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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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where an entire barn was lifted
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off its foundation.. ten years later.. today marked one decade since a destructive tornado tore through the town of stratford.. how the community observed the anniversary and the progress it's made in the years since.. pros and cons.. the intensely controversial bakken oil pipeline was the subject of a public hearing today in iowa.. the arguments for and against it.. and where it goes from here.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 pause for nats of tree chopping this was a common sound across iowa today... clean up is underway following yesterday's storms... and this team... is a group of volunteers... the workers from valley church tackled debris on des moines' south side today. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us cleaning up from the storms... the national weather service was out surveying damage... so far, they determined that
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five tornadoes touched down in iowa yesterday.. the strongest, an e-f-2 in the lake rathbun area. estimated peak winds in that storm - 125 miles per hour. an e-f-one touched down near barnes city and also knoxville... and an e-f-zero hit the lake panorama - yale area... and another e-f-zero hit the the des moines airport 36-46 we are seeing some indicators of a tornado, out back the crops are in a convergent pattern which indicates to us that there is rotation that you would see with a tornado verse straight line winds. that's the national weather service talking about damage outside knoxville... trees were down, roofs were damaged, and powerlines knocked over on the south east side of town. chris norman says his garage was picked up by the winds... and dropped on his front yard. 42:02 i was just inside the back door it started raining hard and the winds picked up quite a bit and in a matter of 10 seconds something hit the back of the house then the lights were out and it was all over so it happened a matter of half a minute or so. 42:17 governor branstad also got a first hand look at the
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knoxville. he said he was there to support people at let them know ready if needed as we said, an e-f-one hit barnes city... sweeping away a barn for one farmer... aaron brilbeck shows us how close he was to the storm. living in rural barnes city...andy mart has seen his share of storms feeling this one would be different. and he was right. "i heard the tornado come through here and i grabbed my girlfriend amalia and the dog and we ran for the basement and we just rode out the storm. we could hear debris flying off the home."they could see it too "as we were running for the basement i saw a two by four coming across the driveway and it drilled the window over here. and that's when we knew it was pretty serious and you can see it got the garage doorpretty good."when the rumbling
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the damage. "as i came out further i saw my tree being held by my barbed wire fence." that was bad. but not as bad as this. this is the 50-year old two story barn that used to stand on the property a couple hundred feet from the house. and this is all that's left. all of the wood. the roof. wooden posts. everything...just gone. there really isn't much debris left. the tornado took it all. "the 20-foot long steel i-beams i found out here by the pond. and cinder blocks i found out here in the pasture. just picked them up and carried them." "mart says if he had been out in the fields, this barn is where he would have taken shelter. looking's a good thing he didn't." "this would have been the ideal place to go. this is where i would have gone to be safe. this is where the cows bed down in here and sleep. i would have probably hid in this corner here. see that's the worst corner where the blocks all kinda caved in"looking at this damage...and what little is left of the barn...mart knows just how
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"we are very very very very lucky. we had someone up above watching us and keeping an eye on us so..." no one was hurt when the barnes city tornado touched down. mart says he plans to clean up what little debris is left after the storm this weekend...then rebuild in the spring. the people of stratford gathered tonight to reflect... ten years to the day that a large tornado caused alot of destruction in that community. the twister destroyed nearly two dozen homes and damaged another 40 homes. tonight at the at images that captured just how devastating the tornado was. the 2005 tornado caused multiple injuries and claimed one life. 84 year-old lucille runyan had gotten to what she thought was a safe place, but as her son explains.. it wasn't enough. 17:29:21--43 'she had been out the storm and everything and they were going to the basement and it had full basement. they were in the southwest corner, of the top level and then just the suction in that just like my brother and sister said just you know sucked her
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away, and then the floor come down on top her.' the town has largely rebuilt since then and folks there say the only silver lining is that the tragedy brought the community together. to drive or pull over... that is the question for semi drivers hauling loads during severe weather... today we caught up with some truck stop in altoona. they say the rule of thumb is if in doubt, find a safe spot and pull over. yet, the decision is left up to each driver and a lot of them chose weather. 15:35:03--08 'had to drive pretty slow. the wind rocked the trailer pretty hard.' 15:38:07--23 'seen a lot of guys get pushed off the side. even seen one on the east bound coming into des moines, and just kinda got sucked down. the wind pushed inside and got stuck right there and was
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the driver's say there's no load worth your life. the weather has calmed down here in central iowa tongiht.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. brett.. a day to catch your
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today.. the state honored five iowans with the sullivan brothers' award of valor. 4507- 4521 "whether it be normal everyday duties, going above and beyond the call, the people we honor today do their job and do it well ... thats why we're so proud of them." among the recipients, three police officer and one iowa state trooper. trooper tracy bohlen received the award for performing c-p-r on a sick driver on interstate-35 near
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ankeny. two cedar falls firefighters...eric jensen and kyle bovy...were recognized for taking action to pull a trapped person from a fire. nevada fire lieutenant bradley melton and officer chris brandes were honored for saving a man from a burning apartment. it's been a hotly debated topic here in iowa.. whether to build an oil pipeline across the state.. coming up next.. pros and cons.. the controversial bakken oil pipeline was the subject of a public hearing today.. the arguments for and against it.. and where it goes from here.. and later.. at 9-30.. 50 years later.. an iowa vietnam veterans shares his story of combat.. what haunts him.. nearly five decades after his plane was shot down.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the channel 13 news at nine on fox
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access says it could carry half a million gallons of crude oil every day...
