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581129 - i think welcoming change is good, welcoming a change in the coaching will hopefully welcome a change in how well play it's the end of the era in iowa state football head coach paul rhoads is out and the search for a new coach is already underway. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm dave price. the firing of paul rhoads comes after one of the most stunning collapses in recent iowa state football history. the cyclones blew a 35 -14 halftime lead agains kansas state on saturday. after a series of fumbles and a questionable call by rhoads...they ended up losing in the final minutes of the game... 38 to 35 the news doesn't come as a surprise to fans... but some say they are shocked it took the university this long to terminate rhoads 503807 - its one of those things
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were everything gets piled up and you reach a point where its not acceptable to keep performing that manner - tj houdek 550728- on one hand i feel bad cause hes been the coach the entire time ive been here and its sad to see anyone go who youve learned to appreciate but when you consistently are playing and coaching in a way thats leading to losses it makes sense - patrick budding 184811 - you know you can have a big shiny fancy stadium and these amazing facilities that we have but we gotta have the record and we gotta have the clout to get players to come here - rachel johnson clout to get players to come here - rachel johnson rhoads coached the cyclones for seven seasons... and for last several the team has struggled. so far this year --- the team has won only three games. some football fans aren't convinced getting rid of rhoads will solve the programs problems. 130822 - i dont know if he was the only problem with iowa state football and if replacing him is really gonna
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change anything. iowa state has been not that great at football for a very very long time and a lot of coaches have tried. so what is the new guy gonna do thats any different although he's techinically fired -- rhoads will coach the last game of the des moines police are investigating what they say is a double homicide tonight. they haven't told us much yet. but we do know police are investigating a home in the 4200 block of hull avenue. they got the call around seven tonight. family and friends gathered tonight to remember two people who died in a crash in des moines last week. they held a candle light vigil near the crash site on hubbell avenue. 60 year old richard hummel and 59 year old randall sonnenburg died. police says sonnenburg had just dropped out his grandchildren at church...when a woman who was likely speeding crashed into his
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18:17:36:05-18:17:50:17 "it's been really emotional....this week has been like a roller's really hard to believe at the same time deal with the reality of it's been tough." deanna gliem is charged in connection with the fatal crash. we should be able to look forward to a week of melting following our friday snowstorm. meteorologist jennifer mcdermed joins us... some metro families felt the
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delicious and free early thanksgiving meal. families received the meals at first christian church in des moines this
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evening. a group of des moines entrepreneurs paired with price choppers grocery and dowling catholic high school to prepare and serve the meals. 17:04:57:00 - 17:05:23:24 i would honestly say the reason my 17:04:57:00 - 17:05:23:24 i would honestly say the reason my brother and i wanted to do this is isn't about price chopper, it isnt about dowling, its about helping the community families enjoyed 52 hams and side dishes at their feast. brussels belgium has been on lockdown all weekend, amid a manhunt for a suspected paris attacker coming up after the break... how widespread the lockdown is and the different groups of people it'll
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raids... and the government says there's an imminent threat of a terror attack. fox news correspondent benjamin
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high tension in brussels late sunday... with belgian security forces closing off streets...loudly telling people to stay away from certain areas. van der sypt says: "during a search in a snack bar in the sint-jans-molenbeek, a vehicle ran into the police after which police officers fired two shots." "the driver, a man, who was hurt, was arrested." hundreds of troops are out in force here...conducting a series of raids - hunting for terror suspects...and taking at least 16 people into custody. van der sypt says: "the investigating judge will decide tomorrow about their possible further dettention." they are still hunting for at least one suspected paris attacker...last seen crossing into belgium following the attacks. the belgian government met to discuss their national terror threat level. they chose to keep brussels on the highest state of it has been all weekend. michel
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says: "we are fearing a similar attack to that which took place in paris, says: "we are fearing a similar attack to that which took place in paris, involving several individuals, who might launch an attack on several different locations at the same time." on monday-- schools, the subway system and many restaurants and businesses will remain shut down. meantime, the investigation into the attacks on paris continues. french police putting out this photo of a man they say took part in the attacks. they hoping the public will help identify him. all of this as president obama issued this warning to isis sunday. potus says: we will hunt down their leadership, we will dismantle their networks and their supply lines and we will ultimately destroy them. even as a growing coalition effort to target isis with airstrikes is ongoing...president obama's strategy continues to be questioned - even from members of his own party. feinstein: 10:38:03 i think we need a specific larger operations plan a group of 50 is fine, but it is not going to sovle the problem, 10:38:36 in turkey, this 26-year-old belgian citizen - suspected of helping isis with the attacks in paris is now in police custody. and in russia...special forces say they tracked and killed eleven isis militants in southern russia. back here in belgium...the government saying the ongoing terror alert here is due to a "serious, imminent" threat. in brussels, benjamin hall, fox
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we are expecting to learn more about the raids in brussels on monday... in the meantime... former c-i-a official says one raid of a belgium apartment this morning turned up weapons and explosives. brett ad lib wx tease on set with anchor jennifer ad lib wx main at the matt back to 3 shot at the desk as we reported earlier in the
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n the end rhoads wasn't winning enough. rhaods is in his 7th season at iowa state, the cyclones are just 3-8 this year. while rhoads has had some memorable victories the numbers dont lie. just 32-54 overall, 16-44 in the big 12. the last 3 seasons have gone 3 wins, 2 wins, now 3. no bowl game in 3 years and just 1 winning season. the nail in the coffin came yesterday at kansas state. the cyclones blew a 21 point halftime lead, did not score in the 2nd half, and had an epic collapse in the final 2 minutes which included 2 fumbles, and 10 wildcat points. a 38-35 loss which likely left jamie
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rhoads will coahc the final game next saturday at west virginia rhoads will coahc the final game next saturday at west virginia just 2 undefeated teams remain in college football, clemson and iowa. i doubt anyone had that as a pre-season prediction. new associated press poll released today and the hawkeyes make a big jump. the hawks are now ranked 3rd. their highest a-p ranking in 13 years.
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clemson still number 1. alabama 2nd, there's iowa at 3. notre dame is 4th, oklahoma 5. bottom half of the top 10. michigan state, baylor, ohio state, oklahoma state and florida. the hawks rolled over purdue 40-20 on saturday. leshun daniels 2 touchdowns, cj beathard 3 td's through the air. the boilermakers tried to make it a game, actually pulled within 7 at one point, but iowa pulled away in the end. big 10 west champs, and on to the conference championship game. michael said it. hawks and
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lincoln, regular season perfection on the line. after starting the seaosn 2-4 it looked like the uni panthers would be missing out on the fcs playoffs. 5 straight wins to end the season and uni is in. the panthers will host eastern illinois next saturday in the first round. saturday 4:00 kick in the uni dome. battle of the panthers. eastern illinois and northern iowa. winner advances to face portland state nfl. vikings and packers from minnesota. 1st q. teddy bridgewater hits
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he is gone. 47 yards. vikings lead 6-3. pack respond in the2nd. aaron rodgers, the strike to randall cobb. green bay leads 16-6. more from rodgers in the 4th. this time he finds james jones, 27 yard touchdown. packers ned a 3 game skid with a big wiwi 30-13 over the vikings. bears and broncos. 4th quarter. 29 seconds left, chicago down 8, jeremy langford. in to the endzone, makes it 17-15. now the all important 2 point conversion. they try langford again but he this time hes stuffed. denver wins 17-15. womens college basketball scores. drake wins again, bulldogs beat north dakota by 10. and the 23rd ranked hawkeyes beat in-
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