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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 19, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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we've got a little wisconsin swiss and wisconsin cheddar. those are the criteria for me fresh beef, bacon, wisconsin cheese. the four-peppercorn mayo really sets this burger apart. this is the ultimate bacon cheeseburger. our new pepper grinder pub burger. welcome to delicious!
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how much we'll get.. and how roads crews are getting ready. safety measures.. what you can and cannot bring into kinnick stadium this weekend.. new security rules.. and what promptthem.. iowa forums... donald trump was in iowa talking jobs today. the one on one conversation with the republican presidential candidate. plus reaction from the overflow crowd in newton. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 we've been blessed with a much warmer than average november... however, winter is coming, and that means snow is on it's way... good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us... ready or not... love it or hate it.. the first snow fall of the season is heading our way... meteorologist brett mcintyre has the very latest..
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iowa dot tells they are ready for the storm...and bringing in some new technology to help them keep you story. you're looking at the calm before the storm. iowa department of transportation plows.. ready for the first significant snow of the season. "we just kinda plan for the
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worst and go from that. so we've got all our equipment ready to go. we've been out and tested them all. everything's working." "everything from making sure that the trucks are operational, plows are operational to replacing blades, making sure everything is calibrated correctly for all of our salt spreaders."that salt spreading and brining won't happen tonight, though. with relatively warm temperatures and rain on the way...pre treating the roads would be a waste of time and resources. the downside..if the storm comes in too fast. "then there's a possibility that the snow can turn to ice and then bond to the pavement."and that could make for some dangerous driving. so the dot has added some features to improve safety. "here's something new you'll notice on the plows just this year. these blue lights that are pointed backwards on the plows. there's a certain science to them. drivers can actually see them from much farther away, especially in bad conditions like fog or heavy snow." "by allowing us to have this lighting configuration our goal is to distinguish our trucks so that the public can realize as
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traveling on the system...that is a snowplow truck ahead, they slow down and operate in a more slow and cautions fashion."since 2009 there have been more than 200- accidents involving iowa dot snow plows...most of them rear end crashes and sideswipes from motorists who don't see the plows till it's too late. the dot is hoping these blue lights will reduce those numbers. the trucks also feature so called "plow cam's"'s just an i-phone that is hooked up in the cab allowing you to see conditions on your computer before you head out on the road. the app was designed right here by iowa dot. "it is managed by our own staff internally. so we were able to do that at a very low cost."so with the plows gassed up and ready to it's just a waiting game till the snow arrives... "got crews lined up and everything so we're ready for however long it lasts." and it's always a good idea to check out the dot plow cameras before heading out on the roads. to
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see them, just log on to the dot's website, iowadot-dot-gov, and search for "track a plow". while the d-o-t isn't treating roads... des moines public works is... crews were out today... spreading a special salt brine liquid mixture. director jonathan gano says that will help them stay ahead of the accumulation before the plows hit the roads. it also makes it easier for plows to remove the snow before it can freeze. gano says there will be 200 employees working around the clock clearing roads once the snow flies. gano says winter's late arrival has led to one big benefit for his department. "we have 17 new drivers this year and this is their first winter behind the wheel of snow plows so it's given us extra time to familiarize ourselves and get ready." gano says they have also finally aligned the snow routes with bus routes... he says that'll ensure a safer drive for cars and school buses which could decrease the snow days for des moines
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the iowa high school athletic association decided to postpone friday's championship football game until monday due to the storm. the association says it's the best choice when it comes to keeping people safe. crews spent the afternoon notifying the teams and the staff at the uni- dome. we'll have much more on this story...coming up a bit sports. due to snow and rain the university of iowa has banned parking on grass surface parking lots near the stadium on saturday. that's not the only thing that might take extra time for hawkeye fans. the university is also ramping up its security measures for the purdue match-up. that means only clear bags will be allowed in the stadium. there will also be a more intensive screening process and additional police on hand. the changes fall in line with those made by other universities in light of the recent terror attacks in paris. the paris attacks came up in a conversation with donald trump today.. the republican presidential
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candidate took part in a forum in newton today.. that focused mostly on jobs and the economy.. it aired live on channel 13 this afternoon.. one of the topics-- where he stands on subsidies for wind energy. 58:38- i'm ok with subsidies to an extent... $19 trillion in debt. 58:44 trump hosted a rally immediately after the forum... during which he told supporters that he would be -quote- "the greatest jobs president that god ever created." trump highlighted a local example to demonstrate how he cares about what's happening to the economy in the midwest. mike dasilva has the report. 15:14:05 "we're losing our jobs, they are being taken away." trump highlighting a major theme of his campaign during the who forum and his rally -- by connecting jobs and the economy directly to what happened in newton with the closing of maytag. 15:14:12--22 "where they took it right to mexico and 4,000 jobs were lost instantaneously. it wasn't even like it was over a period of time, it was like all of a sudden you lose 4,000 jobs. many of you folks worked for maytag." trump called upon a small
