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indictment against a small town iowa city clerk.. how much she's accused of embezzling.. and how she tried to cover it up.. refugee crisis.. they fled war-torn bosnia.. finding safety and a new life in iowa.. where refugees from bosnia stand on the debate over whether to allow sryian refugees into the state. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 a former casey city clerk now faces federal charges... accused of torching city hall to hide thement of hundreds of thousands of dollars. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us. the indictment is the result of a joint investigation by the fbi, the iowa department of public safety, the guthrie county sheriff's office and a number of other agencies. it all started with a complaint from one woman. aaron brilbeck has the story.
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"i mean i feel like it's over, we have the answers and we waited so long"casey hairstylist judi zimmerline proves you can take on city hall and win. for years, she had been trying to get the books audited in town..but she says city hall fought her the whole time...even after she got a petition in 2013. "every step of the way, you know? every month we would go to the council meetings and say what about the audit and there was always an excuse. it was like they just didn't want it to happen."and this could be the reason. the day before the state was supposed to audit the city...on august 21-st 2014, many of the city's records were destroyed in a fire that leveled city hall. a state audit later determined former city clerk dorothy dillinger allegedly stole about 300-thousand dollars from the city...spending much of it on shopping sprees. today, dillinger was indicted on five federal mail fraud charges for allegedly using the city's
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for personal purchases..and one federal count of malicious use of fire..for allegedly torching city hall to cover up the embezzlement. zimmerline says since she came forward demanding the audit..residents in this small community have treated her differently. "they flip their head and won't speak. and just this afternoon i got a phone call and people are upset around town, they're upset because i get my mug tv."zimmerline says that's the price of doing the right thing. still, she says, the indictment is bittersweet. "sad because there are no winners. but happy that this much is over with." dillinger is scheduled to appear in federal court november 30th. last year she issued a written statement apologizing for her actions. police are looking for a man who they say... tried to rob someone while walking their dog.
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the victim was robbed near brownie's cafe in fort dodge around 3-30 this morning. police say... the suspect showed the victim a handgun and demanded money. no one was hurt in the incident, but police are asking for your help in finding him. he is described as a slender white male in his 20's.. approximately 5 foot 7... wearing a black hooded coat. the suspect was last seen on foot in the 14-hundred block of first avenue. if you have any information you are asked to call fort dodge police. the man accused of murdering a waukee man earlier this month... waived his preliminary hearing today. brendan mcguinness is accused of shooting gino risola. police say the shooting happened as risola and his wife returned to their home on carefree lane. mcguinness is scheduled to enter a plea on november 25th. a winter storm watch has been issued for central iowa... the first one of the season.. meteorologist brett mcintyre joins us now..
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as the weather gets colder, golf courses in central iowa are starting to close up for the season... waveland and grandview golf courses in des moines will close tomorrow. blank stays open year-round and will welcome golfers when temperatures and wind chill are above 40-degrees. waveland and grandview will be open for sledding when there's at least four inches of snow on the ground. the recent terrorist attack in paris will not prevent students at drake university from studying abroad. 23:29:11--22 'for the upcoming january trips that we have for students going abroad, we have a rigorous risk assessment process. a preliminary review process that we do almost a year in advance, and then we do a final review process.' 23:30:49--23:31:02 'at this point, using our rubric and using our standard risk assessment processes, we have no changes in place for the upcoming trips that were sending students on
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more than 450 drake students travel abroad each year. two of them are currently studying in paris. they were not harmed by the recent attack. the director of the study abroad program says the university follows guidelines from the state department and is confident in the processes already in place. the university can suspend any trip up until the minute it departs... should the safety situation change. there are also protocols in place for evacuating students if necessary. this week.. more than 30 governors across the country said syrian refugees should not be allowed to resettle in their states because of security concerns.. today.. we spoke with some local refugees from bosnia... who have successfully resettled here in iowa.. to get their perspective. mike dasilva has the story. 23:38:15--23 'youre looking at my promotion ceremony last monday, this is my youngest son , hes nine, hes putting chevrons on my collar.' after working for the
