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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 25, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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deadly crash.. the driver of a fatal crash is facing charges.. why one legal expert says.. there's a good change he'll beat the charges against him. fire hazard... a fire evacuated a west des moines apartment complex this morning... how much damage the fire caused... and the warning fire officials are giving this holiday season... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 whether you've already arrived at your destination.. or are preparing to depart tomorrow.. you'll be joining millions of americans... traveling this holiday weekend.. triple-a predicts an increase of more than 300-thousand people over last year, and the most thanksgiving travelers since two-thousand- seven. good evening. i'm lynn melling. thank you for joining us tonight. travel could get a little tricky
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an early start.. meteorologist brett mcintyre has details.. brett.. things could
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the driver of a car involved in a deadly high speed crash in des moines this week was ordered held on 6-hundred
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expert says he has a good chance of beating the charges against him. aaron brilbeck has the story... troy mure junior is charged with vehicular homicide by reckless driving; vehicular homicide by operating while intoxicated; and owi. mure was driving monday morning with his girlfriend, 22-year old scalicity perez...when he slammed into a tree...killing perez. mures mother says her son told her he was being chased by people in a gray cadillac who had flashed a gun at him...and thats what led to the crash. mrs. mure says her son had been receiving threats...that people thought he was tied to an unsolved murder earlier this month. on tuesday, des moines police say they seized a gray cadillac in connection with the case...and officers say mures claims that he was being chased, quote, 'are a very real possibility.' "they should drop the charges and charge the people that's really responsible for what happened. do you think that's gonna happen? i'm praying that they will. they need to.'defense attorney peter berger, who is not representing
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could beat the charges with whats called a compulsion defense. 'now if hes driving a hundred miles per hour to get away from the people with the gun, if thats what happened and if thats what the jury then he has a complete defense. because hes been compelled to escape from serious injury. now the drinking complicates it.'because, berger says, the jury must decide whether the crash was caused by mure trying to escape the people chasing him..or if mures alleged intoxication is to blame. 'does his driving while intoxicated cause the death of the passenger or was it the driving a hundred miles per hour and hitting the tree to get away from the other people caused what happened? its a very complicated jury question and if the jury believes he was compelled to escape from people with a gun than he would be acquitted.' police stress, while they did do not know for certain whether there was a chase. perez leaves behind four children. des moines police are investigating why a car drove up an embankment and crashed into a bridge earlier tonight... just before six o'clock police
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were called to a single vehicle crash on i- 235... at the cottage grove were injured in do not believe any of the injuries are life threatening. a des moines woman is behind bars tonight.. accused of driving drunk and causing a collision that resulted in the deaths of two men. 53 year old deanna gliem is facing four counts of vehicular homicide. police say she was intoxicated and speeding when she crashed into another car on november 15th. 60-year-old rick hummel and 59- in the crash on hubbell avenue. witnesses told police gliem was driving around 70 miles per hour - or twice the speed limit- at the time. the family says today's news is bittersweet. while they want justice for know nothing will bring them back.. 06:26:12 we're pretty happy that the lady did get arrested. i do feel sorry for her family- it's not their fault but it just feels like we're one step closer to having some sort of justice 24 gliem is being held in the polk
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county jail on a 120-thousand dollar bond. fire officials want to remind people about the dangers of fire this time of the year. 533108 - slow down, its the holidays. we have people coming in who are trying to do too much. make sure your attending to your kitchen, take time to check your alarms and make sure your family has a plan. around 10 o'clock this morning residents at the sun prairie apartment complex reported smelling smoke and burning plastic. fire fighters found an unoccupied unit on fire. authorities evacuated the entire three story.... 24 unit building. investigators say the fire started in a second floor kitchen... causing about 20-thousand-dollars in damage. today is the 30th anniversary of a tragic plane crash in des moines... involving the iowa state university cross country team. three athletes, two coaches.. an athletic trainer and the i-s-u pilot were
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all killed while returning from a cross country meet in milwaukee. the plane crashed in the waterbury neighborhood of des moines. today a group of runners and cyclone fans gathered to remember the team, which had finished a surprising second in the nc-aa national meet. one victim was athletic trainer stephanie streit who was planning to go to medical school.. her close friend spoke to surviving members of the 1985 team... "to the iowa state cross country team, she loved serving you, she wanted you to be successful, she loved you, and you rocked it that day" "i learned that people will forget what you say, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel, julie, sheryl, and ron as well, who i was very you gave us a great bond a lovely friendship, you'll never ever be forgotten."