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people both for and against the bakken pipeline lined up today to let the iowa utility board know how they feel. everyone had two minutes to tell the iowa utilities board their opinion on the matter. the board will decide if dakota access can use eminent domain to gain access to the land needed to build the pipeline... even if landowners oppose it. land owners say it's wrong for a private company to use eminent domain. they also fear the pipeline will leak... and pollute their land. but supporters say temporary construction jobs will lead to other jobs for those workers... "that's how we get paychecks, put food on the table, that's how we send our kids to school, that's how we go have a financial state in this." "one rupture in any of these nightmare to up at all." "it's taking iowa land through eminent domain for an out of state corporation." an evidence and cross place next monday. there is no deadline for the iowa utilities board to make a
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it was another busy day in iowa for presidential candidates.... donald trump taking the stage at the iowa central community college in fort dodge this evening. trump discusses his vision for america... and illegal immigration... trump says: '...if you cross the united states border, now remember the other ones you get shot, you get this, you get imprisoned for many, many years, you destroy your life. if you cross the united states border illegally you get a job, you get a driver's license, you know that's true, you get food stamps, you get a place to live, you get healthcare, housing, child benefits and, in many cases, education. you wonder why we are a debtor nation. you wonder why our countries going to hell.' trump also telling the crowd that he knows more about isis... than military generals... carly fiorino holding a townhall meeting... taking on democratic front
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presidential candidate nothing is going to stick to hillary clinton until it to her. fiorina says she was one of the of lying about her emails and situation in benghazi. it was standing room only at the meting in harlan. she'll make three more stops in western iowa tomorrow. new jersey governor chris christie in cedar rapids.. addressing a crowd at kirkwood community college. christie says he is the only candidate that has laid out a detailed entitlement reform plan...for social security, medicare, medicaid and social security disability insurance. retirement age from 67 to 69 phased in over 25 years. christie says:'that's the big choice we're gonna have to make on social security if we're gonna make a choice. is it more money in or less money out and i believe if you're thinking in a out makes more sense. it's less risky. the more money you give the government man let gonna happen. you know what's gonna happen. i don't need to come to
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that.' that same formula would also eligibility. a gesture jeb bush made with a of attention... met up with shane blanchard... blanchard was a local co-chair for senator ted cruz's presidential campaign, but told bush he is now backing him instead.. the decision came after tuesday's debate. bush thanked blanchard, then asked for a chest bump, which he got. bush later quipped to reporters anyone who
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you get better water, and service you can actually coming up -- the judge that told a musician to shake it off when it came to
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but first -- walmart is changing it's black friday plans... why it could have some shoppers
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walmart is revealing its annual black friday sale plans. the retail giant getting rid of it's hourly "doorbuster" deals... offering all of it's deals at once... walmart also saying about 96-percent of what's offered in stores will be available online. some deals incude video games for as little as eight dollars and a "star wars" drone for 25 bucks. walmart stores will open at six p-m thanksgiving night. and walmart-dot-com will start offering deals at two thanksgiving morning. a lawsuit against taylor swift over her song 'shake it off' has been dropped. musician jesse braham claimed swift stole the lyrics to the hit song. he asked for 42 million dollars in damages. the judge threw out the lawsuit and had a little fun with it... she wrote... "at least for the moment, defendants have shaken off this lawsuit." and "at present, the court is not saying that braham can never, ever, ever get his case back in court there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- he was accused of a crime that inspired
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charges against an 80-year old alleged gangster... and his role in a heist from the 19-70s... i'm keith murphy, coming up, state volleyball from cedar rapids, state
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home invasion.. the disturbing details in the shooting death of a pregnant woman in indiana.. where police are in the search for her killer.. leadership changes... who's taking over as head of the university of missouri.. for now.. amid racial tension on campus. 50 years later.. an iowa vietnam veterans shares his story of combat.. what haunts him.. nearly five decades after his plane was shot down.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 homicide detectives in indianapolis are working around
