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tv   13 News at Nine on FOX 17  FOX  November 27, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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it's a hawkeye football first... 12 and oh hear from the players and a look ahead to the big ten championship if you weren't watching football... you were snagging up the deals today... an update on the box store that caught fire with shoppers
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and how some shoppers opted to buy local... plus... vandals tried to ruin the spirit of christmas in a small iowa town.. how the community is rallying together to put up decorations.. and if police have anyone in custody from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 the iowa hawkeyes have made history.... proving the cornhuskers could not come between them and a perfect regular season record good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm jodi whitworth. the hawkeyes are 12 and oh... but before heading to the big ten championship, fans are basking in tonight's victory. our mike dasilva was with fans as they watched the big game. hawkeye nation tasting sweet victory once again...and the excitement among the fans is palpable. 18:18:01 'its really exciting, i mean its a historical win. weve never gone 12-0.' 18:18:08--14 'its just unimaginable for hawkeye nation to experience
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this, so were really happy about this.' 18:14:14--28 'its phenomenal, i mean especially given where they were last year, compared to this year. youre talking about 180 degree, night and day difference. i never would have guessed that this would have happened.' at jethro's bbq in west des moines...the polk county i-club gathered to watch the big game against nebraska... fans were nervous...and felt the pressure...knowing what was on the line...the chance to make history. 143151-143208 i think there's more pressure on us fans than there is on iowas quarter back. you know you can feel at ease knowing that youve got a quarterback, people that have watched the hawkeyes all year, know that this quarterback that we have is phenomenal and handles pressure like none other." 14:56:05--21 "i think this is a huge game for the university of iowa football because it shows we can go, you know we can go from being a good team, maybe winning a conference championship once in a while to, but to
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actually being you know in that top five, an elite type program." and with the hawkeyes coming through and delivering the history making takes the excitement surrounding the team to the next level... 17:37:54 "i would love to see us continue to win. continue to win, go to a big rose bowl, or any big game. go to the championship game. as long as we keep winning. it's a great day for the hawkeyes. fans hoping that today's win...and the 12-0 undefeated record, will silence the critics. 18:18:17--34 "you know the national pundits are just beating us down so it's good to kinda, you know nebraska's a good team. they've had some really close loses so they're not as bad as their record shows so this is a great win, so this should really help us on the national stage." we'll have more highlights from the game coming up later in sports. the end of an era comes to a close for the cyclones tomorrow. head football coach paul rhoads
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victory. sunday, the university announced its plans to fire rhoads after seven seasons. tomorrow... he'll lead iowa state onto the field for the last time. the cyclones fly to west virginia... for an 11 a - m kickoff. traveling won't be problem tomorrow...but it could be come monday. meterologist megan salois joins us now with a first look at the forecast. rain totals on thanksgiving really added up. highest amounts were in southeast iowa from ottumwa to oskaloosa with just over an inch in des moines. staying below the one day record of 1.15". skies today have stayed overcast keeping temperatures steady right around 30 degrees... and winds have been brisk from the northwest. temperatures will continue to hold in the 20s
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a fort dodge man is in the hospital after he was shot several times at a bar. it happened around 2 this morning at "sneakers eatery and pub" in fort dodge. there officers found damal clayton shot several times. he is listed in serious condition. police are now looking for the man they say shot clayton.... 22 - year -old toree mosely. he is considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information contact police. the former city clerk charged with torching a city hall to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in theft
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dorothy dillinger is facing five counts of mail fraud... and one count of malicious use of fire. investigators say she spent nearly 3 hundred thousand dollars using a city credit card... then burned down city hall to cover it up in august of last year. years of financial records were destroyed in the fire. she'll make her first appearance in federal court monday. a plot to steal christmas is officially off in the town of dayton... 'we always do come together when we need to, hopefully we can turn this tragedy into a triumph, and get it lit up by thanksgiving, thats sure our goal.' earlier this month vandals took to the town's park and smashed its christmas decorations. since then, the town has come together to rebuild. volunteers put up a new light display... just in time for thanksgiving night. the webster county crime stoppers continue to look for those responsible. they're offering a thousand-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest
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black friday shoppers had to leave the deals behind at a metro super target last night... fire forced the evacuation of the west glen store around 8-30. the fire happened in the kitchen area and the cause is still under investigation. no one was injured. the store reopened at four this morning. some shoppers decided to skip the chain stores in order to support local business today... "all of the vendors that you see here today are going to be local artists and makers. everything is hand-made by the people that you see here. nicole rutherford - owner, nicole & dime designs handmade crafts and clothing made up the inventory at "market day" in des moines. more than 50-vendors took part... and for some it was a first. most of the small businesses only sell their goods online rather than at a physical location. if you did not get a chance to check out the small businesses today... tomorrow is small business saturday... the des moines metro has several retail districts that offer unique small businesses. some of those areas include the
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east village, valley junction and west glen town center... many stores in those shopping districts are holding their own special sales. in valley junction, the first 4 - hundred shoppers to stop at historic city hall, beginning at 10 a-m, will receive a free "small business saturday" reusable bag. meanwhile the shops at roosevelt is sponsoring a shop crawl, and many of the shops there will offer wine, cider and snacks... many people may be thing black friday shopping is money maker for the state.. but another driving force -- is the arts according to a new economic impact study by the arts organization "bravo" -- it has a 121- million dollar impact on central iowa. the organization helps city's to fund art programs. the recent findings were brought to this weeks city council meeting. 'its a significant economic driver, for the region especially when you consider bravos last year investment to generate that $120 million was about 3.5 million dollars., so youre getting $120 million, thats a pretty good return on investment.
