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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 24, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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erliel bed.s
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onof bist avayof yar. laeenin cdion. hri th mwe..his oo k meolgt etmctye a deil. orw. plst d ilevni ng i eetr lin i te 0 wi bovca a gyon wednesday withsome ockets of drizzle. he weather really gets dicey onrain early on to some freezing rain, sleet and a touch of snow
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driving isolayseso ay bealteai h cebo. the price of gas this thanksgiving week is the lowest it's been in seven years. gas prices in iowa are well unde2 dlraao. t soeaslw s a dollar-78. last year at this
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i w 23 gaon there was a change of ownership... but the hot thanksgiving meal is still available. that's the message fro my deent ucs strat he says the numbers are down for those hoping to get in on the free meal on thursday. it's a tradition the restaurant has offered for years. it runs a tas reha20vonter to coordinate. that includes linda tullis who's taking calls at her home to schedule me devees. 02:43:00-02:43:10 we've had more seniors call in. so i think the economy is kind of hti aotf oe you can walk into the restaurant and eat for free thanksgiving y from to 2. you can also call in advance to 262-4605 treesa ckprdlivery meal... you're urged to call before tomorrow afternoon. thci oannyelme wmebe t the police force today. 14:33:00 what can bosco do? find
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lost kids 03 scisraintoe tracking dog. the department will also use the black lab mix to sniff out drugs. the communityaid ou 3 thua lr t rg the rescue dog from a shelter in indiana to iowa. 5-year-old tristan sommerfeld donated 15-hundred dollars to the k-9 program. bosco's handler says he's a put his new partner's nose to work in the community. 14:50:07 we've had some cases in the past where people have gone missing and having a dog that can track is going to be very helpful 14 bosco and his partner are headed to omaha for training. the k-9 team should hit the streets of ankeny in january. you can follow their adventures on instagra.. a oo drcoek9 despite the cold weather, lucky clovers were sprouting at the iowa lottery headquarters in clive today. the first of 15 clover sculptures were installed this fall. each clover h a stry.. inluding five leaf clover.
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the lottery has a number of games that hp fund ilitary charitis. more sculptures will be added to the landscape next fall. there's still much more to come tonight.... after the break... facebook is all about the friends... but a message from who you thought was a friend, could cost you big time... how thieves were able to scam one woman out of hundreds of dollars... coming up at 9-30 -- stabbed in the back.. that's how vladimir putin describes the action turkey took against a russian airplane today.. who is standing behind turkey's decision.. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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when you get on social media -- it's all about sharing. but what if something as simple as a message could cost you big time? katrina cravy shows you how to avoid fraud among friends. log on to facebook -- and there's one thing you're guaranteed to find. friends. nat" ive known her since i was little" and chances are -- you've had a conversation like this... she sent me a message and said hi how are you doing? im doing good how about you. innocent enough but it's a chat - leslie sanzo won't forget. she says i'm doing good just waiting for my money. did you win money from a lottery? no, i got it from the imf grant thing and did you hear of it?the offer seems too good to be true, can trust your friends, right? leslie went to the link her friend gave her and was told she too qualified for some cash. leslie: "it says international money fund. this is to certify that leslie sanzo has been awarded the sum of 50 thousand usd and has been cleared of due process and other related
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issues" a man named scott kimberly went back and forth with her about how much the 'transportation' fees were going to cost. they settled on leslie paying 600 dollars. she wired the money. then he told her they needed more - because the truck had been pulled over by the i-r-s . she started asking questions, and that's when more than her money disappeared. "i kept checking his facebook and his facebook was still there and kept checking my messages... and all of a sudden his facebook disappeared." "it is very clever, but we are seeing new scams develop every single day." christopher miller with the i-r-s says he isnt surprised leslie was told the money truck was pulled over by agent richard weber. a simple internet search shows richard weber is the chief of criminal investigation for the irs. chris: "we have heard about scammers recently using the names of irs officials or other government officials to make
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real. its just one more way that they lure people in." people like poor leslie who wanted to believe she had money coming and was embarrassed when she phoned her friend! leslle: "if i woulda called her ahead of time, to find out she had been scammed
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ed ad lib wea the clouds build in tonight with areas of drizzle and mist on wednesday. showers become more likely wednesday night. thursday may bring some tricky travel across the state. in the des moines metro, we will have mainly rain but northwest iowa will see a wintry mix early in the day. there will be a touch of a transition with a light wintry mix
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very briefly across central and southern iowa late in the day on thanksgiving. the best chance for 1-3" of snow by early friday will be in the northwest corner of the state. friday will be cloudy and cooler with highs in the 30s.