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the clock on the investigation into the murder of a pregnant woman, shot and killed during a home invasion... no suspect has been named... but as jake miller reports, an autopsy along with other crimes in the area could help out the case. the body of amanda blackburn herself could hold answers in finding a suspect in the case that has captured the attention of the city. sgt. kendale adams, impd 'our detectives attend every autopsy, so a part of that process is to help them develop information.' information like the caliber of bullet used, the exact time of death and even evidence that could lead them closer to finding out who killed amanda blackburn... the wife of a local pastor and a mother who was expecting her second child. sgt. kendale adams 'its a horrific crime obviously, homicide in any manner is horrific and this one has required a lot more resources and our detectives are following up on several leads and following up on information.' wednesday evening, crime scene investigators and detectives were back at the home in the 2800 block of sunnyfield court. sgt. kendale adams 'thats not uncommon for our detectives to revisit a scene to see if theyve missed something to talk
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with neighbors to reassure neighbors that we are doing everything we can as a police department, weve done that on a number of homicides.' are also looking for connections to other recent crimes tuesday morning... like the burglary just a few houses down from the blackburns home... and a northeast side home invasion and robbery off san clemente drive on surveillance video. we will find those connections if theyre there.' and metro police are also hoping information from the public will give them some answers. sgt. kendale adams, impd 'unquestionably one of the most important factors that aids our detectives in identifying potential suspects.' police do say they have ruled out blackburns husband davey as a suspect. 'we dont have any reason to believe the husband is involved at all.' but those that were are out there and police say its only a matter of time before they find them. no stone
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there is a 1-thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. prosecutors want the maximum sentence against former subway spokesperson...jared fogle. fogle will be sentenced next thursday on possession of child pornography and traveling across state lines to engage in sex with a minor. court filings show the prosecutor asked the judge to sentence fogle to 12 and a half years in prison and a lifetime of supervised probation. before fogle's plea bargain, he faced 50 years in prison. the judge will make the final decision. it was a crime immortalized in the movie good fellas. but now a new york man who-- prosecutors say-- once led a crime family has been cleared on all charges against him. after two years it feels great. two years here for nothing. i should have never got arrested. thursday, a federal jury found vincent asaro not guilty of one count of racketeering conspiracy and
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the charges against the 80- that helped inspire part of the plot in the 19-90 film "goodfellas." the 19-78 lufthansa heist at j-f-k international airport netted about five-million dollars in cash and nearly one-million dollars in jewels for the mobsters. the u-s justice department robbery in new york history. appointed an interim president... middleton says: we most confront many uncomfortable societal issues that once confronted will make us better. 68 year old michael middleton has been named the interim head of the school system. he takes over for tim wolfe, who resigned abruptly on monday amid student-led protests over his administration's handling of racial complaints. middleton earned his undergraduate degree from missouri and also became one of the first black graduates of the law school in 19-71. he was a trial attorney for the department of justice civil rights
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division. he joined the university of missouri faculty in 19-85. he also helped found a student organization that is involved in the current protest. meanwhile, 19-year-old hunter park has been denied bond.. he's being held on charges of making a terroristic threat... accused of posting online threats to shoot black people on the columbia campus . police have arrested three suspects who reportedly pointed lasers at news helipcopters in new york and new jersey. this chopper caught the laser beam on camera as it flew over elizabeth, new jersey, wendesday night. the other two helicopters were over brooklyn. the news crews alerted police, who managed to track down the suspects. laser beams can temporarily blind pilots... and it's a federal crime to use them against aircraft. a retired u-s army captain is honored at the white house for his heroic efforts in afghanistan. "these actions were demanded amid some of the most dreadful moments of war. that's precisely why we