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business owner at the rally to help make his case...that he is and will be a job creator for america. 15:17:58 "everybody i'm sure has seen the 60 minutes piece from five years ago." david mcneer of newton was highlighted in that famous 60 minutes report from 2010. in the report, mcneer said his company, maxim advertising, was hurt by the recession and was getting smaller and smaller. 15:00:32--44 the next morning he got a call from trumps office and he said wed like to do a little business with you and so he put him next to some people that did some business and that was really genuine i think on his behalf mcneer says he got calls and text messages from customers, suppliers, and competitors, and a call from mr. trump. 15:18:20--42 but i did not get one call from one politician. not from the city of newton, not from the county, not from the state, not a u.s. senator, not a u.s. congressman. nobody took five minutes, or three minutes or five seconds to pickup a phone and give me a call. hell, they could have done it for a photo op for god's
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two days before the election. mcneer says trump cared about him and his small business then...and he cares about bringing jobs back to america now. 15:18:43-47 bur mr. trump out of the goodness of his heart, asked what he could do to help us now mcneer does business with trump... 15:19:42--58 "if you're wearing a product from maxim advertising tonight and a lot of you are. you'll look in there and you'll see the label and you'll se made in the u.s.a . you'll see it on these buttons are made in the usa those shirts are made in the usa everything we do is made here in the usa and that's the way we put america back to work again trump says he'll help the middle class by bringing back jobs from other countries and lowering taxes. tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- refugee crisis.. the u-s house votes on a measure to block syrian refugees from entering the u-s... how long supporters of the bill want to keep them out.. and responding.. but first... a six-week old
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there's hope... for a six-week-old puppy born without front legs... the pup's owner says the little guy will soon have help getting around... thanks to a 3-d printer. kevin landers explains. "get it, get it."meet tumbles. "he's just a fighter."a six week old terrier. "as far as he knows he's just a normal puppy."but... he's not a normal puppy. there."tumbles was born without two things puppies need. for 32- years i've never had a dog without two legs before."this tiny ball of fur... "where you going?"is karen pilcher's baby. if she didn't rescue him, she felt, no one would. "many places and many people would have put this dog down."but thanks to
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what's happening inside this 3d printer tumbles won't be scooching on the floor much longer. "that's the sled."joe jollick... "this is the axle."runs the 3d printing lab at ohio university. "this is the first functional prosthetic we've done using this printer."the "sled " as he calls it, came from the head of brad reed. "i ended up drawing this from scratch."it will take 5 hours for this high-tech scanner to lay-down the microscopic plastic beads that will form the wheels, and axle. another 8 hours to build a "u" shaped harness. "the trickiest part is getting the dog to use it."the sled... will allow tumbles to lay on the breast plate. his in front. "this was the first prototype next one is smaller. when it's done he will when these velcro bands come off he can sleep like he's ready to start a new life.
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"he's going to get around a lot better."thanks to a 3d printer ---that's giving back-- what he was born without.
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jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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content of this message. brenton skating plaza grand
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opening tomorrow night
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coming shopping is about to kick into high gear. @10:33"we are in our 4th quarter
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reta with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? stocks on wall street closed slightly lower on thursday. the s&p 500 closed 2 points lower. the dow jones industrial average was down 4 points. the nasdaq ended the day down 2 points. the holiday shopping season is nearly in full swing, but something is
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making it complicated in one north central iowa community. a block of downtown iowa falls is still under construction. it's part of the city's seven million dollar street scape project. with construction stretching into november, downtown business owners want to get word out that they are open for business. "our goal is every shop, every restaurant, every service provider downtown remains here. that is one of the reasons why everybody is so involved in making sure this downtown stays alive, particularly now in this 4th quarter." the work should be finished by the end of november. you can check out the improved downtown saturday, december 12th at a sip and shop event, which is when santa will make an appearance. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- race for the white house.. a busy day for candidates across the country today.. bernie's big speech.. jeb's last minute move.. and mike huckabee's lawsuit. i'm keith murphy.. coming up, pella and norwalk, the rematch as the
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i still feel like you could surprise me. like that skateboard incident with the squirrel. but life is sweet now. hey, what could go wrong?