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department for a decade...samir has been promoted to sgt. in addition to being a success...samir is also lucky... he was able to escape war in bosnia. 23:39:13 'my father took the family to the bus station in april of 1992, and he borrowed money to put us on the bus and send us to an uncle in germany, 23:39:28--38 'sadly, after that event, he stayed behind and was killed a few months later, in july of 1992, along with 6 other family members.' had samir stayed behind, he doesn' t think he'd be alive. because of his job, he's not able to give his personal opinion on the syrian refugee situation. 23:40:36 'its a touchy subject, i think its a subject that got politicized. all i can say is that, im grateful that i was given an opportunity to come to the united states and make a positive impact but there's another local bosnian refugee we talked with who is able to speak freely and he has
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strong feelings on this topic. 23:52:52 'the united states of america, were a beacon of democracy, a beacon of opportunity and freedom, so for us now to close our doors to people seeking refugee, to people running away from terrorists, its absurd." elvir says refugees play a key role in society by contributing to our economy. 23:55:01--10 'go to a number of different restaurants, you know businesses, throughout iowa, throughout the whole country, all owned by refugees. w e are a nation that is bu ilt by immigrants and refugees. 00:08:11--19 'this restaurant, burek, on merle hay in des moines was created by bosnian refugees. they say it was their way of following the american dream.' elvir says the attack in paris wasn't only an attack on france but on all of humanity. and america should lead the way forward. 23:55:48—23:56:02 'were a leader of the free world. were the largest and the most powerful nation in the world. people want to come to this nation because of the opportunities that we give them because we make them part of our history and our future and thats the kind of
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we should be sending to the whole world.' both men say it's frustrating to watch people commit violence in the name of islam and try to use religion to justify terrorism. they say islam is a religion of peace and the koran does not condone killing innocent people. the debate over syrian refugee resettlements is hitting a boiling point in washington.. coming up at 9-30 -- veto threat.. the bill currently in the works in the u-s house.. and why president obama vows to kill it if it reaches his desk. but first.. there's a new way to decompress from the hustle and bustle of life in in holistic health called sound baths... soothing way to surrender... from who h-d iowa's high definition're
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husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil...
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ad lib weather toss back coming up -- pitching in.. how businesses are stepping in.. to help out.. following the attacks on
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versity. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable.
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stocks on wall street rose sharply on wednesday. the s&p 500 closed 33 points higher. the dow climbed 247 points. the nasdaq ended the day up 89 points . the media has been awash this week with stories of paris -- heroism during the terror attacks... neighbors welcoming displaced strangers into their homes... the international community lighting up monuments in support. businesses have also been stepping up in the wake of the attacks. in today's consumer watch, mary moloney talks about the ways companies are trying to pitch in. as parisians opened their homes to those who had been displaced by the terror attacks in paris... air-b-n-b took note. the online vacation rental service set up a page providing urgent paris
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accommodation in the days following the attacks. the site waived all service fees to those affected. several cellular services followed suit. t-mobile and verizon both offered free calling and texting from the u-s to france... and sprint waived long-distance fees on calls and texts for all sprint, boost and virgin mobile customers. online service skype made its phone and video calls to france free of charge for an undisclosed amount of time. google also tweeted that calls to france would be free via its hangout application. facebook launched several features -- in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, the social media giant activated 'safety check'... enabling people in the vicinity to notify friends and family they were o-k. it was the first time safety check had been activated during a situation other than a natural disaster. facebook also introduced a function allowing users to overlay a french flag on their profile picture. other companies made symbolic gestures -- amazon changed the top half of its website to a banner displaying the french flag... proclaiming "solidarite." groupon... reddit... and apple's french
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site all incorporated the flag into their logos. and google posted a black ribbon on its homepage. for consumer watch, i'm mary moloney. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- terror investigation.. where police in paris are in their efforts to find the
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veto threat.. the bill currently in the works in the u-s house.. and why president obama vows to kill it if it reaches his desk. police shooting... a man in florida is dead after being shot by a police officer... what he did leading up to the shooting... and the surprising number of police- involved shootings that county has had in the last week... young love... it's never too early to find true love. why that's especially true - for this boy battling cancer and a girl in tissues ready. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the