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more than 23 - hundred iowans work in the performing arts there's still much more to come tonight.... coming up at 9-30 -- chicago protests... hundreds of people filled chicago's famous luxury shopping district... not to shop but to protest. what they were hoping to accomplish... all she had to do was swipe right... how one woman found herself a new kidney on a popular dating app... from who h-d iowa's high definition'retching the
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a florida woman.... in desperate need of a kidney... found a match in an unexpected way all she had to do was swipe right on her smart phone. marisela burgos explains how the strangers --turned family-- now want to help others! there are many thanksgiving blessings tonight inside the bragen
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"i didn't realize how sick i felt until after, um, i woke up and um and they put her kidney in me and it was just like i felt like my old self again."erika bragen left the hospital today after surgery in time to celebrate the holiday with her loved ones and a woman whose now a part of that "i'm so thankful for my family of course and my friends, um, i think my kids are thankful that i hopefully will be back to normal".erika suffers from polycystic kidney disease. she found her kidney match, jennifer thomas, thanks to her friend, swiping right on tinder. "i feel like i have a front row seat to such just an amazing miracle" a miracle that's turned into a special friendship. "i hope that they'll keep me 'cause i love everyone that i've gotten to meet through this whole experience. it's really changed my life". "through a tinder blind date, of all things- it was a connection, but it was a connection about hope and about saving a life".and now together they want to continue helping other people who suffer from the same disease, through team tampa p-k-d. "not only do we have today to be
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thankful for erika and all of this that's happened, but more people are waking up they want to help and that is
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now i have a pre-existing condition. so, if republicans take away obamacare, breast cancer survivors like me could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, she's going to continue obamacare, so that i don't have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight for all of us. i'm hillary clinton,
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skies will stay mainly cloudy tonight and temperatures will be cold with lows in the low 20s and upper teens. by morning, skies will partially clear with high pressure building in over the state. the winds will lighten up slightly. skies will be partly sunny on saturday with highs in the upper 30s. dry weather continues on sunday with temperatures in the low 40s. a cut-off area of low pressure will move slowly across the state on monday through tuesday morning. this will bring a mix of rain and snow across the state for
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coming up next... why experts say black friday is a thing of past... and how this weekend's shopping rest
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announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. u.s. stocks ended friday with little change, finishing the week about where they started. the s&p 5 - hundred finished up 1 point 24 points. the dow jones slipped 14 point 9 points. the nasdaq ended the day up 11 point 38 points it's been said that perhaps the
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black friday craze has passed. but the crowds still showed up at some stores throughout the country... and this weekend will tell us a lot, about the rest of the holiday season, and how shoppers are feeling in general. karin caifa has the story. eager for early deals -- from this wal-mart near atlanta, to this snowy parking lot in denver, to macy's flagship store in manhattan. the difference -- this was thanksgiving night. the way it's been the last couple of years. thanksgiving is the best night to do it. the shift from black friday continues. according to the national retail federation, more consumers planned to shop on thanksgiving day this year, than last. and sales tracker adobe estimated more than $1.7 billion was spent online, on thanksgiving day. in arlington, virginia, at the fashion centre at pentagon city friday afternoon, traffic had picked up from the morning. one of the big indicators that we look for, is not only foot traffic, but foot traffic with shopping bags. and we're seeing a lot of that, so that's a good indicator already, early in the season.some shoppers, less
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focused on a specific item. it's not too bad today actually, but there are some good deals, and you can start your christmas shopping early. be festive. there are good deals here, i think, better than on regular days. bargains -- very much in consumers' minds. despite lower gas prices and lower unemployment recently -- retail sales have lagged. the black friday frenzy was still alive in some places, like the toys r us store in new york's times square but there may have been a bit of nostalgia at play. the location will close, when its lease runs out in january. another sign, of a changing retail landscape, at the holidays, and beyond. in washington, i'm karin caifa. there's still much more to come in the next half-hour... just ahead -- a judge denied bail for the man charged in the shooting death of a 9 year old chicago boy...