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refugee crisis.. the u-s house votes on a measure to block syrian refugees from entering the u-s... how long they want to keep them out.. and how the white house is responding.. airport strikes... employees at major u-s airports are on strike, demanding better pay... how much they want, and if you should expect any delayed flights... wicked weather... mother nature is bearing down on parts of the u-s... we'll take you to some of the hardest hit areas... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 nearly one week after the terrorist attacks in paris, the suspected ringleader is dead. officials confirm today that the 29- year-old was killed yesterday during an apartment raid. amid new threats from isis, the house approved a bill today to halt syrian refugees from entering the u-s.
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the ringleader suspected of orchestrating the terrorist attacks in paris .. is now dead. "with the death of this individual, there's still an enterprise investigation, as the fbi calls it, which is to take down the entire network."french authorities announced abdelhamid abaaoud was killed during an intense seven -hour raid with police in a paris suburb wednesday. abaaoud had reportedly been involved in four previous foiled plots prior to last friday's horrific assault. presidential candidate hillary clinton spoke out about combating the islamic state. presidential candidate "it's time to begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts to smash the would be caliphate and deny isis control of territory in iraq and syria.and with isis now threatening more attacks worldwide, u.s. lawmakers have called for a block on syrian refugees. and today, the house overwhelmingly approved a bill to halt syrian and iraqi
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entering the u.s. until key security agencies certify those refugees don't pose a security risk. the white house has said it will veto such legislation. a history-making shift in immigration. researchers say more mexicans returned home to their country instead of coming to the u-s in recent years. it's the first time that's happened in four decades. the pew research center says that about 870-thousand mexicans came to the u-s between 2009 and 2014... during that same time.. about a million went back to mexico. one researchers says the main reason for the shift was people not being able to get jobs in the u-s. workers at major u-s airports are on strike, demanding better pay and benefits. pause for nats of striking this was the scene early today at chicago's o'hare international airport. dozens of security workers walked off the job, saying they
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are being punished for reporting security deficiencies. the o'hare workers want a new contract, including medical benefits and 15-dollar-an-hour wage. the employees work for a subcontractor, not the airport or a specific airline. 43-56"we want to be treated like human beings. we work hard out here. some of us be here every single day. some of us come so far just to make it out here. and we need to be respected and treated like human beings and we deserve better." workers are also striking at airports in boston, new york, and philadelphia. the airports say travelers should not expect any problems from the strikes. disgraced former subway pitchman jared fogle was sentenced to more than 15 years and 8 months in federal prison. the 38-year old pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography and crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors...some who were 16 and 17 years old. fogle has paid a total of
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million dollars in restitution to 14 different victims. the sentence was harsher than the 12 and 1/2 years requested by federal prosecutors. the judge described fogle as having had a "privileged" upbringing before becoming "obsessed" with sex and minors. fogle worked for subway for 16 years. the company fired fogle when the year. the songwriter who helped pen the hit "eye of the tiger" is suing republican huckabee. rude music -- owned by frankie sullivan -- filed a federal suit wednesday in illinois against huckabee's campaign for copyright infringement. the suit says the grammy-winning song was used during this rally for kim davis.....without permission. davis is the kentucky clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. no comment yet from the huckabee campaign. newt gingrich was also sued for using "eye of the tiger" in his 20-12 race for the white house. presidential candidate bernie
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sanders continues to campaign his way. in a speech today, he explained socialism, his ideals, and how he hopes to make america greater. sanders gave his speech at georgetown university in washington, d.c. he showcased his democratic- socialist background in his new campaign ad. sanders says his ideals merge the theories of iconic leaders like roosevelt and martin luther king, jr. on what mlk jr said in 1968... when he stated and i quote, 'this country has socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for the poor. end of quote. sanders also talked about foreign policy issues and america's plan to combat terrorism in the wake of the attacks in paris. republican candidate jeb bush secured his place in the new hampshire primary today - just one day before the deadline. bush filed the paperwork to