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french police say... a wednesday raid on a french apartment came "right on time" because, they say, suspects were about to move on some kind of operation. instead, eight people were detained, two suspected terrorists were killed, and authorities are working to see if any of those killed were related to the suspected ringleader of friday's terrorist attacks. erin mclaughlin has more from paris. french president francois hollande says his country is forced into battle with isis. we are at war.wednesday the country went on the offensive. belgian and french police and security agencies picked up on a telephone wiretap leading them to an apartment in saint-denis -- a northern paris suburb not far from where the deadly stadium attack happened friday. the wiretap suggested a relative of abdelhamid abaaoud -- the suspected belgian isis ringleader of friday's attacks -- could be in the apartment. heavily armed officers went in by the truckload for an hours-long
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operation. inside -- a woman in another apartment hid with her baby. they said to stay laid down on the floor, don't move, and turn off all the lights, and that's what i did and i hid.she says gunfire and explosions shook the building until officials announced the raid was over. a police operation that was particularly dangerous and heavy has just ended. two people died including a woman by explosives. officials say they will use dna analysis to determine who was killed. president hollande says he will ask to extend france's state of emergency for three more months -- giving authorities more powers in conducting searches and detentions. in paris -- i'm erin mclaughlin reporting a police dog was among the casualties in today's raids in paris. police say.. diesel, a seven-year-old belgian shepherd dog... "killed by terrorists in the ongoing operation." the dog was the first to go into the apartment where it was believed terrorist suspects were hiding out.
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honoring the fallen k-9, thousands of people have taken to twiter using the hashtag that, in french means, i am dog. president obama says he will veto a bill that would stop the flow of syrian and iraqi refugees coming into the u-s. g-o-p leaders have drafted a bill that suspends the refugee program until national security agencies can certify that refugees don't pose a security risk. chaffetz says 'if we have no paperwork or no databases to vet these people then i don't think we shouldn't be bringing them into the united states of america. i don't think that's terribly reasonable.' republicans have criticized the president's plan to accept ten thousand refugees next year... after last week's terrorist attacks in paris. 31-governors oppose letting refugees into their states. democrats, defending the president's proposed refugee plan, contend our screening process is already tight enough. engel says 'our government has the time to thoroughly screen refugees before they are admitted.' the house will hear the bill
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calling for a pause in the refugee process tomorrow. thirty-two people are dead after a bomb blast in nigeria. the attack happening tuesday in the city of yola. in addition to those killed, eighty more suffered injuries. no one is claiming responsibility, but, the attack is similar to ones carried out in the past by militant group boko haram. suspected members of the group have killed around one thousand people since may. since being pushed back by the nigerian army earlier this year, the militant group is focusing attacks on civilian areas, including markets, bus stations and places of worship. one man is dead after a police- involved shooting early this morning in florida. the incident happened in the city of opa-locka. officials say officers were trying to stop a man who broke the windshield of a patrol car. a city spokesman says the officers first used a stun gun to try and control the suspect before opening fire. "it is two officers that fired the shots. one is definitely a veteran that has
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one of the officers was hospitalized with a non-life-threatening injury. police in miami-dade county are investigating the shooting. the incident is the seventh police- involved shooting in miami-dade county since last friday. as the investigation continues into the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by minneapolis police... protesters have set up tents around the fourth precinct station, near where the shooting took place. demonstrators saying they won't leave until authorities release any video they have of the incident. many shouting at officers who began taking down the tents. the move comes after police received calls from people who were unable to get into the precinct to make reports. twenty-four year old jamar clark died monday after being shot once in the head. police say clark scuffled with officers who were called to the scene of a suspected domestic assault sunday . nearly one in ten americans has some type of lifelong drug use disorder
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new surveys... by the national institutes of health... found 75 percent of them were not getting treatment. study authors say surveys like these are needed to show the prevalence of addiction.. an 8-year-old virginia boy has cancer -- but that hasn't stopped him from finding the love of his life. marissa jasek learned -- it is never too soon to share that special bond. 18:25:07 ok that hurts. really that really hurts. i love you. ok seriously that hurts right nowyou might think -- these two are too young to know about love. 18:27:22 he would walk on water for her. but for 8-year-old david -- 18:09:27 how do you know you love her? --it's a once in a lifetime kind of love. -- my heart. his heart tells him. the heart knows. mine does tooand for his girlfriend -- 7-year-old ayla -- -- the heart knows. mine does too18:37:47 she knows whats coming and she just wants him to be happy and wants him to smile as long as possible.