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gang - related murder of a young boy and a gunman opens fire at a shopping center in colorado springs. how many are injured, if the gunman is in custody and the organization that may have been the target workers in minneapolis are calling for better wages and benefits... how much they are fighting for... and what the city council is considering... from who h-d iowa's high definition leader..this is the channel 13 news at nine on fox 17 hundreds of people filled chicago's famous shopping district... not to shop but to protest. this comes days after the release of video -- showing a police officer fatally shooting a teenager. andy rose has more "we're all out here in the street shutting down michigan avenue, telling people don't shop telling people chicago's mad, we're angry."hundreds of protesters filled chicago's "magnificent mile," aiming to shut down
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they're angry about the shooting death of laquan mcdonald, who was shot 16 times by police officer jason van dyke last year. he's been charged with first degree murder. anger boiled over this week after chicago police released dashcam video of the moment the 17-year-old was shot. reverend jesse jackson is calling officials who saw the tape and did nothing, accomplices in mcdonald's murder. "that's why we need a full impartial federal investigation, so to know who saw what when, and why was the tape suppressed for 13 months."the crowd is demanding the resignation of the lead prosecutor in the case, the mayor, police superintendent... and a federal probe into the chicago p-d. "we need immediate firing a resignation of anita alvarez. we need mayor rahm emanuel, we need superintendent mccarthy to resign and not to be in the system where cops who kill our people not only take our lives they take our money and they do not invest in our future"meanwhile, police superintendent garry mccarthy says he has no plans to resign, and he's working to fix the broken parts
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of his department. i'm andy rose, reporting. meanwhile a chicago judge denied bail today for the man charged in the shooting death of a 9 year old boy. corey morgan is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of ty- shawn lee. police say the boy was lured to an alley on chicago's south side earlier this month. they say lee was shot multiple times at close range in an apparent case of gang-related retaliation against his father. 1:26 "corey morgan is a documented gang member and convicted felon and as you know, we picked him up just a couple of weeks ago with yet another firearm. so he has a pending gun arrest along with a history of violence." 1:41 investigators say at least two more people were involved in the shooting. police say one of them is in custody on an unrelated charge. the other is still at-large. a gunman opened fire in and around a colorado springs
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building -- sending at least 11 people to hospital. three people were killed including one police officer. the shooting began early this morning -- and ended several hours later with the gunman in custody mary moloney reports. : "the cop was like get out of here there's a shooter and they got their guns out and they kneeled down."a shooter sent people in a busy area ducking for cover. witnesses reported hearing a barrage of bullets. : a bullet cracked over my head and hit the stop sign on my left side. by the time i got to my truck and waited there i heardabout 20." around 11-30 a-m -- police got the call of an active shooter. hours later -- officers and the gunman were still involved in a shootout inside a planned parenthood facility. during the firefight -- some scared witnesses inside the building -- were able to call loved ones. : "as she was inside she called me and she was telling me that there was a shooting, i heard the shooting and she couldn't say too much because she was afraid that those guys...
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trapped for hours inside the building. as officers continued to exchange gunfire with the shooter. more than five hours after the shooting started -- police took the suspect into custody. i'm mary moloney reporting. planned parenthood released a statement saying - it's unclear if the shooter targeted their facility. a confrontation over a cigarette ended in the shooting death of a waffle house waitress in mississippi. it happened early this morning in biloxi. that's when police say a man refused to put out the cigarette he was smoking. police say he pulled a handgun out from under his shirt and shot the waitress in the head. she later died at the hospital. the suspect, johnny mount, was arrested and charged with first degree murder. he's being held on a two-million-dollar bond. in a statement, waffle house says -- its prayers are with the waitress's
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calling for better wages and benefits thprotesters gathered outside macy's in the city's downtown area. they are demanding better conditions for working families. that includes a living minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour. the city council is considering paid sick time. the terror alert in brussels remains at an all-time high... belgium's national football team captain spoke to cnn about the current lock down in the city. the player is still coming to terms with the paris attacks and - especially their link to a city close to where he grew up. "it's very upsetting, you know i didn't sleep for three days after probably the attacks, but as well as information came through that it was related to my city. you know, for me it was hurtful, i love my city, i love the people that live there." there have been some scary moments for a city already on edge.. authorities found suspicious
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packages outside a mosque in brussels. officials say the packages contained some kind of white powder.... but it turned out to be flour, and no chemical or nuclear weapons were found. brussels remains on high alert because police say one of the suspected paris attackers may be hiding there. president obama says he's sticking to his plans to attend a climate change summit in paris next week. he and other world leaders will meet on monday to talk about ways to lower greenhouse gases worldwide. experts think some kind of agreement will be made -- even though it may not be exactly what the president once wanted meanwhile at the white house -- the first family is getting ready for christmas this year -- the official white house christmas tree comes from lansdale, pennslyvania. it's a 18 and a half foot tall fraser fir first lady michelle obama was on hand this morning for its arrival as it was it's a 18 and a half foot tall fraser fir first lady michelle obama was on hand this morning for its arrival as it was presented to her by the tree's growers.