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after the ceremony... people laid roses on the site of the crash in a front yard of a water bury home. a permanent memorial is planned for the site to remember the victims. the cause of the crash was attributed to icing on the plane's wings. there's still much more to come tonight.. coming up at 9-30 -- safe holidays.. in the wake of the attacks in paris.. terror alerts are high around the world.. and holiday travelers are told to remain vigilant.. how they're responding to the warnings.. but first.. say yes.. to the dress.. why meteorologists across the country are all wearing the same thing. from who h-d iowa's high definition're watching the
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it's as if dozens of tv meteorologists reached into their closets and pulled out the same exact dress.
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why are so many wearing the same outfit on air? jeanne moos addresses the mystery of "the dress." we forecast you'll be showered by female meteorologists wearing the same dress. "clouds this afternoon." shelby hayes of koco, oklahoma city is one of more than 50 meteorologists... "it has some fake pockets here with zippers on it." who bought the same 23 dollar dress on amazon. "i have the blue one i'm currently wearing and i have pink one on the way." turns out these women who do the weather belong to a facebook group and exchange professional advice. and that's how the perfect inexpensive tv dress multiplied. "you know at a party two women show up wearing same dress everyone is mortified. this is not like that, right?" "it's not like that at all. we're such a tight knit group." the creator of this collage of all the identically dressed meteorologists is jennifer myers of fox 4 in dallas...
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"and she's cute." seen here wearing the blue version. she has one in purple as well. "but every meteorologist knows whh drs not one in green. you wouldnt waeinnity." thdsmhat cannot happen." k my ipackonbak
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rcylenidr iinternational tension.. where the siatn an tit. between russia and turkey.. following the downing of a russian warplane by rkh rc.. safe holidays.. in the wake of the attacks in paris.. terror alerts are high around the world.. antrelsretod to ei vigilant.. how they're responding to the warnings.. soldier surprise.. we've seen the surprise homecomings.. this n hpnd in reverse just in time for the holidays.. from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 tension tonight running high between russia and turkey...
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after turkey shoots down a russian warplane. now russian president vladimir putin is deploying a missile defense system from a russian air base in syria. john huddy is in jerusaelm with more. russia unleashing a new wave of airstrikes wednesday... near the turkish border... where a turkish f-16 shot down a russian jet tuesday. one pilot survived. the other was killed - though its unclear how. syrian rebels backed by turkey say he was dead by the time they found his body. in moscow meanwhile, protesters threw eggs and stones at the turkish embassy wednesday... this as russian president vladimir putin ordered a state-of-the-art missile defense system to be deployed to a russian air base in syria near the turkish border. a move that raises concerns about a military confrontation between turkey - a nato member - and russia. today russia's foreign minister called the downing of the fighter jet a quote "planned provocation." but he
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war with turkey. lavrov says: "our attitude towards the turkish people hasn't changed. we have questions about the actions of the current turkish leadership." turkey's president insists, that numerous warnings were given to the fighter jet. that it was violating turkish airspace. erdogan says: "no one should expect us be silent and non-reactive to the constant violation of our border security." but the russian flight navigator who survived the incident insists that his jet never entered turkish airspace. murakhtin says: "there wasn't even a threat of entering turkey.""actually, there had been no warnings - neither on the radio nor visually. there had been no contacts whatsoever." meanwhile... turkish officials released audio recordings today that they say prove that repeated warnings were given. france's diplomatic offensive against isis makes a further push forward today. president francois hollande is attempting to bolster a global coalition against terrorism as
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from the attacks in paris. today he met with german chancellor angela merkel they visited a makeshift memorial... paying their respects and honoring those killed and injured in the terror attacks on november 13th. with nearly fifty-million americans expected to travel over the thanksgiving weekend -- the growing threat of terrorism remains in the forefront of their minds. today president obama met with his national security team to discuss what measures are being taken ... as we head into the holiday season. peter doocy reports from washington .... obama says: "now, right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland" following a briefing by his national security team president obama sought to reassure nervous americans heading into the holiday weekend ... with some 50-million americans expected to travel this thanksgiving, some are on edge in the wake of this month's deadly terror attack in paris