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david has leukemia -- 18:20:14 i have this button and it flushes pain medication into my body. he's been living with cancer on and off since he was two. 18:27:57 we label them by number so were on cancer number four as of march. he was given just weeks to live -- so that's what his parents decided to do -- let david live. 18:18:23 just trying to hope that i dont die. thats what. ok stop hitting me with the banana. 18:30:53 shes definitely had an impact on his spirit and i havent een this side of him in a long time. they met their first day of second grade -- but it wasn't long until david had to stop going. 18:07:078 my legs started hurting, i couldnt stand anymore. he couldn't walk. but that didn't stop him from seeing ayla.
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18:31:38 he forced himself out, not only did hstood up and bowled and she was right beside him the whole time and the whole time today -- she never left his side. 18:33:46 mommy can i go to bed? lay down on the pillow right here. in the middle of our interview -- david started to feel sick. 18:44:15 their story is definitely something everyone can learn from. as he sat in the other room -- ayla was right there. 44:20 just to love. because thats whats important. at the end of everyday thats whats important. who loves you and who you love back a love perhaps we should all wish for. next week.. here in des moines.. you can help support an organization that helps children battling life threatening illnesses. festival of trees and lights is a five- day event that is the main fundraiser for blank children's hospital. it happens at vet's auditorium starting wednesday, the 25th, at 11 am. the event runs through sunday,
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the 29th. for more information.. visit unity point dot org, backslash blankchildrens. british heartthrob david beckham is people magazine's 'sexiest man alive' for 2015. the 40-year-old ex-soccer star and father of four calls it a "huge honor"... but says he's not sure that he is deserving of the title--and doesn't think of himself as sexy. beckham takes the crown from actor
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this is the channel 13 news at
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the cubs have the national league rookie of the year, and manager of the year. do they also have the cy young winner? yes. jake arrieta, another former i- cub, wins the cy young after his remarkable season,especially the second half. zach greinke finished second. women's basketball from wisconsin, drake buldogs 89 badgers 70. the dogs are good. the dowling maroons are one win away from a modern dynasty. dowling has won back to back state titles. no 4a team has ever won three in a row. dowling practiced in the cold,
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the familiar climate control of the unidome friday night. dowling has lost one game in three years, and now a win away from a threepeat. once you get going, you still have to make plays to win the game. dowling and cedar rapids kennedy, friday night at the uni-dome. tomorrow night, pella and norwalk decide the class 3-a championship. it's a rematch. pella handed the warriors their only loss of the season in september. pella ran its way to a 21-nothing win. some norwalk fans wanted the dutch again, and they got 'em. iowa's desmond king would seem a lock for all-america,
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and he's been added to the walter camp player of the year watch list. king, a junior cornerback, leads the nation with 11 interceptions. iowa speedway president jimmy small just turned 30. maybe jimmy's having an early mid-life crisis. small just tried out for the iowa barnstormers. yes, you heard that right. he's 6-4, 6-6 with the hair. small showed up barnstoers trout cp in plla, and gave it a rehis 5-4
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