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the tree will be on display in the blue room. the rule of first ladies decorating the tree is a nearly 90 year old tradition... president hoover's wife started the tradition in 19 - 29 it's easy to over eat during the holidays... so how do you stay slim when temptations are everywhere? fox's linda schmidt has some tips from health experts. well the holiday season has now officially begun and of course you know that involves a lot of shopping... but it also involves a lot of eating. mos says "i've got to behave because i'm getting married in may and i have a dress i have to fit into." but, it can be hard to behave.... when you're surrounded by amazing food, drinks and parties. experts say the average person gains about 2 pounds.... some as much as 5 pounds.... during the next 6-weeks. mos says: "i just work extra hard in january." mos says: "i figure if i get to the gym for 20, 30, 40 minutes... then i can
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mos says: "a little cardio, weights, stretching." experts say cardio... is one of the best ways to burn calories. john linchitz is a trainer with 'crunch' gym. he says resistance and circuit training... should also be on your list. linchitz says: "deadlifts, cause they engage your glutes, your whole posterior chain. squats. a push up for your upper body, and a pull." according to health professionals... you should try to make the time to get some exercise. the reason..... most of us never lose that extra pound or two we pack on during the holidays.... and they add up year after year. rain totals on thanksgiving really added up. highest amounts were in southeast iowa from ottumwa to oskaloosa with just over an inch in des moines. staying below the one
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day record of 1.15". skies today have stayed overcast keeping temperatures steady right around 30 degrees... and winds have been brisk from the northwest. temperatures will continue to hold in the 20s overnight, dropping to the low 20s by morning. this is the channat
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be cold with lows in the low 20s
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and upper teens. by morning, skies will partially clear with high pressure building in over the state. the winds will lighten up slightly. skies will be partly sunny on saturday with highs in the upper 30s. dry weather continues on sunday with temperatures in the low 40s. a cut-off area of low pressure will move slowly across the state on monday through tuesday morning. this will bring a mix of rain and snow across the state for
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ll. many are calling todays game against nebraska the biggest in program history. hawks already in the big 10 title game, but trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. 2nd q, cj beathard, rolling. fires a strike to george kittle. iowa on the board first, 7-0. desmond kig was benched the 1st q for violating team rules, then this doesn't help. fumbles the punt. huskers recover. that turnover
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td. imani cross in from a few yards out. we're tied at 7. iowa defense responds. parker hesse, tip drill!!! picks off tommy armstrong, in to the endzone. pick 6 and iowa leads 14-7 huskers answer. drew brown kicks a 39 yard field goal just before the half to make it 14-10. 3rd q. iowa hits the ground. jordan canzeri gets outside. 29 yards to the house. 21-10. after a husker td, iowa goes back to that same play and canzeri is loose!!! gone!!! 67 yards to the endzone. iowa leads 28-17. 140 yards rushing for canzeri 4th q. 4th and 1 for nebraska, going for it all. nope. defense holds.
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4th q. 4th and 1 for nebraska, going for it all. nope. defense holds. and let the celebration begin. 12-0 for the first time in school history. iowa beats nebraska 28-20. next week the big 10 title game agaisnt either michigan state, ohio state or michigan.
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and be sure to tune in sunday, 3:30-4:30 right here on fox 17. a college football playoff preview show. they'll break it all down. who's
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in the final 4? final 4? iowa state fans are glad basketball season is here. cyclones ranked 4th in the latest a-p poll taking on virginia tech in the emerald coast classic. 1st half. naz mitrou-long alley oop to abdul nader. 16 points 11 boards for nader. isu up 8. just before half. matt thomas, stepback 3. cyclones up 22 at the break. more running in the 2nd. georges and 1. 23 for mckay. cyclones rolling. back outside. niang from waayyy isu. iowa state rolls 99-77 over the hokies.
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womens scores. 21st ranked hawkeyes lose their first game of the season 81-77 in double overtime to number 23 george washington. and the cyclone women are blown
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jon crouse was scuba diving in the ocean waters of nova scotia's northwest arm earlier this week when he found the bottle. crouse used markings on the bottom to trace it back to 1872 and 1890. crouse on the preserved cork reads: "a. keith's brewers" of the oldest commercial breweries in north america. experts say the liquid inside of the bottle may have been a
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tasty beer once, but not so much now.
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