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attacks, their efforts have saved lives. they serve every hour of everyday for the sake of our security. they did so before paris and they do so now, without fanfare or credit and without a break for the holidays." adding to the concern - the state department's worldwide travel warning this week ... still ... the message coming from those who have dealt with national security issues before - is to remain resilient following the most recent attacks ... but, not to live in fear ... giuliani says: "let the police worry about it, let the fbi worry about it.. let the cia worry about it." by many travelers ... mos says: "it's always something to think about but nothing we would let point." the state department's alert be planning additional attacks in multiple regions overseas ... and for americans to quote: "exercise particular
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holiday festivals or events" ... despite deadly violence in recent months.. today.. pope francis arrived in kenya... for the start of a three- country visit to africa.. it's his first trip to the continent. the pontiff was greeted by an adoring crowd.. in a speech, the pope praised f young people with vibrant natural resources...and he gave a strong environmental call to preserve a relationship between humans and nature...but first, renew humanity through peace. francis says: "experience shows that violence, conflict and terrorism feed on fear, mistrust, and the despair born of poverty and frustration. kenya has been wracked by attacks by militants. in april... 150 people were killed during an assault on a
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the pentagon has released the findings of an independent investigation into the bombing of a doctor's without border's hospital in afghanistan. the head of u-s forces in afghanistan says the attack in the city of kunduz in october was the direct result of human error... general john campbell says miscommunication and technical issues all played a factor into the army bombing the m-s-f hospital... an attack which resulted in the death of thirty civilians. the medical facility was misidentified as a target by us personnel who believed they were striking a different building several hundred meters away where there were reports of combatants. campbell says... individuals involved have been suspended from their duties.. and will be disciplined. you've the heard stories in which a soldier surprises his loved ones with a grand return. but what about when the family turns the tables and surprises the soldier? that's exactly what one mother
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from arizona did.
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that was fox's mark martinez reporting. cody middleton will spend thanksgiving with his family- and then on sunday he'll head off to kentucky for more training with the 101st airborne division. this is one free bird... the national thanksgiving turkey, named abe, was pardoned by president obama during a white house ceremony today. the president's teenage daughters sasha and malia, joined him for the event. mr. obama didn't spare his girls or the crowd a host of corny turkey related jokes. you can see the obamas were all cheers. abe and his alternate "tom two", also known as "honest," will now spend their remaining days at a farm in virginia. the annual turkey pardon is run
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by the national turkey federation.
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paul rhoads will coach his final game for iowa state saturday. jamie pollard fired rhoads this past sunday, but in a sign of respect, asked rhoads to coach the finale. rhoads says he'd never quit on his players.
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the cyclones are 13 point underdog satuday, but they plan to win,
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and carry rhoads off the field in west virginia. what a difference a year makes. when nebraska played at iowa, the hawkeyes self-destructed. iowa led nebraska 24-7, before the huskers stormed back to win in overtime. the stunning loss left hawkeye fans deflated, and iowa headed to a underwhelming bowl game for further embarrassment. the hawks haven't forgotten. hawkeyes and huskers friday afternoon from memorial stadium. michael admire will be there. northern iowa started the season 2-4. looked like the panthers would miss the playoffs. five straight wins, and the cats
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panthers and panthers saturday at 4 from the uni dome. the last time we checked on the panthers, fans were storming the court after uni took down the #1 team in america, north carolina. nothing as dramatic tonight. uni blows out dubuque, 83-63. panther coach ben jacobson wins his 200th game. in florida, the drake bulldogs bounce back with a win over pepperdine. reed timmer had 21 for the dogs. on ice, another loss for the iowa wild, 5-1 at
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the five year old boy who helped save his grandmother from a fire... got a big reward. earlier this month... nathaniel
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stocks woke his sleeping grandmother... when he realized their house was on fire. both escaped without injuries. to thank stocks... the san bernardino county fire department sponsored an hour long shopping trip for the boy. stocks was already familiar with the firefighters... he visited the station just two days before the fire on a field trip... stocks was able to use the lessons he learned their... like stop, drop and roll... to get to his grandmother's room and wake her. stocks walked away with plenty of
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