted by the migration of wild birds that could bring the disease back through secretary northey says the migratory period will last for another month. the johnston school district is getting more cameras on board it's buses. the district has ordered eight cameras. right now, only two buses have cameras in operation. leaders are talking with bus drivers to determine where the cameras would be the most useful. the district is also considering privatizing transportation services... school board members discussed the move at it's october 22nd work session... if they go that way, cameras will be a factor into choosing a company. this was all discussed before a bus driver was captured on video allegedly assaulting a special needs student. 61-year old bus driver robert scarbrough is charged with
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he is on administrative leave... and the district investigation into the incident is on going. brenton skating plaza is getting season. skaters can hit the ice on november 20th. crews took down the canopy last month... and the ice should be ready to go in a couple weeks. this will be the outdoor rink's moines. it certainly hasn't felt like outdoor ice skating season just yet.. meteorologist brett mcintyre.. brett.. another lovely day out
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there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up next-- caucus countdown.. several republican presidential contenders were in town today... the event they attended.. and what the democrats were up to.. on national television.. this evening.. and later.. at 9-30. keystone cut.. the major decision by president obama today.. his reasons for shutting down the keystone oil pipeline.. and who's claiming victory.. from who h-d iowa's high tion're watching the channel 13 news at
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jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change.
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a new c-n-n shows hillary clinton is taking the lead among democratic voters in iowa. clinton has an 18-point lead over bernie sanders - 55 to 37 percent. martin o-malley getting just three percent support. the three democratic presidential candidates took part in a special forum tonight. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley sat down individually with rachel maddow. the aired on and was sponsored by msnbc. it took place in south carolina - a key battleground state in the presidential election. but iowa came up many times during the debate... martin o'malley took the stage first... he said iowa is a model for clean energy with our use of wind energy in our state. o-malley also said the democratic party is at its strongest when its policies help workers. o'malley says: 'we're best when we talk about things like raising the minimum wage, paying overtime pay for
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overtime work, making it easier for women to participate fully in our work force, making it easier for people to bargain collectively for better wages. i believe that the source of our country's strength, rachel, is actually an economy that recognizes that we're all in this together. bernie sanders is up next... he talked about how every young people should be able to get an education... with out going into debt. sanders also talked about raising the minimum wage... and wealth distribution. 19:41:23-19:41:45 when you talk about unemployment in america, that real unemployment and underemployment for african american kids for high school graduates from 17- 24 is 51%. i've worked with people we are going to reinvest in education and jobs rather jails and incarceration.
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hillary clinton was the last candidate to speak. she said that president obama doesn't get the credit he deserves.. and wants to build on his progress. she also discussed how we couldn't wait on gun violence prevention... and recent shootings support that. the three democrats will spar on the same stage, next week in des moines. the debate is next saturday, at drake university... three republicans running for president were at the same ent today, right here in the metro. bobby jindal.. ted cruz.. and mike huckabee were in des moines for the national religious liberties conference. 16-hundred people attended the event to hear speakers discuss a number of domestic and international issues. religious freedom was a big topic for the candidates that
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300810 - the hope in america is not grow up and have the covernment take care of you, the hope in america is to have the opporuntity to to raise your own kids accoding to your own beliefs 414110 - if we lose religious liberty we really loose all liberity. butt 14 ii believe we are in crisis again. and i think that it is critical that believers stand up again and stand for our values to turn this nation around. 22 organizer kevin swanson told the group religious liberties is not won by the president or on a national level..but at the local level. ed ad lib weather tease on set dad: i'm on it. culligan man: dude. don't do it yourself.
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? you get better water, and service you can actually count on. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! dad: this is great! culligan man: i know.
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you get better water, and service you can actually co ad lib weather toss back coming up -- bond. james bond.
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where the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change!
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bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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it finished the day up forty-six points. the s-and-p ended with little change. and the nasdaq closed nineteen points higher. october was a good month for american workers looking for jobs. the u-s economy added 271-thousand jobs last month. the unemployment rate fell to just five percent - the lowest since 20-08. wages are up too. average hourly earnings rose two- point-five percent. today's jobs report is better than expected, and
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experts say that increases odds the federal reserve will raise interest rates in december. rates have been at zero since the financial crisis in 20-08. walmart is kicking off its holiday shopping season. the company has started ten online specials a day that will last for the rest of the holiday season. sale items include video games, electronics and toys. the company also recently kicked off more 90-day "rollbacks," those items will be available on its daily savings center website. the new james bond film "spectre" is off to a great start. the movie hits theaters this weekend but it has already made 5- point-2-million dollars from thursday night previews. this is the fourth time actor daniel craig has played bond. his film "skyfall" posted the biggest opening in double-oh-7 history, earning more than 88-million dollars in 20-12. analysts say "spectre" could top
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there's still mucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucucuc a car gives you freedom. room to grow. and in time, room to grow up.
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and protecting it takes committed support.