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although he is trailing in the polls, bush says he feels very good about his chances there. he said statistics show most voters don't make a decision until the week before the primary. he also predicted he will win the republican nomination. "feels great. i love the traditions and i'm excited about campaigning hard here. and make good progress for the last few months, we have a great team of loyal supporters and we're building on that and i feel really good about my chances here." it's a move that could effect hundreds of thousands of people using obamacare. one of the country's largest health insurance providers is warning that it could pull its services from the federal exchange in two years. unitedhealth group warned it may stop offering coverage to individuals through public exchanges after taking a big hit to its bottom line. the insurer's withdrawal would force some 5-hundred-40- thousand americans to find coverage from another provider. the company says it will evaluate the viability of its
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determine next year if they can continue in 2017. ladies, if your date stuffs his face during dinner -- it may mean more than he's just really hungry. he might actually be trying to impress you! a new study out of cornell university found that men ate 93-percent more pizza when dining with women they wanted to impress. researchers say it's because men have a tendency to show off in front of others. they also found that women consumed about the same amount they did with women. the country this week. a huge storm pushed deeper into the south overnight... it's now moving through the carolinas - wind. meanwhile they're still digging the rockies, and drying out from flooding in the northwest. dan springer has more from seattle. several major storms bringing country... than a foot of snow in the
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off to the plains wednesday before hitting the deep south... spawning more than a dozen tornadoes... and causing damage and power outages in alabama, arkansas, louisiana, mississippi... and especially georgia. thompson says: "i would have never thought that when i went to work this morning and i came home that i'd come home to this." ayala says: "we want to go to a hotel or we're probably going to call family, we don't know what to do." up the east coast... bringing flooding and wind damage to the carolinas. meanwhile back in denver, the severe wind storms... in some cases causing more damage than the snow itself. stephens says: "the wind is just ridiculous. knocking this... that tree has gotta be 100 years old'' lindsey says: "its mindboggling. you just don't think about anything happening at all" and here in seattle - a state of emergency now in effect... following days of heavy rain from storms which killed at least three people... and left widespread damage. keeton says: "it was this huge bang and the house shook and i'm like wow the lightning really hit the house. my husband got up, turned the
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corner and said. no, a tree came through." purdie says: "its kind of a traumatizing event. its like after your house has been robbed or something like you're not going to
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12th and locust drop off food
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against tomorrow ad lib weather toss back and
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pump the brakes on friday's state football championships, so fans don't have to pump the brakes on snow-covered roads. the iowa high school atletic association postpones friday's three title games, and pushes them back to monday.
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"we don't want people to be in a situation that's unsafe" so the 4a championship battle of unbeatens, dowling and kennedy, now scheduled for monday at 7 pm. friday tickets work monday. tonight's 3a championship between pella and norwalk is still on. pella dutch, one win from back to back titles. in the way, a rematch with norwalk. norwalk's only loss to pella. pella scores first. all world qb noah clayberg gets loose on third and long. scrambles for 20-yard td. it's 7-0, in 2nd. norwalk answers with a 23 yard
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to tyler schamel. but it's pella perfection again. dutch repeat, 31-17. games in the books, class a, gladbrook reinbeck thumps akron westifeld. and in 8 player, marcus meriden cleghorn edges don bosco. the hawkeyes lost an exhibition to augustana. that caused concern for a few iowa fans, but it shouldn't. fran mccaffery used that attention to get everyone's game face. hawks at marquette. adam woodbury rebounds, kicks to jarrod uthoff, got it. hawks up 5. then it's des moines' peter jok heating up. jok scores 3 as iowa goes on an 11- oh run. then mike gesell strips the ball. ahead to anthony clemmons for the
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iowa marquette hawkeye women hosting western illinois, hawks leathernecks and look at this from the ncaa men's soccer tourney, drake
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before we go tonight... they're back to infiltrate high fashion.. he was once the world's most famous male model... :11 derek zoolander recently posted a teaser for the film "zoolander 2" on instagram. ben stiller and owen wilson reprise their "derek" and "hansel"
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personas as they strut their stuff down the runway. the preview is a teaser for the long-awaited sequel to "zoolander," their 2001 comedy set in the male modeling world. "zoolander two," is set to hit theaters
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with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? - hi. it's been 20 minutes. have you decided? - uh, we still need more time. can you come back?
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