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coming up -- adele says "hello... it's me" to a new record... who she beat out for the title.. but first -- more than 200
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popular toys were tested for toxins and safety leading up to the holidays... how many were flagged as
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stocks on wall street closed
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the s&p closed 2 points higher. the dow added 19 points. the nasdaq ended the day little changed an annual report on hazardous toys and toy safety is out today, just in time for holiday shopping. the "trouble in toyland" survey from the u.s. public interest research group looked at more than 200 toys sold at major retailers and dollar stores. the takeaway - not as many toxic toys were found. but there were still some flagged as dangerous. the hazards include toxic chemicals, choking threats and extremely loud toys. :44 "as a mom i understand that these reports can certainly seem to be frightening but it's important to know that all toys sold in the united states must comply with very strict u.s. product safety requirements which is something that pirg themselves acknowledge." :56 only one toy tested - a morphobot action figure - showed lead levels higher than new stricter federal limits on metal allowed in toys. this year's report focused on
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could possibly lead to hearing loss. so much for seeing a lot of those tiffany boxes this holiday season... the high-end jeweler reported lower earnings and sales today, and its outlook for the holidays is not sparkling either. the company's ceo said the dollar's surge has hurt both international and domestic sales. shares of tiffany are down nearly 30- percent. adele is breaking hearts and records. the british artist's latest album "25" sold 2-point-4-3 million copies in a little over three days. that surpasses the single-week sales record of nsync's "no strings attached" which sold 2-point-4 million copies in 2000. adele's "25" also became the top- selling album of 2015 overtaking the 1.7 million copies of taylor swift's "1989." the album "25" is the follow up to her 2011 breakout album "21" which won multiple grammys including album of the year and had sales of more
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than 11 million. adele wouldn't allow the album to be on any streaming service including apple music and spotify. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- plan of attack.. the french president is on an international tour... meeting with leaders around the world... to come up with a plan to fight isis.. his meeting with president obama today... i'm keith murphy... what does kirk ferentz think sports illustrated
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stabbed in the back.. that's how vladimir putin describes the action turkey took against a russian airplane today.. who is standing behind turkey's decision.. murder charges.. a chicago police officer is behind bars.. who he's accused of killing.. and the proof that police say... was all caught on tape.. turkey travel.. . the warning to holiday travelers this holiday season.. and how it's impacting airports around the country.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the
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nato calls an emergency meeting today... after a russian warplane is shot down by turkish forces. both sides-- russia and turkey-- are blaming the other for the incident... which is only intensifying an already volatile situation in the middle east.. conor powell is in jerusalem with more. putin says: "today's loss is a stab in the back by the terrorists' accomplices." strong words today from russian president vladmir putin, after a russian fighter jet was shot down near the border between turkey and syria. video footage of the incident showed a warplane on fire before crashing on a hill and two crew members ejecting before the crash. turkey's prime minister says the fighter jet violated turkish airspace and ignored repeated warnings. davutoglu says: "it is our international right and national duty to take all kinds of measures against whoever violates our air and land space." he stressed that the action did not amount to an aggression against any foreign territory, and called on the
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international community to help stop the growing crisis in syria. davutoglu says: "from here once more, i make a call to the whole world, to the international community: let's extinguish the fire that is burning in syria." putin denies the plane crossed the syrian border into turkish skies and warned that the incident would have "significant consequences" for its relationship with turkey. putin says: "in any case, our flyers posed no threat to the turkish republic." this comes as protesters gathered outside the russian consulate in istanbul, rallying against russian operations in turkmen regions of syria. ermis says: "we are here to protest against the attacks with high-technology planes and heavy weapons against forces who don't have anything but light weapons."powell tag nato held an emergency meeting today in response, calling for calm in the aftermath, and saying the assessment of the situation by other nato members supports the turkish version of events. in jerusalem, conor powell, fox news. one of the two pilots was killed in the air by fire from the ground,