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keystone oil pipeline.. and who's claiming victory.. crash investigation.. growing suspicion that a plane crash in egypt was no accident.. the evolving investigation... that points increasingly toward a bomb as the cause. scary scandal.. and it involves hundreds of students swapping nude photos.. where it happened.. and why authorities say parents everywhere need to be concerned.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 after being on political life support for months -- if not years --
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today the plug was pulled on the keystone x-l pipeline. president obama ended plans for the controversial energy and jobs project. kevin corke has the story from the white house. it was an abrupt ending for a seven- years-long review.. that had become a flash point in the debate over climate change. this morning, senator kerry informed me that after extensive public outreach and consultation state department has decided that a keystone xl pipeline would not serve the national interest of the united states. i agree with that decision. the decision to scuttle the keystone xl pipeline comes days after the applicant transcanada asked the u.s. state department to pause its review which had been ongoing since september 2008. this pipeline would neither be a silver bullet for the economy, as was promised by some, nor the express lane to climate disaster proclaimed by others. keystone xl pipeline would have been 1,179 miles long delivered 800,000 barrels of oil from canada to the gulf coast president said the project: didn't serve the national interest would not have
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would have produced relatively few jobs the rejection... is just the latest in a series of actions the white house has taken on climate change ahead of december's major climate summit in paris. ...from aggressive new regulations to cut carbon polution from the nation's power stronger fuel economy standards and increases in green & renewable energy production nationwide. but on capitol hill, some critics accused the president of choosing politics over people... house speaker paul ryan said quote: 'this decision isn't surprising, but it is sickening.' 'he is rejecting the will of the majority of the congress.' in a statement, transcanada...the company behind the effort... said today's rejection was proof that rhetoric won out over reason...calling it... 'a damaging blow to jobs, the economy and the environment on both sides of the border.' meanwhile, the president also announced that he spoke with newly- elected canadian prime minister
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justin trudeau about the state department's recommendation. while admitting disappointment, trudeau said the canada-u.s. relationship is much bigger than any one project. proponents point out that despite this decision, the pipeline isn't necessarily dead.. in fact... if the next occupant of the white house is a republican transcanada could renew its application...and there's little doubt the next time out it won't take seven years to figure it out. at the white house, kevin corke, fox news. the u.s. supreme court is agreeing to hear another challenge to a mandate in the affordable care act. at issue is the requirement that full range of contraceptive coverage to women at no cost. groups including the "little sisters of the poor" are part of this latest legal swing against obamacare. the groups argue that the contraceptive mandate forces them to violate their relio lifs or pay high fines. a 1hih ut uli ided
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strengthens susio th sources othe ins plane thusanu
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cocat a btan.
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nnounce t"e uouom sotsha your price tool to take control of their budget. and while the men do the hard work of making money, she can get all the car insurance options her little heart desires. or the women might do the hard work of making money. [ chuckling ] women don't have jobs. is this guy for real?
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the name your price tool, only from progressive.
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the steve prohm era begins at iowa state. prohm says one of the reasons he took e b isu's stacked roster. the cyclones start the season
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the hawkeyes will honor the late rm23 is stitched into iowa's jerseys this season. marble died of cancer in september. he is the leading hawkeye history. second exbionorheaw tig. augustana vikings hawkeyes perennial power west des moines valley makes the football quarterfinals nearly every year.
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we stay in johnston where one of the state's best swim teams has one final practice before stat johnston is ranked 2nd. the dragons should compete for the state title, along with ames and pleasant valley. the best finish ever for johnston is fifth, the dago were sixth last year. swimming star lexi horner, is favored to win the breaststroke and individual medley. johnston also swims solid in relays. this is the best johnston swim team in history, and they're ready to prove it. shari walling- johnston head coach lexi horner- johnston junior :38 "...yeah." the state swim meet is tomorrow
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dad: i'm on it. culligan man: dude. don't do it yourself. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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you get better water, and service you can actually count on. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! dad: this is great! culligan man: i know. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually co before we go... an owl rescued from a busy highway by an alert norman police officer. kristen shanahan
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it was one owl-trageous day for this bird and sgt. darin morgan. morgan says he was driving along i-35 when something caught his eye. "i saw something sitting on the lane line and as i passed it it looked like an owl"so he went back to investigate and sure enough. "i was shocked. i'd never seen an owl. especially in the wild and on the highway in the middle of the day."seeing it was injured morgan says he did what he felt was right. with somewhat of a fight, he swaddled the bird and put it in his backpack. "then i seat belted him in the front seat with me an started driving. i was a little nervous the whole time." "more nervous than like having a criminal in your back seat?" "yes"after an awkward ride the owl was brought here to wildcare oklahoma. "it looks like she probably was hit by a car. she's keeping the right wing a little low so we did a radiograph on her and you can see the radius ulna, which is the bones here between the elbow and her wrist, which would be in-between here for me, both of those bones
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if everything goes as planned she could be set back into the wild in a month. caretakers here are just glad sgt. morgan gave a hoot to save her. "she was very fortunate that someone stopped and cared about her because the bird wouldn't have survived the night with a broken wing."
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