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very worst day, he managed to summon his very best." captain florent groberg received the medal of honor from president obama today. captain groberg and five other soldiers were providing security detail in afghanistan in 20-12 when an ambush started to unfold. he threw himself on top of a suicide bomber.. which left him seriously wounded. five soldiers died.. but many more could have been killed.. were it not for his actions. this medal belong to the true heroes: command sgt. griffin, major gray, major kennedy, and ragaei abdelfattah, who made the ultimate sacrifice and didn't come home. it also belongs to their families, the true heroes who live with that day, every day, missing one of the key members of their families. i'm honored, i'm overwhelmed, but i hope to become the right carrier for them and to better myself as a human being for the rest
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captain groberg is the 10th living recipient of america's highest military honor for actions in afghanistan. this week marks veterans day.. and the 97th anniversary of the end of world war one. this year marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the vietnam war. nearly three-million americans served in vietnam... 58-thousand soldiers didn't come home. a des moines veteran shares his struggle to heal.. nats of vietnam.. the day a war begins.. and the day it ends are etched in the history books.. nats but its the dates inbetween
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1:57- 9 march 66 is mine. jerry meek was an airforce major during vietnam.. 1:45- 49 years since i was shot down. he can describe it.. as though it happened yesterday.. 52:48- i was thrown through the aircraft through a door behind the cockpit. all the way to the back of the airplane. the minutes after the crash... still haunt him.. 53:34- i was shot from the jungle. never saw who shot me. but saw the muzzle blast. and found myself on the ground. and i crawled backwards toward the airplane and they grabbed me by the nape of the neck and pulled me back in. 53:51- i was shot through the chest. 54:01- and they were slowly killing us one by one. and they killed my pilot and the gunner that was injured in the same blast. and finally helicopters come in to pick us up. 54:14 but three people were left behind.. two had been killed.. the third... was first lt.
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jerry had no idea if delbert was dead or alive when they lifted off the ground.. he was declared missing in action.. his body was never recovered.. what is certain... part of jerrys heart is still over in vietnam... with his comrade who never came home. 2:33- we all have our ghost. its what drove jerry to go back to vietnam.. volunteering for tour after tour of duty.. 57:48- i had to. im a professional soldier. and i wanted to get even second tour. / 58:00- it did cost me a marriage eventually because my wife could never understand why i had to go back. i got a lot of the hate out of me when i went back. for losing all my friends. him the silver star.. and he still has the uniform he was wearing the day he was shot down.. 5:52- this is the jacket
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i was in the jungle at asho valley. 5:56 but he doesnt need the reminders.. almost 50 years later.. it is still hard to talk about.. jerry says.. its too depressing.. 5:14- very much. but you have to speak of it because you dont want peoples names to die in vain. and there was a lot of us iowans over there. i was one of the lucky ones... .. but left with a lifetime of anniversaries that will never allow the wounds of war... to fully heal. eight years ago, jerry meek and his wife established a scholarship in delbert petersons name. it is presented annually to an air force r-o-t-c student at iowa
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you get better water, and service you can actuallystate football kicks off in class 3-a with norwalk and pella on a rematch collision course. first, both have to win their semifinals. norwalk warriors in the dome for the first time. same deal for sergeant bluff luton. all warriors. brady brandsfield rushing td 7-0 norwalk. 4th down and goal... reverse and coby klocko touchdown 14-0. brandsfield lowers his shoulder for 6. 21-0 norwalk. everytime luton moved the ball... this happens... fumble recovery by christopher bowles. that leads to more points. brandsfield threads the need to tyler schamel 28-7. norwalk will play for the championship. warriors win 35-7. they make a statement during the
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game, and after. "day with each other" :15 logan foetisch/norwalk senior 00-05 tyler schamel/norwalk senior 09-14 pella vs west delaware. second play of the game... nick finney interception. noah clayberg touchdown pass to will warner. clayberg running... rrel ove d hi n ea to
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busy sp and ari wier bochempstead. jaguarrerno en arolemper and neva
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cithmaisold t to speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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