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according to russia's state-run news agency. the fate of the second pilot wasn't disclosed. the news agency says, a russian marine was also killed today... during an operation to rescue the two pilots. french president francois hollande was in washington today.. for a meeting with president obama to discuss efforts on how to combat the extremist group... isis.. in the wake of the paris attacks. hollande says: "he was the first one to call me. it was very late in france, 2:00 a.m., when barack called. the president of the united states, i'm glad he expresses solidarity toward france, his emotion, his compassion against these horrors hollande's visit to the white house is part of a global tour to push world leaders towards helping to fight isis. he has meetings set up with leaders in russia, germany, italy, canada, and china. france's efforts to fight isis
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a hundred and thirty dead... and a deep skepticism of syrian refugees in the u-s.. during a joint press conference today.. president obama said.. refugees heading to america are rigorously screened... and urged americans not to forget the country's values and rich immigrant history. obama says: "here in the united states, refugees coming to america go through up to two years of intense security checks, including biometric screening. nobody who sets foot in america goes through more screening than refugees. and we're prepared to share these tools with france and our european partners. as francois said, our humanitarian duty to help desperate refugees and our duty to security, those duties go hand in hand." meanwhile.. canada's prime minister is dialing-back his pledge to bring thousands of refugees to canada this year. but justin trudeau says he isn't abandoning his promise. originally he said he'd like to take in 25-thousand refugees by
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of 2015 -- now he's pushing that deadline back to 2016. "this is about welcoming people who are fleeing terrorism, not bringing terrorism with them. trudeau says the attacks in paris did not impact his decision. instead, he wants to make sure the resettlement is done right. the vatican is not letting recent terror attacks impact the pope's travel plans. pope francis is heading to countries hit with violence... even traveling to one many consider to be an active war zone. pope francis is scheduled to stop in the central african republic on sunday and monday. the country plagued by deadly fighting between muslims and christians. pope francis will also visit uganda and kenya, where al-shabaab militants attacked a university back in april. they were said to have targeted christian students, killing nearly one- hundred-fifty people there. protesters are taking to the streets of chicago, after a graphic video is released by police. steve rappoport has the latest...
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following the arrest of a police officer there. ================================ ======== == chilling new video out tonight -- showing the shooting death of a black teenager in chicago back in october of 2014. alvarez says: to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing and i have absolutely no doubt, this video will tear at the hearts of all chicagoans. today, jason van dyke, a 14-year veteran of the chicago police force, is charged with first degree murder. he faces 20-years to-life if convicted. emanuel says: "we hold our police officers to a high standard. obviously in this case, jason van dyke violated both the standards of professionalism that comes with being a police officer, but also basic moral standards that bind our community together." 17-year old laquann mcdonald was allegedly breaking into vehicles and behaving erratically. officers say mcdonald would not stop or comply with police commands, and brandished a small folding knife. the autopsy shows mcdonald was shot 16 times. it also shows he was on the
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angelo says: "when you are in a situation where you feel the need to utilize your weapon, you do that. whether its 6 seconds, whether it's 1 second, whether its 5 minutes." chicago is already a hot bed for violence and racial tension. protesters taking to the streets tonight. mcdonald's family releasing a statement asking for calm as some fear the video could incite violence. brooks says: "we are dealing with a very volatile situation we need to get ahead of it. we need to address the issues that are at hand." jason van dyke is being held behind bars without bond. he's also suspended from the police force without pay. after a night of violence that left five people shot in minneapolis... black lives matter protesters marched to city hall today.. hundreds of demonstrators expressing their lack of confidence in the minneapolis police department...and calling for justice in the shooting death of jamar clark ... police say five people were shot late monday night, by three masked men. police announcing today two men had been arrested in connection with
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that shooting . protesters have been gathering daily since the shooting of 24-year old clark on november 15-th. " we reiterate that we have zero faith in this police department's desire to keep our community safe. the violent treatment of peaceful protesters by the minneapolis police department has been so forceful in nature it has led to governor dayton to call for a doj investigation. clark was killed in what police say was a scuffle with officers responding to an assault... a county prosecutor says it will be up to a grand jury whether to bring criminal charges. tomorrow is one of the busiest travel days of the year. an estimated 47 million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles or more according to triple-a, with about 3-point-6 million flying the friendly skies. meanwhile.. the state department has issued a world wide travel alert... a rare move... it's only issued six in the past four and a half years.
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at the philadelphia international airport... officials are on high alert this holiday season. it all comes after more terror threats following the attacks in paris and mali. the scene was the same at the airport in miami.. where at least one passenger wasn't going to let the alert interfere with her travel plans. song says: " yes, especially these days. my mom she was very nervous when we were booking the trip to miami. she was thinking maybe we shouldn't go, we should just stay in new york and maybe travel an hour long instead of miami, taking the airplane, but we decided to come." the state department is urging u-s citizens to stay vigilant while in public places and using transportation.. they also suggest you avoid crowded places when possible. especially with events scheduled during the holiday season. pleasant and mild evening tonight with temperatures holding in the 40s through the night. some fog may develop in spots through
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morning. it will be overcast and gray on wednesday with some pockets of drizzle. the weather really gets dicey on thursday with a mix of precipitation from rain early on to some freezing rain, sleet and a touch of snow by the end of the day.
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the clouds build in tonight with areas of drizzle and mist on wednesday. showers become more likely
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some tricky travel across the state. in the des moines metro, we will have mainly rain but northwest iowa will see a wintry mix early in the day. there will be a touch of a transition with a light wintry mix very briefly across central and southern iowa late in the day on thanksgiving. the best chance for 1-3" of snow by early friday will be in the northwest corner of the state. friday will be cloudy and cooler with highs in
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ad lib weather toss back and
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i still feel like you could surprise me. like that skateboard incident with the squirrel. but life is sweet now. hey, what could go wrong? it's you and me all the way, future.
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the college football playoff
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sixth, but that's only two games away for iowa. the undefeated hawks crack the top four for the first time. clemson-alabama remain 1,2. then oklahoma jumps to #3 after beating tcu by one. iowa at #4. michigan state first out, then notre dame falls to six. these are good times for hawkeye football. what could possible go wrong? uh oh. cover of sports illustrated. actually i don't believe in the s-i cover jinx, but many people do. memory correct. in 2009, right after the sports illustrated cover, ricky stanzi
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and northwestern upset the previously undefeated hawkeyes, 17-10. the hawks won't sneak up on anybody. and they know it. michael
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hawks and huskers friday from lincoln, regular season perfection on the line. and the big ten return specialist of the year is named after one husker, one hawkeye. johnny rodgers and tim dwight. both worthy, but rodgers never played in the big ten. new world of realignment. fired football coach paul rhoads says he expects iowa state in a bowl game next year. the new coach won't have it easy. big 12 releases iowa state's schedule for next year. cyclones open conference play at t-c-u. then after a non-con game, isu hosts baylor, and then the cyclones travel to oklahoma state. that's a tough start. jennie barachzyk's bulldogs already beat wisconsin and iowa
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tonight taking on creighton, trying to stay undefeated. 3rd q. maddie dean great look to emma donahue, easy 2. drake up 1 more from the dogs. caitlin ingle, mid range j. 13 for ingle, gamedtied at 43. former dowling standout audrey faber keeping the blue jays in it. 19 for faber, creighton leads 55- 53. but drake rallies in the 4th. paige greiner, bucket and 1! lizzy wendell leads the way with 20, drake improves to 3-0, 81-72 over creighton. lizzy wendell leads the way with 20, drake improves to 3-0, 81-72 over creighton. opening night for girls 4a basketball. ames and roosevelt. tig johnson back on the sidelines for the roughriders, he led roosevelt to a state title in 2006. 3rd q. sarah hanson buries the 3, riders up 3. back somes ames. amara lipsey, the 3 and the foul! little cyclones back up 3. more from behind
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moss hits the 3. but ames pulls away in the 4th. ryan weiss, nothing but net. ames
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